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Because I Live in the US 70

Because I Live in the US 70

Chapter 70 – I’ll Take It

There are some left over from the last Daedong Festival.

‘Actually, this is real.’

The taste of aged meat is proportional to the time it is aged.
From that point of view, what I did before is incomplete.

More than 40 days in reality.
When I finally calculated the date, that much time had passed.

“You’ve been maturing yourself…”
“Isn’t it very difficult?”
“It’s not that difficult if you know the tricks.”

Of course, it is not easy.
Because you have to manage even humidity at a low temperature of 2-3 degrees.

‘But that’s a problem that happens when mass-producing.’

During the festival, I borrowed a large refrigerator from my favorite restaurant.
I usually just put it in the fridge.

Just the right temperature.
All you have to do is take it out every once in a while and use a fan to blow away moisture and bad germs.


The downside is that the quality is not good.
The ripening period and the amount you can eat are inversely proportional.
After aging for 40 days, 40% must be discarded.

The flavor is concentrated on the inside.
The red meat is beautifully harmonized with the white marbling.

“Would you like to eat one raw?”
“Is that okay? Where…, Oh! What kind of cheese does the meat taste like!”
“Fortunately, it seems to have been made properly.”

As much as making it at home, failures can come out.
There is a paper difference between decay and ripening.

‘If I make it like this, there are times when I fail.’

This is unacceptable in a restaurant operation.
The customer’s claim is second and the margin is reduced.

Because you have to throw away what has failed.
A dragon to eat at home can be made without worrying about the little details.

“It will taste better if you bake it, right?”
“Than what I ate last time.”
“Do I need to say anything?”

Sora swallows his saliva.
Gyeongsan cow is a cow that has given birth to many babies.
The taste and aroma accumulates as you grow older.

If you just eat it, it will be tough and tasteless.
By dry aging for about 40 days, the original true value is displayed.

‘It feels like a dense milf in her 40s has been reincarnated as a green 20-year-old, holding both tightness and sexuality at the same time.’

That’s a really apt analogy.
But this sensitive bitch might hate it.
There is no way to spoil the good atmosphere.

Chi profit…… !

Bake in a frying pan.
The fire was strong enough to slightly burn the surface.

“I know this!”
“You’re locking in the gravy?”
“It’s such a naive idea.”

Keep the gravy.
Maillard reaction.
Both are trends created to easily explain steak to the general public.

‘It’s just that the class has gone up because the times have changed.’

A real specialty store is different from the way it is grilled.
First, the outer surface is roasted to a golden brown color.

Knock! Knock!

And wrap it in aluminum foil and marinate it.
In fact, it is just one of the processes of grilling meat.

“Are you baking again?”
“I think it would be very cumbersome…”
“Originally yes.”

As it is marinated inside, the yukhyang slowly blooms.
Bring it up again

Chi profit…… !

Bake the surface, marinate and repeat.
Only then will the potential of aged meat come out 100%.

‘It’s so fucking annoying.’

That’s because a top-notch chef puts a lot of effort into it.
I can’t come up with a balance.

That’s why I do sous-vide or confit.
However, in the ‘real’ specialty stores, they bake from scratch.

“Can I have medium rare?”
“I love that dripping blood!”
“I liked it too.”

The heat is properly transferred to the inside of the meat.
There is a reason why you spend time cooking.

‘Because meat heats up like a woman who caressed it for a long time.’

My mouth itches.
Barely holding back, they hold a cutting ceremony for a well-grilled steak.


It’s a beautiful cross section.
If you cook it first with sous vide or confit, the inside will cook evenly.

Advantages as well as disadvantages.
It becomes monotonous as much as it is uniform.
Only properly grilled steak.

‘Like this, the three-layered noodles are revealed appetizingly.’

Crispy baked surface.
Below that is a moist well-done.
The deepest part is like raw meat.

But it’s different.
Because the fat is melted, you can fully enjoy the original taste of the meat.

Each different horse plays a trio.
It’s time to feel the worth of grilling your own steak.

“Oh wow…”
“Be patient.”
“Can’t we just eat one?”
“If you eat that, will you date me?”
“You really enjoy talking about dogs.”

I mean Sora.
I’m really fucking shit about how to do a woman.

‘It deserves this much effort.’

Women are like meat.
The taste varies greatly depending on how it is aged.

The more a woman experiences, the deeper the taste and flavor.

“Because your brother will take some time to prepare?”
“Really? I’m fine.”
“Come wear this in the bathroom.”

Sora’s eyebrows go up.
That’s a bit of an unreasonable request.

So hit the head.
Beanie reluctantly grants it, saying it is her lifelong wish.

‘They’re quite weak if I forcefully push them.’

Sora is gone.
Even get a prize
If there is a high-quality steak, there must be a drink to go with it.


Pour the liquor into a decanter and strain it.
Serve nicely with steak.

“This is embarrassing.”
“You’re pretty, why?”
“The chest is also hollow, the skirt is short and a bit…”
“Think of it as a restaurant with a dress code.”
“Is that so?”

Soon after, Sora appears.
It’s more nightly than I could have imagined in my head.

‘I think I’ll do well if I do a female cam.’

It’s a uniform
The thin material that sticks to it reveals the body as it is.

It also emphasizes the chest.
It’s an outfit that makes you want to put your hand in it.

“Sit here.”
“Yes? Isn’t it the other side?”
“It’s comfortable to lean on the bed.”
“The side is a bit burdensome…”

I will make it somehow.
Simple dining table.
I put on a pretty decent outfit.

There will be expectations for steak.
We have prepared another special item.

“The bottle of barley tea is unique.”
“… It’s alcohol.”
“Is it alcohol? What kind of alcohol is it?”
“I’m putting it in a bottle like this to figure it out.”

Called a decanter.
If you look at it like a movie or drama, chaebols drink whiskey here.

‘If you try to see what kind of alcohol it is, it’s always not written.’

Plain pattern with nothing written on it.
That said, there is a reason for everything.


Follow the stem glass.
A tulip-shaped glass that collects the aroma of whiskey.

“How does it smell?”
“It’s poisonous.”
“And the smell of wood?”

Proof that it is an old drink.
Going one step further, in the past modern era.

‘There was a conflict between the nobility and the bourgeoisie.’

He was a commoner until not too long ago.
I don’t like to show off that I made some money.

So, it was humiliated in various ways.
One of them is this decanter.

“The scent of oak barrels is strong. It’s Valentine’s 30th year.”
“Isn’t that a very expensive drink?”
“You have to take a bite of such a major drink and get it right.”

Guess what kind of drink it is.
There was a social culture where people were given points if they were wrong.

It has been handed down to modern times.
He is doing the same to the common people as he did to the aristocrats.

‘To become an economist.’

You should also know the behavior patterns of the rich.
To deal with rich people.

“I think it’s too toxic.”
“Then just take a little bit of your mouth.”
“And slowly rolling it in your mouth.”

Diluted with saliva
As the temperature rises, the taste and aroma of the whiskey come alive.

‘I can’t breathe.’

A common mistake made by first-time drinkers.
Teach them one by one not to commit.


It rides on a deer-like neck.
Only then did Sora let out a breath, and his face heated up in ecstasy.

30 years of Valentine.
It’s not an expensive drink for nothing.
The taste and aroma in proportion to the price give a long aftertaste.

“What do you think?”
“I think it’s good.”
“Is it good? Brother’s good?”
“Put your hand on your shoulder.”

Hands clasped naturally.
He pinches the back of his hand, then picks it up and throws it.

‘It’s really like bossam.’

I want to hug you and go straight to bed.
The outfit is also cheesy, so it’s fucking hot.

You have to be patient.
For the sake of the big picture, I call myself Buffalo right now.

“Now try the steak. It’ll be the right temperature.”
“Maybe? Where?”
“What do you think?

He doesn’t even swallow and speaks rudely.
A face that looks genuinely delicious is cute.


I also have an appetite.
Take a piece of steak to your mouth.
And demonstrate

“It tastes better if you chew it with whiskey like this.”
“I don’t feel the poison because I eat it with food.”

It is also easier to take.
It is true that it actually has the effect of enhancing the taste.

Aged meat.
Aged Whiskey.
It blends in the mouth and creates harmony.

Well! Well!

I am enjoying it quite a bit.
It’s a self-contained room, but the food is well prepared.

“Yes! Senpai, eat quickly.”
“Then, soon, brother, shall we have some fun?”

Hold the glass with one hand
Then, with the other hand, reach for the fuller one.

Confused, Sora doesn’t know what to do.
I try to take it off like before, but it won’t move.

‘The grip is different.’

He put his hand on his chest.
Even on clothes, you can feel the great shape and heavy size.

“Senior, this really crossed the line…”
“She said you could touch her the other day.”
“Can you say two things with one mouth?”

There is something promised before.
You only need to touch it once.
But about that period.

‘I didn’t say when or where.’

He turns his head and doesn’t answer.
But I can’t even say no.

He’s such a strong guy.
It teaches investors how dangerous pride can be.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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