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Because I Live in the US 71

Because I Live in the US 71

Chapter 71 – I’ll Take It

Woman and drink.
If there’s a reason why men go crazy and make money, it’s one of these two things.

“It’s so nice to drink with Sora.”
“If you just let go of this hand.”
“Don’t strain!”

I belong to all
Enjoy a heavy chest with delicious alcohol.

‘It’s best to knead it raw.’

It’s because the bra is big, so it’s tight.
He is comforting his disappointment with his size and body temperature.

“You look like a strange woman like this.”
“What woman?”
“…A bar girl.”

Even I am dissatisfied with it.
Rather than the fact of touching, this situation right now.

Wearing a uniform
It is touched like a pacifier.
That’s what pride doesn’t allow.

“Ah, if Sora is enough, he’s a ten pro ace level.”
“Are you really going to get hit?”
“Because you’re pretty. Because you’re pretty.”
“You fucking bastard!”

Do a lot of bullshit once in a while.
After that, I enjoy eating normally as if I gave up.


That too is delicious.
I didn’t know steak, but I thought I couldn’t drink alcohol.

Elevation number of 43 degrees.
It can feel toxic to the average person, especially to women.

“It’s Sora.”
“What, dude.”
“It’s a bit strong, but are you okay?”
“Maybe it’s because it’s expensive… It’s worth eating.”

I eat it with food, but I still put it in my mouth.
It seems to suit your taste.

‘I like a woman who drinks well.’

High-end liquor.
You have to know the taste and drink it to be rewarded to buy it.

There are also children who drink cola because it is strong.
I’m happy though.

“But are you okay?”
“It’s an expensive drink. You didn’t exchange it for a cheap one just because you didn’t know its taste, did you?”

Sora seems worried.
30 years of Valentine.
It is synonymous with expensive alcohol.

‘It’s like that for the general public.’

I want to brag about having a bottle in my father’s showcase.
But it’s expensive alcohol, there’s no way to buy it expensively

“180,000 won?”
“It’s not as expensive as I thought.”
“Because it’s globular.”

Premium liquor.
Expensive to eat right away.
That’s why there are people who sell what they received as gifts.

‘And it goes on sale every year.’

Among them, the older ones are cheaper.
This is because the packaging is less sophisticated than the new one.


Especially globular.
It is the 30th anniversary of Valentine’s Day, which was created before the 21st century.

Open the empty bottle again.
Shake it, and about half a shot remains.

“Isn’t that a corkscrew?”
“Because it’s expensive, I thought it must be cork…”

It is a common misunderstanding.
Cork stopper for expensive alcohol, screw cap for cheap alcohol.

‘There’s a perception that corks are high-end, just like wine.’

It is the result of brainwashing through mass media.
It wasn’t like that from the beginning.

“The screw cap was invented in 1970.”
“Surprisingly, it hasn’t been that long.”
“In the old days, screw caps were rather classy.”

Latest technology.
It looks amazing.
Screw caps were also actively adopted in high-end liquors.

‘Even something like The Macallan was produced with a screw cap at the time.’

That’s how the screw cap goes out well.
Conversely, it is synonymous with corks not being sold.

The cork company, whose feet are on fire, comes up with a plan.
It was high-end marketing.

“I see.”
“Even if you drink one drink, you can learn about history. If you look more closely, the ratio of cask and key malt, malt and grain…”
“Does the senior have an otaku side too?”

In terms of absolute taste alone, the old type tastes better than the new type.
Much better alcohol is used, the alcohol is high, and the amount is 50ml more.

‘But the way the price is set is different.’

Similar to stocks.
Does this company make better money?
But odd companies do well.

There is, of course, a reason for that.
Whiskey is also classified as an investment in terms of analyzing its value.

“Sure. Conversely, wouldn’t this just be expensive?”
“Because there are more flavors. At least the price could be the same.”
“Vintage things are trendy.”

Investor is not a job.
It is right to call it a way of life.
The extreme point is when everything looks like an investment target.

‘The price actually went up quite a bit.’

Whiskey has been the most expensive luxury item since 2010.
There is also safety beyond real estate.

This is because old whiskey cannot be mass-produced.
Investing does not have to be limited to stocks.

“It’s funny to think that way.”
“Is not it?”
“Aren’t you touching your chest too much?”
“Do you feel it?”
“Ah, it just tickled me.”

You can drink like this
When alcohol is added, even the hard cow becomes a little softer.

But as a man, my pride hurts.
If you don’t feel it, it will torment you until you feel it.


Steal your lips
I’m startled, but since it’s what I was doing just now, I accept it.

‘Let’s drink a little too.’

Pour in with saliva
Pass the whiskey little by little from mouth to mouth.

Surprisingly, he responds quite seriously.
While hugging Sora tightly.


A little touch on the back.
The hook of the bra is easily released.

Succeed in putting your hand in and pulling it out.
I finished the whiskey and opened my mouth.

“What is it all of a sudden?”
“That, that’s it.”
“Only today? Kissing me.”
“Okay, okay. I’ll keep it as a precious memory.”

Maybe because I was drunk, it went well.
Throw bra under the bed.

‘It’s really big behind me.’

I thought it would take longer than expected.
Fortunately, the guard is pretty low.

Dazed eyes.
Half-closed eyelids.
The ball was also completely recalled.

I checked last time, but I don’t know how much I drink.
Get in the mood.


“Wow! It’s alcohol again. It’s cork.”
“Would you like something sweet?”

Smile brightly
I open an ice wine for such a conch.

Every bit~

White series.
It’s sweet and refreshing, so it’s perfect for an after-dinner drink.

“It’s delicious!”
“Would you like another drink?”

Sora flashes her glass.
The luxurious peach taste is definitely attractive.


I also take a bite.
The already delicious lips are getting sweeter, so I pull them in more.

‘As expected, it’s raw breasts.’

Seeing opportunities, give strength to your hands as well.
It feels intact with a thin cloth.

Fingers dig into the flesh.
Still, it’s great that the shape doesn’t collapse.

“Whoah~ side! Ehehe.”
“Are you okay kissing?”
“Just for today, only for today.”

Sora seems to be very excited.
He gives aegyo without replying.

As if seeking revenge, he puts a glass of wine in his mouth.
The volume control failed, so the cheeks swelled.

Gulp! Gulp!

Mixed with Sora’s saliva, it’s sweet.
He kisses her and gently moves her right hand.

‘Oh nipples stood.’

Into her chest.
Holobok is a costume made to enjoy this kind of fun.

Something hard is caught between the index and middle fingers.
Smaller than expected.
Unfortunately, it was not a big pie.

“Sora is good at kissing.”
“How are you?”
“Aren’t you experienced?”
“It’s okay.”
“……With who?”
“With Daddy!”

It looks like you overfeed a little.
He smirked, and his vocabulary was regressed like an infant.

‘It’s your first time, how do you learn so quickly? What a crazy bitch.’

Still, what you learn is good.
I asked just in case, but he wasn’t close.

“Yeah, it’s not the first time I’ve done it with my dad.”
“Did Dad put his tongue in too?”
“Did you put it in!”

It seems that there is a little bit of rationality left.
Struggling and banging with fists! Trying to hit


Don’t be offended and drink some more.
Strong whiskey, not wine this time.

‘If I’m this smart, I’ll just go in.’

Same amount as before.
But the number is different.
He accepts it innocently.

I drank half a bottle of wine.
If whiskey is added, it will be about 2 bottles of soju.


Half tasted
I decided to touch Sora’s breasts as much as I wanted.

‘Yeah, my heart allowed it.’

It’s tight and gives strength.
As I imagined several times in my head, it has elasticity.

The shape is maintained even when the bra is removed.
It is a very firm chest that does not sag.

Fiddling with
No, it is a movement close to a caress.
Assuming the excitement of the opponent.

‘Is it just ticklish? I have to make her go even if she gets tickled.’

Pure white drawing paper.
It will depend on how you draw the first sketch.

“Ah! Aang…”

If you give it strength, there is a reaction.
As you said, it seems that there is a bit of insensitivity.

‘They go crazy once they know it.’

It’s just that the erogenous zones are widely distributed as the breasts are large.
And hide inside

Beneath the fat layer.
It stimulates and awakens little by little.
The button is a pea in the middle.

Roll gently with your fingers.
Each time you squeeze it tightly with your palm, the interval between beats shortens.

‘It’s worth taming.’

It depends on how to develop such firm breasts.
Will I live with insensitivity?

Will a man’s touch become a woman who comes to mind without even knowing it?
I would like it to be the latter.

“I feel weird. I want to sleep.”

Was still awake
Fortunately, he seems to be insane and is unable to grasp the situation.

He opens his arms and gestures to hug her.
Hold on to your wishes.


And get up.
It’s heavy because it’s out of strength or because it’s so big.

‘What does it matter? All I needed was a taste.’

No, it’s a dining table.
Let’s put it on, it can’t even look delicious.

Blood rushes profusely to the lower extremities.
Sora, who is shutting up, is ecstatically attractive.


Run over
Eat your lips and feel your breasts to your heart’s content.
Suddenly, I was curious about the bottom.

‘What should I do, what should I do…….’

Until then, there was no promise.
But it seems that there was no promise not to do it.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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