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Because I Live in the US 72

Because I Live in the US 72

Chapter 72 – Bowl

Thin waist.
Easy delivery type pelvis.
There is no man who hates this mismatch.


Sitting against the wall
While holding Sora tightly from behind.

Licking your lips and rubbing your breasts with one hand
.And with the other hand.

‘It’s so cute that you tighten your belly button.’

Caressing a cute tummy
The sunken navel seems to be pressed.

No abs
It seems that he doesn’t exercise hard.
It’s unfortunate, but there are good points.


A little below.
Soft and fluffy
When I touched it, Sora’s breathing quickened.

The body temperature is an exceptionally hot part.
Rub gently in a clockwise direction with attachment.


Makes cute moans.
It also reacts more sensitively to breasts being touched.

‘I know how to feel. It’s not completely wooden.’

I thought I didn’t even hit my daughter because I kept pretending to be stern.
There’s no way I’m not interested in this hot body.

“It’s Sora. Is it Sora?”
“Huh? Ugh…”
“Are you sleepy? Are you going to sleep?”
“I don’t know…”

This is your chance to ask an honest question.
It’s called drunken talk.
Sora is also dreamy.


It’s actually a pretty dangerous situation.
She became a rice cake with alcohol in her unfamiliar brother’s room.

I don’t feel any discomfort.
It’s that the head doesn’t roll properly.

“Have you ever masturbated?”
“I have…….”
“How often? Once every three days?”
“Once a month. Before menstruation…”

I learned valuable information.
If ever there was a good day to seduce Sora, it would be then.

‘Cute. Do you want to heal this dirty body only once a month?’

It’s so cute that you kept your own secret.
I suck on my already drool-soaked lips.

Massage your breasts with both hands.
He persistently rubs the nipple with his index finger and thumb, causing a groan to come out.

No, drop it
I can tell because I am holding you.
I just had a weak but orgasm.

“You only do this once a month? Is this good?”
“I want to do more…”
“Because it’s bad.”

The body is fully prepared.
He’s 20 years old, but he’s more colorful than most older sisters.

I am not without sexual curiosity myself.
But since Korean society is conservative.

‘My brother can teach me many things.’

Embrace the extraordinary Sora.
I felt it to some extent from the first time we met.

Study, study, study.
It would have been a dull and boring life.
I lived by avoiding pleasure and stimulation.

“It’s a bad thing, but why did you do it?”
“I feel good…”
“Will my brother make me feel better? Huh? Huh?”

Not so immune
I haven’t even started the main room yet, but it’s gone as far as I touched it.

‘This contemplation can’t hate sex.’

In a few years, she will become a man-eating slut.
If only a little experience is supported.


I really want to cooperate.
Sora’s body seen from above is truly amazing.

Aside from the chest, lines are art.
The skin is so soft that I want to touch it all day long.

‘Should I eat it and regret it, or not eat it and regret it?’

This is the part where you have to worry deeply.
Either way you will regret it.

First of all, the left brain and right brain vote is 1 to 1.
The moment when Kochu participated in the battle and was about to become 2 to 1.

“Do you like touching me?”

Himself speaks
She comes in an inverted position with her hand outstretched.

Light chow.
Skinship, which should be tantalizing now, creates a new excitement.

‘Where did you snore? No, I really didn’t know.’

It is confusing because the appearance and substance are different.
I was also a bit drunk.

Good junior.
If you make the first experience too steamy, the trauma may remain.

“Don’t do anything gross.”
“Because I believe in you…”

The words are cut off.
It seems that I have fallen out of my mind.
She has become a sleeping princess with long eyelashes.

“Are you sleeping? Are you sleeping?”

Doesn’t answer.
There is no reaction even if I squeeze my chest tightly and twist it.

In this way, you can commit without guilt.
Because I told you not to do anything serious.

I can do something mild.’

Pull up the skirt
Ice riddles were something I did even in elementary school.

The pure white underwear is exposed.
Unexpectedly, he was wearing something quite bold.

‘Is the top and bottom of the bra set? Or are you more conscious?’

Touching would be gross.
Just watch and cover again.
Next is the chest.

I already took off my bra.
But I still haven’t seen the inside of her properly.

Pounding! Pounding!

It is a tense moment.
A lot depends on the difference in color.

Is it S-class or SS-class?
This is how you feel when you play a rare card from Gacha.

They clasp their hands and shout cheers.
A glimpse of the inside of the clothes.

‘If you put a ping here, it’s called a ping bo below.’

It was light.
I’m going to throw away what I’ve already checked.
Carefully lower the shoulder straps of the uniform.

The size, shape and color are perfect.
It is a very good breast that stimulates the appetite.

‘Isn’t sucking also included in the category of touching? That kind of interpretation is possible.’

It is the contact between body organs to the last.
He changes his posture and sinks into Sora’s chest.

Nose porridge.
The slight smell of sweat is a pheromone that excites men.

Chew! Chew!

The more you suck, the sweeter the flesh becomes.
It gets harder and harder in your mouth.


It also makes a groaning noise.
Sleeping or not waking up or moving.

‘Should I do it first and think about it later?’

With the feeling of going into a slightly soaring run.
The lower leg seems to go crazy.

There is such a delicious woman in front of her eyes.
I can touch you at will.

Jjook! Jjook!

Not being able to put it in is torture.
The firmly built top becomes resentful.

‘To put it bluntly, this is a seal. It’s exciting. It’s unfair. I should fucking play with it.’

But it’s something worth investing in.
I’ve looked everywhere and checked.

This is a truly delicious body.
If you know the sex, it will be more colorful.

“Ah! Ahhh…”

It opens your eyes.
Even if you don’t like the fact that you’re a born fairy, you make it known.

* * *


The delicious meat goes into your mouth.
I can’t help but smile

‘I’m the one who eats these things.’

Wolfman Steak House.
This is a famous steak restaurant in Cheongdam-dong.

He also posts often on Instagram.
But i’ve never been there

“Me, over there.”
“Can I help?”
“I’d like to order some wine.”

Because it is expensive.
A whopping 30,000 won.
The price is per 100g, not per serving.

It’s close to 20 million won.
Even if it’s just one steak.

‘I’m not the kind of person who can cut this much.’

Today’s profit alone is 10 million won.
Yesterday, the day before yesterday, no, this month’s profit.

“Eh, what is this? Louis XV beak?”
“You’re talking about de Benoise-Louis XV Brut.”
“Give me one. Let’s eat it with the meat.”
“Champagne with meat? If you don’t mind, can our sommelier help you choose?”

The seed has nearly doubled.
It is a position that can hit the ears of the executives of quite a few large companies.

‘Maybe you’ve never had wine before. Employees are giving me a thumbs up.’

I ordered something moderately expensive.
Over 1 million won with the word SUPER on it.

It doesn’t seem to go well with steak.
It doesn’t matter anyway.

“This is sommelier Park Joo-hee. Are you looking for wine to accompany your steak?”
“Ah, yes. A delicious one. Please choose one over 1 million won~”
“Okay Hogang, no customer!”

The world goes to those who have money.
Even if you have useless knowledge.

‘After all, you’re learning to get my money.’

It’s not that I still don’t know.
You should try all the wines on this list.

[Korea Stock Gallery]
─Down market is fucking hard
─You bastard from the reading seat, give me a pickhaha
─PNG〈〈 seems to be obsolete these days
─How much does reading cost?

Because I still have money left over.
In the future, you will enjoy life at your leisure.

─PNG〈〈 seems to be obsolete these days
0 won for 3 consecutive days
In the meantime, Reading earned over 100 million.

└Where do you get bitten by a dog
└ It’s not easy to make a profit in a down market these days……
└You’re out of luck
└ The steady earning of the leading seat is even more amazinghaha

Profit confrontation with P&L.
In the end, it was you who won.
Unlike the profit and loss seats that have not been able to use their power recently.

‘What kind of profit and loss is a profit and loss? It’s a profit and loss guy.’

It is you who really make money every day.
Your position in the community has expanded.

Profit and loss position.
It was eaten as is.
The best trader in the stock gallery is yourself.

─2017 07 12 Profit and loss trend
Profit/loss for the day: +539,622,447
Cumulative P&L: +1,028,325,550

└ Bastard!!!!!!!!!!!
└ What the fuck are you a foreign institution? It’s ridiculous ㅡㅡ
└ This is more than enough to make your stomach hurt, it’s just another worldhaha
└ It’s the main work Anyway, it’s the main work

It is time for the chapter to end.
It is also the time for profit and loss accounts to certify their profits.


Surprised, Yong-soo drops the fork he was holding.
That’s an unbelievable amount.

‘What the fuck did you do with the option?’

It is not a multiplier that can come out as a stock.
I can’t think of anything else.
He did as much as he could.

High-risk investment.
I entered the soaring column and took blood poop.
It is the profit that can only be obtained after that.

“Wine is out.”
“Wait a minute. Let’s choose some more…”
“Did you bring it after opening it? I’ve already tasted it.”
“Why do you eat mine!”
“I’m sorry!”

The P&L earned several times that amount.
It hurts to say that the secret lies in trust.

‘Fuck me, if I put my mind to it…….’

Wine brought by the sommelier.
When drinking at the store, it is opened and served to the table.

Different wines take different times to ripen.
So, a sommelier needs to do the tasting.

Even after listening to the manager’s explanation, the anger is not relieved.
The reason for the anger in the first place is because it is different.

Gulp! Gulp!

Wet your throat with expensive wine.
In order to chase the break-even point, a penny of seed is a pity.

‘Is this 2 million won? If you use credit here, it’s a 5 million seed, but damn it.’

The wine tastes like plain water.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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The poor man thinks about what to eat every day. Rich people think about who to eat every day. “Stocks are like sex.” The easy and sex story of real compression stocks


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