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Because I Live in the US 73

Because I Live in the US 73

Chapter 73 – Bowl

Revenue battle.

[Korea Stock Gallery]
─The reason why Sejong Media soared
─Benefits and losses are amazinghaha
─Are there any first-time losses?
─If there is a profit and loss account, there must also be a loss accounthaha

Leading dead cat bounce and profit and loss.
The tense confrontation between the two ended unexpectedly in vain.

─The reason why Sejong Media soared
[Jongpil Morgan announces acquisition of 5.38% stake in Sejong Media… “Simple investment purpose”.News]
Jongpil Morgan was secretly buying
It just went over 5% and was announced
If you receive a 15% stake in a politician through a block deal, you will become a major shareholder right away.

└ Memorize this
└ Jongpil Morgan, those bastards are just powerhaha
└ Wow, this was a good thing, not a bad thing.
└ Did you buy the profit and loss account expecting that?

The grand slam hit.
A big room.
Anyone who invests in stocks wants it.

But eating is not easy.
Especially if it’s at the level of ignoring your own seed.

─Benefits and losses are amazinghaha
It’s also strange to roll 500 million seeds.
I’m thinking of entering with some kind of credit.

└ You have to have that level of can to make money
└ Because it is compound interest + credit, it is called that muchhaha
└ Isn’t it legendary in the individual investment world?
└If you look for people who earn 1 billion, it is amazing that they started with 500,000 won.

There is a lot of fuss in the community every day.
It’s like an individual investor’s dream.

Got it done.
No, it’s proven.
Why is it called a profit and loss account?

─If there is a profit and loss account, there must also be a loss accounthaha
[−80% account verification.Jpg]
Help me……

└Are you a person?
└ Just do coin
Author− Coins are also included, but I am losing 50haha
└Look, if you had a coin, you could only get 50% of it.

Fame is bound to increase.
It is more than individual investors hoped for.

Anything that is theoretically possible.
I’ve actually seen the process of doing it.

─I’ll give a lecture on stocks to P&L, then
I’m thinking of paying
I really want to hear it

└ Even if you ignore the words of the horo red analyst, you will listen to the words of profit and loss
└ This kind of person should give a lecture
└ Who is the leader?
└ Those who used to suck at reading are all hung up these dayshaha

Believers are born within the community.
It’s a thick fan base that I don’t doubt.

At the same time, it fits snugly.
Minor topics that happened before are not even mentioned.


That’s not the level to be established.
Yongsu is also feeling the changed air current.

─Buy orders have been placed!

Why are you desperately trading?
You have to catch up with the profit gap with the P&L.

And it’s not impossible.
If there is a difference between yourself and the profit and loss position, there is only one.

‘I put a fucking billion in it.’

It is not using leverage.
Seeds can be called up to 2.5x.

As such, the amount of income also increases.
It is also called compound interest, so an enormous return is possible.

─Foreigners are slaughtering!
Double Kill!

But a double-edged sword.
It was only natural that as profits increased, losses also increased.


The bigger the seed, the bigger the profit.
In order to handle it, the vessel must also become large.

The difference between the profit and loss balance and yourself.
Yongsu is experiencing in real time how big a single wall is.

『Kim Yong-soo’s account』
Womb Company│175,232 shares│−10.21%
Valuation profit and loss│ −102,765,700

10% is a tolerable loss.
If you didn’t use credit.

Effectively −25%.
1/4 of all seeds were blown.
A single investment loss is a fatal blow.

─Sell order has been executed!

And that’s not all.
One billion dollars is a different unit.
Even the weight accepted by the market.

“Who threw 200 million?”
“You must have been bitten earlier. Lower it further. Keep lowering it.”

The forces that manage the womb company.
It is natural to check the movement of the order window.

‘Yes, it will start only after you get off~.’

Someone bought a large amount?
If the stock price rises, it is obvious that you will see profits.

There’s no reason to leave it like that.
The bigger the amount, the more secure it is.

─Sell order has been executed!

Eating mustard while crying.
Yongsoo takes a big loss and sells.


But so far it’s fine
Till now.

‘How much did I earn this month?’

I just kept making money.
You may make a mistake once in a while.

Within the assumption
And it wasn’t even powered up.
He has dozens of allies.

[Reading is the reading room]
− I will solve the items that will go up in 3 days
「Leading is easy」
「Eating alone these dayshaha」
“Let’s eat together!”
“What is your goal?”

The profit and loss account benefits only you.
However, he runs a reading room.

‘Yes, if I use them.’

It can pump up the stock price.
It is possible to see more profit and more easily.

There will be people who will lose that much.
If you throw in a billion dollars at a time.


Because there can be no influence.
The people who suffered losses can blame themselves.

Does not matter.
Stocks that went up.
It’s their own fault that they couldn’t sell at the high point.

Tak, Tak!

All he does is point out the stocks to go up.
There’s one thing I’ve been eyeing lately.

‘I tried to avoid it because it’s a little gambling-like.’

Conversely, in the stock market, that kind of thing goes up well.
Because I don’t think I’ll ever buy something like this.

『L&C Metal』
2,585 ▲40 (+1.57%)
[Graph of stock price for the last year jpg]

Recently, metal stocks have performed well.
This is because raw material prices are rising.

L&C Metal is a music-related stock.
They specialize in composing and distributing heavy metal.

‘Sometimes there are times when it’s tied up with metal stocks.’

It is an unfunny happening that happens when metal is added to the company name.
Forces will also be involved.

Whatever the reason, it’s fine.
If only the stock price could go up.
The charts are also created quite nicely.

‘Obviously there is an accumulation section. Certainly.’

It’s a downtrend
Most stocks fell sharply.

L&C Metal is pretty good.
The buying trend continues.

It’s strange to think that music-related stocks are still weak.
There is only one reason.

−Buy full if less than 3,000 won
“Now it’s 2585 won.”
“That means it goes up that highhaha”
「Full purchase!」
“But why do you live?”
「Here is the room where Reading believes and lives」

Because the forces are gathering.
While unspeaking as a metal stock, I will raise it loudly once.

‘There are a lot of stocks like that these days. That’s ridiculous.’

Profit and loss accounts also made money while eating such stocks.
There is no reason not to be yourself.

Leadership staff are also helping.
Having made up his mind, Yongsu presses the buy button.

─Buy orders have been placed!

1 billion won.
No, 2 billion won.
In addition to credit, one special move is added.

‘One shot of life.’

If the P&L rolls a billion, he’s double that himself.
You will earn big in one shot.

600 million won even if you hit the prize just once.
If you get older.


Get a lot of money
With just one investment.

I look forward to the day when that will happen.
Yongsu was swollen with a hopeful future.

“Older brother!”
“A lot of L&C Metal ants come in? Shall we shake it?”

Yongsu’s prediction was not wrong.
The forces were quietly gathering L&C Metal.

For operation.
Try weaving it with metal-related stocks.
Recently, the absurd surge in the stock market has become a trend.

Even the ants, who were initially scared, now jump in as soon as an article is published.
In order to get even Congo water.

“It’s okay. Rather, it’s better. We’ve already finished collecting.”
“Should we launch it the day after tomorrow? Watch the flow and even stare at the association.”

That madness.
It is a nutrient that boosts operation.
A bear market provides a better environment for playing a strategy.

There is no general stock buying trend.
Many people have lost money.
They will be driven to the operation week.

“Older brother!”
“Isn’t today R&C Metal’s launching day?”
“No, things have changed.”

The reverse also applies.
In a down market, there is nothing to buy, so I buy strategy stocks.

[Top 20 must-see news]
─”Is it missing too much?” S&P Nasdaq 3% ↑ Big Tech Rise
─Suggested that the Fed rate freeze… Rate hike delayed until end of year
─FOMC Statement Dove Propensity… Stock prices all-time high, government bonds ↑
─Freeze interest rates when inflation comes? Powell said, “Because it’s fun.”

There is something called the FOMC.
It is a meeting of members of the Federal Reserve System to decide the interest rate in the United States.

The minutes of the meeting were made public.
More dovish than market expectations.
Since it has a moderate tendency, investors are liking it.

‘If this happens, it will be a bull market again for a while.’

The power is also a financial person.
It’s not like in the past that gangsters threaten bosses and roll them.

Situation in the global economy.
Naturally, we monitor and reflect the direction in which stock prices move.

“So you’re not working?”
“Would you like to buy a dog like this in a bull market? If it were you?”
“Oh, you fool.”

The stock price has gone down a lot recently.
Good stocks are all over the place at cheap prices.

‘There are really good stocks, but who would buy fake ones?’

L&C Metal.
This kind of obscure dog catcher is especially so.
Even if the amount collected so far is wasteful, it can not be helped.

No, that’s fine
Because the ants caught up with me these days, the stock price jumped quite a bit.

“Won’t you see the least damage?”
“What’s the loss? A bonus will come out.”

You can make some profit.
When the intestines start, I will pretend to sting lightly and throw it over.

The stock is quite large.
It takes time to burst.
You have to use your skills so that the ants don’t lose hands.

“What about the ants that caught up?”
“What is it, what is it, bitten?”

The adjustment period comes to an end.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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The poor man thinks about what to eat every day. Rich people think about who to eat every day. “Stocks are like sex.” The easy and sex story of real compression stocks


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