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Because I Live in the US 74

Because I Live in the US 74

Chapter 74 – Luxury

Reading room.
It means a group chat room that points out stocks that will go up.

Is there such a thing as good?
Being able to make easy money is fascinating.

Of course, that is a scam.
If someone can give me information easily.

[Korea Stock Gallery]
─Leading reported to the Korea Exchange as a leading room.
─Where the fuck has the reading gone!!
─There will be a lot of graduates
─The reason why the current reading room members are fucked.Txt

Because the stock market is where you have to be suspicious.
Information soon becomes money.

Handing over that precious thing?
It makes more sense to think that there are other purposes.

─The reason why the current reading room members are fucked.Txt
[L&C Metal 1-week stock price chart.Jpg]
The pick that Leadingi sprayed this time
Almost halved at the peak
It turns out that reading is a group of kids who trusted and bought it and graduated.

└ I knew it would be like this
└ He boasts that he earns money easily, but he is a bitchhaha
└ This is why stocks must be bought with one’s own head.
└Yes, the leader brushed everything off at the peak and jumpedhaha

Aren’t they using them?
It is natural to have reasonable doubts.

It is receiving criticism from community users.
The position that has been built up so far is collapsing.

─Where the fuck has the reading gone!!
[Account Loss Certification.Jpg]
Buy L&C Metal!
I bought it because you said to buy it
Now put −42%
How will you take responsibility?

└ Stupidhaha
└ If the leader dies, will he die?
└ If you want to take it off, I’ll take it off.
└ Not one or two victims

The user who runs the reading room.
Inevitably become the object of criticism.

Did you really use the reading room?
Or maybe I’m just unlucky

Either way it doesn’t matter.
Users who lost money turned their eyes away.

─Leading reported to the Korea Exchange as a leading room.
[Reading data.Jpg]
[Reading room data.Jpg]
Once the fraud is certain
I didn’t want to see an illegal reading room run from before, but this time I got rid of it

└ Where do you report? I’ll do it too
└ I heard that the members of the reading room are also making group accusations.
└ Reading is going to suckhaha
└ Isn’t this really fucked up?

It’s natural that it’s not a matter of a penny or two.
The ax I believed in took my instep.

Unfortunate thing.
A newsworthy event.

However, the reaction of the community has been calm.
Because it’s always a thing.

─❤ [Episode 1] Congratulations on L&C Metal Graduation ❤
Graduates: Buyers of L&C Metal
Date : 2017. 07.20 (Thu) 12:00
Venue: Korea Stock Gallery
Performance: Foreigner
Congratulation: Institution
Progress: forces
Note: The funeral will be held immediately after the event, so please wear dark clothing if possible.

└ Precautions Fuckhaha
└ Say goodbye to your dear gallery alumni!
└ Graduates are shedding tears ㅠㅠ
└ To the Hogu who received a shining diplomahaha

It’s called graduation.
Retirement by investors who have suffered excessive losses.

I can no longer invest.
It has been broken from the heart.

“That’s why you should gamble deliberately.”
“What are you looking at?”
“In the words of the savage investors.”

The reaction of such Korean stock galleries.
I’m looking around on my cell phone.

‘Because there’s a taste of watching a house on fire.’

There are often downtrends.
Investors who buy nonsense assholes.

It’s really hard to climb because there’s something to climb.
But when the downtrend is over.

“Why are you buying dog food?”
“That’s right.”
“It sounds like a complete gamble.”
“There are people who treat stocks like gambling.”

There is no reason for such dog owners to rise.
Why leave good stocks behind?

‘That’s why it’s good to do different trading for each bull market, sideways market, and bear market.’

It seems that Leading Dead Cat Bounce did not do that.
I believed in one trading method too much.

If there is something to be gained from it, there is also something to be lost.
The stock market is learning that way.

“I don’t think I will do stocks.”
“A little more stable path…”
“Then oppa, be your secretary.”

Hug your shoulders tightly.
Pull it straight and share a kiss.

It tastes like cherry.
I came with a delicious tint that tastes like eating.


But it has a character.
Suhyeon, who was hugged by my chest, pushes me away.

I stare at you with scary eyes.
Rub your lips with your wrist.

“I told you not to do this!”
“Ah, why~ barely enough to kiss.”
“I’ve gotten along with my boyfriend at best…”

First experience.
Since then, we have had several relationships.
The more I did, the more I felt a sense of guilt in one corner of my heart.

‘There is a saying that if you cheat, you will be nice to your spouse.’

I felt sorry for my boyfriend.
Because he was so kind to me, our relationship got closer.

The reason you’ve been avoiding meeting me lately.
She was afraid of being estranged from her boyfriend again.

“You just have to enjoy it.”
“It’s not that easy to have a human mind, right? Today, I’m trying to say that I’m ending this kind of relationship…”
“My brother was going to buy me some pretty clothes.”

Normal life.
You have to lose it once to know that it is precious.
Suhyeon, who dreamed of escaping, also came up with a slightly different idea.

‘No. I will never let you go.’

Water already spilled.
That way, what was pierced won’t come back.
He’s not greedy enough to let go of a good woman.

『Old World Department Store Gangnam Branch』

It’s boring for a dating course.
But what always matters is the content.

“Is there anything you want to buy?”
“That, that’s a bit…”
“You got a lot from Soo-hyeon. Oppa should also take a shot once in a while.”

He casually puts his hand on her shoulder.
She hates it, but she doesn’t bother to kick it.

‘There is no woman who doesn’t like luxury goods.’

Place is place.
It is the center of Korean consumption.
Department store shopping is a woman’s favorite hobby.

From the entrance, people are in the middle of the day.
Even on weekdays, it is crowded with many people.

“I’ve never bought clothes from a place like this…”
“Something’s a little daunting.”
“Do you really think so?”

First-timers feel intimidated.
The department stores I’ve been to so far are like local supermarkets.

A scale that feels like that.
But that is not necessarily the case with the world.


Go to a famous brand store.
It’s a place that even those who don’t know about luxury goods can know.

“Did you change your wallet recently?”
“No, I just use what I write…”
“Choose something you like. In moderation.”

Not one or two people wandering around.
Employees don’t even care.

Moving is when you have the feeling of choosing.
Approaches quickly for performance.

“For me, this black and light brown tones…”
“You have eyes looking at you. If you are an office worker, I recommend black. If you are a student, a bright tone is more casual.”
“Both, please.”

You can feel it in department stores.
Why did this world adopt a system called capitalism.

‘Things I knew but didn’t know.’

Touches you right away
The mouth of the employee who was talking burdensomely is closed in an instant.

“Yes? Customer, what did you just say…?”
“Pack quickly before you change your mind.”
“Yes, I understand, customer! Please wait a moment. Just a moment!”

Employees of luxury shops who only seemed to have high noses.
Realize that wolves were also a quick race.

This is because they are paid according to performance.
Suhyeon is watching a series of scenes with her mouth wide open.

“I haven’t chosen yet…”
“It’s one or the other, isn’t it?”
“Yeah, that’s right.”
“You can buy both. Choose which one to bother with.”

At least hundreds of thousands for one.
As a student, it is a masterpiece that you want to be proud of just by looking at it.

Sweep something like that
Just for one reason I want to buy it.


Payment is made
Put in a shopping bag
No words until you leave the store.

“What should I buy next? Clothes or shoes?”
“Brother, this.”
“Isn’t that expensive…?”

Can be embarrassing
Literally, it’s not a common occurrence.

It’s not a penny or two.
Even if you make up your mind to buy it, after searching all day.

‘There are people who don’t do such troublesome things.’

That’s why department stores like this exist.
Ordinary people do not know why department stores exist.

“Have you ever played an RPG game?”
“I’ve done it on my phone before.”
“Do you know why they are recruiting users while holding free events?”
“I do not know.”

RPG games are enjoyed by many users.
Game companies are also very active in recruiting users.

‘But in fact, from the point of view of game companies, there is no need for general users.’

There is something called BM.
Abbreviation for Business Model.
Each game company is slightly different, but the big picture is the same.

The top 5% of users account for most of the total revenue.
To put it bluntly, regular users do not help sales.

“Really? Then why…”
“Are you recruiting new users while paying for advertising?
“Yes, I will.”
“You’ll find out about it today.”

Dealing with claims is more difficult.
In fact, the reason why game company officials spit out absurd remarks.

“Then don’t do it! Quaaaaa—!!」− Self-proclaimed game developer

That is not to say that there is no context.
From a game developer’s point of view, that could be the case.

‘But what about the top 5% of users?’

That’s one reason why people spend money on games.
It is to brag to others.

Those others
In the game, it means normal users.
If it’s in a department store.

“People who shop…”
“That’s right. Such a crowded crowd is there for the fun of VIP shopping.”

The BM of a department store is also similar to a game.
A lot of people come to the department store, but in reality, they are responsible for most of the sales.

‘VIP. In other words, they are big hands.’

You have to make them spend money.
A creature called human is never noble.

To feel a sense of superiority, turn the gacha and buy items.
The same logic applies to the real world as well.

Taste the upper air of the capitalist world.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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