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Because I Live in the US 40

Because I Live in the US 40

Chapter 40 – The Ant’s Weapon

It’s what you could call a double-edged sword.

‘It’s not simply that the seed doubles.’

There is no way things involving money can be so simple.
He said he would eat someone else’s money.

Where is the good gun watching over it?
Be sure to adjust and shake.

This is where the sound of ‘robbing credit and going’ comes from.
Although it wasn’t a problem when the seed was low.

─Buy orders have been placed!

When there are many seeds, they affect the market.
Especially if there is someone watching my account.

─Institution-nim has killed the enemy!
Double Kill!
Triple Kill!

As soon as you make a credit purchase, a follow-up comes in.
Chase buy.
Buy stocks with me.

‘In fact, even if you don’t watch it, it floats as an indicator.’

This can be identified as a ‘credit ratio’.
So credit should be used carefully.

An act that is tantamount to discarding one’s hand.
But if the opponent’s goal is obvious.

─Sell order has been executed!

It is also possible to reverse the pulse.
All of the stocks you own are thrown at the market price.

Accept it.
It’s thanks to the guy who chases after me and buys it.

‘It’s also a medium-sized company.’

I didn’t buy a trillion-dollar company for nothing.
Gaejabju has a thin call window.

Several tens of thousands of won at most in one box.
If you throw 600 million at once, you have to sell after losing 4-5%.

Medium-sized companies are at most 1-2%.
That’s not to say there aren’t any aftershocks, though.

─Foreigners are running amok!
Double Kill!
Triple Kill!
Quadra Kill!

Profit realization pours in.
When the sudden fall occurred, the fighting spirit changed.

‘Originally, scalping is like a game of notice.’

Sand grabbing game.
It is a simple game of building a sand castle, placing a flag, then removing the sand alternately, and whoever knocks down the flag first loses.

There is room at first.
When does the game end when the first wheel is turned?
Things change drastically when one person commits an unexpected act.

─Penta Kill!
Last two-seam kill!
Foreigners are legendary…… !

Suddenly Hook!
It dives like a Flume Ride.
Guys who know how to shake and buy.

‘It’s all bitten.’

Foreign stock.
Over the past few days, foreigners have been collecting supplies one by one.

That is, no matter how much you sell it, you make a profit.
It makes sense to dispose of when people accept.

『Donghae Steel』
11,800 ▲600 (+5.35%)

Shares soared up to 11%.
It took only about 20 seconds to sink to the 5% level.

The share price of Donghae Steel is 1.1 trillion won.
In just 20 seconds, more than 50 billion were blown away.

‘I’m like this, but how can my mentality not be shaken?’

Short hitters are also starting to lose money.
The stock price burns the T Express, not the Flume Ride.

─The institution has ended the foreigner’s ant massacre!

Trust only institutions.
The short-selling force that will create a technical rebound.

Only low-priced buying is slowly coming in.
Is it worth buying if the stock price goes down this much?

‘I don’t want to post that again.’

Institutions want to buy at the lowest possible price.
This is why I hate Korean institutions.

I always try to trade without losing money.
Does not want to take the initiative

‘I don’t have an ego. Self.’

Beasts show their true value when hunting.
Sharp claws and sharp fangs are also there for him.

If not, it’s just an ornament.
Confined to a cage in a zoo, he is nothing more than a wild beast, Ho-sooin, who only boasts of a plausible figure.

Korean institutions are just like that.
It’s like a securities company or something, but honestly, I’ve never treated it as a competitor.

‘That’s it. A bred beast.’

Satisfied with just paying the fee.
Really big meat doesn’t even bother to eat it.
If foreign institutions are wolves and wildcats, Korean institutions are dogs and cats.

They are the ones who barely make ends meet in the Korean stock market, which gave institutions a bari-bari privilege.
From my point of view, it is not even a competitor in the first place.

‘Maybe he’s tearing his hair out?’

About 600 million won can be sold at the market price.
However, there is no one to accept money with different numbers of units rolled by institutional traders.

If you want to dispose of it, it will be bloody shit.

* * *


The rise of the stock you were aiming for.
Even though Donghae Steel’s stock price has risen, Deoksu Kim cannot smile.

─Sell order has been executed!

Because you have to dispose of the stock.
If the ants make a mistake, they can lose money right away.

‘When will you dispose of this…….’

Institutions are different.
This is because the number of stocks owned is different in units.

If you throw a stone into a river, water will bounce off a little.
But what if you throw a rock?

─The foreigner killed the ant!
Double Kill!

‘Foreigners chews!’

It doesn’t end to the extent that water droplets splash.
It wouldn’t be strange if a small tsunami came along.

Deoksu has a tsunami before his eyes.
When 10,000 shares are reduced, foreigners pull the stock price down further.

─Buy orders have been placed!

Inevitably, we put in false purchases.
It buys back its own stock and attracts ants.

‘It will take at least three days just to dispose of it.’

It’s all because of that fire ant.
I hit the candle while the stock price was rising well.

Net sale of 56,000 shares.
The huge rock is worth changing the course of the river.


All you have to do is drop it in the right place.
Deok-soo unknowingly gives strength to his right hand.

Fist on the desk.
It is only after the eyes of the people around you realize that you hit it.

“What’s up!”
“Oh, no, that… I’m sorry.”
“It doesn’t matter how bad the deal is.

What the hell is going on.
Everyone knows it because it is the asset management department in charge of trading.
So I have no choice but to be more embarrassing.


He was like money.
It is an indirect proof of the fact that they suffered losses beyond control of their emotions.

All performance.
A trader is such a job.
Salary is also proportional to performance.

Don’t need all
If you have the ability, you can copy money.

‘How can an ant…….’

I came to this position because of that ability.
As a trader, he is full of pride in his abilities.

The feeling that it was smashed.
However, it is not the first time I feel it, just because the subject is different.

Far away!

It is also the starting point of this twist.
There are sometimes
An insanely good trader.

It makes people have no choice but to be sure of the direction and suddenly turns it around.
It’s at a time when you can’t even imagine it, let alone expected it.

The spirited handling makes you come to your senses.
The world is wide, and he realizes that he is small in this market.

‘There are people like that all over the world…….’

But it’s rare.
In Korea, which is classified as an emerging market, there is no way that such a high-quality manpower can work in the KOSPI, which is different day and night.

They will be fighting bloody on Wall Street, the world’s financial center.
Not to mention ants at best.

‘Do you think I’ll be beaten by ants like this?’

Traders call ants this way.
Liquidity providers.
Ants will think that is not the role of market makers.

LPs in the true sense of the word are them.
Because it is a thankful existence that keeps losing money in the market.

─Sell order has been executed!

There are people who earn only when there are people who lose.
Even now, they are accepting their own stock instead.

‘Yes, these are ants.’

If you pretend to post a little bit, these guys will just follow you.
In fact, he just bought back his stock.

Repeat this fishing over and over again.
If you do this, you can dispose of the stock without losing much.


But it takes time.
The loss of opportunity cost alone is a huge loss for institutional traders.

Purchase Agreement│Chanwook Lee│YAS │892 shares

The nasty guy is buying other stocks.
As if what had just happened had happened.

‘Wait a moment. As long as I have the cash…….’

I know rationally.
That you can just step on shit and move on.

But he himself is a trader.
It is also the position of an institutional trader at the top of the ants.

There are no predators that are swayed by their prey.
I think what will happen if I don’t fill the scratches on my pride.

─Sell order has been executed!

Sense of defeat.
Although I feel like I am being swayed by foreign traders, I am proud to eat them in Korea.

To feel the same way for an ant.
I can’t accept that humiliation.

Even if I can get screwed this month, one of you will definitely get screwed.’

* * *

Fight with institutions.
It is true that there is no choice but to be honest.

‘Even if I can feed you one shot.’

There is a basic difference in strength.
David wins against Goliath.

However, like Tekken, if rounds 1, 2, and 3 continue, the winner in the end is Goliath.
Same here.

─The agency is slaughtering!
Double Kill!
Triple Kill!

Stocks you are buying.
Judging by the movement of Ho Gachang, it seems that he came in again.

‘Why are there waves on a calm lake?’

It’s not me who can’t notice that sense of incongruity.
Someone is intentionally shaking the market.

Maybe it’s that guy.
If there is a difference from before, it is that they are quite active.

─The agency destroyed the buying wall!

Hypocrisy and hypocrisy.
In addition, it is mobilizing institutional privileges such as short selling.

It is a way to lower the stock price while hedging your own losses.
Even if you know all the intentions.

‘What, is there anything I can do?’

The weapons an ant can use are extremely limited.
A stone’s throw is all.

There is no way to openly use strength and weapons like that.
It’s literally not something you can do.

‘If only it was a plasterer.’

That’s something you can’t do on the NASDAQ.
Ants can also hit shots, and other organs don’t open their eyes.

Because there are many market participants.
If you forcibly press the stock price, you will be eaten by the forces of low-priced buyers.

Korea has few market participants.
Laws and institutions are completely inconsistent.

─The Agency has killed the Agency!

Even if you know that the organ is going crazy, it’s helpless.
A sloped playground in the first place.

But there is just one thing ahead.
There is a strategy that only ants can use.


Casts the ant’s special move.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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