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Because I Live in the US 41

Because I Live in the US 41

Chapter 41 – Yas

John ber.
Abbreviation for Riding a Fucking Burrow.
Even people who don’t stock will know unconditionally.

‘If you don’t know, you’ll have to give the official name. In the North Korean way.’

It is such a famous investment method (?).
But surprisingly, it is a strategy that organizations cannot use.

It literally means.
Because doing johnber means not moving money.

‘Because there is an opportunity cost problem.’

Whether it be porridge or rice, it must be rolled.
The securities industry is where the dead kids are cut off.

Why traders are short-lived.
I don’t know how long the guy who shot me will be able to work.

Of course my money is also tied up.
Opportunity cost is also important for individual traders.
But my job.

“What are you staring at so intently?”
“Sometimes I think it’s worth doing.”

I am a student.
Since then, I have been attending classes regularly.

‘I don’t listen at all.’

It is used for stock trading time.
Major classes start at 9:00.

Just the time the market opens.
It’s like entering the classroom early, turning on your laptop, and trading.

It is possible because the professors are completely no-touch.
I also bought a laptop with the money I earned from stocks.

“What did you just buy?”
“What is that? Isn’t that sexual harassment?”

Sora makes misunderstandings.
Stares at me with sharp eyes.

My usual behavior.
Although it was uncomfortable for Sora, who was still inexperienced.

‘Not as much as this time.’

Stocks that actually exist.
It is also listed on the KOSDAQ.

19,100 ▼200 (−1.04%)

“A man’s stock yas! You don’t know yas?”
“Heungguk knows.”

It’s a decent company
It is said that the fact that it passed the IPO itself is not a very unremarkable company.

‘Of course, that’s not why I bought it.’

There are stocks that are good for everyone.
I have many memories of the gains I made when I bought this stock.

That’s yas for me
It can be called a jinx, or you can say that you know the company well.

“It’s related to OLED? They say they produce deposition equipment…”
“You’re really stuck.”
“Yasu is just a feeling. You do it by feeling.”

Are you going to look into your job, income, and background when you’re having a conversation?
Only ask Pong Pong Nam about that.

‘It’s actually clogged up too.’

It just looks like you have no experience.
Sora doesn’t understand the true value of Yasu.

“Buy one.”
“Why am I?”
“A sight is worth a thousand words!”
“Ah, okay. Then I’ll buy a little bit.”

Yas needs to know.
Until you try it, all kinds of imaginations are unfolding.

‘What is unclean?’

What about contraception?
In my experience, bitches like that suck.

─Buy orders have been placed!

Buy yas
Buying Yas makes me feel like a condition or a spawn, but that’s not the case.

“You really…”
“Why? I bought it the way I bought it.”
“Yasu buys in units of 69, 74, and 892 unconditionally.”

With Sora’s personality, he probably didn’t know what Yasu was.
I can guess where you found out.

You must have seen it on the community site you recommended.
But you don’t know what’s really important.

‘It’s not a joke.’

In Buddhism, 108 bows are made to sever suffering.
Christianity has 12 apostles.

A dozen pencils equals 12, a carton of cigarettes equals 10 packs, and a carton of eggs equals 30.
Same with Yas too.

─Buy orders have been placed!

Action you want to do.
If you pray with a lot of desire, even if the meaning doesn’t reach the sky.

─Ant has killed an enemy!
The ants are running amok!

It can reach buyers.
Some people who do not know their name or age respond in response.

‘We are the world!’

A fresh busty female college student bought it, so it’s worth it.
Of course, I would not have known that.

“Wow, just go up!”
“Sell it quickly. It’s a short-term surge.”
“Okay sell.”

It is true that stock prices are rising.
It’s not a huge profit, but it’s still good enough.

『Sora Yoon’s account』
Yas│243 stocks│+1.57%
Valuation P&L: +61,265

That’s what happened in just one minute.
I sold it at the market price, so I made a profit of about 50,000 won.

‘50,000 won in one minute. In terms of hourly wage, it is 3 million won.’

Of course, it’s not that simple to calculate, but it definitely feels good.
Is the money being copied?

If you pick it with Yasu, it feels good.
Whenever I have a grunt, I buy Yas.

“Ya what is it?
“There is such a thing.”
“You’re going crazy with this taste, okay?”

Realizing the true taste of Yasu, Sora screams involuntarily.
The pleasure of experiencing for the first time.

It will resonate in every corner of your sensitive body.
Because I express my feelings so openly.


The professor coughs.
Because of her age, she seems to have problems with her respiratory system.

No, it was clearly conscious of us.
Even if I don’t know, Sora has an image of being a model student.

“No way…….”
“Did you watch pornography in class?”

Korean students have a strange habit of giving notice to students who interrupt the flow of class.
Eyes are pouring

What the hell is the situation
After belatedly understanding, Sora’s face turned red.

“There seem to be a lot of students who are interested in Sora’s Yasu.”
“What are you talking about!”
“What are you talking about? You just saw Yas.”

Fresh response in a short time
As expected, Sora is still on the side that is tightly blocked.


University life.
I’ve been enjoying it lately.
It’s fun to tease sora, and the club has its own harvest.

It’s still a weak club, but it’s something that needs to be raised.
If there is one thing you regret.

* * *

Any commotion within the department is inflated.

“Did you hear that?”
“If you say that, it’s not…”
“You know Sora, Sora. Yoon Sora!”

Especially when it comes to celebrities.
There is no department student who does not know Sora, who entered as the top freshman.

Outstanding grades.
Striking appearance.
Up to the bold aspirations towards their goals.

It’s like a sample of a model student.
Did she change a bit?

“I heard you watched porn in class.”
“Ah, no way.”
“It’s true. Not one or two kids have heard of it!”

It deserves to be the subject of gossip among students.
If you think of her image normally, it is impossible.

But when it’s not, there’s no way smoke will blow up the chimney.
It’s an incident with someone who witnessed it firsthand.

“That senior must have seduced you.”
“Put it out.”
“Sora, why are you hanging out with a strange senior these days?”

There was an omen.
Recently, a dramatic change has taken place in her friendships.

Lee Chan-wook.
Facilitated economics professors.
Although there are some students who follow.

“Are you good at stocks?”
“How do you know if you’re really good at it or not?”
“That’s right. It could be just talk of the mouth.”
“It’s thin and has it.”

The vast majority of students cannot have good feelings.
Korean society is conservative.

There is a clear hierarchical relationship and a hierarchical order within the group.
Showy disregard for such principles.

Even if you have the ability, you are rejected.
It was inevitable that Chan-wook’s reputation would be at odds with each other.

“The two of you could be dating.”
“Why doesn’t it make sense? Then you don’t even date, so do you watch porn together?”

It also adversely affects the image of So-ra, who is close to Chan-wook.
Juha wasn’t about to miss that opportunity.

‘All prettier bitches than me should die.’

He doesn’t act like Hyeri.
She has a cool personality and doesn’t flirt with men.

But she hates it just by itself.
Like a beautiful field of pure white snow.

“Rumors are rumors.”
“Listen to lectures like me.”
“Right next door.”
“Then you must have been watching the situation at that time?!”

I want to step on you
I want to make a scratch and bring it down to the same position as myself.

Shallow envy.
She doesn’t even know it herself, but it bothers her that she’s popular because she’s good at her studies and even her natural looks.

‘Actually, it didn’t look like it was in a diagonal position.’

The atmosphere has already been created.
Other kids will think the same in their minds.

I was just watching to see who would speak first.
She gets herself started.

“You know what yas means?”
“What do you mean?”
“I don’t know either.”
“Oh, there are kids who don’t know. What does that mean?”

Sexual gestures.
Put her finger inside the ring made of her thumb and forefinger! It is clear what the act of putting in and taking away means.

It’s different from anina, the reverse reaction.
Joo-ha, with a smile of repentance, naturally continues to gossip.

“I guess the two of you secretly whispered to each other knowing you didn’t know.”
“I guess so!”
“Looks like they’re really dating.”
“It’s no big deal. I didn’t know Sora was that kind of girl.”
“Kids who weren’t supposed to do it originally started doing more behind the scenes~.”

Whether that’s true or not doesn’t matter.
In the first place, this kind of back talk is to confirm one’s side.

‘Confirmation of Jisoo, Daeun, and Chaeeun completed.’

There was an ample harvest.
You just need to inflate the rumors around the kids whose sides have been confirmed.

‘The pitiful bitches.’

Such a group of Juha.
The voice is so loud that even Suhyeon, who sits in the front row of the classroom, can hear it.

While choosing her favorite liberal arts, I unwittingly ended up taking the same lecture.
Their gossip is always annoying.

Tak, Tak!

Just search Naver and you’ll find it.
Type ‘yas’ and hit the enter key once.

19,050 ▼250 (−1.31%)

19 Gold site, let alone a company comes out.
Sora was just talking about stocks.

‘The company name is a bit strange.’

It’s not a name to be talked about at school.
It was something a normal Sora would never do.

It changed after hanging out with Chan-wook.
I don’t know if that’s a good way or a bad way.

‘Are stocks that fun?’

It was the first time I saw Sora, who has a cool personality, as happy as her elementary school students.
She has no interest in anything other than studying.

So-ra, who has been living a boring life, is what she says.
I thought she was a peer with the same concerns.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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The poor man thinks about what to eat every day. Rich people think about who to eat every day. “Stocks are like sex.” The easy and sex story of real compression stocks


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