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Because I Live in the US 42

Because I Live in the US 42

Chapter 42 – Yas

Shelter for students to rest.


Sora, who was sitting on the bench, sighed deeply.
Is it because the appearance is the appearance?

‘She looks like Shin Se-kyung who was abused by the bread crumbs.’

Appearance is just appearance.
The truth is, I know that I have no idea.

There’s nothing wrong with ignoring it
As a good senior, he pretends to be worried.

“Where did you get bitten this time?”
“It’s not!”
“So you didn’t get bitten?”
“That… It has nothing to do with it.”

It seems that he is enjoying value investing in another strange company.

“When will legs and arms grow?”

I can’t get out of the tadpole period.
Even so, there was one stock that made a profit recently.

“It’s because of the senior.”
“There’s nothing going on after getting entangled with a real senior.”
“No way. Enjoying Yasu like that.”

First Yas in life.
I recently experienced a memory that I will never forget for the rest of my life.

‘It’s not an exaggeration to say that I opened the first experience and the first Yas.’

I may have grown up a bit.
But he seems to be dissatisfied.

“Yasu, yasu! Don’t say that?”
“Then they say Yasu is Yasu. What kind of Joseon era is this? Can’t Hobuho hyung?”
“Oh, don’t do that!!”

He stares at me with his eyebrows furrowed.
No matter how much I think about it, there is nothing to be stabbed.

‘If anyone sees it, they’ll know that it was me and Yas.’

Stock story.
The company name is ‘Yas’.
I only made a profit by buying Yas.

“Do you know what the kids say?”
“You understand?”
“Ha… You don’t have any senior friends?”
“Making friends lowers human strength.”

It can be embarrassing for ordinary people to hear.
When Sora and I were in a lecture room.

‘Some students must have misunderstood.’

Korean Special!
I have a lot of interest in other things.
Does it matter if someone else is buying Yas?

“Would you like me to explain something?”
“I don’t know.”
“I don’t know why are you angry?”
“Even if the senior explained it, it would only make things more complicated!”

In fact, Sora is worth wondering about.
What kind of man did Yas play with?

‘Because it just looks like a sex machine.’

The male side is rather squeezed.
Even though I’m skin-to-bone, I’d be able to tell if it’s true or not by checking it.

“Just stay still.”
“Why are you sighing again?”
“It’s because it’s hard.”
“Because it’s heavy?”

He wears two bottles of Samdasoo on his chest.
It will be heavy even if it is like me.

The part that Sora really struggled with was something else.
He sighs again.

“Grandma must be having a hard time.”
“Maybe Grandma… Oh, no.”

There may be genetic diversity.
I had a problem with that part.

“Her grandmother keeps pigs in her country.”
“There’s also a female pig. The pigs must be very sick because of some kind of disease. I was talking to her grandmother on the phone and she said she was upset…”

The sight of a busty female college student talking about a sow.
Normally, that alone would take a step out.

But the expression is serious.
As if it wasn’t just a sound, he let out a small sigh at the end of each word.

‘Then it would be natural for me to take it seriously.’

The disease is circulating in the cattle.
At first glance, this is no small incident.

“Are you listening?”
“I’m listening. Say it quickly.”
“I also play with the pigs every time I go to my grandmother’s house, but I’m sad that I can’t see them anymore, and I’m worried that my grandmother’s health is getting worse, too.”
“Where and how are you sick?”
“Are you Grandma?”
“No, pigs!!”

What the hell happened
Pak in my head! There was something that came to mind.

‘Swine Fever?!’

As Sora said, it’s serious.
There is a need to respond like a sword at the right time.

─Buy orders have been placed!

“Senior, what did you just do?”
“Huh? Wait a minute…”
“Did you buy stock while talking to me?”
“Oh, no. It’s not like that.”

He frowns his eyebrows again and glares at me.
You have to judge Sora’s reaction.

‘Is it true?’

Of course I believe
My personality wasn’t so bad that I doubted my dear juniors.

But money is at stake.
You have to calculate how much trust you can have.

“Swine fever is a very big deal.”
“So you’re serious now.”
“When an epidemic circulates once, there are beneficiaries…”
‘I beg your pardon?”

I stare as if it’s ridiculous.
Eyes of contempt.
I saw the sincerity in the goose bumps all over my body.

─Buy orders have been placed!

You have to accept Sora’s sincerity.
Once again, increase the amount you buy in that stock.

“Are you really a crazy bastard?!”
“No, don’t get me wrong.”
“What’s wrong?”
“I can make these choices because I trust you.”

I don’t buy with cash.
Because there are stocks inherited.

‘I have to be careful when buying credit.’

Take stock as collateral
If it wasn’t for Sora, I wouldn’t have even used credit.

“So… You bought the stock after hearing that the pigs were sick?”
“People are talking seriously, but are you thinking about stocks? What are you really doing without going to a mental hospital?”
“Are you serious?”
“Does this look like a joke?”

Anyone becomes sensitive when it comes to family matters.
Especially if it’s a real situation, not speculation.

─Buy orders have been placed!

Sora has always been rational.
If it shines that much, I think I can bet a little more.

“Your confidence has gone up.”
“Are you really a jerk? Are you doing this on purpose?”

Credit can be up to 2.5x.
However, it is not possible to use all of them.

I often do credit buys, but that’s after raising the odds over a few days.
Right now like now?

There is no time to check charts and order books.
It depends only on the credibility of the informant.

‘Shall we hit it all? But it’s not swine fever, it’s a cold, so it could be that he’s on his period.’

There is not enough time to figure out the situation.
It’s information that I heard orally, let alone a report.

I thought I didn’t know, so I only hit 50 million won.
The moment I was worried about buying more.

─The powers have killed the institution!
Double Kill!
Triple Kill!
Quadra Kill!
Penta Kill!

Stock prices rise at a tremendous rate.
As expected, the articles are being posted one by one.

Fact News− 「First case of African swine fever this year at a pig farm in Hongcheon, Gangwon Province」
The Korea Times− 「African swine fever outbreak in Hongcheon farm… Kill 1175 animals」

“No, it’s real!!”
“I should’ve grabbed him by the collar. Or he’d hit me for flirting! Then I bought it!”
“Really stupid…”

It is a big social problem.
However, in the stock market, it is classified as a kind of ‘event’.

『Korean Historical Records』
2,295 ▲215 (+10.33%)

There are related beneficiaries
For example, stock prices of animal feed stocks soar.

“Thanks to you, I earned 5 million won.”
“If I had done all the credit attempts, I would have earned more than 100 million!”
“Don’t you even think about how I feel?”
“I don’t care how you feel!!”

Unbeknownst to me, my true heart came out.
However, in the original economy, there is no blood or tears.

‘Will guns and knives miss civilians on the battlefield?’

Same story.
Economic events also affect our daily lives.

“If swine fever occurs… Does that mean the feed sells well?”
“I don’t know.”

Maybe not.
The reason for the rise in feed prices is that human leftover food is pointed out as the cause of the disease.

‘That’s why I have to give feed instead of leftovers, so it’s rising with the expectation that the demand for feed will go up.’

In fact, feed sales have never gone up.
Most farms use fodder anyway.

Very few places use leftovers.
Even if they change to feed, the increase in sales is negligible.

“Then why are you climbing?”
“I don’t know.”
“It’s just because it’s been promised!”

Valentine’s Day, White Day, Pepero Day.
In fact, no one knows that it is all fake.

‘But I’m sure it will sell.’

The same goes for swine fever.
When swine fever occurs, feed stocks are bound to rise.

It is like an unwritten rule in the Korean stock market.
There are stocks that rise with each event.

“K-stock market one-two time? Why are you surprised by something like this?”
“The KOSPI is amazing, and people talk seriously, but seniors who think about stocks are also amazing.”
“Haa~ Testimony.”
“Oh why?”
“When are you going to get out of the tadpoles?”

Stock is stock!
Reality is reality!
You can’t earn a dime if you’re soaked in emotional thoughts.

‘The only thing that can get wet is the crotch.’

Are unaware of such a fact.
I have no experience yet, and I don’t know how the stock market works.

[Web sending]
Mr. Lee * Wook, 5,000,000 won has been transferred normally.

Teach Sora.
Money, capitalism is not necessarily a bad thing.

“What, what?”
“Grandma is having a hard time, so use it.”
“I can’t get this much money…”
“It’s the money I earned thanks to my grandmother. It’s a person’s duty to do this much.”
“Can I really take it?”
“Are you trying to turn your senior into a money-mad snob?”
“It wasn’t.”

Actually it is.
Donations are required!
There are a lot of people who talk about it, but most of the people who put in a lot of money are businessmen.

‘I also donated a lot when I was younger.’

Although there are various interests intertwined, it is true that one thing has happened.
In particular, it is not an exaggeration to say that I have fed the Buddhist world.

“I want to live too.”
“I live too. I will earn money and help my grandmother.”
“She is a wonderful granddaughter.”

Pissed off sora
He speaks without even making eye contact.
It’s embarrassing to have been angry just now.

‘Although it feels a bit like a fire attribute filial son.’

Everything in the world is okay as long as the results are good.
You could say her grandmother had some kind of hedging.

“Feeder, but… It’s too high.”
“In that case, I’ll have to buy another one.”
“What else is strange?”
“This is normal.”

In fact, hedge fund products are also linked that way.
If you lose money from swine fever, the other side.

‘An expression of preserving the principal by taking profits.’

Pigs are slaughtered
Pork prices rise.
This creates competitors who benefit.

“Alternative sports owners benefit.”
“Ah… Specifically?”
“Chicken, beef, or something.”

This case actually affects sales.
When pork is expensive, consumers buy chicken.

‘Harim, Maniker, Woorison F&G, etc.’

I bought it as a stock related to Son Heung-min, but in fact it is a company that handles meat.
Teach real investing.

* * *

“Why doesn’t mine go up? Everything else goes up.”
“You don’t trust Son Heung-min?”
“Ah, I believe it, but the stock price has to go up!”

Behind the Korea Economic Pavilion.
Two men and women are sitting in an attractive space with a lush tree and a calm lake.

It is like a painting of a wide range.
It was thanks to the full buff given by the female side.
But the conversations between the two of them.

“Whoa, whoa! Go up! Go up! What should I do?”
“What can I say!”
“I beg your pardon?”
“Our hands!!”

Only they are unaware of the uproar.
Pedestrians passing by giggle and stare.

‘I’m out of my mind after crying and laughing…….’

Suhyun is one of them.
I’ve been watching for quite some time.
Looking down from the window of a nearby building.

At some point, I care more about the conversation between the two than the lecture.
Are you talking about stocks?

Just looking at it, it seems boring and boring.
However, Sora’s reaction was the exact opposite.

“”Our hands~~!!!””

What is so good is cheering for Son Heung-min.
In a way, it’s a funny sight.

‘He’s got a rough hand.’

It will not be visible to passers-by.
You can’t avoid Suhyeon’s eyes looking down from the top of the building.

A waist that is held tight.
The fact that he was gently fiddling with the ridge above it.

It’s so big.
I know because it’s the same woman.
It’s because the bra is so thick that you can’t feel it.

‘Huh~ Is it braided? If not…….’

Suhyeon became interested in the stocks Chanwook told her about.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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The poor man thinks about what to eat every day. Rich people think about who to eat every day. “Stocks are like sex.” The easy and sex story of real compression stocks


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