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Because I Live in the US 43

Because I Live in the US 43

Chapter 43 – The Truth of This World

Stock education.
Actually, from my point of view, there is not much to gain from it.

‘This must mean secret friends with the so-called Mr. Ajo.’

There are some fun little parts.
While teaching, do skinship naturally.

Even Sora, an impregnable person, becomes defenseless when talking about stocks.
It’s a daily life I’ve been enjoying lately.


Someone comes out of the economy.
It’s familiar to think of them as passers-by.

Walking towards me
When their eyes meet, they lightly wave their hands upwards.


Except for the club kids who are fascinated by Congo, he is the only department student with whom he is close.
After the group assignment.

The face is also flat.
One of the few A-class students in the department.
But it’s hard to see them as friendly.

“Did you eat?”

Nod your head lightly.
At first I thought I was ignoring it.
Because it’s a familiar treatment in the department.

It turns out that this is the nature of the original.
Except for Hye-ri and So-ra, who are close to her, she gets along with all the students in the department.

‘I have a boyfriend.’

How did you get a boyfriend with such a personality?
I’m not an idle person to the extent that I’m curious about other people’s private lives.

“Why? What can I say?”
“Would you like me to buy you some coffee?”
“You don’t like that?”

This is the nature
Just because there is a goalkeeper doesn’t mean you won’t score a goal. I tried, but there is no result.

‘It’s pretty because it’s pretty.’

The type is different.
If Hyeri is the cute junior type, Suhyeon feels like a senior would suit her.

He is also taller and slender.
It is not an exaggeration to say that it is more beautiful in appearance.

“No, why? Turn me off?”
“I have nowhere to go. Sit here if you have something to say.”

But looks aren’t everything for women.
When you are in a relationship, you must have a good reaction and a good sense of rice cake.

‘Hyeri is really good in that way.’

Not even a breast fell out.
When it gets hot, it feels like you’re holding some kind of marshmallow.

Tiny body.
The feeling of conquest when holding tightly is not the only one.
The taste of the rice cake is delicious.

Slender kids are a bit disappointing in bed.
But women with that body type have unusual sexual desires.

“Why. What are you worried about?”
“Aren’t you touching me?”
“Sora was touching it.”

Notice too.
Maybe you’ve learned something you shouldn’t know.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about~.’
“You can see everything from the window.”

What I was having fun with.
It seems there was an observer.

‘It’s the first time I’ve ever been invited.’

I am very upset.
However, the party did not show a refusal reaction.

“Did you touch the bra?”
“No, I’m afraid it’ll be heavy…”
“The flesh is very soft. My fingers are just buried in it.”
“Did you touch it?!”

Everything in the world is fine if you don’t get caught.
Even Korean securities companies commit financial crimes like eating rice, but not a single article appears.

‘I didn’t do anything that serious.’

Give & Take.
Since there is going, you have received what is coming.
I don’t give it well, so I feel a little forced.

“I can’t feel it because the bra is hard, but the inside is sensitive.”
“If you touch it even a little, it makes a dirty moan…”
“It’s true that I touched you.”

It’s not a very comforting thing.
Because Sora has been involved in knowing that she is being sexually harassed.

‘I thought he was insensitive because his chest was so big.’

It is also true that direct contact is out.
So I was doing it in an undetected line.

“Why? Could it be earlier?”
“Nono, just.”
“It feels like a scam.”

If he knew, he would be annoyed with something.
And the guard will go up.

‘It’s going to be hard to have fun.’

A situation I don’t want.
Suhyeon also didn’t have a specific purpose for stealing.

“Aren’t you flirting with fake information?”
“I don’t know anything else, but my skills are real.”
“Why be honest.”

Many people are interested.
Surprisingly, there are quite a few students among them.

‘There are kids who think it’s unearned income.’

I understand.
The young generation is a generation that cannot afford to own a house by working normally.

In other words, income + α is required.
There is no solution as realistic as investment.

‘It’s not a leap to think.’

Is there anyone in their 20s who thinks that deeply?
Maybe if it was Suhyun.

They have a more mature side than their peers.
That must be the reason why I was talking to you.

“It looks like a fake.”
“Because it’s not!”
“There are no experts in sexual harassment.”
“Yes! It’s because you don’t know this floor.”

There was no contact.
I have no interest in stocks.
No, I don’t know what you’re thinking.

A bit of mysticism.
If you can stay close to such Suhyeon, you are welcome.

“Acquiring a new customer is like trying to get a girl in a bar.”- Kenneth Fisher

That’s actually an important part.
There is a reason Wall Street legend Ken Fisher emphasizes.

“Why are you there?”
“It’s kind of like a custom. As I explained it, it naturally came out with respect.”
“It sounds like a crazy industry just hearing about it…”
“That’s what you’re misunderstanding with wrong preconceived notions.”

You don’t know its deep meaning.
It is an act of ignoring the people of Wall Street who are working hard to stabilize the global finance even at this moment.

“If you put your hand on a woman’s crotch, you’ve succeeded in securing a customer.” – Kenneth Fisher

As a stockholder, I always whip myself.
In order to be able to do better investment ability and sexual harassment.

Getting closer to the opposite sex.
In the light of the common sense of industry people, it is an extremely routine part of work.

‘It doesn’t sound like shit.’

It’s absurd to say that, but some of it is true.
That’s why women and stocks are inseparable.

Tense air currents.
I wonder if a 20-year-old college student who hasn’t been in a group will understand.

“As an investment professional, I did my best to serve customers.”
“What is it really?”

Laughing and laughing loudly.
Suhyun’s smile.
Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever seen her smile.

‘A blunt passive bra.’

Laugh and laugh for a while
I guess my improvisation wasn’t worth it either.

“It was fun, so watch it.”
“One thing.”
“If you tell me what the stock is.”

Apart from persuasion.
Since it’s about your best friend, you can have strict standards.

It wasn’t like that.
Close to pure doubt.

‘It’s a curiosity that can arise enough.’

Suhyeon is close with Sora.
However, Sora never affirmed her dream.

No, stock.
I don’t know what the hell you’re doing.

“The stock one.”
“Isn’t that essentially just a gamble?”

That sounds very right.
Economic theory says blah blah, but when you see economists kicking a can.

‘What’s the point?’

This is a reasonable conclusion.
It is not unreasonable to think so.
But it’s wrong.

“I don’t know why I do stocks, and I don’t know what’s so fun.”
“It’s true that it’s gambling. But I can’t agree that it’s not fun.”

Stock fun.
There are many things.
If you’re like me, the funniest part is.

‘It’s the part where I can say yes when everyone else says no.’

If it was a different job, that alone would be a deprecated certification.
Group movement may be hindered.

In terms of rolls, it’s a team hit.
Can’t we fight now?
No matter how right he said it, if the other four bet on initiation, he should do it.

Stocks are rather good.
This is because the greater the number of bets with confidence, the greater the reverse bet.

The pleasure of that time is hard to describe
Dopamine, more than a drug, stimulates the brain thrillingly.

‘Experts talking only with their mouths, Mackie is also a lot of fun.’

In terms of rolls, these kids are Wadi× and Jop×.
I’ve never seen a fish fit for analysis or prediction.

This team shouldn’t do this, that team shouldn’t do that, etc.
Every season, it only causes controversy, but there is no substance.

‘Is that right? Can you bet one finger every time you’re wrong?’

If you are an expert, you have to take that level of risk.
It is not for nothing that Jjak-Gwi is making a name for himself in the gambling industry.

It’s also common in stock markets.
A representative low-point signal is the case where an analyst was shot and searched.

It’s not a joke, it’s really reliable.
At every low point in a bear market rally, one person dies.

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and less than 5 minutes to ruin it.” – Warren Buffett

Even if you don’t die, you lose your reputation.
If you make a mistake in your prediction, you will be cursed for the rest of your life.

However, in other industries, judo-ri is applied, and even if experts are wrong, they are overlooked.
Cltem is also a Clefele concept.

‘The stock market is worthless.’

The fun of breaking down legends and becoming famous.
The fun Suhyeon said would be neither of them.

“Are you making money?
“It’s fun when you make money, but you don’t have to make it with stocks.”
“That’s right. Labor is also sacred.”
“And you might lose.”

In terms of TV programs, entertainment and documentaries.
Even if you look at entertainment, it is purely enjoyable.

Documentary should be watched with understanding.
Stocks that are difficult, esoteric, and have the potential to lose.

‘It’s not a necessary element in life.’

Stocks aren’t the only fun things in the world.
But it was also wrong.

“If it’s for the money, I understand.”
“That’s not it. There are many things in the world that can make money.”
“But stocks are the only way to understand the world.”

It became a bit serious.
If so, it is natural for me to accept it.

‘As a person in the industry, I’m glad that’s the case.’

If you approach stocks only with money, you are more stressed and it is not easy to learn.
Same as academic

Those who work hard cannot beat those who enjoy.
The stock itself must permeate our daily lives.

It’s like I thought of feed stock with swine fever.
If you enjoy the story going around the world.

“The stock is going to do well before I know it.”
“Isn’t it boring to read the news and read the newspaper all day long?”

That doesn’t necessarily mean paying attention to troubling current events.
Without going far.

‘Even if I just wander the streets, that’s the world.’

The funniest thing about stocks.
It changes the way you view the world.

There are ghosts in the world that the psychic sees.
The eyes of a stock investor see the truth of this world.

“As expected, it’s a scam…”
“Is it real? Do you want to bet?”
“Okay. I’ll show you the truth of this world.”

It is a fact without the slightest exaggeration.
If you become a stock investor, you can spend every day without getting bored.

Suhyeon was always blunt.
For the first time, I feel like I’m interested in my story.

“Where can I see that?”
“You’ll see it when you go outside.”
“Outside Earth?”
“……No, downtown.”

That alone changes a lot.
See the world from the perspective of an investor, not an ordinary person.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

미국 살 끄니까
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The poor man thinks about what to eat every day. Rich people think about who to eat every day. “Stocks are like sex.” The easy and sex story of real compression stocks


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