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Because I Live in the US 44

Because I Live in the US 44

Chapter 44 – The Truth of This World

The truth of this world.
It’s a fact that you can know just by walking around the city.

“This is a bakery. It’s part of an organization for manipulation of flour prices.”

The first place you arrive.
It is a famous bakery that originated in Paris, with one in the neighborhood.

‘Not many people know how scary this place is and use it.’

Why are there so many of them in Korea when there are none in Paris?
There’s a reason why it’s so creepy.

The reality is very cruel.
They raise the price of bread in our country and even control the price of flour.

“This is a chicken restaurant. It’s a place that brainwashes the entire population that chicken prices are originally expensive.”

The second is religious facilities.
There is a reason why Hindus use cows, Muslims use pigs, and Koreans use chickens.

‘God, pretending to be God while serving as a god should be considered a kind of pseudonym.’

This nationwide brainwashing operation has a long history and continues to this day.
More than 50,000 stores across the country cooperate.

“This is a cafe. It’s a business that nurtures kimchi women by gaslighting that women must drink expensive coffee.”
“My dear.”
“Wait a minute, the term ‘office lady’ here is not an office lady, but an abbreviation for office lady.”
“I didn’t come here to hear a joke.”

Wandering around the university.
It teaches valuable knowledge that cannot be learned anywhere else.

“Is it really fake?”
“What the hell!”
“You’ve been making weird jokes since before.”
“How can you do more than this?”

Suhyeon complains about my explanation.
They seem to think I’m joking.

‘You might think so.’

Since then, I am kindly letting you know.
It’s just a very brief summary of the main points.

“Okay. Let’s go eat. I’ll explain slowly with the mind of a Buddha.”
“What do you want to eat?”
“Hmm… Pasta?”

He pretends to be deeply troubled and then comes up with a common answer.
It’s also a college girl’s choice.

‘Rather good.’

I still had something I wanted to say.
Go to the nearest Italian restaurant.

“First of all, since I asked, I’ll buy it.”
“Of course.”
“Ah yes.”

It doesn’t really suit my taste.
Do I have to come all the way to Korea to eat something that doesn’t taste good even if I eat it locally?

‘I heard that he lives, so what should I do?’

But good for teaching.
Order food in moderation from the menu.

〈Cream pasta〉
Carbonara 9.0
Rosé Pane Gamberoni 13.5
〈Tomato Pasta〉
Cheddar Bolognese Pasta 11.5
Amatriciana 9.0
Chicken Mushroom Cream Risotto 9.5
Rosé Seafood Risotto 11.0

“I want some risotto too.”
“I’m pasta.”
“Do you want to do half and half?”
“Yes. I’ll order that Amaterasu or Amatriciana or whatever.”

Even the name is very difficult.
Why do Koreans use things that are neither Korean nor English?

‘Of course there is a reason for that.’

Soon the food comes out.
It’s nothing special, tomato pasta.
Now that food has been served, the lecture begins.

“This is an Italian restaurant. It’s a restaurant that makes a profit with high-end marketing targeting empty bitches.”

Imparting knowledge.
I just told you the truth of this world that can be overlooked.

“I wasn’t going to say that.”
“Then don’t do it.”
“I want to play juktang because it makes the sound of losing the taste of food while eating.”
“I’m glad I’m not next to you. You can’t reach your arms, right?”

I look at you with a biting expression
It’s scary to see an already blunt guy radiating chills.

It’s a serious mood, as if he’s genuinely angry.
An incomprehensible sight.

“Why are you looking at me?”
“I thought I was stupid.”
“……Are you serious?”
“Spoon hurts.”

I really don’t know what kids are thinking these days.
Shake the spoon you are holding.
I was worried about holding the car upside down.

“I was seriously asking my brother.”
“By the way?”
“Are you just trying to do something fake like you did to Sora?”
“I’m doing my best too. How can I make the common people’s meager brains understand?”

Having lived in the US for a long time, there are times when communication with Koreans sometimes gets out of sync.

‘Actually, it was like that in America too.’

People often say they don’t like my way of speaking, telling only the truth.
It is unfortunate indeed.

“All right. I want to stop eating.”
“Why are you angry?
“Isn’t that the one who said the food tasted bad?”

He uses only a light tone, then suddenly speaks in a new tone.
It seems to be quite serious for oneself.

‘It’s annoying to commentary tailored to the general public.’

That’s why it’s different
Public and investors.
I think I need to correct Suhyeon’s misunderstanding.

“Are you free today?”
“I was free until just now, but I don’t know now.”
“Follow me when time rots.”
“My house.”

It’s not common for me, this me, to give a lecture.
If you do, line up on Wall Street.

Talent donation.
It should be to a certain extent, but it’s been a while since I had to move my body.

“Brother’s house…?”
“Then, what do you want to go to? It’s two hours away?”
“Well, just for a moment.”

It shows the reality to the material.

* * *

Chi profit…… !

It’s Italian fried rice.
As the recipe is very simple, it is highly dependent on the quality of the ingredients.

“Do you make food?”
“This is basic.”
“But the taste is… I think that restaurant will be better.”

Making it myself
It’s not that Soo-hyeon’s point, watching from behind, isn’t unreasonable.

‘The taste must be like that.’

Cooking is not all about the skill of the chef.
Long and short is something you only know when you see it.

Heat the olive oil in a pan and sauté the garlic and onion.
By the time it turns yellow and becomes soft.

Chi profit…… !

When it melts sufficiently and becomes clear and transparent, drop rice on it.

‘Be careful not to break it.’

It makes you immerse yourself in melted butter.
Put it on a high heat in advance and it is a high temperature.

Stir the rice grains gently to coat them.
And water.
No, it’s better to add wine.

“Are you drinking?”
“Wouldn’t it be too sweet with wine?”
“Wine is sweet…?”

‘It’s the greatest home run since soju is sweet.’

If life is used up, soju can be sweet.
But just because life is bitter doesn’t make wine sweet.

There are many things I don’t know because I’m afraid someone might not be a 20-year-old college student.
Suhyun is still a child.

Every bit~

Pinot Gris variety.
I use the one with a good body and high acidity.
It’s a waste to use it only for risotto.

‘It should be for educational purposes.’

Stir with a spatula to remove the starch from the rice grains.

This is the process of making delicious risotto.
It’s a pity to end with this one thing.


Coat with white balsamic vinegar for a hidden taste.
Stir a little more and the risotto is complete.

Widely! Widely!

Serve on a plate.
Add mushrooms and frozen shrimp browned in a second frying pan.

Finish with Parmesan cheese and parsley.
The point is to sprinkle it evenly over the entire surface as if it were snowing.

“Catch it.”
“Oh……, The appearance seems plausible.”
“It’s the taste that matters.”
“You say that?”

It is also a good law to make good-looking rice cakes.
Mushrooms and shrimp, which can be called toppings, are placed on the edge.

There are obviously aesthetic effects.
It’s not just about aiming for it and going through cumbersome manual work.

After taking a bite of the risotto, Suhyeon’s eyes widen.
Each person is different, but there will definitely be an impact.

‘In the end, risotto is a dish that depends on how well the taste is absorbed into the grains of rice.’

Italian fried rice.
Of course, the process of making and the goal are different from Korean fried rice.

“Wow, this tastes good.”
“Is it delicious?”
“I don’t think there’s anything wrong.”
“Does the taste explode when you chew it?”

Poorly made risotto is like porridge.
But well made risotto.

‘Matching texture and depth of taste at once.’

Every time a grain of rice is crushed in the mouth, it flows out.
Luxurious acidity created by wine and vinegar.

The separately roasted mushrooms and shrimp add a rich flavor.
Top it up and eat it as you like.

Wow wow!

The wife who said she couldn’t eat because she was in a bad mood must be hungry.
Shove hard into the mouth

As if belatedly realizing that he was eating gluttonously, he looked this way.
There is a sense of defeat in his eyes.

“If you can eat twice, I’ll eat the plate.”
“Because I couldn’t eat lunch for someone?”

Only after eating more than half of it, I adjust the eating speed.
It is food worth savoring.

“Excuse me.”
“Do you have a chef’s license?”
“But… Why did you make it so well?”

If you’re a chef at any seaside restaurant, ‘Damn it, isn’t it delicious?’ And will end
But I’m not even a cook.

‘The important thing is why.’

A skill that can convince a self-respecting customer.
I’m not a boy’s cartoon character, so there’s no way I’d have something like that.

“I used a little special rice.”
“Is it expensive?”
“No, there is old rice sold for feed. It costs 200 won per kg.”

Very old rice.
It cracks and smells musty.
There is a reason why people insist on eating new rice.

‘But that means the story is different with risotto.’

The taste permeates through the cracked cracks.
Starch comes out naturally without stirring vigorously.

“In Italy, they sell old rice like this for risotto and sell it at a higher price.”
“Oh yeah.”
“Don’t you feel anything when you hear this?”

Why is the investor’s perspective different from that of the general public?
It’s not the time to look like you’re chewing shit just because you fed some food.

‘In some places, it’s feed, and in others, it’s treated as premium rice.’

That absurd reality.
I just showed it around the city.
No, I even went to a restaurant to eat.

“How much do you think the pasta cost ratio we ate will be?”
“I’ve never thought about it… 30%?”
“Not even 10%. If you make it cheaper, it will go down to 5%.”
“But why is it so expensive?”

Something I usually don’t care about.
Knowing that, I feel like I’ve been scammed.
Suhyeon’s voice rises.

A plausible name.
Kind of atmosphere.
This is because consumers will nod if you insist that it is foreign.

“Because kids like you buy it.”
“Oh, you stupid bitches~ It’s easy to make money in the world.”

Fraud in a way.
However, as long as consumers are satisfied and socially recognized, there is no problem.

Such a thing is not uncommon in the world.
Even if it’s a small restaurant, it can be aegyo.

“Do you believe me if I say that what I just said is done by a large corporation rather than a small restaurant?”
“A big company?”
“It’s more vicious. Listening to it makes me stagger.”

Surprisingly, people don’t care.
You don’t know how much you are being scammed.

‘It can be established because there is indifference.’

The world we live in is like that.
Investors should be able to see the truth without being seduced by scams.

“What do you think investors are?”
“Who invests in stocks?”
“Investors are the ones who determine the value of things.”
“Worth it…?”
“The main content of my job is to say no when everyone else is saying yes.”

Whether it’s food, gifts, or stocks.
You have to walk a different path than others.

It’s not an easy road.
Sometimes I make the wrong choice, and there are times when I am surrounded by public criticism.

“Now, are you ready to take the red pill of truth?”

It’s worth it.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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The poor man thinks about what to eat every day. Rich people think about who to eat every day. “Stocks are like sex.” The easy and sex story of real compression stocks


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