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Because I Live in the US 39

Because I Live in the US 39

Chapter 39 – The Ant’s Weapon

Ants are the weakest entity on the market.

〈 Who pushed you to buy stock? Stocks are war. He said he would jump into a battlefield where missiles come and go with a firearm, but who will stop him?〉

As the saying goes in the movie operation.
The standard of the weapon being used is different.

‘No seed, no privilege, no information.’

Lagging behind in all areas.
It is always a position that has no choice but to trade at a loss.

─Ants have been attacked!
Enemy double kill!

But that doesn’t mean you can’t win.
It’s definitely been struggling lately.

‘Because I entered Donghae Steel.’

Additional buying forces came in.
It’s the guy who’s monitoring my account.

The board was ruined because of that ignorant guy.
Institutions are not willing to buy.

‘It’s okay.’

This is what I expected so far.
I’m not aiming for a technological rebound for nothing.

[Item discussion room− Donghae Steel]
─I thought my tongue would go up a little, but it died like a dick with impotence.
─That’s right if you’re an asshole
─It’s a stock that shouldn’t be
─You’re attracting ants, so don’t ride it ㅠㅠ

The psychology of ants is also dull.
An increase in the caress level cannot erase the fear psychology.

‘For example, the one who always robbed and harassed me.’

Shall we be friends with ○○?
If this is the case, I don’t think ‘I want to be close to me’ from the point of view of Jinta.

What are you up to?
Are you trying to rip off some more?
It is natural to have such fear.

『Donghae Steel』
11,050 ▲250 (+2.27%)

The ants who were hit only by the downtrend feel the same way.
A little rise doesn’t change anything.

‘There is no need to be impatient.’

It was originally planned as a long-term game.
Slowly follow the flow while watching the movement of Ho Ga-chang.

Until when?
Until you bite.
When stock prices rise, there are, of course, signs.

─Foreigners are slaughtering!
Double Kill!

For example, the way foreigners come in.
Of course, you shouldn’t take this straight away.

”Ants tend to like it when foreigners buy it.’

Outward appearances don’t mean much.
The way to hide the purchase amount is strong and strong.

1. Not showing in real time
2. Buy and resell through an institution
3. Fraud by institutions through foreign institutions
4. Fix it later with non-computational manuals

Only 4 things come to mind right now.
Believing the trading volume on the HTS is something only Jurin would do.

‘I have to see the flow.’

But some dogs are real.
The difference between pros and amateurs is the ability to tell them apart.

『KOSPI Index』
2,358.92 ▼43.52 (−1.85%)
[Graph that is roughly crushed.Jpg]

All indices are falling.
It is withdrawing money from the Korean stock market.

‘Foreign funds are also leaving.’

Buy Donghae Steel.
And, albeit slightly, positively.
Although it is a small change in absolute quantity.

─Foreigners are running amok!

Relatively significant rebound.
Foreigners continue to buy Donghae Steel.

‘It’s just picking up on selling the program.’

When the index goes down, money is withdrawn from all stocks.
The program automatically sells.

Foreign agencies know how to use it in reverse.
Buy stocks you like without showing off.

Few people will notice this.
No, in fact, it could be my own illusion.

‘Originally like that.’

There is no 100% in the world.
It turns out that a foreigner may have faked it.

Even if it is a genuine purchase, the institution may not move.
There are certainly negative futures.

─Eh? Shit, are you alone?
─I just want to escape
─The one lowered by 30%, the one raised by 3haha
─I’m building a guillotine that will come down even bigger next week.

People in Jongtobang are still trembling in fear.
Only the negative side looks big.

─I just want to escape
It’s big that we couldn’t change the trend on the 20th.
At least when it rebounds, I escape
Today’s Ohsung Electronics or Chumaeyo~

└ Oh, that’s right, the 20th is
└ Ohsung Electronics is good. It’s a stock that can’t be compared to a dung haenom without a root!!
└ I also lost my hand today ㅠ
└Getting off before going to the 8th floor like that foal pulling aggro might be the answer……

‘If I write it, more people will lose money.’

Encourage it
Whips and carrots.
If used properly, it is not a job to shake a bell soil.

Because more than 90% of investors don’t think for themselves.
If others do, you know that.

‘If I use such a plausible term as the 20th, I will believe it.’

He is different
The ants will do the opposite.
Even those who think that way are caught up in the crowd mentality after experiencing a bear market.

Why stocks are bound to be difficult.
I have laid out all the plates I can do now.

『Donghae Steel』
11,150 ▲100 (+0.90%)

There is fear in the market.
It is likely to go further down.
If you don’t invest.

‘He doesn’t qualify as an investor.’

Investing is probabilistic.
Gathering information, looking at the order book, and searching the stock community is to increase the probability.

And sure.
I believe it will go up.
Let’s keep the stock intact without making a loss.

‘Gap rise.’

The next day, the answer finally comes.
The movement of Jangjeon Ho Ga-chang is unusual.

It starts at a price higher than the previous day’s close.
Of course, that’s bound to be a good thing.

─At first glance, the pattern of strong and weak
─Yesterday US Steel fell (cold fog)
─Plug it in a long candle. Do you know the Donghae pattern?
─I’m going to make a loss and buy it again at a lower price……

For the terrified ants, it appears to be their last chance to escape.
Because I’ve only seen it come down.

─The ant has left the market.
The ant has left the market.
The ant has left the market.

Stop loss as soon as the market starts.
That’s how the situation of the technological rebound that institutions want and want is created.

‘Well, that’s good.’

I was sure through the trading the day before and the day before.
It is said that the rise now is steamed up.

─The agency is slaughtering!
Double Kill!
Triple Kill!

Institutional buying is coming in.
Foreigners also buy following yesterday.
There are only people who buy, so the stock price rises quickly.

‘The problem is the timing of the sale.’

The guy who buys after me.
If you sell at this point when it starts to climb, the fun can be greatly diminished.

It’s trivial after spending a week or so working on it.
At the last minute, light the fire one more time.

* * *

‘Under…… , Look at this bastard.’

Ant Investment Securities.
Deoksu Kim is paying attention to an ant recently.
It’s because the returns have been surprisingly good in the last few months.

Profit/loss for the day: +86,900,891
May Revenue: −209,156,973

I chased the ant.
As a result, he himself was able to eat a pretty salty level of profit.

‘Even this bastard knows. Oh, I’m not the only one who can do this~.’

Conversely, the ant will not be the same as usual.
Profits are not as good as usual.

No, you may even lose money.
When faced with such a situation, less experienced ants fret.

Experienced ants rest for a while.
It is to relieve stress by playing in real life.

『Lee Chan-wook’s account』
Donghae Steel│18,892 shares│+2.27%

This guy is the former.
But he wasn’t an idiot to be eaten so easily.

‘I’m not using credit.’

The secret to how he was able to make money quickly.
It’s not just stocks that do well.

There must be something to hang on to.
In everything in the world, especially stocks, risk and return are proportional.

I wrote a credit purchase.
The act of borrowing money to buy stocks with cash or stocks as collateral.

‘I’m still not sure. That must be it.’

Ants who make big bucks usually use this credit buyout.
It is natural that the seed can be multiplied.

Risk commensurate with it.
In other words, Donghae Steel does not have enough merit to go all-in by using credit.

─Buy orders have been placed!

Take only the right amount.
As expected, it does not rise to a very meaningful level.

‘No, sir…….’

I almost missed two days.
Even if it’s not a big deal for the average trader, it’s fatal for institutional traders.

You have to make a profit.
When institutions lend huge amounts of seed money to traders, they are trying to make money.

You can get fired just for not making a profit.
Kim Duk-soo has been under extreme pressure lately.

‘This month is still negative.

He could not recover from the internal injuries inflicted by foreigners.
You have to earn at least 200 million more before you can make it.

Immediate income is urgently needed.
However, even the trusted ant is in a state of sluggishness.

『Donghae Steel』
11,200 ▲50 (+0.45%)

‘Looks like there’s a sport that even this bastard can’t do.’

It’s been 3 days since I sat down with only Donghae Steel.
The gun is also heavy, so it doesn’t move easily.

If a dog owner buys a small amount, the stock price starts.
At that time, I made a profit by selling everything and coming down.

It is the result of a combination of his eyes to see the sport and his financial power.
I can’t see the huge profit.

‘If the market price doesn’t explode today, it’s just…….’

Next day.
Deok-su sits at his office desk with a sullen face, brooding over his thoughts.

There are also other traders in the office.
Seniors, juniors, etc.
The face looks good.

It seems to be making a profit.
Even now, I have to change sports, but at the moment when my mind was busy.


It starts with a gap rise.
I knew it.
There is a reason why the child of the fire ant wanted to die.

Purchase Agreement│Chanwook Lee│Donghae Steel │892 shares

Even make additional purchases.
It may be to break through the buying wall and add strength to the rise.

‘Thank you kid! Will you eat well?’

Watching it all
Deoksu immediately goes into pursuit and purchase with a pre-set program.

Ran out of cash
This time it is a credit purchase.
It’s definitely going up, so you must have bet.

─Buy orders have been placed!
Your buy order has been filled!
Your buy order has been filled!

The guy hits the head first before sweeping up the stock.
I came in late, but it was too late.

‘It was completely wiped out. Foreigners and organizations are coming in as well~.’

The ants are also flocking in.
I bought it after seeing this picture.

There is a reason why I ate several tens of percent each time.
I was trying to catch the timing to sell when the trading volume decreased.

Sale agreement│Lee Chan-wook│ Donghae Steel 56,974 shares

A sudden reminder.
The unbelievable news causes Deok-soo to have a brain freeze.

‘Oh, fuck! Why are you throwing right away?!’

Had it for three days.
I even bought a full purchase on credit.

Right before that.
Even if you throw it now, the amount you bought on credit will be almost the same.

It only ruins the upward flow.
If a whopping 600 million stocks are released at once.

─Foreigners are running amok!
Double Kill!
Triple Kill!
Quadra Kill!

Bitten your hand by the ant you were raising.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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