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Because I Live in the US 38

Because I Live in the US 38

Chapter 38 – Equity Community

Korea Stock Gallery.

[Korea Stock Gallery]
─Men’s stock “Heungkuk”
─Is it okay to earn money this hard?
─Four reasons not to invest in Korean stocks.Txt
─Ahhh, what is this?

It is a community for stock investors.
People who invest in KOSPI and KOSDAQ are active.

─Is it okay to earn money this hard?
[Picture of loading and unloading of courier.J[G]
Am I being scammed?

└ Came here to earn seedshaha
└ ‘The value of labor’
└ Are you dying to work with the click of a mouse?
└Won mining starts kkkk

Who also invested.
Stocks are not an act of stably calling assets.

On the contrary, it can become negative.
That’s what investing in risky assets means.

But in danger there is also opportunity.
The equity community exists for him.

It is a place where investors share information.
What is different from the general community?

─Ahhh, what is this?
It’s the first time I’ve heard the word “Earning surf”
You explained it so that even two IQ figures could understand it.
Terminology is too difficult

└ Talking like shit
└ Doesn’t the stock honor goddess know that? Cue
Author− Motu Jonye Goddess, don’t tease me and explain.
└Earning Surprise = Means that the performance came out well compared to the consensus (expected value)

There are many users with unique concepts.
It is the second personality that is put forward on the Internet.

High school girl concept.
Regular writing concept.
Etc. It is to project oneself that is different from others.

‘I’ll explain that a little bit earlier.’

Sora is doing ‘galzil’.
It means to be active in the Korea Stock Gallery.

How are you here in the first place?
But after I got the concept, I realized that it wasn’t difficult.

─Ajujujjadra Stock Honor Goddess Pudding Evaluation Blow
[Seonji Hangover Soup Photo.Jpg]
Stock honor goddess pudding phe?
Cole huh?

└ It’s Seonjihaha
└ Stop eating, you will gain weight
└ How many times do you eat Seonji Haejangguk for desserthaha

If you want to work in a place where you are out of your mind, you have to go out of your mind.
It was a simple story

‘Hee hee.’

Post the menu you ate for lunch, etc.
There is no big difference between SNS and SNS.

As I was grinding like that, a strange thing happened.
Users accept themselves familiarly.

-Ah, where can I borrow a bicycle?
Stock John Yee Goddess I was eating ice cream and suddenly I wanted to exercise
I want to ride a bike, but I don’t want to buy it
Where can I borrow it? Fuck the colonel right now.

└ Why are you talking about eating every day? Is the rumor that he weighs 150 true?
└ Borrow from the village chief
└ Depreciation gets faster when the aunt rides on;
Written by − Weilwei, this is a very good testimonial.

Some side effects follow.
She knows she’s an aunt.
The teasing comments are running.

Tak, Tak!

On the other hand, there are good points.
What Chan-wook said was not a complete lie.

‘What does depreciation mean?’

The name is a stock community.
Most of the users are stocks.

It’s not a day or two, but a year.
It naturally blends into the usual way of speaking.

Depreciation (減價償却).
「Noun」 An accounting procedure for calculating the consumption of value in fixed assets other than management land.

Any object has a lifespan.
It is an accounting representation of how much items such as machinery and parts have been consumed.

‘If I ride it, it means that the life of the bicycle will quickly decrease!’

Words that are not used in everyday life.
In the stock world, you know the terms you need to learn.

After knowing the meaning, laughter comes out without knowing it.
There are so many things to learn.

─When a new LP comes in, Glygen gets a little faster
Sounds like a crazy bitch

└ This LP is a bit tight
└ Oh, that lady?
└ Goddess of stocks
└ A pig weighing more than 100kg seems to be scratching his stomach while writing.

‘What do you mean, it’s only 51kg.’

Press your stomach with your fingertips.
There is not an inch of indolence in a well-tucked belly.

It is not a lie to say that she is a stock honor goddess.
Rather close to the truth.

‘Of course, in real life it doesn’t show.’

You can’t be proud of your appearance.
It is also a fact that I said it was a joke.

Looking around, the average age seems high.
It’s a concept that’s been decided like that.

An alter ego only on the internet.
Sora has perfectly adapted to the community here.

Tak, Tak!

Liquidity Provider (LP): A liquidity provider.
A market participant who continuously offers bid and ask prices to ensure smooth trading of financial instruments.

There are only a handful of companies listed on the stock market.
It is difficult to count when considering derivative products.

There is an existence that helps the trading of that many stocks to be done normally.
As for the store, it’s the owner.

‘Market maker? Was there such a thing?’

The ‘organizations’ are in charge.
Based on abundant financial power, buy all assets and stock them in each store.

No, in stock.
The program automatically activates the market by following indexes, futures, and news.

The concept was introduced to the community.
People who post often are called LPs.


Something you wouldn’t normally hear.
Knowledge that is difficult to apply even after studying.
Become familiar with them and naturally become interested in them.

Not just memorize and pass it on, but figure out how it affects the market.
Instead of institutions taking charge of LPs.

‘There are many benefits. And! You don’t pay any transaction tax?’

When bitten by a steel pole.
There is something I was very curious about.
What are they doing selling 10,000 shares at a time?
The question was finally resolved.

If an ant buys and sells stock worth 10 million won, it pays a 0.25% tax.
Even if you sell it at the same price, 25,000 won will fly away.

Institutions do not pay
Based on their position as market makers, they can freely manipulate stock prices.
If this is linked to short selling.


Why did the senior emphasize short selling so much?
I only knew a little about the structure of the market, but I can feel it.

The ants sit in the back seat of the bus and talk about where the bus will go, but in fact it is the driver’s mind that decides where the bus will go.

─Four reasons not to invest in Korean stocks.Txt
1. Invest after looking at technology → Casting physical division
2. Investing based on future growth potential → Execution of breach of trust and embezzlement
3. Invest by looking at the financial statements → Casting fraudulent accounting
4. Investing because of good performance → King reflection
I want you to know

└ Do you wear a long coat? Is it a view?
└King Banyoung is like a dog.
└ So there are only short hitters herehaha
└ Dog soup is rather safe

Why did you tell me not to invest in Korean stocks?
Why did you talk so much about Nara Shima?


I understand now.
The difficulty of the stock market, especially Korean stocks, is beyond imagination.

“What, value investing? You really don’t know anything.”

I’ve heard similar stories.
There was no exaggeration in the story of the senior.

This is the position of ants in the stock market.
I’m even more confident about making a profit from stocks.

But not all ants lose money.
Among the users of this Korea Stock Gallery.

─What is the hand loss? I know the profit
[Profit verification on the day.Jpg]
Do you mean bowing with your hands?

└ This will make a profit in the end.
└ Wow, bro, your chart-reading skills are amazing!
I’ll buy it when I say └……
└ Are there any untrustworthy black cowshaha

There are some names.
‘Leading Dead Cat Bounce’, which wrote the article you are looking at now, is one of them.

‘You’re running a reading room?’

I didn’t come up with a nickname like that for nothing.
Reading room.
He runs a KakaoTalk chat room for stock investors.

What stocks to go up.
It is a place where the boss points out.
For a certain price.


Mostly scam.
Even my dad, who doesn’t talk about stocks, told me to be careful about reading rooms.

‘There are a lot of really crazy people.’

The win rate is good.
It is also well known in the community.
It is worshiped like a god among some users.

If you can make money easily, anyone can be tempted.
Even if it were, he would reject it.

‘Stocks are made with one’s own thoughts.’

A dream not money.
In order to grow as a single trader, it is impossible to get help from others.

[Korea Stock Gallery]
─Have you opened a profit and loss account?
─If you want to see the loss of profit and loss, fuck ithaha
─That bastard must have copied money again
─It’s scary to see the certification coming up.

I want to make a profit myself.
And that’s not just a coincidence or two, but with real ability.

‘Profit and loss!’

Another name.
Once a day, the market is over and the certification is raised.

─2017 05 21 Profit and loss trend
Profit/loss for the day: +23,718,238
Cumulative P&L: +238,817,698

└ I earned it today asshole
└ Fuck a littlehaha
└ And Muchinnom
└ Double digit rate of return is damn bad ㅗㅗㅗㅗㅗㅗ

Profit Certification.
How much money did you make in the market today?

An act that could only be proud of.
But if it continues for days and days.

‘Wow…… , Sid was only 500,000 won at first.’

I can’t help but get a special impression.
He wasn’t the only one fascinated by his returns.

─The profit and loss ratio is really crazy
It first appeared about 3 months ago.
At some point, I made 10 million won in Seed,
It’s already over 200 million now.

└It’s the magic of compound interest
└ At that time, the kids who were ignoring the rat-fucked Sid became rat-fuckedhaha
└ I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen the certifications uploaded every day.
└ How did you do it ^^ㅣBalyeon-ah

You have a kind of follower.
His amazing rate of return is a hot topic every day.

I want to be this kind of person.
A trader who makes other people’s surprising returns.

‘What kind of stock did you buy?’

I don’t really want to know like a leading room.
You may be able to refer to it by looking at your trading records.

What stocks did you buy and what were your thoughts.
When I searched the bulletin board, there were also related topics.

─I think you bought Donghae Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.?
Based on closing price
3 days ago: +2.3%
2 days ago: +0.9%
1 day ago: +0.4%
And today 11%
It seemed that Donghae Steel had just been on the verge of turning at the high point.

└ Wow this is righthaha
└ Wasn’t shit ruined?
└ Even kids who find things like this are amazing
└ You got on the 20th and rebounded, you should buy it

Ironically, it was a stock I knew.
And the person who buys and sells it knows it.

‘Donghae Steel? No way…….’

It would be too much rain.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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The poor man thinks about what to eat every day. Rich people think about who to eat every day. “Stocks are like sex.” The easy and sex story of real compression stocks


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