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Because I Live in the US 151

Because I Live in the US 151

Chapter 151 – Corruption

Spring being pressed.
The stronger the force, the harder it bounces.


Institutions do not press stock prices without any insurance.
There are ways to hedge.

Short selling.
You benefit as much as the share price goes down.
In a way, it’s like a cheating skill that spreads on both sides.

─Buy orders have been placed!

Ultimately, it is a double-edged sword.
If they move against their intentions, the damage is multiplied.

There is only one way to stop it.
In the meantime, not only the sales volume, but also the short sale volume.

『Ohsung Biologics』
KRW 360,000 ▲ KRW 89,500 (+34.35%)
[Graph ruined in a week.Jpg]

I have no choice but to pick it up quickly.
In the process, stock prices skyrocket.
At unbelievable speed.

[Korea Stock Gallery]
─Should we press Seungri’s recommendation for Ohsung Biologics shareholders?
─What is the institution that gets stuck in the overcoat?
─Do you invest in one-to-day?
─They open their mouths againhaha

The community deserves to be buzzing with excitement.
Although most investors lost money in the bear market that came back.

─Should we press Seungri’s recommendation for Ohsung Biologics shareholders?
A frog with a cocktail photo.Jpg
If you think stocks are the easiest thing in the world, give it a go.

I got off at └35
└ I got stuck and survived, but the questionable +10% row
└ Why is this going up?
└ Even holding Ohsung Bio, money can be copiedhaha

Shareholders of Ohsung Biologics are excited.
It feels like you are being compensated for your hard work.

That sweet fruit.
Only a few people could eat it.

─What is the institution that gets stuck in the overcoat?
PER over 170 now
2x average PER of bio stocks
The news only has bad news, but does it make sense to go up?

└ That’s bio juice
└ PER asked~ Youngik dropped~
└Do you believe in Korean news? Are you a horo red speculator? Cue
└ If you don’t know, hit the stock kkkk

In the meantime, it was still pressed.
The flow of the stock price was at a level where there was no dream or hope.

Daily News− 「Plummeting Ohsung Biologics, “Limited upside potential”
The Korean Times− 「Does the pharmaceutical/biostock stock market correction ‘ruffly’ blow the bubble?」
Fact News− 「’Ohsung Biologics’ bitten ants」 Formed a major selling point at 300,000 won.

Even further declines are foreseen.
No matter what article you look at, you won’t hear a good story.

No one can buy stocks.
Except for one person.

─Everyone believed in profit and loss, right?
[Leaf village picture.Jpg]
Anyway, if you believe me, I’m sorry.

└I believe in you!
└You’re a hero, profit and loss
└Thank you! Good work!
└ Main Leaf Village

Profit and loss.
While the share price of Ohsung Biologics was depressed, I heard all sorts of sounds.

As stock prices rise, valuations also change.
As the Messiah who foresaw the current situation.

─Do you invest in one-to-day?
Stocks originally intended to raise institutions
They press the stock, scare away the ants, and then steal the supplies.

└So how many weeks did you buy the overcoat?
└ Who can’t talk only with words
Author− Ham doesn’t gamble like that. It’s just the cycle
└Are you going to 500,000 Biohaha

Did you think it would go up?
Anyone can do what they can imagine in their head.

It is difficult to buy with confidence.
Especially when it comes to speaking in public.

‘Wow, this really rises!’

Say yes when everyone says no.
Anyone who has seen the miracle cannot help but be fascinated.

Even right in front of your nose.
Gambling King is the person who conducted the broadcast with Son Ik-jwa.

『Pasan Kim’s account』
Woorison Food│6,178 shares│−20.86%
Tool Lady │291 shares││−75.73%
Ohsung Biologics│500 shares│+29.98%

At first, it was Ginga Minga.
No, I heard that it’s not a very good sport.


It is now the only hope.
It’s the only one of his stocks.

Even the proportion is the greatest.
I am looking at a profit of close to 50 million won.

‘I just need to win another 200 million won.’

200 million lost during that time.
The additional loss in the falling market was 5,000.

It seems that something is wrong.
But if you do it with a profit and loss account.

‘Please, I only want to recover the principal…….’

I feel like it’s possible.
He didn’t buy it for no reason.

The tentacles are coming.
It’s like meeting you.
You can’t miss this opportunity.

〈 Son Ik-jwa. Please appear on the show just one more time!〉

Even for yourself.
Viewers will also be hoping for it.

「LoL) Gambling king. Does it really come? Son Ik-jwa served you.”_ Დ6,974 people

The broadcast that everyone has been waiting for begins.

* * *

Short-term share price movements.
Predicting, of course, is not easy.

“Anyone who says they know all that stuff is an impostor.”
“Oh! Teacher got it right, right?”
“I’m a little different.”

− P&L balance is custom
−If it’s wrong, it’s a cheater, and if it’s right, it’s a godhaha
−A typical scammer comment?
Chungsinjippagi has been banned from chatting 1 time!

No matter what country it is.
We cannot be sure whether Ohsung Biologics will rise.

‘But I can see how the money will go.’

Ohsung Electronics’ stock price is falling.
And institutions must buy other stocks.

“When institutions sell stocks, they have to buy them again.”
“Oh yeah?”
“However, there are few large-cap stocks that can accept the large amount of money generated from selling Ohsung Electronics.”

Organ physiology.
Because I know, I made a prediction from the big picture.

─Dantaro, thank you for the 1000 star balloons!
The thinking structure is different from that of ants.

“If you add the governance structure of Ohsung Group, which I mentioned last time, it should be said that Ohsung Biologics was convinced.”
“How do you know that?”
“Ah, I won’t teach you.”
“Tell me, Tibalum!”

−Where is the P&L
−Don’t be a gambling king bastardhahahaha
−Is that what you think?
-I’m sure that’s right

Of course, institutions are not stupid either.
As short as a few weeks, as long as it gives fakes over several months.

‘The sale was too big for that.’

Ohsung Electronics.
It is a company representing Ohsung Group.
It is also the largest company in Korea.

Foreigners are always watching.
It is a stock that institutions cannot manipulate at will.

“But no one really wanted to go up to Ohsung Biologics. Honestly, weren’t you a bit scared?”
“If you’re scared of something like that, you can’t stock.”
“What’s up next?”

Which was a matter of time.
Of course, even if you do an analysis, being sure is a different thing.

‘Because this is my main job.’

The movements of whales are great.
Must leave a trace
In the meantime, hit and run and see the profit.

This is how I increased my assets.
In this life, he also gives grace to the ants.

─Thank you for the 5000 star balloons, Ohsung Bio 35th floor!
Thanks to the teacher, I believed and endured!

─Thank you for the 1000 star balloons, Mr. Samanjae!
The people who bought Ohsung Electronics are in a frenzyhaha

─Thank you for the 2000 Star Balloons, Ohsung Bio 33rd Floor!
There is no black beef that I didn’t buy from Ohsung Bio~?

It can’t be easy.
Even if the whales twist their bodies just a little, the shrimp and ants stuck inside will burst.

‘Unless someone tells me.’

Individuals can’t do that.
Maintaining sober mind in a market where bad news is pouring.

─I want to earn money, thank you for 2000 star balloons!
What really comes next?

“I’m not the one who gives reading rooms. This time, I did it because the institutions’ market distortion was too damn good.”
“Give me a lead!”

−He said let’s eat togetherhaha
− Bankruptcy is the most desperate
−If you open a P&L reading room, sign up for invincible rights
−The overviews jokes are disgusting

I lead the way.
In return, it builds awareness and trust.

‘To break down the institution’s market distortion.’

Influence is needed.
My one word makes tens or millions of investors move.

* * *

Foreign intervention.
Ant Investment Securities had no choice but to suffer huge losses.

“We still responded quickly, but…”
“Other agencies were quick to take action.”

The linkages of institutions also collapsed.
It was best to take one’s own life.

The aftermath.
For a while, it became difficult to stage market distortions.

‘Only because of one young ant.’

The plan got twisted.
Lee Tae-ho frowns as he receives the report from the 3rd trading team leader.

“Ants are also flocking to Ohsung Biologics.
“Leave it alone.”
“Proceed as usual.”

It was as the abomination said.
A young ant knocked over the candle.

‘You were lucky this time.’

But it can’t last forever.
As long as the stock continues, the position does not change.

Ants are prey.
Even if you gain a little weight right away, you are destined to be eaten in the end.

“Does Team Leader Jeong own any stocks?”
“Oh, yes. I used to do a little.”
“Now is?”
“That wasn’t easyhaha.”

Head of the 3rd trading team.
Jung Jae-woo deserves to express disapproval.
Even those with long careers find it difficult.

95% of ants leave the market losing money.
It’s like winning once or twice on a gambling board and eventually losing.

‘I have to tell you whose wrath you touched.’

The movement of individual attention is nothing more than a small wave.
The real thing is a tsunami happening in the deep sea.

Ants that only watch the waves will never notice.
It might be good to advance the timing a little.

‘If you lose money because of ants, it’s enough to eat the ants again.’

It gives ants hell.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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