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Because I Live in the US 152

Because I Live in the US 152

Chapter 152 – Corruption

Sora’s reason for stocks is also his goal.

‘Let’s try again with a fresh mind.’

Been bitten for a while
This is because the stock price fell at an unexpected rate.

Especially Ohsung Electronics.
어떤 씹새끼가 사라고 한 바람에 왕창 물렸다.

『Sora Yoon’s Total Assets』
KRW 119,573,892
−3,862,236 won (−3.23%)

Fortunately rebounded.
I also made some profit.
Although the overall loss due to other stocks.

‘Considering the rate of decline in the market, this was a good performance.’

It’s not a bad situation to blame yourself for.
And it’s not all that is lost.

Losing money in stocks is called that.

‘There are things you should definitely lose to find out.’

If you haven’t been bitten.
Think about how you traded.

Something was gained along the way.
Next time I’ll trade more calmly.

Tak, Tak!

The moment to do so has arrived.
Now he is holding 100% cash.

‘Because a falling market is, in other words, a fear market.’

The share price falls below its original value.
Stocks are all over the place at very low prices.

I don’t know how many times I’ve stomped my feet in the last bear market.
It would have been great if I had bought it at that price.

─Buy orders have been placed!

I was bitten, so I couldn’t respond.
This time, it’s time to solve that grudge.

‘But stay calm.’

Make a split purchase.
Don’t be impatient and wait for a cheaper price to come.

Learned from the downtrend.
If the stock price is stained with fear, it could fall more than you thought.

‘But in the end, corporate values ​​don’t change.’

It has to come back like the last rebound.
If you use it, the bear market may become an opportunity.


That’s your trading strategy.
Aim for a safer and surer return.

‘It seems that the senior excavated something strange again.’

I was told to buy Ohsung Electronics, but I bought Ohsung Biologics.
Really hit and run

Unfortunately, I couldn’t ride myself.
It was because there was no reason to trade.

I understand.
However, it was impossible to buy a company with a PER of 150 in fear of a bear market.

『Ohsung Biologics』
KRW 459,000 ▲ KRW 25,500 (+5.88%)
[Graph with stock prices soaring like crazy.Jpg]

Currently over 200.
The stock price is heading toward madness beyond the level it has returned to.

‘That person is crazy, so he buys things like this. I’ll do my own trading.’

When I was a tool lady, even Jang was good.
But now it’s downhill.

There are other cheap stocks out there.
There is no reason to gamble.

─Buy orders have been placed!

Sora trades with his own standards.
And it was definitely right.

It is easy to see the profit.
All you have to do is buy stocks that are cheaper than the company value and sell them when the rebound comes.


Worth it more than you think?
No, it’s natural to do something.

Even if the stock price is cheap, it is too cheap.
Low-cost purchases are coming in.

─Sell order has been executed!

Buy on fear and resell when it rebounds.
When everyone says no.

‘Isn’t it an investor to say yes?’

Is proud.
The market is absolutely terrified right now.

It is an opportunity for you.
Rather, it makes a profit in a falling market.

[Korea Stock Gallery]
─Additional purchase of 1 trillion antshaha
─No, I just take a picture and press it.
─It’s like a dog fuck, really ㅡㅡ

In a bull market, everyone makes money.
The money I make at that time feels good too.

In bear markets, more people lose.
But he is earning.

Hehe, did I tell you to sell it?’

Feeling tummy tummy is good.
I feel like I’ve become someone special.

You may have come a little closer to your dream.

─Buy orders have been placed!

The stock price went down again.
The atmosphere in the community is also bleak.

‘If I buy it again at a time like this.’

Rebound comes again
You just have to eat briefly and come out without being greedy.

What does it mean to live in fear?
I thought I learned from this bear market.

─The agency is slaughtering!
Foreigners are rampaging, too!


Stock market tuition is expensive

* * *

Bear market.
All the ants can do is a pleasant rebellion.

‘It can’t be helped.’

I gave the institution a shot.
That doesn’t mean you can win.

Market system problems.
The ant is a structure that has no choice but to lose money in the end.

[Korea Stock Gallery]
─✪ Dad, why didn’t you stock at that time?
─✪ This is not a bear market correction
─✪ Anyone like me who calmly splits and sells in a bear market?
─✪ Is Yuan Yuan Ant Investment Securities?

Investors deserve to lose their minds.
The community atmosphere is giblets.

─This is not some kind of bear market correction
[It’s not a festival, it’s a funeral hall.Jpg]
It’s a funeral home

└Jul portrait this bastardhaha
└ I bought 10 pairs of horo ants and this is enough
└ If you’re going to sell it, sell it all at once. I’m dying to press it every day.
└ Please stop selling, everyone will die like this!

What if it’s just a downtrend?
When there are people who lose, there are people who win.

However, Korea’s bear market is special.
Ants will surely make you lose money.

‘Because there is a way to win.’

Institutions may engage in short selling.
If the stock price goes down somehow, you benefit.

Daily News− 「Capital Institute “Domestic economy peaks… Stock market entering a down phase”」
The Korea Times− “”It is difficult to recover the KOSPI”… Securities companies KOSPI outlook lowered”
Fact News− 「Korean stock market, foreign investors, institutions ‘sell’ due to uncertainty in the US-China trade war」

Regardless of the means and methods.
A simple yet sure path.

‘It’s killing the investor sentiment.’

The reason why stocks go up is because there are people who buy them.
What if there are no people?

Stocks don’t get a fair valuation.
The institution deliberately aims for it.

─Anyone like me who calmly splits and sells in a bear market?
〈 Long Term Consultation Trading〉
“Secret” Over 100 million
100% domestic connection possible
I sold 50% of my kidneys.
It is planned to reduce the share of liver by 30%.

└ If you earn money, will you put your organs back? Lol
└It’s a long-term investment
└ Long term investmenthaha
└ Cashing out the bodyhaha

No matter how rationally you respond, it is meaningless.
Because it dries out over a long period of time.

The stock market fluctuates up and down.
Articles only bring bad news.
If you make the stock taste bad.

‘Because they are supposed to leave the market one by one.’

Once you put in a short sale.
It is roasted and roasted for several months to make individuals surrender on their own.

Even if you don’t surrender, it’s the same.
If the other ants leave, the stock price will never go up.

This is the secret to the 97.5% win rate in Korean short selling.
Let’s realize it belatedly and regret it.

─Is Yan Yuan Ant Investment Securities?
Ohsung Electronics became the target of short selling.
Ant Investment & Securities ranked first in the securities firm with the largest amount of short selling.
Maeil Securities followed with 3.2 trillion won, MH Investment & Securities with 2.8 trillion won, and Doohwa Investment & Securities with 2.4 trillion won.
Wasn’t this bastard Ohsung Electronics’ vanguardhaha

└ 1st place is really behind the mother
└ Wow, even the devil would be scared of this;;
└ Is that a good job? Originally, the job of an analyst is to run through ants.
└Saman electrons diedhaha

Spilled water.
Many ants have already been bitten by this opposite trick.

‘Because the analysts sold hard like that.’

Hand over the stock
Short selling is also piled up.
And Korean short selling does not have a repayment institution.

Calculation that if you go long, you will definitely benefit.
A tilted playground is more than individuals imagine.

-I feel sorry for Manager Yeom
No, then the brokerage staff said, “Don’t buy stocks.”
Even if you guys try it, it’s fortunate that you get robbed by institutions and foreign countries and get your money’s worth.
Do you think he’ll tell you the fact that you should quickly pour savings into the fucking bank and live as a slave before rummaging through it?

└ Then, according to what you said, isn’t that the reason why people live on lies after all?
Author− ㅇㅇ
└ This time, I was fucking bitten by Oman Electronics, buthaha
└My victory for surviving without buying anything「

It’s going on.
Right now, I play with drip at least, but after a few months, I won’t even hear the sound of dying.

‘The Korean stock market is really interesting.’

This cannot happen in the US stock market.
This is because market participants are potential enemies of each other.

The last Ohseong Biologics incident.
It’s a real battlefield where things like that burst out like breathing.

Korea is an illegal casino pretending to be a battlefield.
The owner of the business has to win the money in the end.

─Why didn’t Dad do stocks back then?
[Happy rich meme.Jpg]
“You’re not an idiot, why are you doing that? My dad only put in deposits and installment savings every month.”
“Dad, I love you!”

└ Kya, a wise investorhaha
└ Eh~~ If you put money in the bank, the money will be copied?
└My dad is the best
└Are you a genius?

I am resting because I know it.
You need to take a break when you see big profits.

‘It’s also important to manage your mental health in a bear market.’

Bull markets move according to fundamentals.
In a down market, stock prices are determined only by psychology.

It is several times more difficult to make rational purchases.
You shouldn’t be hung up on short-term profits.

[Chest monster]

‘This pissed off bitch.’

It was always Sora.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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