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Because I Live in the US 153

Because I Live in the US 153

Chapter 153 – The Dead Investor’s Journey

“When do you think people die?”

This is a famous quote from Wonpi○, a classic literature published in the 20th century.
It’s worth thinking about.

“When a bullet goes deep in the heart? You’re welcome!”
“When you get an incurable disease? You’re welcome!”

Death is never far away
Everyone is destined to face it someday.

‘Even if I don’t drink the stupid deer’s poisonous mushroom soup.’

Humans face death in various ways.
So I said

When people forget it.
But for investors, things are a little different.

“That’s when you get hooked on stocks.”
“Shut up…”

Sora’s house after a long time.
Just as Sora had hoped, he was completely down.

‘If you’re beaten, you’ll want to live.’

It is said that he escaped from Oman Electronics.
I don’t know how proud I was of KakaoTalk.

But it’s not over.
We still don’t know the real reason why bear markets are so scary.

“I don’t know.”
“You didn’t know anything from the beginning.”

I would have responded in my own way.
There are also things I felt during the downtrend.

‘So he must have thought that he could do well next time.’

A bear market is both a crisis and an opportunity.
A chance to buy at a low price.

What if you just catch the low point?
Although it is possible to see big profits in a short period of time.

『KOSPI Index』
2,360.30 ▼100.51 (−4.25%)
[Graph going to the previous low.Jpg]

If it were easy, a dog or a conch would have made money.
The market is not complacent.

“It doesn’t make sense. No matter how, there is a fair share price.”
“How do you calculate that?”
“Like operating profit.”

Maybe more here?
Because it is possible.
The company’s value + α works.


Live in horror!
It’s not such a simple story.
Directly affect stock prices.

『KOSPI + KOSDAQ Trading Value』
2018/02/18 12 trillion 117.3 billion
2018/02/19 11 trillion 985.5 billion
2018/02/20 11 trillion 697.4 billion
2018/02/21 KRW 12 trillion 7.8 billion

“What it this?”
“Trade price.”
“I know that when I see it…”

It is the amount of money bought and sold.
By January, it had reached 15 trillion.
Now, at the end of February, it is around 12 trillion won.

‘It’s an indicator of how active the market is.’

You don’t have to look at the ascent.
In the downtrend, you must check.

“The ultimate goal of the forces is to reduce this transaction volume.”
“So why?
“If the trading volume decreases, the stock price will inevitably go down.”

It’s just the difference between a little and a lot.
Stock prices are basically bubbles.

‘It’s like taking money for money.’

The higher the trading volume, the easier it is for bubbles to form.
Because a lot of people live there.

What if you reduce that volume?
It is possible to lower the share price almost to a certain extent.

Daily News− 「Capital Institute “Domestic economy peaks… Stock market entering a down phase”」
The Korea Times− “”It is difficult to recover the KOSPI”… Securities companies KOSPI outlook lowered”
Fact News− 「Korean stock market, foreign investors, institutions ‘sell’ due to uncertainty in the US-China trade war」

This is why bad news articles appear in bear markets.
It makes individuals dislike the taste of buying stocks.

‘Corporate value? That doesn’t make any sense. It just kills the investor sentiment.’

This is the real reason the downtrend is scary.
You can never respond with a rational mindset.

“That’s it.”
“Osung Biologics, which the senior bought, has risen…”

Of course there are exceptions.
Sora’s cheeks puffed out and his teeth came out of his mouth.

‘I must have been stubborn again.’

I don’t like to buy it as it is.
I can’t see any reason to convince myself.

That’s going to be a downtrend.
If possible, I would like to buy stocks that have gone down further.

“That’s why stocks are difficult.”
“Are you here to tease me?”
“No, not just stocks, Korean stocks.”

Up to this point, the bubble is about to burst.
I’ll go up again if I’m determined.

‘If that were the case, 95% of individuals would not lose money.’

When the uptrend comes, it will rise again.
Just like the stock market in general.

Heljosen, you shouldn’t expect that in Korea.
There are things adults say about stocks.

“Have you heard of that? When it comes to stocks, you disgrace your family.”
“My dad was a trainer.”
“Oh yeah.”

That’s usually what you hear.
In Korea, stocks are treated as equivalent to gambling.

‘That’s all words from experience.’

Was it difficult to invest in the past?
Even taking that into account, 95% is too many.

“You heard what’s wrong with Ohsung Electronics?”
“Yes, for now…”
“Such things were commonplace in the old days.”

Making money in stocks is difficult, but not losing is not.
As long as you hold it for a long time.

‘Although it has giblets due to inflation when it is recovered.’

Exception in Korea.
Stock prices move erratically due to changes in governance structure and the CEO’s overcrowding of work.

The good company’s almaeng-I is falling out.
Individuals suffered tremendously from it.

“It’s my own fault that I was ruined by investing in dog shovel, but even value investing is like that, so I have no choice but to lose money.”
“That’s why Ohsung Biologics stock price reacts sensitively.”
“I know!”

It was only then that he seemed to understand.
No matter how angry you are, if you say this much, you will notice.

‘In stock, ability is also ability, but experience is extremely important.’

The history of these Korean stocks.
Institutions buy because they know everything.

I don’t know if that will rise more than Ohsung Electronics later!
It is possible if the group pushes openly.

“So, will Ohsung Electronics become an empty shell?”
“It’s probably not that much. Because I can’t do it openly like the old days.”

It’s a story you hear from time to time.
How good would it have been if I had bought Ohsung Electronics 20 years ago?

‘It’s a sound that doesn’t even have King Rim.’

The market has been regulated.
Information also spreads rapidly through the Internet.

Even now, no one predicted the rapid rise of Ohsung Biologics.
In the past, neither mice nor birds knew it.

“The difficulty of the Korean bear market is fucking high. It’s not a market that you or the like can respond to.”
“I wish I had taught you from the beginning.”
“Because that’s fun.”
“This is a chew!”

These historical facts.
Even if you know it, using it is a completely different thing.

‘There’s nothing better than learning with your body.’

So that it will remain in your memory for a long time.
It teaches you that you have to pay with your body.

Widely! Widely! Widely!

Served by Sora.
There is no such thing as paradise for the goddaughter who lies comfortably in bed.

‘If I open Sora’s grand daughter’s room, it would be really great.’

Certainly better than stock.
She is not using her talent.

“I just get pocket money from my brother. What kind of stock is it?”

It smells good too.
Duvets and pillows imbued with Sora’s scent.

‘This is why I’m going to play Yasu at my girlfriend’s house.’

The doubling is exciting.
In the quiet room, only breathing and beating can be heard.

Widely! Widely! Widely!

Grab her pole with one hand and return the glans with the other hand.
One foot is quickly pulled out.

“Huh~ It was good.”
“Let’s take a break and do it one more time. Sora? Sora?”

The sensitive cock trembles with afterglow.
He gripped it so tightly that it hurt.


Force to stand
Blood rushes and it hardens regardless of my will.

“Would you like to take a break?”
“Just pack it.”

Service is excessive
It seems that the granddaughter’s sister had a bad day today.

Widely! Widely! Widely!

The stimulation by her hand is strong.
Even rubbing it with both hands.

“It’s annoying to wipe each one, so I’ll roughly squeeze it into a cup.”
“Twice is enough…”
“Shut up.”

Coming soon.
She squeezes the contents into an empty water cup beside her.

Widely! Widely! Widely!

And again the goddaughter.
We kiss and rub together, but I can’t stop.

“Why are you doing this…”
“Because it’s fun.”

Continue to pull out
Even if you try to resist, things are held tight

Widely! Widely! Widely!

I stop when I can’t stand any longer.
The glass of water is full to the brim.

“This was my favorite water cup, but it looks like I can’t drink water with this cup.”
“Is that a problem…?”
“Please let me know properly in the future.”

I fidget with my flaccid cock.
You may have been upset because I was teasing you.

‘It looks really fun.’

He has talent, but since he added fun, he will be able to become a great ace.

“It looks like I can’t even stock for a while now.”
“It can’t be helped.”

Bite stock.
If you know that it will fall further, you can act boldly.

‘It’s hard in a falling market.’

This is because the stock is already undervalued.
No one knows when it will rise.

If you go up as soon as you sell, there is nothing more mentally broken than that.
That’s what I said.

“As an investor, I met my death.”
“Senior’s dick is dead.”
“Stop, stop aang♡”

He raised her finger and gently scraped her urethra.
In fact, it may be the only year I haven’t eaten.


There is such a moment.
When you can’t do anything
It is no exaggeration to say that he died as an investor.

Then, if you really go all the way down, it’s a can.
But if you think of Sora’s investment style, she will give you a chance to escape someday.

“Although that period may be very long.”
“So it’s good to invest while you’re young.”

A lot of coins.
The number of times you can challenge other than Bitcoin.

‘Because I can’t do it when I’m old.’

Because your life is at stake.
You have to learn a lot when you are young.

“It’s good to expand your knowledge while exploring the world.”
“Like when you went to Sokcho?”
“Wow! Overseas trip.”

It can teach you
If it was Sora, he would do it no matter if he became a trader or the ace of a big girl.

‘I’d like it to be both if possible.’

Everyone changes when they go on a trip.
It is an opportunity to break through the blockage of Ada.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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The poor man thinks about what to eat every day. Rich people think about who to eat every day. “Stocks are like sex.” The easy and sex story of real compression stocks


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