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Because I Live in the US 154

Because I Live in the US 154

Chapter 154 – The Dead Investor’s Journey

Incheon International Airport.
Arrived for an overseas trip.

‘It’s really inconvenient because there’s no dedicated plane.’

I’m only going abroad for a while, but I have to do everything.
Worth the annoyance like that.


Towards the entrance.
Sora appears dragging her suitcase.
As much as Song Byeong-gu’s carrier floats, the impression is pushed.

‘As expected, it’s best to have big breasts.’

If you take a picture, the focus will definitely be on your chest.
Seeing it from afar, the impact is even greater.

“I’m dragging it with heavy grunts, so what’s the point if I help you?”
“Tighten your sphincter a little more.”

The outfit is plain as usual.
I just put on a coat over a thin sweater.

Nonetheless, attention is focused on
It’s also why Sora doesn’t wear her flashy clothes.

‘It’s hard to see.’

If you walk around rocking a monster chest, anyone will notice it.
Giving time is a sensible thing to do.

“Why did you bring so many packs. Ajumma?”
“It’s become a lot because clothes and things are cheap.”
“Your breasts are as big as a lady’s.”

I can’t imagine how tall Sora’s lady is.
I really want to see you next time.

‘Considering the bra size, it’s worth a lot.’

She brought a large suitcase for travel.
One small one is set aside for assistance.

“Not much of a senior? Are you going to change her clothes?”
“Because I can go and buy it.”
“It’s a rich man’s mindset.”
“You’re a big guy.”

The one I am pulling is only for assistance.
You don’t have to carry it like a mountain.

You only need one.
It is something that can be said to be a necessity for investors.

“Actually, I just wanted to come empty-handed, but I’ll take this with me.”

Notebook + α.
I brought two auxiliary monitors and a spare battery with me.

“Is HTS available abroad?”
“Have you ever been abroad?”
“I’ve never done stock overseas.”

All you need is one of these anywhere in the world.
You can also trade stocks abroad.

‘It’s really inconvenient to have just one of these.’

Just connect a second monitor.
There are times when the power goes out abroad, so the battery too.

“I brought everything.”
“You don’t need it?”
“I’m like that…”
“Because I got caught anyway.”

A real investor should do this.
It has nothing to do with Sora.

‘I wish I had gone on a trip.’

It is enough to accumulate travel experience.
Because it’s still a chick.


Body is not
Even through the clothes, the curve is not clear, so I draw a curve.

“Ah, look how warm it is.”
“Why are you doing this, embarrassing!”
“Are you ashamed of your brother?”

Hug tightly
The heavy flesh you feel on your chest is just right.

‘The body temperature is also hot.’

The scent is alluring.
The moment I was about to suck my lips like this.


I pushed it away with both hands and glared at it.
I go to the other side with a thump as it is.

“You see people!”
“It’s because Sora has big breasts.”
“It’s because the senior is a pervert!”

Of course there are a lot of people.
To the people around them, they would have only seen them as a falling apart couple.

‘I’ll have to get used to this.’

The reason I take women is to touch them.
It is a delicious body that is worth touching.

“Did you come after jerking off?”
“Why do I have a daughter-in-law?”
“You can’t hit it on an airplane.”

The cock looks familiar.
He brings up topics very naturally without hesitation.

‘He seems to like cock more than me.’

There is space for such Sora.
The airport here is overcrowded.


There are places where there are no people.
Economy/Business/First Class.

‘If you come to the airport, you should go to the lounge.’

Each was divided separately.
Because First Class has a maximum of 12 people.

“I’m not suspicious. It contains fat.”
“I will proceed with the examination.”

Pass the security check.
The staff looked at me, so I said in case I didn’t know.

‘You might think it contains something.’

Two cell phones fit in the chest bone alone.
It may seem that you are hiding something.

Fast track.
Thanks to being in first class, I was able to pass without much trouble.

“I can’t go because I’m embarrassed because of you!”
“How about it? It’s certified natural.”

It must have been seen through the body scanner.
He must have been working as a security guard for fun.

Time is fine.
However, it imprints that touching is only for me.

“Let’s go to the bathroom first.”
“Go and come.”
“Drain the water.”

First Lounge.
There is a toilet inside.
There are few people, so even if you go in together, you won’t be noticed.

‘It’s nice to have a stewardess noona do it for you.’

Unfortunately, there is no such service.
I have no choice but to ask Sora.

Widely! Widely! Widely!

Sitting On The Toilet And Receiving Her Goddess
I grabbed Sora’s chest, who was glaring at me.

“What is it.”
“I’m going to pack it quickly.”

A huge size that doesn’t even fit in one hand.
The staff at the search desk is astounded.

‘I didn’t hear anything.’

Self-security check.
All you can feel is the firm bra and the cozy skin inside.

“What comes out so many times, this should have been picked up at the search desk.”
“You also do sex drips naturally.”

It pours coolly on Sora’s palm.
Since it’s Yaffle, it comes out more sloppy than usual.


He closes her fingers together and squeezes them.
Nevertheless, it is a proud object that stands firm again.

“Once more.”
“What if someone comes?”
“They’re saying the couple hit it off the inside.”

If you’re annoyed, speed up.
Pull out all of the pouches until they are crumpled.

‘This is addictive.’

Fortunately, there is no knocking on the door until they are all unplugged.
I feel like I only have 10% HP left.

“Doesn’t Sora have a daughter?”
“I’m not a pervert like you, right?”
“Then let’s go.”

I can help with all my heart, but it’s a pity.
The car I was about to leave behind.

Sora suddenly calls out.
By twisting her thighs.
I wondered if Yas was hungry.

“I’ll leave in a bit.”
“Why? Are you trying to hit your daughter?”
“Shut up you fucking bastard!”

Something else sucked
As long as it is the original use of the toilet, it can be.

‘It’s so suspicious?’

Maybe she’s trying to sneak up on me.
To soothe the lust of this erotic body.

“How can you believe that?”
“You won’t believe it anyway.”
“Cheap here.”

Maybe not.
I can’t figure out why Sora is rubbing his tight thighs.

‘It’s nothing to know.’

He sits down as if he is really about to explode.
Then carefully lower the jeans and cover the top.

Ripple ripple~

But the sound is bound to be heard.
I caress Sora’s reddened face from embarrassment.

‘Your lips must be fucking delicious.’

It is well-organized, and even in the state of the sage × sage time, it is desirable.
Enjoy it in one bite.

Sora, whose hands were sealed, cannot resist.
I can’t even stop the urine that has already leaked.

Ripple ripple~

Forced kissing while peeing.
It seemed that it was very difficult to pour like a waterfall.

“The urinal function is good.”
“Do you really want to be beaten?”
“If this is enough, even a cumshot will get tired of it.”

The most embarrassing kiss in the world.
As I stroked her hair and kissed her again, she was freed.

‘Although it smells a bit.’

There is a faint smell of urine.
You might be able to sell it for 50,000 won per cup.

“Shall we go to eat now?”
“It really tastes good.”
“As befits a failed investor.”

It could be a rice thief for some.
Since I quit first class, it’s embarrassing to stay still.

‘Because there is a story about picking mulberries.’

Even if it’s not like that, I want to enjoy it.
A capitalist society allows people to enjoy what they pay for.

“Isn’t 21 years a very expensive drink?”
“You paid for that.”

First class lounge.
Even if you look around, it is one step higher than business.

‘Just by looking at the alcohol.’

Johnnie Walker Black → Ballantine’s 21 years
Remy Martin VSOP → Remy Martin XO
It’s just above the level.

It is a natural service since I paid more than 10 million won.
The food is about the quality of a hotel breakfast.

“Senior! There are many delicious things here.”
“Isn’t it too luxurious for a failed investor’s meal.Jpg?”
“Are you going to keep an eye on me?

Sora mainly spread food.
It seems that he brought something out of excitement.

‘It’s when I want to eat a lot.’

Eating hard while glaring at me.
I had a pleasant trip at best.

“Don’t fill your stomach with bread, eat something expensive.”
“It’s a total mess.”
“Don’t investors even think about that much?”
“Since it’s my senior’s money, I’ll just eat it.”

It’s true that I came to enjoy it.
However, it is also a place of exploration for investors.

‘You can also look around the profit structure.’

You can see how extravagance is done.
Travel is one of the most splendid ways to consume in a capitalist society.

“Thank you anyway.”
“Thanks to my senior, I had a good trip like this, but I haven’t been there yet.”

Celebrities don’t make good money for nothing.
When you spend, you will see through the principle of people’s consumption.

‘That’s why I spent a lot of money.’

This is why investors should travel.
Even a cow, a new chick, will feel many things.

“You didn’t ask me to go with you to do something dirty, did you?”
“I really can’t live!”

You may feel something else before that.
Travel destinations are places where people can be most open.

“If you attack without consent, I will not end it to the point of anger.”
“If you agree?”
“……I don’t know.”

Sora, whose face was as red as Hongshi, shut her mouth tightly.
Before the atmosphere gets awkward.


It’s boarding time.
The alarm I had saved in advance broke Sora’s silence.

“Shall we go?”
“If anything happens, I’ll take responsibility. With money.”
“Don’t give a damn.”

Get on first class

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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The poor man thinks about what to eat every day. Rich people think about who to eat every day. “Stocks are like sex.” The easy and sex story of real compression stocks


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