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Because I Live in the US 155

Because I Live in the US 155

Chapter 155 – The Dead Investor’s Journey

Korean Air First Class.

“Do you know why you fly in first class?”
“The seats are comfortable!”

I am going to Europe by plane.
Sora seemed to like the seat.

‘Certainly comfortable.’

Comparable to low-cost airlines.
Korean Air is worth riding economy, but first class is more than that.

Widely! Widely!

Tap your palm lightly twice.
The stewardess noticed and came running.

“Isn’t it meal time soon?”
“Yes, we have a little time left. If the passenger wants, we can serve him first. What should we do?”
“I’ll ask you to order the meal and chill the wine.”

It is a part that is distinguished from business class as well as economy class.

‘This is the reason for the existence of first class.’

Who’s got 10 million won?
There are good reasons for riding.

Aperitif service
War debt
Main dish
A selection of cheeses
Fresh seasonal fruit
Variety of bread
Coffee/tea types

Meals come in full courses.
And the wine is ready.

It is equivalent to 100,000 to 200,000 won per bottle.
Stewardesses are also assigned the prettiest older sisters.

“I was just fucking unlucky.”

No one knows more about first class than I do.
As a result, minor misunderstandings arise.

‘Because if I call you a lady when I’m older, there’s a possibility of sexual harassment.’

The world gets tough.
At some point, I was called without a word.
It seems that it seemed a little unlucky.

Such a minor misunderstanding.
As you eat, it will loosen up.
After waiting for a while, the aperitif comes out.


Champagne with beautiful bubbles.
As requested, it is also chilled, so it is the right temperature for drinking.

『Baronde Rothschild Blanc de Blancs N.V.』

“I was worried because it’s Nonbin, but it seems like it’s time to drink it.”
“What is Nonbin?
“You’re Golbin.”
“Fuck you.”

Paddy vintage.
Champagne is often mixed with several vintages for QC (Quality Control), so it is often not written what year it was made.

‘It’s been a while since this was bottled.’

It’s a Chardonnay variety, so it’s easy to drink.
The light body is a drawback, but it’s not bad for an aperitif.


Eat it with the accompanying salad.
The salad and champagne are empty, so the more I eat, the more hungry I get.

“Simple cookies and caviar. You can spread the caviar and eat it.”

It serves as an appetizing appetizer.
What comes next is bread and butter to soothe the empty stomach.

‘Sometimes caviar or terrine comes out instead of butter.’

Ultimately, the use is the same.
However, depending on what comes out, the mariage must also be chosen differently.

“Would you like some wine?”
“Please give me Johnnie Walker Blue in Mizwari, not wine. This one too.”
“Me too?”

Caviar is not an appropriate food to drink with wine.
It usually goes well with vodka.

‘The level of absolute is a bit inferior.’

Osetra Caviar.
The nut flavor stands out.
Johnnie Walker Blue has a similar texture.

If you dilute it with water and cool it with ice, it will be just right.
As expected, well worth eating.

“Try that caviar for the first time.”
“Where is it that you’re not the first?”
“It’s a lot creamier than I thought. It’s a bit salty.”

There is a reason to eat it instead of butter.
It cleans the tongue with mizuwari, which does not interfere with the oily taste.


Next, soup.
It is crab meat soybean paste porridge that is symmetrical to it.
The time to eat warm food is approaching.

‘It’s rich in ingredients, so it would be okay to serve it with red wine.’

Red wine goes well with a rich stew.
I also ordered miso soup with crab meat because it felt the same way.

“This is too bitter.”
“I don’t know how wine tastes.”

Sora deserves to frown.
This guy is not ready for the wine to open yet.

『Louis Tour Coton Grand Cru Clos de la Vin eau Saint 2014』

‘Originally like that.’

The wines served in first class tend to value brand rather than taste.
It’s because of adult ejaculation.

“Please follow me with your new Neneng.”
“It’s completely true.”
“You paid.”

To reduce costs, single vintages are picked in bulk.
And it’s usually not a good vintage.

‘But sometimes.’

Good things come mixed in.
Like the 2008 vintage of this Château Nenin Pomerol.

* * *

Air hostess.
The reasons for doing so are mostly the same.


I want to be the chosen one.
It’s an embarrassing sound to spit out after getting old.

“How did you get assigned here? Don’t you know how to pour champagne?”
“If I’m sorry, will my life as a flight attendant be over?”

At least it was like that when I was a student.
When I said I was going to the Aviation Service Department, men lined up.

Blind dates with prestigious university students are lined up.
I chose Seoul National University, Korea University, and Korea University according to my taste.

“The plane suddenly shook…”
“Are you making excuses now?”
“Why are you apologizing to me?”

That was the prime of life.
After getting a job as a studious, every day is hell.

‘I thought it would be different if I worked in First Class.’

Hyeyeon somehow endured.
I was assigned to first class where only model employees could come.

When he was a freshman, he looked like a star in the sky.
When you become a party, you realize that there is no difference.

“Are you doing this on purpose to fuck me?”
“It can’t be, sister.”
“Then, does it make sense to spill the champagne, Chairman? If you said to compensate for the stain on your clothes, do you know if I tell you that it’s not enough even if I rob your salary?”

The nurse burns.
Flight attendants are subject to scenario.
Bullying in the workplace is common in women’s workplaces.

It was better
There is a reason why the office manager’s older sister is so angry.


There is no truth in first class.
It’s not at all, but compared to economy.

So it’s scarier
It would be easier if you could tell me what the problem is.

“You do it yourself. I don’t know.”
“Yes, I will.”
“If I’m pushed back because of you, I’ll make my life on the plane comfortable for the rest of my life, so look forward to it.”

It’s not like that.
Just change airlines

Most first-class customers fly with one airline all the time.
That way, the mileage is accumulated and there are many advantages.

‘Because changing means there was something wrong.’

VVIPs have their own world.
Not just one dissatisfied person, but a few break away as a group.

If that happens, there will be an uproar.
It is expressed that there is a blood affair among the flight attendants, such as a massive reorganization of positions.

You may be the target.
I was working on the service with such serious thoughts.

“I was worried because it’s Nonbin, but it seems like it’s time to drink it.”
“What is Nonbin?
“You’re Golbin.”
“Fuck you.”

Young couple.
At first glance, she is a golden spoon who lives well thanks to her parents, and a smooth woman who is parasitic to the golden spoon.

‘It looks like she put some silicone in it.’

It’s an impossible size for a mulberry.
She must have been seduced by God, saying that she wanted to seduce a man.

But customer.
Service must be done.
The moment I was about to pour wine with a smile on my face.

“Please give me Johnnie Walker Blue in Mizwari, not wine.”

The expression of the man who chooses the drink is quite serious.
Make unexpected choices.

I’ve been concerned since then.
I know it’s not bullshit because it’s Hyeyeon who was trained to drink.

“This tastes good!”
“Neneng is much stronger because he’s a Young Vine. 2008 was the year Pomerol rivaled the Great Vintage.”
“Senior looks like a total jerk.”

Young vine means young vine.
Great vintages are years in which the grapes grow particularly well.

Learned intellectually.
As much as we deal with VVIP customers, we provide training at the company level.

‘This must have been good wine.’

But I can’t quite understand it.
Like math in school, the more I study, the more I don’t know.

It’s such a world
He realizes the wall between ordinary people like himself and the rich.

“There is also a form.”
“I like Korean food.”
“Your chest gets bigger.”
“Why does that sound come out!”

The man ordered Korean food.
I thought I would order the wine from Chateau Nenin earlier.

‘White wine?’

Main dishes are usually eaten with red wine.
Even if you look at it common sense, it would be.

『Pierre Spar Mamburg Gewurztraminer 2013』

White wine is drunk before the main course.
I also instructed the sommelier in charge of Korean Air to do the same.

“Smells good, but doesn’t taste great?”
“Like Cheongju, it has a sweet scent and a dry taste. So it goes well with Korean food.”

But after hearing it, I understand.
Korean food is very difficult to match with wine.

The man found it naturally among the few options.
Even the wine I left behind.

“It’s time to drink.”

What the man is talking about
Hye-yeon, who knows wine intellectually, understands at once.

“The Korean food you ordered is here. Bibimbap, seaweed soup, side dishes and beef ribs.”

You have to serve the next customer right away.
The one the secretary threatened.

“And would you like some wine?”
“Yes, please don’t spill it this time.”
“No, of course, sir.”
“Let’s see… There’s a little too much wine.”

The expression is benevolent.
It wasn’t even angry at all.
Rather, it is a joke to relieve tension.


But, Chairman.
It is also a company closely related to Korean Air, so it should not be rude.

“Can I make a recommendation if you don’t mind?”
“I’d appreciate it if you would.”
“How about this Gewurztraminer?”
“Is this white wine?”

Dire situation.
If it’s a regular response, there is also a red wine, or all the wine that is available.

But that’s irresponsible.
Thinking that she should look even a little better, Hyeyeon makes a choice that surprises even herself.

Every bit~

A white wine that the man said he liked.
This time I followed without spilling.
Will it suit your taste?

“Oh, it looks like rice wine. It would go well with food.”
“Thank you. Have a nice meal.”
“Can you recommend some red wine?”

Fortunately, it was a success.
The red wine that followed was also excellent and smiled.

‘It must have been a wine that took time to open.’

If the new wine was poured as the regular counterpart.
It’s creepy to think that the customer service would have failed.

I was of great help.
It may not be a big deal to someone, but it is different from salvation to oneself.

“Customers who need wine? Additional service is available for main dishes.”

I want to serve within my authority.
I was trying to repay you indirectly.

“It’s nice to be naughtyhehe.”
“It’s 200,000 won per bottle. I’ll have to pick out the mulberry and go. Give me more, whole bottle.”

I was just in the know.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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