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Because I Live in the US 156

Because I Live in the US 156

Chapter 156 – Germany

Munich International Airport, Germany.

“I was really ashamed.”
“Drink wine like water with every meal!”

As soon as they arrive, Sora sticks out his mouth.
It seems that he didn’t like the meal on the plane.

‘It’s strange.’

It was definitely delicious.
As it’s a retort food, it’s not comparable to a high-end restaurant, but it’s okay for an in-flight meal.

“No, not food, senior.”
“You drank too.”
“I… I was forced to drink because of you.”

Even more so when you do a mariage.
Wine brings out the flavor of food to the stomach.

Sora also ate well.
He is talking like a pity killer (forcibly eaten) on such a subject.

“I admit it was delicious.”
“Is not it.”
“Do you know how embarrassing I was? Even Studios unnie looked at me pathetically.”

And this is no easy task.
Although there are basic guidelines from the sommelier for in-flight meals and wine.

‘That sommelier is just a phone pal.’

A sommelier is, in a word, a salesman.
They are hired by each wine company to sell their own wines.

It is difficult to expect professional appearances.
Do you know what wine tastes like? Eat what they give you.

“It’s a smug job.”
“You’re a total sommelier phobia.”
“You’ll know when you’re a little bigger.”

The wine market is huge.
Futures markets are also actively traded.

‘Among the sommeliers, there are many people who have made a lot of money as gifts of wine.’

God’s water room ○.
It is written that the father of the main character also became rich as a gift of wine when he was young.

It has been well over 10 years since the cartoon was published.
The market is much bigger now.

“Alcohol is also one of the obvious investment targets. It’s also an area where you can make money easily if you know it well.”
“I think the senior will do damn well.”

It’s not just people who are that talented.
Sommeliers try to sell their names and sell them.

‘The company makes me do that.’

This is the reason why there was only poor quality wine on board.
It’s not good if you don’t eat it properly.

“Senior, do you know what kind of wine it is?”
“Just seeing your name makes my head hurt…”
“Anyway, but the wine that goes up is all obvious.”

Famous chateau.
Branded wine.
Classic vintage.
Because these three things are organized.

It’s not that rare wines come out.
Vintage is neither very good nor very bad.

‘In terms of taste, there are many good wines from the New World.’

In the future, wines from the New World will also be on the list.
Most of the present are old world things.

“The new world, the old world sucks.”
“What does Warin know?”
“I really don’t know.”

Customers want it too.
It is human psychology to want a luxury product even if the quality is poor.

‘Banzz, no matter how fucked up the BMV deadline is, people will buy it.’

Old world wine is a luxury.
It also gives the French the best.

The sommelier also delivers accordingly.
But for those who want the real taste.

“I may be dissatisfied.”
“That’s why drinking is fun.”

Market is formed.
Services for the upper class, services for those dreaming of the upper class.

‘All of that.’

Alcohol is one of the most honest human desires.
The flow of money is most visible.

Why investors should know alcohol.
Even cows can get a glimpse of capitalism.

“Alcohol is a microcosm of the stock market.”
“I know!”
“Something like you?”
“If you find delicious alcohol first, it becomes expensive later.”

However, the back leg was broken.
It seems that he understood what I was talking about.

‘If it rolled so easily, you wouldn’t have been bitten.’

Sommeliers won’t do business either.
First of all, it teaches you what alcohol is.

This is why I chose Germany as my first destination.
Beer is the most familiar alcoholic beverage to the general public.

“Do you know why I came to Munich Airport?”
“Yes. Not Berlin.”
“Because the best beer in the world is around here.”

Munich’s neighboring city.
Head to the city of Freising.
It is home to some of the best beer breweries in the world.

‘I’m sure it’s the best.’

Weihenstephan is undisputed among beer enthusiasts.
It is a beer that everyone should drink at least once.

Enter a pub run directly by the brewery.
Just order a beer, the signboard of Weihenstephan.

Every bit~

The cloudy light brown liquid poured into the glass shows off the fact that it is wheat beer.

“How is it?”
“Does it smell like bananas?”
“The taste is stronger.”

Not to mention Korean beer, there is no comparison among convenience store beers in the world.
It’s not the best for nothing.

Gulp! Gulp!

It goes very smoothly like a wheat beer.
And it tells you what a full taste is.

‘Wheat beer is heavy.’

The grain is 180 degrees different from the lager beer on the market.
It makes me think about beer from the beginning.

“All you drank so far is urine.”
“I think it tastes really good. That’s why it’s called the best beer.”
“It’s not the best, though.”

Of course, the world is wide.
In modern times, various types of beer are born every day around the world.

‘There are a lot of really good beers.’

Expensive things like wine are common.
In terms of taste, there are definitely things that are above.

“In the sense of being the oldest.”
“It’s not the best, but it’s definitely the best.”
“I’m feeling something.”

Best (oldest).
It is the oldest beer brewery.
It has a history of nearly 1000 years.

‘It’s true that it’s the best wheat beer.’

With a score of 100 out of 100 on a beer evaluation site, it is undisputedly number one for wheat beer.
This is a beer you will never regret.


Wheat beer is high in protein.
It goes well with pretzels, which are a basic snack in Germany.

If beer is soft, pretzels are hard.
It also harmonizes exquisitely with the salty taste of royal salt.

“I just eat it with a simple snack, but it’s so delicious.”
“Is not it?”
“But what can you tell from this?”

There is nothing you can invest in such basic alcohol.
But you can know about the country.

‘Because Germany had a history of beer purity laws.’

It’s a story that even non-drinkers have heard at least once.
Brew beer with only malt, water, hops and yeast!

“Then shouldn’t I use density?”
“Wheat secretly looked after it.”

According to the tastes of the upper class.
The nobles liked wheat beer so much that they agreed to pardon a certain wheat beer (hefeweiss).

‘That happened in Korea too.’

During the Third Republic.
The Grain Management Act was implemented because of food shortages.
Although it is regarded as an incident in which the tradition of Korean traditionalism was cut off.

“I served some of the president’s favorite drinks.”
“Typically, there are Baedari Makgeolli and Geumjeongsanseong Makgeolli.”
“Germany is no different.”
“It’s no wonder Hitler… No, it’s just that people live in the same place.”

It is possible to look into the country with just one drink.
A country that was far away feels close.

‘It’s a positive function of alcohol.’

The wine contains three things.
The country’s history, food, and people.
You can see it just by drinking alcohol.

“My brother told me to study various things.”
“Drinking alcohol can be seen as part of studying.”
“There are more excuses for drinking.”

Foreign investment.
If you only look at corporate values, you will get hurt.
If you don’t know about the country, you can’t know the mentality of the people in that country.

‘I have to drink so I can get closer to the people of that country.’

It is not possible overnight.
This trip to Europe will be an opportunity to broaden your perspective as an investor.

“If you’re drunk, you can forget what you’ve been through.”
“Try a glass of this, too.”

Of course, that’s not all.
The most essential reason humans enjoy drinking is to get drunk.

Every bit~

Weihenstephan Dunkel.
It is a kind of dark beer made by burning more barley in Hefeweis.

“If it’s dark beer, what’s the type of dark beer?”
“The word dark beer doesn’t really exist.”

It is a name created for convenience.
Just like black people are not all Africans.

It’s overly lumpy.’

Kozel and Hite Stout, which are commonly thought of as dark beers, are not dark beers.
It’s a lager that played with colors.

If you give it to beer enthusiasts as dark beer, they’ll be dumbfounded.
If you are a business partner, your relationship will be ruined.

Gulp! Gulp!

That’s how important it is.
Here in Europe, alcohol is a sensitive culture that symbolizes the origins of the country.

“Wow… This one has a stronger taste.”
“Yeah, it’s delicious.”
“If you treat this like Kozel, you’ll be angry even if you’re like me.”

Isn’t it similar to kimchi or pao china?
As Koreans get angry, so does alcohol.

‘At least I can get a good impression.’

Just as people who are not interested in gukppong are attracted to foreigners who enjoy kimchi.
It is a natural phenomenon.

“Do you guys really enjoy drinking?”
“It’s a delicious drink, but I have no choice but to drink it deliciously.”
Haha! I have some Asian friends who know how to drink. Can’t compare to American lager like urine?”

There is no country without gukbbong.
The owner glanced at me and finally spoke to me.

‘It’s the madmen who use it politically is the problem.’

Speak the country
Eat the country’s food
Even if it’s special, I’m going to take care of something.

“The basic lineup is good, but if you’ve come this far, you should try this.”
“A Corbinian? That’s raw.”
“You can only taste it here. Come on!”

This is the top lineup of Weihenstephan.
It has a thick body and a chocolate-like sweetness that cannot be compared to Dunkel.

‘I’ve never eaten it raw either.’

Since it is a pub under the direct control of Weihenstephan, there are special things.
It’s a little lighter than the taste I’ve known before, but it’s much fresher.

Gulp! Gulp!

It seems that Sora also likes to eat it raw.
I drink a glass of Corbinian as if I were serving it.

It became a full-fledged drinking from the first pub I heard.
After drinking for a couple of hours, Sora gets drunk.

“Are you okay? Can you walk?”
“It’s okay~!”
“Do you want to go to the hotel or go to the sauna and wash yourself?”

It is a trip.
Investing is important, but it is ideal to relieve fatigue and have fun.

‘German culture is very open and I like it.’

If it is limited to sex.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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The poor man thinks about what to eat every day. Rich people think about who to eat every day. “Stocks are like sex.” The easy and sex story of real compression stocks


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