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Because I Live in the US 157

Because I Live in the US 157

Chapter 157 – Germany

And until I arrived, I continued to drink.
Sora’s mind is dreamy.


If it was normal, I wouldn’t drink so much.
But the drink was so delicious.

Wine on board.
As expensive as hundreds of thousands of won, it is natural that it is delicious.

A beer is only around 5€.
Satisfaction was comparable to that of wine.

‘It was like eating liquid bread.’

It was the first time I knew that beer was such a drink.
Wasn’t it lightly drinking like water?

The taste is heavy like soup.
But it’s soft and fragrant, so I’m going to go over it.

Shoot aaaaa!

This is why he got drunk according to his senior’s intentions.
I know why you seduced me to come on a trip.

‘If I had asked to go to the hotel, I would have beaten him.’

There is nothing new about her because she has done everything from the first time we met.

Surprisingly quiet
Even if it’s a little bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of

‘Looks like he’s a bit drunk.’

A warm shower clears the mind.
The structure of the sauna was similar in Korea and Germany.

The local atmosphere is also quiet, so it doesn’t feel like a foreign country.
Except they’re all westerners.

‘On the contrary, it also feels comfortable.’

They are all tall
Her own body type is not unusual.
People don’t even care about tourists.

The tension is released.
Before the next trip, I want to relieve the fatigue of my whole body in this sauna.


After taking a shower, Sora goes outside.
I’m not used to it because it’s all in a foreign language.

‘All saunas are similar.’

It feels familiar.
When people go to where they are going, they see what they want.


Dry her hair with a hair dryer.
Apply the lotion you brought with you all over your body.

“Is it body lotion?”
“If you’ll excuse me, can I use it too? I’m curious how your skin is so fine.”

She also becomes friends with her aunts.
Even if you don’t know the language, you can communicate roughly through body language.

‘It’s an ordinary lotion, but he really likes it.’

There is also her cell phone.
You can convey a simple doctor through Google Translate.

“Where are you from?”
“Is it North or South?”
“Definitely south.”

When I say that I am from Korea, they make a fuss about Korean dramas.
Even German dramas are not at the level of watching.

‘It must have been a courtesy.’

Since I can’t have complicated conversations, I lend her cosmetics and receive German snacks in return.
But it’s fun.

I have been to Europe when I was young.
Interacting with local people like this is a different feeling.

Thanks to the seniors, I also had a fun experience.
When she returned from the sauna, she tried to hit her daughter at least once.

“Did something like that happen?”
“Oh, that must have been fun.”
“But more than that,”
“Why are you here?”

Met a little early
She sat casually in the sauna room.
If she had only one senior, she would have blown her ears.


The ladies who talked together.
Even the men who seemed to have come together seem to be there.

Men and women are mixed
It wasn’t a problem that there was a senior who giggled.

“What’s going on?”
“Don’t you know mixed bathing?”
“Wasn’t that only in Japan?”
“Seongjin is not the only country in Japan.”

It was such a place.
Somehow, it was suspicious that the senior was only traveling normally.

‘Eh, that’s right.’

Even the shower room was separate for men and women.
Saunas and baths were shared.

“Senior, is it okay if I show my body to other men?”
“Are you a pervert? Be conscious of that.”
“A real fucker.”

Can’t be conscious
Men are walking around with no cover.

So do women.
Conversely, since he is the only one wearing a towel and is ashamed of it, he is concerned.

‘Tree Guanyin Bodhisattva.’

This is not Korea.
Mixed bathing can be commonplace.
So if you do the ritual, you lose.

“Even in the West, there is no breastfeeding equivalent to you.”
“Shall I sew your mouth?”

Just enjoy the sauna.
The temperature is high and it’s muggy, so even if you stay still, you’re sweating.

‘He wakes up quickly.’

The dreamy mind returns.
After that, I became more concerned about the situation around me.

In a slightly different sense.
If you look closely, there are not only old men, but also young men and women.

“I’m going to get the laser out of my eye.”

I’m just curious.
In the stock market, big bees are often compared to the size of a man’s penis.

‘Baekjae is big. Oh, there’s a black dick too. Is there anyone who can tell me?’

Why did such a culture exist?
When I see it with my own eyes, I understand.

* * *

It is a must-visit place when you come to Germany.

‘I can think of what the difference is between Korea and Korea.’

They are as different as the sky and the earth.
Korea is 100 years behind the Sungjin countries.

“Why do you like me more?”
“Because I don’t like it very much.”
“You seem to like it.”

Because I’m having a mixed bath.
In Japan, there are only old women in mixed baths, but in Germany you can also find young women.

‘There’s nothing to see unexpectedly.’

The sauna room is dark.
She’s not even in a sexy pose, so she doesn’t look that hot either.

Only Sora, who is very interested in the size of his cock, is shining his eyes.
I didn’t know you would like it so openly.

“Senior brags about the size of his cock, but there’s nothing special about it.”
“Hey, the penis doesn’t get any bigger even when it’s erect.”

Glad you came
If she hadn’t heard of the sauna, she would have heard a sad sound later.

“Where are you from? Japan? China?”

The man next door is talking.
So-ra is startled when the thief numbs her feet.

‘He’s not taller than me.’

If so, it would be okay to talk to the curious neighborhood man.

“I’m from Korea. Do you know Kimchi?”
“It’s like spicy sauerkraut.”

Sauerkraut is a German kimchi.
Shredded cabbage was salted and fermented.

It’s really similar to kimchi.
So it suits the taste of German people well.

“If it’s spicy sauerkraut, I definitely want to try it!”
“I brought something. Would you like to taste it?”
“That’s good! I’ll invite you to my house then.”

Pride in traditional food.
There will be no country without it.
To be honest, I also think kimchi is better.

‘Scientifically, it’s much tastier.’

Kimchi is the only fermented food in which plant and animal fermentation proceed simultaneously.
It has twice the savory taste than pickled radish, pao chai, and sauerkraut.

“What are you talking about?”
“Excuse me, is this lady your girlfriend?”
“This is my sex friend, Sora. Hey, hello.”
“Gu, Guten Tak?”

He conveys his intention in place of Sora, who cannot speak German.
I’m a bit surprised, but I accept it with a nod.

‘There is an image that Germans are clogged up.’

Sexual culture is quite open-minded, just like mixed bathing is the representative.
At least, it’s not like Chew Seonbi in Korea.

Get out of the sauna
Like Germans who keep their word, they are indeed invited to their homes.

“Senior, what did you introduce me to?”
“Uncle, there’s something strange about the lady’s gaze…”
“Don’t mind the little things.”

It was a pretty decent two-story house.
It’s a bit old, but it’s antique because the years have melted into it.

‘At this level, I guess I’m pretty much living in Germany.’

Applies to upper middle class.
A house like this might have what you were expecting.


Start with beer.
It’s not common, as the owner seems to have a good eye for it.

“Wow… What color is it?”
“Miss, is this your first stout?”
“There’s nothing he’s not the first time.”

Imperial Stout.
Directly translated, it can be said to be a strong dark beer.
It’s not about black, it’s about the level of black ink.

‘Still, Steam Brew is Eames, which is easy to drink. It’s only 7.5% alcohol and IBU is only 23.’

Over 8% is a national rule.
IBU, a measure of bitterness, is often over 50.

“Keu~! I’m using this.”
“Is it still delicious?”
‘Yes! It has a strong coffee taste and I think it smells like roasted beans.”

If black beer is Americano, this is like drinking espresso.

‘A real authentic thing is not inferior to espresso.’

Well, we taste like coffee.
As Sora ate deliciously, the uncle and wife also looked at them with satisfied expressions.

“The kimchi is delicious too!”
“I think it would fit well with the Schweins school…”
“In fact, in Korea, we eat it together with jokbal.”

Schwains School.
It is pork feet made by roasting.
The skin is crispy, so it has a different taste from pork feet.

‘Actually, I like this better than pork feet.’

If you eat it with a piece of kimchi, the greasy taste is reduced and the stomach goes well.
The owner couple also follows.

Homemade kimchi is not liked, but convenience store kimchi is okay.
It’s good enough for foreigners too.

“How did you come to Germany?”
“If you’re going to come to Europe, there are many other countries, right?”
“Because I like beer. If you want to drink beer, there’s no other place than Germany, right?”
“A friend who knows something.”

If you stimulate a little gukppong, you can quickly become friends.
He succeeds in winning the favor of the owner couple.

‘In fact, German beer is on the verge of decline.’

Weihenstephan is great.
Steam Brew is also a good brewery.
More than that, there are many challenging breweries around the world.

Still, it is a country worth visiting.
I didn’t choose Germany as my first travel destination for nothing.

“Senior, did I know the taste of beer at this level?”
“Ada, are you a sex master just because you’re pierced?”
“I’m confident that I can squeeze out the senior.”

Sora, who had gotten drunk again, laughed heartily.
As far as I can tell, the world of alcohol is not easy.

‘I don’t know the taste. You should drink more. I’m not saying that.’

Literally deep.
To the point where ordinary people don’t even know it exists.
That piece may be an opportunity to get to know each other.

“Thank you so much for the wonderful hospitality.”
“The kimchi was also delicious.”
“I think it’s better than sauerkraut?”
“But there’s something I really want to try…”

Korea is a country where traditionalism has been cut off.
However, this was not the case in the past Joseon Dynasty.

‘Each house had its family’s traditional liquor.’

In other countries, there are cases where it is preserved.
Germany is one such country.

“Do you have any lambics?”
“A lambic?”
“Do Koreans know Lambic?”

Prototype of beer.
It is a real traditional German wine.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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