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Because I Live in the US 158

Because I Live in the US 158

Chapter 158 – Germany

German housing style.
There is one crucial difference from Korea.


That’s where the basement is.
The owner couple opens the door to the basement warehouse.

“You can’t follow me from here.”
“It’s not that we don’t want to show it, so don’t follow us…”
“It’s a lambic, of course.”

‘Although the mass media often preaches that only wine is noble and great alcohol.’

Country next door
There is no such thing as a similar culture.
Every house has a basement.

“Something smells pleasant.”
“You can’t go further.”
“Because lambic is a very sensitive drink.”

It’s all because there is a reason.
Lambic, like wine, is a drink that sleeps for a long time.

‘The aging warehouse.’

More sensitive than wine.
To the extent that the mere step of an outsider would kill you.


He brings out two bottles of Lambic.
At first glance, one is a plain bottle, as if it was self-manufactured.

“This is a lambic that my husband and I made…”
“I made them all.”
“You hold still!”

In Korea, it is a common hobby of uncles and aunts, just like making plum wine.
If there is one difference.

‘The making process is a blessing in disguise.’

It is not fermented with yeast like wine or rice wine.
Ferments naturally.

Wild yeast from the air enters.
This is why it is inevitable to be sensitive to the entry and exit of outsiders.


Wild yeast may die.
You can no longer make lambics, and even if you do, the taste changes.

“It’s an incredibly complex drink.”
“It doesn’t smell very good, though.”

It’s a really expensive drink.
Because it is so precious, it is very vague commercially.

‘There’s no QC, and mass production is difficult.’

Because it relies on natural fermentation, it is difficult to produce the quantity you want, when you want, as much as you want.


The taste is also ambiguous.
If you say good, it’s sour, and if you say bad, it tastes like vinegar.

“It’s a little too much for me…”
“Um~ it’s well made, I mean.”
“It seems that the hometown Lambic is still early with him.”

That’s why it’s a point of contention among lovers.
Should I drink the lambic itself?

‘Or should I mix it.’

Lambic is rich in flavor.
Adding fruit or mixing it with beer gives it a luxurious taste.

“This is delicious!”
“It’s a bit sour, but the cherry scent comes out…”

The uncle brought out a commercially available creek for Sora, a child.
It’s lambic with cherry.


I drink my uncle’s lambic.
The taste and smell of smoked straw seem to be the hallmark of this house.

‘Sometimes I find a jackpot like this.’

Is this okay?
There are many local or home traditional liquors that have become popular in that way.

In terms of stocks, it feels like finding a hidden jackpot.
It doesn’t look like this house.

“Thank you very much for the wonderful treatment. It’s not a big deal, but…”
“Oh, Kimchwi! Next time you come to Freising, stop by again.”
“I will definitely do that.”
“At that time, I would like to develop a relationship with the lady who is my sex friend.”
“It’s hard because he only likes sex.”

Well worth eating
You have to try a variety of drinks to find out when you’ve found a really good one.

‘That’s why experience is important.’

Sora must have grown up a bit.
You will also learn about the country of Germany.

“I thought you’d be completely blunt…”
“Germany does have that image.”
“Next time I meet a German, I’ll try to talk to them without feeling awkward.”

Even Sora, who had been floating, regains her peace of mind.
It seems that Germans have become familiar with Kochu.

‘But it’s not always good cocks.’

Tourist special.
I only see the good side of the country.
There are some things you have to live to feel.

Especially if you are an investor.
That’s what’s happening in Germany lately.

* * *

It is not the first time I have been to Europe.
I’ve been here several times on family trips.

‘It was when I was very young…….’

It was a tourist destination back then.
I’ve never paid attention to people on the street.

What I remember is the beautiful scenery and food.
Photos that I take out from time to time.

It became a good memory.
But it’s hard to see it as an experience.

“Gutentag? Dis please!”
“What is it? Asians come to Germany and speak American.”

It feels like you are getting to know the real Germany.
Sora addresses her shop lady.

‘If I point it out on the phone, they understand.’

She came to the market
In terms of Korea, it is lined with shopping streets that feel like traditional markets.

Things you see for the first time, people.
I feel excited as if I have returned to my innocence.

“Fuck, no, the sausage is huge.”
“What is a cock?”

Street food stimulates the appetite.
The sense of smell as well as the hearing are exciting.

Chi profit…… !

Sausages cooking on the grill.
There are so many different types, I don’t know what to eat.

“Bokwurst. Chu-rai, Chu-rai!”
“It’s called a bockwurst. Give me one. Please!”

To eat the biggest one.
It’s like eating a hot dog by sandwiching it in bread.

‘It’s 1cm taller than my brother’s cock.’

If you put it in your mouth, it will definitely be delicious.
I want to chew and eat it.

It comes out quickly as if you paid attention.
On top of a large hot dog wrapped in bread.


Pour the sauce over.
Try slathering it with ketchup and mustard, as other guests do.

‘Dogs taste!’

The full course I ate on the plane was also delicious.
But street food has another romance.

It seems that he has become an ordinary citizen living in Germany.
I’m excited to buy this and that.

“Look at this, senior. Peach is flat!”
“It’s a flat peach.”
“Isn’t that a rough name?”
“It was originally a rough name.”

It’s the first time I’ve ever seen fruit.
Senior knew how to eat.


Split it in half with both hands.
And peel the skin like a sweet potato.

“Oh… You’re doing well, senpai.”
“I’m good at taking off the original.”
“I’m good at talking dogs.”

As soon as you take a bite, the juice overflows.
Familiar yet different.

‘This is a German peach.’

The juice explodes in your mouth.
There is not much difference in overall taste.

But the atmosphere.
It’s so fun to buy it at a German market and eat it right away.

The activated Sora runs around.
So, I went too deep.

“Senior. Senior?”

I also missed the senior.
Because there are so many people, it is not easy to find even if you look around right away.

Tou- Tou-

The phone can’t even connect.
Although Sora was taken aback for a moment.

‘What, how is it?’

Unfamiliar country.
I’m pretty used to it now.
There is no problem even if there is no senior.

Visiting traditional markets in Germany.
At the moment when I thought it was okay to go alone.


An unfamiliar hand closed Sora’s mouth.

* * *

Investment in the country.
You have to think about several things.

‘Even if Germany seems to be rolling in peace.’

In fact, the gold is going fast.
Because of the political risk.

Daily News− 「Europe after Merkel’s 2015 Declaration to “Accept Refugees”… 」
Korea Times− 「Merkel wants to turn back time」… Will the climate of refugee policy change?”
Fact News− 「Trump lied about the worst crime rate in Germany because of refugees」

Refugee policy.
Pro-Russian policy.
Merkel, the current Chancellor, is pushing.

‘Of course, it’s a political calculation.’

Europe wants to take the moral lead.
It makes profits by forcing it on other countries.

Korea alone is subject to various interferences.
Nuclear power is not eco-friendly, there is a problem with your exports.


But when it goes too far.
Everyone knows what the cost will be in the future five years from now.

‘The odds of getting involved in a crime like that stupid woman increase.’

You see, I’m not German.
Two ragged bums try to kidnap So-ra.

“Is this going to be a big deal?”
“It’s okay.”
“These people are very rough…”
“That’s why I hired you guys.”

Living only in Korea can make you numb.
There are violent crimes happening in the world.

‘I have to be careful, especially from the time the sun goes down.’

It is common knowledge abroad.
If you go to a dark place and commit a crime, it’s your own fault.

Stupid Sora doesn’t know.
It seemed like it would happen once, but it was.

“Are you besieging it?”
“Yes, a colleague is watching from nearby.”
“Let’s move to the vicinity where we can subdue it by force.”

That’s why they hired local bodyguards.
I spent some money in case of an emergency.

‘Even if it’s short, it’s because it’s pretty.’

She spills her color.
It’s a titmouse protesting to be eaten.

Even like me, lust will soar.
Some people put it into action.


I feel like I saw it on pornhub.
He drags So-ra into her back alley and starts working on his gear.

With her mouth covered, she takes off her coat.
He takes the money out of her wallet and stuffs it into his pocket.

Surprisingly, they were the guys who kept the order.
But it is certain that he has a dark mind.


Sora rebels, but there is no point.
The difference in strength between men and women is obvious.

Even two.
One side is holding the arm, so it is impossible to move.

“The agents have moved.”
“If you want to get an incentive, get it well.”
“Yes! Agents A and B ensure that the perpetrator does not do anything accidently…”

I am watching through a telescope.
It’s not a big deal, but it’s a situation where you can feel the fear enough.

‘This is not Korea.’

It would have been a bit ironic.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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