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Because I Live in the US 159

Because I Live in the US 159

Chapter 159 – Italy

For once, it ended without incident.
When the bodyguards rushed in, the vagrants ran away in a panic.

But they can’t escape and are caught.
It is said that it will be transferred to the police in Freising and will follow legal procedures.

“Huh! Huh…”

It is not over for the parties.
Sora is wringing out her tears and runny nose.

On the field, it was surprisingly calm.
It is only after coming to the hotel that emotions flow out like a flood.

‘I did save him a little late.’

It was an opportunity to know what would happen if you wander around without knowing how scary the world is.

“Stop producing juice.”
“I mean, I was really scared…”
“You say you like cock?”
“I don’t like it anymore. It’s disgusting…”

The shock was bigger than I thought.
Sora is trembling on the bed.

It doesn’t show any signs of calming down over time.
Enough to be a little concerned.

‘I can’t believe he even refused his favorite cock.’

The shock deserves to be great.
By Korean standards, it’s definitely like that.

“It’s also your fault for waving bread.”
“Honestly, it’s kind of lame.”
“Is that what you’re going to say now?!”

It is different on a global basis.
Didn’t the victim also suffer because there was a problem?

‘Societal awareness is like that.’

A woman who has fallen out like a conch.
It is also wrong to seduce her with her breasts and buttocks.

“Are you really a psychopath?”
“Calm down.”
“Are you feeling calm now?”
“I mean, outside of Korea, that’s how it should be.”

You have to know how to take care of yourself.
That is a global standard.

‘Actually, Korea is too safe.’

She finds out even after living abroad for half a year.
How special is Korea’s security?

“I also did research before coming, but there was no big difference between Europe and Korea.”
“It’s because common sense is different.”
“Common sense?”

South Korea lives without thinking about crime.
Foreign countries always keep in mind the possibility of crime.

‘In Korea, even if you live with integrity, that’s the crime rate.’

Crime is common in foreign countries.
You have to be careful not to become a target.

“I heard that Korea has a higher sex crime rate…”
“In the women’s community you do?”
“I’m not doing it anymore!”

The ‘standard’ of crime is also different.
It is not classified as a sex crime in any way.

‘Korea is the only country where even just brushing is a sex crime.’

Minimal insertion is required.
Even if you insert it, if you don’t rebel against it, it’s considered an agreement.

“Does that make sense?”
“It makes sense and sleeps, and that’s natural.”
“No, how…”
“You’ve been living in a very happy world up until now.”

People who are immersed in Korean common sense may feel uncomfortable.
But let’s ask the people here.

‘I won’t listen to it abroad.’

Foreign investment.
It is also the reason why it is so difficult.
You must align your common sense with global standards.

It’s hard for Sora to accept.
The current reality feels so harsh and unjust.

“Senior was bad.”
“You have to do it from above. Do I have to say that like someone who lacks empathy?”

Just empathize!
You can do it.
But if you are an investor.

‘I didn’t think it was such a difficult ordeal.’

Sora is bringing tears to her eyes.
She is also a female before an investor.

“Do you know how scared I was?”
“Do you want to attack me too?”

Sora eats her seriousness.
I feel like I should have a good answer.

‘Of course I want to eat it.’

The posture of hugging her knees.
Even so, it is a beautiful thigh that is stretched out long.

Above it is the voluptuous buttocks.
Any man wants to be touched.

“That’s right, I cherish him as a junior.”
“Tell me honestly.”
“I want to spread my legs and be Yas George.”
“Shall I cook it?”

Just can’t
If I had experience, I would have given her alcohol and taught her the true taste of sex.

‘It’s burdensome to pierce for the first time.’

There is a trauma.
Maybe Sora will feel rejected by this incident, and she may even more distance herself from men.

“I think I’m the only one who becomes a fool when I talk to seniors.”
“You’re really stupid.”

It seems to have calmed down a bit.
But he said he was still pounding and held onto my arm.

‘It must have been very scary.’

It is a part that you are conscious of not touching normally.
Can’t even think of it

Sora’s firm chest.
I feel naked because I hold my arm tightly and stick to it.

“Hey, it touches my heart.”
“Your breasts are full.”
“It’s really cool.”

I feel like I’m getting a complete paisley.
I didn’t know that I would get my arm first before my cock.

‘Ugh, really.’

If you think about it by Korean standards, that could be the case.

It grew like a flower in a greenhouse.
It makes sense right now.

“The original schedule was to stay one more day.”
“I want to go quickly.”

Bad memories become diluted when they leave.

* * *

Travel to Europe.
The advantage is that you can visit many countries.

‘Because I belong to one community called the EU.’

What it means
There is nothing better than experiencing it yourself.

“Is this Italy?”
“I wanted to visit Italy once…”
“I went through Austria when you were sleeping.”

Are riding the train
After sleeping overnight, I am passing through Italy from Germany via Austria.

‘It’s amazing.’

It is said that it has three sides of the sea, but in reality there is no difference between four sides and the sea.

So for Koreans, overseas = airplane is common sense.
That’s not the case in Europe.

“I’ve heard of it, but it’s amazing to experience it firsthand.”
“This is why the EU is possible.”
“I think so.”

The destination is near Bordeaux, France.
Wine is one of the most famous drinks in Europe, along with beer.

However, Sora seems to have lingering feelings.
Since I came here, I wanted to visit Italy as well.

“Isn’t Italy famous for its wine?”
“It’s an area that belongs to the so-called Old World.”

Italy is also famous for its wine.
It’s about cheap rather than expensive.

‘These days, even that is being stolen by the New World.’

Prosecco, Moscato d’Asti, and Amarone are still doing well.
The pie in the wine world is not small.

“But why…”
“Italy is famous for other things than wine.”
“Which is it?”
“If I order here, I’ll be able to drink it too?”

It’s not the G7 for nothing.
Cultural influence permeated all aspects of ordinary people’s lives.


It’s meal time.
As expected of expensive trains, meals are provided with formality.

“Give me an Aperol Spritz as an aperitif, and an Arnold Palmer by the hour for bread and wine.”
“Your order has been received.”
“Is it a cocktail?”

A cocktail made by mixing alcohol.
Although we often tend to think of it as American culture.

‘Where must that America have been influenced?’

It is a country with a short history.
Immigrants made progress, and alcohol was dominated by Italian immigrants.

“Most of the famous cocktail masters, such as Limoncello, Amaretto, Campari, Aperol, Maraschino, and Branca, are Italian.”
“This is a drink you don’t know much about. It’s neither whiskey nor cognac. At that time, if you shoot it in Italy, you’re half right.”

Italy’s influence in modern bar culture is strong.
It also goes well with wine.


Aperol Spritz.
Aperol is a typical Italian aperitif mixed with sparkling wine.

“Do you mix wine?”
“In Korea, wine is recognized as a fine alcoholic beverage, but in the local area, it’s just one of the traditional alcoholic beverages, like makgeolli.”

In Europe, it is common to mix it with cola and drink it.
It’s not a drink you have to be so polite with.

Gulp! Gulp!

The bitter and sour Aperol melted into the white wine.
It is perfect for use as an aperitif to whet the appetite.

‘It’s like an orange-flavored gin and tonic.’

Sora is also drinking quite interestingly.
Cocktails are drinks that are popular with women.

“What is Arnold Palmer?”
“It’s limoncello, lemon liqueur, with iced tea. You can roughly think of it as Lipton’s iced tea.”
“I don’t see it.”

Iced tea for adults.
The taste is much more upscale.
Sora sips and sips, and before he knows it, the glass is empty.

‘This is why cocktails are ladykillers.’

There is no alcohol like this to flirt with women.
You may get drunk if you enjoy it with a meal.


Main meal.
It’s different from first class.
It comes out with what is assumed to be grilled chicken and pasta.

“Isn’t this alcohol?”
“Are you aware?
“It’s because of the senior!”

Fill it up and go
Then, there is a drink that can only be drunk.

‘After dinner.’

If there is an aperitif, there is also an after meal.
After eating food, strong alcohol goes well.

“Do you know what this is?
“I don’t know.”
“Don’t stir, shake.”
“Oh, martini!”

The martini itself is British.
He became famous for the 007 series and Kingsman.

‘But the vermouth that goes in together.’

Italian liqueur.
It can be said to be a cocktail with European culture melted into it.

“It doesn’t taste good.”
“It’s not like that.”

Taste is different.
So, in fact, I wanted to order a tuxedo.

‘Because Maraschino, a cherry liqueur, is the base, it goes over easily.’

Cherry goes into the garnish.
If you bite into it together, you can taste the cherry to the bone broth.

Unfortunately, ordering was not possible.
Since I was inside the train, I couldn’t order anything complicated.

“Looks like I’m drunk again from lunch.”
“Well, how is it? I’m not on the train.”
“It’ll be troublesome if I get attacked again.”

Sora’s cheeks burned red.
For some reason, I feel like it’s not just because I’m drunk.

Cross your arms
Next to the chair that the dining table has been removed, it sticks like gum again.

“Should I be sure to protect you?”
“Why me.”
“It’s because of the senior. She’ll hold on tight until she gets up.”

And I fall asleep soundly.
With her arms pressed against her softly large breasts.

‘Why is he like this really?’

Travel can change people.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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