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Because I Live in the US 160

Because I Live in the US 160

Chapter 160 – France

It is well known as the country of wine.

“All you see now are vineyards.”
“Are you passing?”

The Bordeaux region is especially famous.
It is the world’s largest fine wine producer.

‘Like Andong Soju in Korea.’

Wines made in that region are especially appreciated.
But I’m not going today.

“It’s already a place where you can eat enough.”
“It’s like a stock that hits a high and then comes down.”

The most famous is that it has received the most attention.
The analysis ended a long time ago.

‘The premium was attached as it was.’

A bit of cacao…… , Is not a bubble stock.
It is highly valued for its brand rather than its taste.

Is wine not French?
When it comes to French wine, isn’t it wine from Bordeaux?

“There are still a lot of people who think that way, so it’s being sold.”
“Isn’t the price going up?”

It’s the level of turning a bomb.
You can buy better New World wine for 1/5 the price.

‘Because there are people who still live.’

Alcohol is a luxury.
It is consumed for boasting, not for drinking.

It actually works.
Chateau and other wines are luxurious even in the eyes of the general public.

“The culture of attaching that chateau was derived here in Bordeaux, and even now, the top five chateaux are Bordeaux wines.”
“I think I’ve heard of it!”
“Old vines, a lot of old vines.”

So there was such a word.
Bordeaux is the best for long-term aging wines.

‘This is what the god’s water room is claiming.’

That’s an old story too.
Now, there are many Old Vine in the New World, led by the United States.

In terms of investment value, it is the end.
Cognac is also interpreted in the same way.

“Cognac was also booming at one time.”
“Not now?”
“Yeah, it’s a lot less collectible.”

Alcohol is similar to stock.
What is famous now is mostly peaking and descending.

‘The so-called resale is not possible.’

Remy Martin, Camus, Hennessy, etc.
At duty-free shops, the XO class boasts a price close to 300,000 won.

However, the price of Resell is not even half that.
Even though the old spherical ones are much tastier.

“Unlike stocks, it’s not easy to dispose of, and it’s very troublesome to bite.”
“So cognac isn’t worth the investment?”
“Except for a few things.”

The top 5 cognacs are too commercialized.
I made a lot of compromises with reality in the way I made it.

‘Adding water to the cask, adding sugar, etc.’

I have done things that lovers hate.
It is a common opinion that there is a limit to taste.

─I want to buy newbie konjac!
Can I buy Camuna or Remy Martin?
Hennessy is too expensive……

└ Camu is spirited
└5 Cognac changed the rules so that sugar and colorants could be added. You’re hot
Author− Then what should we eat?
└ Jiang Fei is the truth!

Cognac enthusiasts look for Jiang Pui, Polvo, and Raño.
And what’s fresher.

“Armagnac is also creeping up.”
“It’s the first time I’ve heard of Armagnac.”
“It’s just a different production area.”

Cognac is a brandy produced in the Cognac region.
Armagnac is produced in the Armagnac region.

‘Because the way they’re made is also different.’

Distill only once.
The taste was rough, which was a disadvantage, but recently, other interpretations have emerged.

Unsatisfactory body feeling in cognac.
And a variety of flavors and aromas.
In Armagnac, it may occur depending on the type.

“It’s not famous, so it’s cheap. If you catch a good one, you might end up eating it later.”
“You could say he’s a brandy dog ​​owner.”

I like the brandies the most.
This is the reason why the destination was decided here as Bazaarmagnak.

The Armagnac region is further divided into three.
Bajarmagak has the deepest history and is highly evaluated.


It is also the origin of foie gras.
Angry geese are frolicking in the narrow cages.

“Look, senior. It’s a duck!”
“It’s a goose.”
“I heard there is a kid who cries like that among the freshmen this year.”
“How can people cry like that?”

If it is moderately large, it will stick to us.
By putting a hose down his throat and feeding him like crazy.

‘It makes me film a mukbang.’

When they gain weight, they are slaughtered.
Foie gras is just the liver.

The rule of thumb is to drink alcohol from that region with food from that region.
On the way home, find a restaurant you made a reservation for.

“It’s not a very good-looking restaurant.”
“That’s what a restaurant is originally.”
“Do you think so?”

Since it’s a country restaurant, the interior isn’t that great.
There are advantages to that as well.

‘Currently, I see one operation.’

It was a restaurant I visited every time I came to France.
In the future, due to unavoidable circumstances, the door will be closed.

Because the restaurant is famous.
Influencers from all over the world flocked to the event.

“Enjoy your meal.”
“I feel like he has no intention of selling food.”
“The countryside is like that.”

The first menu is bread.
As France is also the birthplace of bread, you may think it is very delicious.

‘Whether the rice is cooked in Korea or France, it’s the same rice.’

There is no difference.
The only good thing about it is that it is freshly made.

It’s hot.
When you put the terrine made of foie gras on the baguette, it melts.

“Originally, Terrine makes it with unfresh ingredients, but since this house is the origin, it’s fresh, so there’s no off-flavor.”
“I feel so damn good.”

It is a substitute for butter, just like caviar on an in-flight meal.
It is common in fine French restaurants.

‘It’s much more greasy than caviar.’

So below caviar.
However, that is only a story when viewed as a single food.


On the way back, I bought a drink at a souvenir shop.
It is a 1970 vintage product by Sempe Vieil.

“I’m the same as my dad…”
“The release is recent, so it must have been over 40 years ago.”
“Isn’t it very expensive?”
“The good thing about Armagnac is that even these things are less than 100 euros.”

Corkage is done with the owner’s permission.
You have to pay extra, but they give you a special glass.

‘It’s classic without being too flashy. Not bad.’

Disadvantages of Armagnac.
There is a chance of picking up the so-called boom.

I picked it out of the vintages I remember, so it hits the mark.
It would be suitable for Sora, a beginner.


Armagnac washes away the greasy mouth.
It’s a bit strong, but it leaves a pleasant fruity scent and sweetness.

“Coke! Coke!”
“It’s strong, but it’s delicious! Wow, I heard that it’s made with grapes, but there are other flavors?”

The 5 major cognacs are just grapes.
It is a wine made from grapes, both in a good sense and in a bad sense.

‘But then there’s no reason to buy various things.’

Since it is a large company, it cares about the taste of the public.
A uniform taste is the enemy of a lover.

“I heard it’s harsh, but it’s not harsh. Is it a bit stronger than soju?”
“It was covered by high aging.”

On the other hand, Armagnac.
The taste is different because it is selling liquor stored in a warehouse at home.

‘Tobacco passes with a hint of naughtiness, leaving a subtle scent of candied quinces and plums.’

There are benefits to drinking.
Among them, the particularly good ones have high prices.

“It’s going through this process that the price is expensive.”
“It’s not just the taste, of course.”

The good thing about Armagnac is that there are also vintages from the 19th century.
Before the extinction of European vines by the Phylloxera aphid.

‘It’s easy for things with such a story to go up in price.’

It is a dream drink for sommeliers.
Wine has already skyrocketed in price, but Armagnac still needs to be salvaged.


Soup and potato mille-feuille are served.
The plating is so low that it is hard to believe that it is a French restaurant.

“Eat it with the sauce around the edge.”
“How about alcohol?”
“Local food is finished with a local traditional liquor.”

But there is a taste.
Then the things you really look forward to begin to emerge.

‘Because a goose doesn’t always eat foie gras.’

It is the breast meat that wraps around the liver of a goose.
It feels the same, but the taste is just as strong.

“I feel this too.”
“Is not it?”
“It’s delicious because it’s eaten with alcohol.”
“That’s how you eat.”

In France, alcohol is on the same level as food.
It can be a condiment, and sometimes it goes up as a main dish.

‘There are so many recipes using alcohol.’

And the reason why I found this restaurant among many shops.
It’s time for the real main of the full course to arrive.

“Is it leaking? It’s very small.”
“Only sparrows.”
“This… How should I eat it?”
“Put it in your mouth like this and chew it.”

This dish is a whole grilled gray-headed bunting, which can be called the sparrow of France.

‘Because the making process is a bit cruel.’

Legally prohibited.
Even in France, where even foie gras is left unattended, this could not be left unattended.

However, some rural restaurants still sell them.
I know because I was a regular before.

Munch! Munch!

Silenced + a small fee was paid.
You will understand why you have to eat it in one bite.

“Swallow and tell me.”
“Did you drink this?”
“Yes, it’s a dish made by soaking it in Armagnac.”

That’s alive
The bird’s lungs and stomach are filled with Armagnac, giving it a great flavor.

‘It’s a dish I can never eat without knowing.’

Sora seems to eat it even if he tells me.
After swallowing, an intense aftertaste rages as if you had an orgasm.

Sora’s face fills with joy.
It looks so delicious that anyone can see it.

“It’s really fucking delicious…”
“Don’t you think you know what it means to not know if one of them dies while eating?”

Unfortunately, it is not available in regular restaurants.
That’s why I like sparrows.

‘Because I can make something similar with a sparrow.’

The grilled sparrow is also really good.
Because it is small, the taste of direct fire permeates properly, and the flesh is chewy and the bones are savory.

Having cooked such a delicious bird, it has no choice but to be delicious.
Depending on which Armagnac is used, it becomes more luxurious.

“Then I’ll have to buy some Armagnac!”
“It’s not like that.”
“There’s something else that’s hot these days.”

It is not easy for ordinary people to invest in alcohol.
It is difficult to manage, difficult to sell, and the price does not rise well.

‘If I’m going to do it, I should buy the one that climbs the most.’

The country of Witech.
England is a place worth visiting.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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