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Because I Live in the US 161

Because I Live in the US 161

Chapter 161 – Mergers and Acquisitions

There are a few things you must do before going to England.


Luxury shopping.
I decided to stop by the department store and buy some clothes.

Sora comes out of the dressing room.
It’s an uncomfortable or awkward expression.

“It suits you well.”
“It’s really getting bigger and bigger.”
“Why are you talking about that!”

The chest is hollowed out in the shape of a V.
Other than that, I’m not too conservative.

A dress that fits well with large breasts.
It’s big on the back, so it fits well on the back.

‘It’s hard to put your hand in.’

I wanted to do it throughout the trip.
But if you wear cheap clothes, you look cheap.

“Will my brother buy it for me?”
“This is expensive.”
“Just let me touch your chest.”
“Eww, fuck.”

If you wear luxury items, your low point will go down as an immature couple.
Or a successful man.

‘It’s a man’s romantic date.’

Everyone wants to do it.
It’s just that social awareness and women don’t match.

“A kiss?”
“That’s what I used to do…”
“I’ll eat well.”

Sora is subtly generous.
I am making it like that too.


Eat a bite right away.
A moist tongue enters along with lightly applied lipstick.

Sora yells.
But nobody here cares about that.

“In France, the basic greeting is a kiss.”
“But what?”

It really doesn’t matter.
Both the clerk and the store customers are watching their work.

I looked back for a moment after I screamed.
I look at things to see again as if it was like when.

‘Because I have a global standard.’

Sora rides on ice.
The Korean-style Chewseonbi culture is still ingrained in the body.

“I just told you to be a woman for your brother during the trip. Then men won’t be able to touch you.”
“I don’t want to decide with such a light heart.”
“My brother will buy you a lot of luxury goods. Huh?”
“With money…, I don’t like it.”

This is a good opportunity to escape.
Travel makes people open.

‘Give me a rough excuse.’

Packed with plausible bullshit.
I was planning on inducing it slowly.

“It’s not that I don’t like seniors either.”
“You keep trying to possess me, which makes me angry.”

Muttering with averted eyes
The red-hot blush can’t hide what’s inside.

‘Because he’s cute.’

Of course I knew.
How much effort did you put into opening your closed heart like Ada?

There’s no way she could get along with a man who doesn’t like Sora’s personality.
Comes with an unexpected deal.

“What would you like me to do?”
“I want to own a senior, too.”
“You? Me?”
“So that’s fair.”

It seems that he has been scratching his head on his own.
It is also used in real-world acquisitions.

‘In Korea, it’s a trick to buy with corporate money without spending your own money.’

This is also the reason why the stock price of Ohsung Biologics is rising.
Ohsung Group owns 75%.

What if the stock price of this company goes up?
Later, when the stock price of Ohsung Electronics goes down, it is bought through stock trading.

“Think about it. Are you and I worth the same?”
“Although it’s quite a coveted venture.”

That’s what Sora is trying to do.
However, the difference in value is too great for an equivalent exchange.

‘I want the source technology.’

I put my hand on Sora’s chest.
As I put my strength on it, a cute moaning sound tickled my ears.

It is obvious that he is conscious of his surroundings or is holding back.
I want to see a more honest look.

“Then 30%…”
“30%? That’s about it… No, wait a minute.”

Of course it’s well worth it.
If you can give 30% and turn the conch into a female, it’s a dog’s gain.

‘Did I really know?’

But there is a catch.
It is impossible not to know what 30% means in governance.

“Can’t 29%?”
“It doesn’t have to be 30%, right?”

Minimum share.
It is usually the percentage of shares that a parent company must have in order to stably control its subsidiaries.

‘Then there’s no difference between having everything!’

That is, if it is based on a stock company.
Sora might have said that with that in mind.


Important mergers and acquisitions.
An ignorant employee coughs.
A couple’s quarrel is not uncomfortable.

Hand the card quietly.
Then, as if she had waited, she received it and went to pay for the dress excitedly.

“30% is too many.”
“A man first.”
“Gender discriminatory remarks do not fit the global standard.”
“Ah! It hurts…”

Give strength to the hand holding your chest.
A chunk of flesh squeezes out between your fingers.

‘It would be a wise exchange to steal only the original technology.’

It can be said to be Sora’s body.
And if the pain I’m feeling right now can turn into pleasure.

“I only want breasts.”
“I want to be like a dog and eat it.”
“Why do you only like breasts, you stupid fool?”

In fact, it is a way for large corporations to prey on venture companies.
It relies on most of the company’s sales.

‘I just need to make it impossible for them to live without me.’

Making Sora a female solves the problem.
Take your time and develop step by step.

“Only this, give it to 5%.”
“No 10%.”
“Is that so?”

A majority shareholder may be allowed.
Sora, unaware of that, innocently accepts it.

‘It makes sense.’

Or take responsibility
It’s more comfortable to have a relationship that is definitely calculated by numbers rather than asking me to marry you.

It is rewarding to grow as an investor.
Since she became my woman, she also teaches me what beauty is.

“Did you say underwear is uncomfortable? Shall we go buy underwear too?”
“I can’t even see my underwear, so why…”
“I have to take it out later.”

Not interested in appearance.
She goes around neatly, but as a single woman, she hasn’t taken her place yet.

‘There is no woman who doesn’t like luxury goods.’

It’s all because I have no experience.
It is an opportunity to build Sora’s valuable first experience.

Dress her in luxury from head to toe.
This is the main reason I came to Europe.

“Why do you like it?”
“My chest is very comfortable. Usually, it was difficult every time I walked.”

No matter how firm it is, it cannot be without vibration.
That’s why Newton realized gravitation when he saw an apple falling from the sky.

‘Okay. It must be a luxury item for nothing.’

The design of the underwear is also the design, but the fit is important.
Just as great power comes with great responsibility, big breasts require expensive underwear.

The pleasure of touching is also doubled.
When I put my hand inside the bra, I felt only the warm and cozy skin without moisture.

“It would be better without these naughty hands.”
“What, how are you?”
“You see people.”
“Well, you should see this.”

It is the culture of Europe, especially Western Europe, not to care what others do.

‘Because it’s so far behind.’

It’s a man’s instinct to care.
Her appearance is even, and she wears luxury items.

Everyone is greedy.
But she flaunts the fact that it’s me who has this woman occupied.

“You don’t like it? If you don’t like it, stop.”
“I do it while noticing a little bit.”
“No one recognizes you. Do you want to free yourself from time to time?”

I wouldn’t have done it if I really hated it.
Women can be bold when traveling.


It was the first time I was embarrassed.
He accepts kisses well, and confidently pins his waist when he puts his hand on his chest.

‘Even if a pretty woman does naughty things, she’s not vulgar, she’s attractive.’

Even Sora must learn it.
It allows you to make full use of your talents.

* * *

It’s something I couldn’t even imagine.

‘To be someone’s woman.’

Stories of men and women from movies and books.
I’ve never been sympathetic

I follow my seniors because I respect them as an investor.
I want to stand on the same line someday.

“Do you touch other women’s breasts like this?”
“If there is a chance.”
“Was it better than my breasts?”
“So far, Sora is the best.”
“Don’t hold on to the tap.”

Maybe that’s not necessarily the only way.
That thought came to me all of a sudden.

‘She’s the kind of person who’s likely to get into an accident because of this human woman.’

It might be better for you to accept it yourself.
It’s a bit perverted, though.

“It’s your brother.”
“Touch me a little, though.”
“I’ll teach you that brother can go with just her breasts.”
“Where are you going?”

Fundamentally, he is a good person.
In Germany, if it weren’t for the seniors, it would have been a big problem.

‘I was very angry at the time.’

The feeling of blaming rather than worrying.
I confirmed once again that I was a psychopath.

Looking back, that’s right.
I knew everything, so I even assigned bodyguards.

“Do you like my breasts?”
“Touch it because it’s good.”
“Don’t forget that I also have 10% of my seniors.”

The thinking structure is different.
I was expecting it, so there was a reaction that it was not a big deal.

‘I don’t think anyone else can understand such an idiot.’

If you don’t know that fact, Sangtorai.
Once you get to know it, you become an idiot worth watching.

Such a mysterious insight is also what I wanted to learn.
If you are yourself, you can accept it.

“And that the breasts are your brother’s.”
“You can’t do this in Korea.
“Is it okay to do it here?”

So it was done
It was the most indirect confession he could have made.

‘I’m angry because it seems like I’m the only one conscious.’

Senior sexual harassment.
It’s not a day or two, but today I feel more annoyed.

Soon be released
It’s becoming a date worthy of a date, such as shopping and eating.

‘Even seniors don’t take me lightly.’

I felt it on this trip as well.
Every place we went was something to see, hear and learn.

If it wasn’t for the seniors, I wouldn’t have known.
I had no intention of dating a man, but if it were a senior.

“Where are you?”
“Jewelry shop.”
“I don’t think it’s particularly like that…”
“It’s a privately owned store.”

I want to follow you anywhere
It was the first time I knew that the city of Paris was so wide and there were so many things to see.

‘Accessory? No way…….’

Just before boarding the plane to England.
The last place the senior picked was a place that sold accessories.


I hope so.
I don’t know how to react if you present me with a ring.

“Why are you here?”
“You gave Sora a necklace and piercings the other day.”
“Yeah, it was.”
“I ordered another one this time, but they say it’s just finished.”

That was not his kimchi soup.
The senior really prepared a present.

‘I was a little surprised by the navel piercing.’

The necklace is still often worn today.
Sometimes when I’m at home so I don’t lose it.

I don’t know how to look at seniors if they even receive a ring.
She was watching

“What is that?”
“I only have one part.”

It was a different ring.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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