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Because I Live in the US 162

Because I Live in the US 162

Chapter 162 – Mergers and Acquisitions

Islay Airport, UK.
Arrived by plane from Paris.

‘Although there is a way to get there by taking the Eurostar train.’

It is an island.
There was no way to get here quickly other than by plane.

“Sir, you fucking bastard…”

Because Sora is sick.
Despite wearing a comfortable new bra, she still looks uncomfortable.

‘Because it’s so big.’

This is probably because the plane descended and a large gravitational constant was applied.

“It’s Sora.”
“My brother likes a girl who is innocent on the outside but dirty on the inside. So-ra now is just like that.”
“It’s because of you!”

It is said to be for another reason.
It seems that you are not familiar with the new accessory you bought.

‘Isn’t it true that my heart was pierced in this situation?’

It’s a parable you hear once.
Sora might be feeling the same way.

“You’re really blown through!”
“Isn’t it wild and cool?”
“I can’t live because I’m embarrassed.”
“Because that’s standard overseas.”

Sora’s erotic accessory set.
What started with her necklace is being completed one by one.

‘I was thinking about how to fit her breasts.’

Fortunately, I found it on my own.
I saw it when I tried it on, but it’s really pretty and fits well.

“It still hurts.”
“So you’re not touching me.”
“I do everything because of my real seniors.”

I thought I could digest it if it was Sora.
If the person you match with is sweet, you are sexy without being vulgar.

‘Blood came out before milk.’

Seeing him do it again, he’s not sane either.
She gave permission because of her pride.

“Since it’s your senior, I don’t have anything to say… But please treat me with respect.”
“Of course. My brother is a girl.”
“You’re not oppa’s girl yet?!”

It is a style to keep the words spoken.
There is a doubling of the reward for capturing it with a high level of knowledge.

I’m ashamed to hug you.
On the subject of erotic marks engraved on the belly button and chest.

‘I’m developing the original technology.’

It blooms Sora’s natural color.
To the extent that a normal man would buy it just by looking at it.

“There’s a couple…”

There were places where it was a downside.
Immigration checkpoint.
The employee looks at you suspiciously.

‘Even if it’s like me, I’d be curious about what’s in it.’

Nothing caught on the body scanner.
It is big enough to hide a bottle of Samdasoo at a time.

“Did you two come together?”
“Why did you come to England?”
“I want to go sightseeing.”
“Why do you have three days of sightseeing?”

Immigration in the UK is strict.
It is comparable to the United States, which is rumored to be difficult.

‘Still, it usually goes smoothly.’

It looks like Sora’s breasts are too big.
Besides that, there were other reasons.

“To look around the beach and have a drink…”
“Why do you drink alcohol in England? You can see the beach in two hours.”

It was worth looking at Sora with a troubled expression.
It’s almost like a pressure interview.

‘There must be something dissatisfied.’

At that time, I ask for a skewer.
It was no different that the examiner had doubts.

“What is your job in Korea?”
“I’m a student.”
“Yes, I’m a student… But do you know that I don’t look like a student at all?”

Students are usually generous.
But neither her breasts nor the luxury items she wears are student-like.

‘So it should be moderately large.’

You will have to blame it on your own overgrowth.
Unfortunately, I was no exception.

“And the man who accompanied me.”
“He brought a strange notebook. What’s the reason a student would carry something like this?”

Investor’s notebook.
It looks bizarre because it has two more secondary monitors attached to a regular laptop.


There are other ways to say it the way it is.
The problem is that the immigration process is not that simple.

“Because that’s my job.”
“Isn’t your occupation a student? Did you also hide something?”
“It’s a job that even a student can do.”

If you buy a doubt once, you will be able to take a look at the skewers.
If you get caught up in it and answer incorrectly, you may not be able to enter the country.

‘That’s why it’s important to cut it off at once.’

Without getting caught up in the words of the immigration officer, he accurately cuts only the core.

Tak, Tak!

Show HTS.
Why are you using this notebook?
And did you spend unstudently?

Purchase amount│6,910,300,000 won
Valuation gains│+3,550,000,000 won
Ohsung Biologics│22100 shares│+51.37%

It goes without saying for a long time.
The attitude of the examiner suddenly changes as soon as he shows the account and the trading record of HTS.

“Now, for a moment…”

I brought my laptop and chatted with other judges.
It doesn’t matter as long as the market is not open.

‘They must have something to do with it.’

It seems that the immigration officers are very free.
I turn my laptop one by one.
When it’s time to come back

“Keuheum! There must have been an unavoidable misunderstanding during the screening process.”
“Has the misunderstanding been cleared up?”
“Opinions are still divided, but I don’t think there’s a big problem…”

The high-handed attitude has become very open-minded.
I decided not to worry about the little things.

‘Because there must be something more bothering me.’

He looks at me and asks carefully.
If you show stock returns, this is probably the reaction.

“Did you earn all of this with stocks?”
“If you keep buying and selling as trading, even a small amount of money can make a big difference.”
“Like those Wall Street or London City rich people?”
“Yes, just on a smaller scale.”

London City is a place that can be called Wall Street in England.
It was the world’s financial center until World War II.

‘It’s so soggy.’

It has increased and been asked in a different sense.
However, the immigration process proceeds like flowing water, as if he has definitely won a good impression.

“You can make money just by buying low and selling high.”
“Do you recommend US stocks?”
“America is the safest.”
“But why are you doing Korean stocks?”
“I’m a Korean, and it’s easy to eat because it’s so volatile.”

Until you go, ask how you made money.
I am very curious about how to trade stocks.

‘It’s not necessarily good to know that.’

Short time.
I can’t hear you explaining.
Just answer the appropriate questions.

“What was the name of the sport you bought?”
“This is Ohsung Biologics.”
“Ohsung Biologics, Ohsung Biologics…”

One more person will be bitten by K-stock.

* * *

Whiskey is the most re-evaluated alcoholic beverage in modern times.

“Do you know why the distillery is near the sea?”
“I don’t know.”
“Because it can be directly affected by the sea.”
“The sea?”

It has various flavors.
However, this is a double-edged sword when it comes to alcohol.

‘Because taste management wasn’t good in the past.’

Even now, old French people perceive whiskey as a cheap drink.
It was really like that when they were young.

‘There was a lot of whiskey that tasted like poo, whiskey that tasted like puke.”
“Like the Lambic I drank in Germany, I got a lot of likes and dislikes.”
“I was unhappy.”

It had an unimaginable taste.
Because it was made in a fist-like manner, it was impossible to control the taste.

‘Now, scientifically and statistically, it reproduces the delicious taste.’

The distillery here on Isla Island.
That’s why it’s built on the beach.
The salty taste permeates the sake when exposed to the sea breeze.

“Does that make sense?”
“Because it makes sense and is scientifically proven.”
“If that’s true… It would be amazing.”

Just as beef is divided into mold or aged meat depending on the aging method, alcohol is also the same.
This is how whiskey evolved.

‘That’s why I was re-evaluated.’

The taste changes depending on how it is aged.
Cognac and Armagnac also have a much more varied taste.

The reason why brandy lost and whiskey came to mind.
Other than that, there are a lot of factors that can increase the price.

“Peat whiskey, a specialty of Isla, is made by burning peat, a type of coal, but production is becoming increasingly difficult as environmental issues have recently emerged.”
“Not to mention the sherry whiskey.”

Wines from before the 19th century are incredibly expensive.
This is because grape varieties have changed due to the phylloxera incident.

‘The more difficult it is to make, the higher the price.’

Whiskey has such incidents.
It is obvious that prices will rise in the future.

The demand of speculators aiming for it is concentrated on whiskey.
It is one of the most interesting investments to look at.

“That’s what it is.”
“You’re going to talk a lot while you’re here anyway.”
“It’s not like that.”

Sora ties up the coat she bought in Paris.
It seems to be cold because of the chilly sea breeze.

However, her cheeks turned red.
He is poking his lips out to see if there is something he wants to say.

‘Why do you keep making sex appeal to make me want to suck?’

Only I don’t know
How erotic her body is, and how she is leaking sexual energy.

“What do you want to do with me, senior?”
“I want to eat it.”
“Fuck the blinker.”

My true feelings came out.
You already know enough to know, so there’s no need to talk about it.

‘How nice it is to dress up nicely.’

If you care about beauty, there is nothing that you can’t do at the level of a goddess.
To eat this woman, she wants to spend any amount.


That upper limit sometimes disappears.
Sora puts her two cold palms to my cheeks.

“Did I tell you what happens when you eat it?”
“I’m going to go into a hostile merger right away, so you know that.”

Sora smirks and brushes her lips with his tongue.
It’s a look I’ve never seen before.

‘It must be because of my mood.’

I never thought she would really change.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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The poor man thinks about what to eat every day. Rich people think about who to eat every day. “Stocks are like sex.” The easy and sex story of real compression stocks


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