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Because I Live in the US 163

Because I Live in the US 163

Chapter 163 – Back to School

Back to school.
It brings two big changes to students.

“Did you hear the news from Suhyun?”
“They say you’ve gotten pretty damn these days.”

1st grade is the time when you don’t know anything.
Both as a student and as a college student.

But you get to know them over the holidays.
You mature as an adult.

“Weren’t you originally pretty?”
“It’s a bit blunt.”
“But this time as a model, it has changed completely.”

Image transformation.
Suhyeon, who became a successful example, deserves attention.


The party comes in.
As if it were a national rule, the lecture hall became quiet as if a rat had died.

As usual, I sat in the corner of the classroom with my chin resting.
Like no one cares.

“It was really fucking pretty.”
“How did you know? Do you two keep in touch?”
“I’m friends with you.”
“Suhyun is my boyfriend.”

She has a pretty face, so she can’t be popular with male students.

Unless you have a boyfriend.
Seong Seung-hoon, a sophomore in the Department of Economics, knows.

‘I thought I wouldn’t last long because it didn’t fit my personality.’

It is because he is friends with Heun-woo, a sociology major.
You don’t know how surprised I was when they said they were dating.

“I’m jealous~!”
“It’s so cheesy.”
“You say you make your girlfriend proud? You can’t know.”
“Well, I’ll do the same.”

On the one hand, I wanted to break up.
Because there is no target as easy to target as a woman who has suffered a broken heart.

‘It sucks.’

The rice cake in the picture.
In fact, there is nothing to regret because he is not at the level of dating Suhyeon.

Still, there are reasons to dream.
Even though the economics department girls are pretty, they are too pretty.

“Hyeri is just cute.”
“He has a good personality and doesn’t seem to be bitter…”

Group of girls.
I drool and watch.
Even the mood maker in the department is pretty.

I can’t imagine being happy.
No matter what anyone says, dreaming is freedom.

“We’re in second grade now.”
“You’ve become a senior.”
“The freshman kids are pretty too~ There are some kids who haven’t taken off their school lunch shirts yet.”
“Rather good.”

A common topic among male students.
It is possible to have big aspirations as it is a new school year.

Still no mention
As if he had promised a person who could not be left out of this topic.


He glanced at the back door of the classroom.
The long-awaited moment has finally arrived.

‘Sora is right…….’
‘What? Did you catch a cold?’

Korea University Department of Economics, sophomore senior.
There are factors that inevitably make a person more famous than being good at studies.

It’s pretty, but it’s too pretty.
To the point where I really want to ask myself if I have chosen the wrong career path.

“Why are you so weak?”
“I ate poorly today.”

Sora has arrived.
It was worth going to school just by appreciating my body, and I was able to taste the food I hadn’t had before.


Male students’ sighs come out here and there.
It’s because it’s a costume that can’t help but feel sorry for.

‘It’s true that it’s still cold.’
‘Isn’t it just a sweater?’
‘At least take off some padding!’

Black padding.
It doesn’t matter whether it has duck down or goose down in it.

I want to see what else is in it.
Even if the lecture starts, he never takes it off.

“I thought Sora would become prettier…”
“It’s not really pretty.”
“At first, but I’m not interested.”
“It could be different during the vacation!”
“We just got passed.”

A sad disaster from the first day of the lecture.
The morale of the male students deserves to go down as a group.

* * *

Back to school.
I didn’t know if I would go on for another year.

‘Because I considered that there might not be a harvest.’

This is the school I dropped out of in the first place.
If there were high expectations, that’s even weirder.

Things worked out better than expected.
The club was also created on a fairly large scale.

“Do you know how hard it was?”
“I know.”
“It’s not like that! I had to do everything from preparation to leading the club MT.”

Thanks to Hyeri.
Even while I’m gone, I manage the club with all my heart and soul.

‘That’s why I’m comfortable.’

I am seriously thinking of thanking you.
To be honest, I hate troublesome things.


It is convenient to deal with money.
While on the trip, he also bought Hyeri’s present.

“Wow earrings!”
“I bought it for Hyeri.”
“Are you going out with another woman?”

Hyeri knows too.
Going on a trip with Sora.
The two of them are close, so even if it’s not me, I’ll know.

‘It’s not like I’m jealous.’

It’s just a pity.
There is no woman in the world who doesn’t like to travel, even to Europe.

“How about it?”
“It’s pretty. I want to bite your ears.”
“It’s very sensitive. You can’t bite hard. Ah♡”

With a guy you like too.
He gently tasted Hyeri’s little ear in her mouth.

‘All right.’

It is worth sucking on.
Hyeri spits out her regret along with her dirty moans.

“Next time, please take me with you.”
“Two people?”
“That’s good too. Ah, ah!”

I’ve been neglecting it for a while.
Clubs, and almost no sex.

I should also take Hyeri with me.
Take some time around next vacation.

‘It’ll just be a sex trip with him.’

It goes through her thighs and breaks into her skirt.
Her fingers reach for a secret place.

Soaking wet
Still, it’s hard to get a finger in.

“You didn’t even masturbate?”
“I did, I did.”
“Do you not use your fingers?”
“You know…”

This kind of shame doubles the reward of eating.

‘Even this hole that can be closed with little use.’

Gently caress it, and one enters.
You’ll soon be able to swallow two.

It’s tight even though it’s so loose.
Push her glans in and slowly open them inside.

“It’s okay…….”
“Even like this?”
“Ahh! Ahhh…”

Backward posture.
He pushes in until Hyeri’s luscious ass touches.

Then she doesn’t know what to do.
With a strange moaning sound, even her spittle leaked.

‘It feels like being forced into a small ona hole.’

I am restless for fear of tearing.
But the human body is not that weak.


Somehow accepted
In order to have excellent male seeds.

He leaves her palm prints on Hye-ri’s chubby buttocks.
By pushing you all the way.

‘Look at him sucking cocks.’

The inside of the vagina wiggles and prepares to eat the seed.
Wrap it up as cool as you like.

I desperately accept it even though my body trembles.
Only after wrapping everything up does the legs open in the shape of ○.

“Did you wrap it inside?”
“I haven’t eaten lately… But I need to eat.”

Pull things out
The place where it was difficult to get even a finger into is now wide open.

‘You’re young, so you have good recovery skills.’

Look at the shape memory alloy.
Leave it for a few days and it will go back to normal.
But it’s definitely different from before.

Jill, who has recognized the man, is eager for a second round.
She wants to eat herself again.

“My brother has business to see.”
“Kyaa! Wait a minute!”
“I’ll just stir it with my fingers.”

Insert your index and ring fingers and pull them all the way down.
Then, the chewing fluid that was pooled inside flowed out.

‘I don’t think it’s just the water I just added.’

Are being produced
Remembering strong stimuli, the body tends to respond to strong stimuli.


It comes out like peeing.
It’s funny how his legs spread out in the letter ○ are trembling.

‘He’s satisfied with this.’

If you leave it alone, you will be soaked in afterglow.
Leaving Hyeri behind, he runs out of the empty classroom.

Todok, tok!

And tap
Recently, there is another child who is most worthwhile to fuck.

-What are you doing?
“That’s it.”
−Lecture just ended
“I had to go right after the lecture.”

It really does look like she’s working as a model.
It also works better than expected.

‘Because it’s a pretty time.’

You might want to write for magazines as well.
I want to write in a different way.

−You don’t want to do things with your brother, do you?
“What are you talking about?”
−You say you’re on good terms with your boyfriend these days?
“It’s good to be close, and I’m platonic with him.”

The time for that has been reduced.
But you can satisfy your desires in other ways.


Suhyun’s model’s photo.
Seeing that rare edition by myself is quite exciting.

「(Model pose in nude.Jpg)」
“You can’t show it to anyone—”

‘If you go out with a celebrity, this is the worst thing ever.’

I’m not a celebrity, but I’m still having fun.
I hope you can spend the new school year in an interesting way.


The opposite was also the case.
While I was sitting on the bench chatting with Suhyeon.

‘They said it would change.’

Sora’s eyes met.
She is wearing a more sadistic outfit than usual.

“What kind of padding are you wearing?”
“I like this.”
“Yeah, the performance will be good.”

I bought a luxury item to know a little about fashion, and it is Doro Amitabha.
No, it got worse.

‘This can be happen.’

Events on the trip.
Even if it’s not a big deal by global standards, it can be a shock to you.

Men’s eyes are conscious.
So I thought I was covering it up.

Ji profit!

Unzip the padding.
At the same time, the moist and warm air inside leaks out.

Smell of sweat.
However, it is a thick pheromone that is bound to excite men.

“It was good to sweat.”
“I’m on a diet.”
“Are you in the right body type to go on a diet?”
“Would you like to touch how it has changed?”

Sweet temptation.
The hand gone was the result of instinct, not reason.

Pair up and cling
It’s a bit slippery because of the sweat.
More than that, it’s what makes me get my hands wrapped around it.

“The bottom is not your brother’s.”

Grip is an art.
It was good from the beginning, but it became a work just by going on a little diet.

Narrow waist.
As you go down, the pelvic bones are caught.
Beneath it are the firm hips that you want to put your hands on.


The chest was born.
Let’s take care of the rest of the parts, and it’s really changing into a sex machine-like body.

The feeling of the fingertips is not forgotten.
It is true that there was a promise to commit more.

“You’ll know if I hit you by mistake, right?”
“Must be a bit of a mistake… Shouldn’t it be taken into account?”
“I heard that investing is your responsibility?

New school year.
It was Sora who changed the most.
It seems that there was a big change of heart on this trip.

‘What have I done?’

The taste was slightly gone.
It may have been a little over-injected in order to teach the global standard.

“How’s the stock?”
“It’s still bitten.”
“It will be in the future.”

The almaeng-I was the same.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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The poor man thinks about what to eat every day. Rich people think about who to eat every day. “Stocks are like sex.” The easy and sex story of real compression stocks


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