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Because I Live in the US 164

Because I Live in the US 164

Chapter 164 – Back to School

After buying stocks of Ohsung Electronics, my life changed.


Taksu Kim, an assistant professor in the Department of Economics, became a shareholder of Ohsung Electronics a month ago.
It’s stupid not to live at that time.

『Ohsung Electronics』
KRW 42,700 ▼KRW 8,500 (-19.90%)
[Graph that has been falling apart for a month.Jpg]

But now it has changed 180 degrees.
The belief that 70,000 electrons have been lost has long since disappeared.

“What kind of food is delivered to my stomach….”

Before investing in Ohsung Electronics, I took Baemin VIP and bought it at a convenience store without looking at the price tag.
Now, the savings are ingrained in the body.

Ugh! Ugh!

Triangular gimbap bought at a convenience store for 1+1.
Put it in your mouth and fill the empty stomach with water from the water purifier.

‘What separator is it? I just throw it away.’

It was a personality that couldn’t see the garbage being thrown away.
After becoming the owner of Ohsung Electronics, I don’t think about maintaining dignity.

No matter how pleasant things happen, they are grunting.
Even if things go well, you will look back on your situation.

‘Who am I? Shareholders of Oman Electronics.’

If you mumble, you feel depressed again.
It seems that this is why the saying that a seat makes a person comes out.

I live with the mindset of being what I really want to be.
I hate even the professor who should be like the sky.

“Professor, I don’t think I’ll go up to Ohsung Electronics.”
“That, that’s right.”
“I thought Oman Electronics would protect it unconditionally.”

Professor of Macroeconomics at Korea University.
Yang Min-seok is bound to feel uncomfortable.
It was because he was the one who recommended Ohsung Electronics to Taksu.

‘At that time, he said that other than me would climb.’

Even the experts said so.
Even in his own eyes as an economics professor, the semiconductor cycle is solid.

But what is it?
It was not proportional to the performance of the company.
The direction in which the share price moved was very different, even if it was different from what was expected.

Daily News− 「Why is Ohsung Electronics’ share price sinking even with the forecast for the highest earnings in the second quarter?」
The Korea Times− 「Were expectations for Ohsung Electronics too high? The stock price slowed… Securities companies “There is no reason to be undervalued”

Everyone says it’s going up, but it’s not actually going up.
So it’s more frustrating, and I can see it.

“Oh, oh Taksu…”
“After becoming the owner of Oman Electronics, I can’t seem to get a job. My self-esteem has been shattered, so I’m going to make eye contact with a part-timer at a convenience store.”

I also feel sorry for the teaching assistant who made a loud noise.
He believes in himself and puts in a lot of money.

‘I thought it would be okay since I bought it at a lower price than me.’

Minseok’s critical rating is 5.5 million.
The damage is so great that you can’t even stop it.

I pay attention even when I am giving a lecture.
There is one idiot in the Department of Economics at Korea University.

“Ohsung Electronics is going up?”

Course in macroeconomics.
It went into the ears of that idiot.
Rubbing his ears with his pinky fingers.

“How the hell did that go up? If everyone else said it went up, wouldn’t it of course go down?”

He squeaks out an arrogant sound.
Minseok doesn’t like him very much.

‘You don’t want to get grades from me?’

On a student topic?
I’m not in a position to say anything to the professor.
It seems that he has forgotten that fact, so he has no fear.

“Hmm! Hmm! Quiet there. If you don’t want to get an F.”
“There’s a kid here who said the professor made an absurd remark.”
“Me, me?”
“There’s no way a professor of macroeconomics at Korea University could buy something like Ohsung Electronics, right?”

In my mind, I want to scream.
I want to clearly teach you the difference between your position and that guy’s.


Can’t help but shudder
It’s true that she said that.
It spread to the students through the mouth of the assistants.

‘No. Still, I have never revealed my opinion.’

Sure to come later.
Considering the macroeconomic framework, Ohsung Electronics is a stock with potential.

“Considering Ohsung Electronics’ sales, it’s enough…”
“Are you talking about semiconductor sales and business conditions?”
“Yes. It may be a bit difficult for you, but.”
“I’m also very interested in the industry, so if it’s okay, can I share my opinion for a moment?”
“Uh, huh?”

No. 1 semiconductor company.
The reserves are also enormous.
No matter how much you think about it, 40,000 electrons is too cheap.

‘Although there are some crazy people who claim to have 30,000 electrons.’

That’s too much of an overkill.
As a professor of macroeconomics, I can assure you of this.


Suddenly, he naturally proceeds to lecture on his behalf.

“Semiconductor is an industry where professional manpower is very important. There is often an expression that tortures aliens, but in reality, only gongs are torturing.”

In front of countless students.
He even listens to his story.

“Currently, labor costs are rising rapidly in Korea. In addition, working hours will be forced to 52 hours from July.”
“Is that bad?”
“Protection of workers’ rights and interests is an issue that must be respected in developed countries. However, due to the nature of the semiconductor industry, which requires specialized personnel…”

An unexpected idea.
Professor Choi Myeong-cheol of The Principles of Economics said that he was also burned by that idiot’s logic.

‘No, but…….’

Certainly, labor costs have risen recently.
It is also true that various worker policies are announced.

But wouldn’t the labor cost burden be that much?
I have to admit that my perspective was narrow.

“If you look at Taiwan’s TSMC, which is a representative competitor, labor costs are about half, and labor-related laws are relaxed. It is obvious which one has the advantage in the 7-nano FinFET process in which the two companies are currently competing.”

Global standard.
The semiconductor industry is not limited to domestic demand.
You never know when a competitor will come out on top.


Am embarrassed.
Unexpected parts are even connecting to each other.
What worries me more than that.

“Shouldn’t we be dealing with long and short ones?”
“It’s the investor’s job to calculate that.”
“Still, Ohsung Electronics is the No. 1 semiconductor company…”
“It is a memory semiconductor, and the non-memory field is different. It is also the non-memory side that has a high PER.”

It is true that Ohsung Electronics’ share price could go down further.
It’s not as much as it’s a real investment.

“Professor, it looks like you’re really bitten.”
“You can’t even scream.”
“These days, I heard that Oman Electronics stockholders are treated as fools…”

Desperate response.
I can’t miss the tea.
My face turns red at the sound of the students laughing.

『Closed due to personal circumstances』

Runs out of the classroom as if running away.
The words left on the blackboard were a clear admission of defeat.

* * *

Professor Nonpa.
I didn’t want to do such a bothersome thing.

‘I happened to do it last year.’

The professor asked a question.
As the situation grew, I even went to YouTube.

The reaction of students was also negative.
Although it was once a public enemy of economics.

“Water rocket jjiik!”

Lately, I rather like it.
I was waiting for you to say this.

‘Eh, I don’t know.’

If you don’t do it, you’ll be upset.
It has become a fad.

“Oops! The lecture ended quickly.”
“It’s good to be able to go quickly after that senior leaves.”

Some kids like it because of the beans.
But I’m not doing it for nothing.

‘I’m going to listen to the professor’s lecture.’

It is better for me to lead.
It provides knowledge that can be used in practice.

“Do you think that Ohsung Electronics will go down further?”
“Still, it’s Ohsung Electronics…”
“Uh huh! Where’s the senior’s words!”

Even within the department, believers are forming.
The sea that I had not hoped for.

‘Suddenly, the club is on a stable track.’

Make it mainstream within the Department of Economics.
We will be able to recruit more talented people.

“Is that the person on YouTube?”
“It’s senior, senior!”
“That’s right. You’re a senior now.”

It is also good for freshmen.
Being on YouTube became a blessing in disguise.

‘It’s easier to talk if you know.’

It’s not just the former students.
We must also spread the word to new students.

Its focal point.
There’s no quicker and easier way than fucking professors.

“Water rocket jjiik!”
“”Water Rocket Jjiik!””

Next lecture.
Even in microeconomics, there is an atmosphere that wants to do something.

Accept the expectations of such students.
I was also a bit tired.

‘That’s how I can spend another year comfortably.’

I did it once last year and didn’t touch it.
If you can gather believers, the icing on the cake.

“Water rocket!
“Water rocket!”

I go to the next classroom with the students who have almost become a mob.
No, it’s a march.

“What are those crazy people?”
“Looks like economics students…”
“I heard there’s one idiot there, but now they’re crazy as a group.”

The more fanatical the atmosphere, the better the effect.
It’s not that pseudo-religions are doing well for nothing.

‘I can show off my dignity.’

Professors will notice too.
I made the Department of Economics of Korea University my colony.


I have to become that victim.
Sorry microeconomics professor.

‘Because you look a bit easygoing.’

Grab a horse’s tail moderately and bite it.
Just in time, something like that stood out.

『Monetary Policy Impact Path』

Current lecture content.
The government’s interest rate policy must be implemented preemptively to achieve the target.

“Isn’t it the one-sided argument of the Keynesians that the government should intervene in the market?”
“I-I’m saying that’s the case in theory…”
“The problem is that the theory is rooted in Keynesian thought.”

There is considerable disagreement on this.
It is to control interest rates in the beginning.

‘It’s a very recent logic.’

Specifically, less than 30 years ago.
Because that’s what the theory teaches.

“Aren’t they crazy bastards who say they have to save the economy by printing money?”
“Still, it’s recognized in the academic world…”
“If there is a problem apart from being acknowledged by the academic world, shouldn’t you explain that part as well?”

The hole is drilled
Later, numerous problems arose and the textbook was completely revised.

‘Like I was taught as a child that there is a taste map on the tongue and that Pluto is the ninth planet in the solar system.’

It will change over time.
I thought I could shoot a water rocket with ease.

“I think you’re the one with the problem?”

A woman suddenly appears and blocks them.
It deserves attention from the students in the classroom.

“Who is it?”
“I hear you’re a new assistant…”
“Are you a foreigner?”
“You must be an international student.”
“Wow, I want to be an assistant.”

I want to eat.
What surprised me more than that.

‘Why are you here?’

It was a face not to be seen.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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