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Because I Live in the US 165

Because I Live in the US 165

Chapter 165 – The Reunion of Destiny

Merchant of Venice.
Five of Shakespeare’s comedies written in the 16th century.

Judge: Shylock, are you willing to show mercy to Antonio?
Shylock: Not at all. I am a person who takes commitment very seriously.
Judge: Then, Shylock, take a pound of Antonio’s breast.
Shylock: Whoa…….
Judge: Cut off the breast, but not a single drop of blood is shed!
Shylock: Me?!

It is also included in Korean textbooks.
It is roughly the content of realizing justice for usury lenders.

‘I don’t understand it when I become an adult.’

Isn’t it wrong to not pay the money back?
I don’t know why the judge sided with Antonio.

“Isn’t denying Keynesianism the same as denying capitalism altogether?”
“That’s a common delusion among Keynesians.”
“Ohhh~ delusion?”

It’s because the era has been followed.
At the time, it was considered disrespectful to charge interest.

‘The concept of interest rates was born sooner than I thought.’

Is the influence of religion.
In Christianity, accepting interest was considered blasphemy.

It was legalized in the 16th century.
Islam still forbids interest by law.

“As long as the Federal Reserve keeps an eye on market conditions and controls interest rates, there is no problem.”
“You mean you intervened in the market after all?”
“Yes, the appropriate response according to the situation.”
“That’s an illusion.”

The aftermath remains.
Controlling interest rates is considered inconvenient and awkward.

‘What interest is it to borrow money from friends? Just like that.’

It is thought to pursue self-interest.
A deeply rooted culture does not change easily.

In Europe, interest rates were not artificially manipulated.
First started in the United States.
Which was at the center of it.

“Are you trying to assert Gibson’s paradox?”
“I don’t mean to joke like that.”
“You said it was an appropriate response… But don’t you think it’s arrogance for humans to be able to respond 100% rationally?”

It is a ridiculous story that Shylock from The Merchant of Venice is in control of modern capitalism.

‘We are the ones living in that ridiculous world.’

It shouldn’t go their way.
Those who denied neoclassicalism kill us all in the longer term.

“Hey… What are you two talking about?”
“What is Gibson’s paradox?”
“Just stay still.”

It can be a bit difficult for first and second year students.
I also got a little excited after a while.

‘Because there is an opponent I don’t want to lose to.’

I never imagined that we would meet so soon.
Even in this place called Korea University.

“What the hell do you want to say?”
“You can tell just by looking at that fucking old Powell, right? The Democrats and the Republicans are wagging their tails and making fun of the government.”
“The Federal Reserve is independent of the executive branch.”
“On the surface, that seems to be the case. In reality, they’re like pet dogs that politicians lick when they lick them.”

Rachel Bigger.
She can’t think of anything else but her.
A female who could take my word for it at that young age.

‘Same goes for that big loaf of bread.’

She doesn’t feel ashamed even while shaking her lewd ass.
She shows off her body in a very confident manner.

Nine out of ten I’m sure she’s the one I know.
It’s the damn bitch she’s been indebted to in her previous life.

“It’s an insult to the American system.”
“Yes, blasphemy.”
“I’m not fully familiar with Korean yet, so can I supplement the explanation in English?”
“Are you the type to speak your native language when you’re excited?”
“What did you say?!”

The place where she first met her was Beijing.
She was told at the time that she was attending college there.

Her second place was Wall Street.
I thought she became a Lumpang ace, but it turned out that she was a daughter of a noble family.

She didn’t know that she would be reunited with Rachel.
I was glad to see you, so I said hello.

‘Because fighting between me and him is greeting.’

In her previous life.
I don’t know what will happen in this life, but for now, I feel like it.

“Well, then can we start the lecture again…?”

Rachel’s intrusion made her stay.
The professor, who noticed, starts the lecture again.

“Can’t you shoot water rockets?”
“Ah, the lecture isn’t over.”
“But assistant sister is pretty.
“It’s fucking pretty…”

It was just a signal flare of war.

* * *

Department of Economics, Korea University.
One example event is attracting the attention of current students.

“Are you even insulting the Fed?”
“Yes, blasphemy.”
“It’s nothing but groundless defamation.”
“How many other bastards are not caught getting at least one member expelled each year for violating financial transactions?”

A fight between a famous nerd and a microeconomics assistant.
It’s not really a hit and run, it’s just an argument.

Still, many students are looking forward to it.
To the extent that I came to intuition even though it was not my class.

“As long as it’s what humans do, sometimes they can be swayed by their desires. It’s a system to prevent that.”
“It is arrogance that the system is perfect.”
“So far it’s been running well without any problems.”
“Aren’t you mistaken that there is no problem?”

It’s because the two people’s argument itself is fun.
As an economics student, I am interested.

“There are corrupt politicians in the US too.”
“Isn’t that what Mr. Ttorai said?”
“Looking at what the teaching assistant is talking about, it seems like she really exists…”

Economy close to reality.
As students, they naturally do not have a moment to experience.

Regardless of authenticity, it’s interesting.
Most of all, you don’t have to take classes.

“Look at Bill Catarina, you bastard. He grew up supported by a Japanese foundation and continues to be lobbied even after receiving a badge as a member of the National Assembly.
“Lobbying is legal in America.”
“Isn’t it affecting something separate from what’s legal? It’s putting artificial hands on the market, but it’s being influenced politically?”

It’s not just microeconomics.
Other economics majors are also bumping into each other every time.

Because professors hit SOS.
You are the only one who can stop that asshole.

‘I thought I’d get a chance…….’

As for Rachel, her feelings are complicated.
She didn’t know how soon she would be able to meet him.

Through these disputes.
As a result of mixing the words, I can understand why it is called Ttorai.

“Anyway, this argument is getting you in trouble.”
“You must be in trouble because you know better than the professor.”
“I’m just a teaching assistant in microeconomics.”
“Eww, it looks like Missy.”

He is arousing the opponent’s hostility by choosing a language that arouses dislike.

So it’s more of a concern
What was the purpose of coming to Korea in the first place?

“Good work! Let’s eat together at least once.”
“You can eat alone.”
“That’s right? We eat together in Korea. Hmm! Hmm!”

Was to meet him.
It’s not to please this old professor.

‘I was a professor of macroeconomics……. I’m glad I chose microeconomics.’

He himself is only a graduate student here.
He decided to live that way.

What was scheduled.
He became a story by finishing his master’s and doctoral courses in Asia.

‘Actually, I was thinking of China.’

It is an instruction that came down from the family.
Europe, South America, leader, Southeast Asia, Northeast Asia, etc.

Each will be dedicated to one region.
The region assigned to him was Northeast Asia.

‘Although there are also Japanese and Taiwanese ones.’

Japan’s growth has been stagnant for a long time.
Originally, the multiple should have been set lower, but it is holding out due to the artificial intervention of the Bank of Japan.

Taiwan has too much uncertainty.
As long as it does not speak out in the international community and is not recognized as a nation, its limits are clear.

According to the method of elimination, China and Korea remain.
It is true that there is no choice but to lean more towards China.

‘Just look at the trends in politics and finance.’

Send your children to China to study.
Trump also curses and sanctions China on the outside, but is famous for making the third generation study Chinese.

A country with high expectations for growth.
In keeping with such a trend, he himself tried to observe the local atmosphere by taking master’s and doctoral courses in China.

Tak, Tak!

Eventually, I came to Korea.
Meeting interesting people in the process of trading coins influenced my choice.

Korean dictionary
[Noun] Looking small. Or small spring.
[Noun] One of the old time systems, indicating 1:00 p.M. To 3:00 p.M.

‘Why did you call me Missy? Is this a Korean joke? Maybe it means something else…….’

The coin crisis ended sooner than expected.
I spent the rest of my time studying Korean.

Local level.
The instructor who taught her commented that, but she knows that the actual language is not that simple.

『King God Wiki』
An English word for a young woman
In Korean, it means a married woman, so it means ‘a married woman who looks like an unmarried woman’ (in appearance or fashion).

‘You mean English missy?!’

In English, it means just a lady.
In Korea, it had a slightly different meaning.

Outright sexual harassment.
Recalling the situation at the time, Rachel’s face flushes red.

‘Ji, this kind of sexual harassment in the middle of a serious talk…….’

It’s still a complex part.
Looks a little bit older

It was pointed out openly.
Also for those who care.

‘Is this how it comes out? Then I’ll rate you a bit.’

I thought she was very capable.
As a result of the background investigation, it led to certainty.

I couldn’t confirm it as much as personality.
But he wasn’t the one who said the wrong thing.


There was a blind spot.
It was a meaningful conversation from the academic perspective of economics.

Artificially adjusting interest rates has side effects.
Although I thought the current system was perfect.

‘Bill Katarina. I’ll have to report it for now.’

A person can be a hole.
Even though he was a rude man, it was an unforgettable first impression.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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The poor man thinks about what to eat every day. Rich people think about who to eat every day. “Stocks are like sex.” The easy and sex story of real compression stocks


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