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Because I Live in the US 166

Because I Live in the US 166

Chapter 166 – The Reunion of Destiny

New semester.
It was a start that couldn’t have been more enjoyable.

“Aren’t you shooting water rockets these days?”
“What do you do when you shoot? Every time you shoot, it gets blocked.”

Until that year appeared.
I hear the students’ voices whispering.


When I got into a fight with my professors.
He shows up as if he’s been waiting and gives a free defense.

Thanks to this, the professors were able to live.
The atmosphere in the classroom is bound to change.

“I don’t.”
“I must have been scared.”
“I’m afraid I’ll lose to the assistant.”

Atmosphere tends to change quickly.
The number of kids trying to stick to that bitch increased.

‘No, I’m risking my life to do that shit!’

Of course high
Good things can happen when a student turns up against a professor.

It’s about accepting it and doing it.
It is ambiguous to do anything when there is such an obstruction.


It may be necessary to reorganize the board to accommodate students.
Are you trying to make the already complicated mind more complicated?

“Today, I am giving a lecture instead of the professor. Please support me even if it is not enough.”

The year appears.
Like a microeconomics assistant, he was shaking his microscopic hips.

‘Am I going to pick a bitch like Missy in the first place?’

Of course, it is also the job of a teaching assistant.
Sometimes lectures are conducted on behalf of the professor.

Usually, it is limited to teaching assistants with full time.
Even the students don’t like it very much.

“We wish you well!”
“I love you, teaching assistant!”
“Nunna die!”

It was different with Rachel.
It seems that the fight with me came with a good impression.

‘And the looks too.’

Of course there are influences.
Even if you say the same thing, trust goes up when someone with an outstanding appearance speaks.

Appearance doesn’t matter
I’ve never met anyone who said that and really didn’t care.

“Then let’s proceed with the lecture right away…”
“Are you talking about me?”
“We don’t know about you, but I think it’s too early to hold a lecture.”
“That’s right!”
“That’s right!”

I am curious more than anything.
It would be even more strange if you weren’t interested in a beauty with blonde hair.

Itaewon is not an alley.
It’s korea
International students are not uncommon, but they are bound to stand out.

“What am I supposed to do? I’m not used to Korean culture yet…”
“That’s it!”
“We’ll teach you!”
“How can you speak Korean so well?”

Korean is fluent.
Knowledge also seems extraordinary.
Doesn’t seem like an ordinary person.

‘There’s something I taught you in bed.’

It was a speaking lecture centered on Fuck me and Fuck me.
It doesn’t seem like the result of that constant effort has blossomed.

“Do I speak Korean well?”
“It looks like a real Korean!”
“Woman Tyler.”
“I came from the United States after studying, but I still have a lot of shortcomings, so please forgive me if I’m wrong.”

Love of learning.
If it was Rachel, it would be enough.
Her language brain is pretty good, and speaking Korean is not difficult.

‘Have you ever met a Korean man?’

And the easiest way to learn a language is through love.
If that’s the case, everything up until now makes sense.

“What did you do in America?”
“I was a student like you.”
“Where did you go to college?”
“Where is the university, where is the university!”
“I graduated from Harvard’s Department of Economics.”

It’s a strange body to leave it alone.
It’s even weirder when you shake your lustful ass and the man doesn’t twist you.

‘It’s strange that I came to Korea so suddenly.’

There is no law that it will be 100% the same as what I know as the past.
I know this because I am in the world of investing.

What if I am collecting?
From that moment on, the forces are divided into world lines that they noticed and world lines that they didn’t notice.

Rachel’s choice could also be different.
To the world line where I dated a Korean man other than myself.

“Do you have a boyfriend?”

That is quite possible.
Aside from that, it’s true that I’m curious.
A student without notice asks directly.

‘It’s not a regular question.’

Ulta is also a rite of passage that students must go through.
How will Rachel react?

“Does it have anything to do with the class?”
“To know about Sam…”
“Then please limit yourself to my personal questions.”
“Do you know the limit?”
“Wow, he’s just Korean.”
“The Korean patch has become Hancom Office.”

It was grave.
You’re not coming this far
Ordinary students would be able to pass this skillfully.


I see it in my eyes.
I can be sure of this because I have chewed, bit, tasted, and eaten Rachel.

The brow flinched.
When I heard something I didn’t like or when I was embarrassed, I used to react like that.

“What is it?”
“Do you have anything to point out in my lecture?”

I was watching her quietly.
He suddenly speaks to me as if he was concerned about my gaze.

‘I’m a tsundere. And it’s not like advertising.’

If you’re going to ignore it, you’ll ignore it, but it’s annoying.
It is a year that has a difficult personality.

“You haven’t heard anything yet?”
“If you don’t have one, I’ll start class as is. If you have something to say, please raise your hand.”

I have very high self-esteem.
I hate losing to others.
Because of its lofty personality, men do not approach it.

‘Because I’m down.’

A woman who is too proud is surprisingly not popular.
She didn’t live an idle life enough to date herself.

Is it like that in this life too?
It’s not 100%, but I’m getting more and more confident about it.

“Teacher sister is so pretty…”
“Your body is fucking crazy.”
“Isn’t it a hidden camera? How did such a pretty assistant sister come?”
“Today, I’ll have to be satisfied with Western food.”

Male students are watching with saliva drooling.
Every time that happens, the brow twitches a little indistinctly.

‘I think I’m still right.’

Then you can use

* * *

“Yes. Yes, yes. I understand. Then it’s been dealt with… Yes?”

Rachel is living her graduate school life in Korea.
But she is not purely academic.

She sends a report once a month.
The reason why they came all the way to Northeast Asia in the first place is to understand the dynamics here.

〈It’s true that Congressman Bill Katarina has a problem.〉
“So it is.”
〈 Perhaps appropriate action will be taken. About 6 months after the evidence is gathered.〉

The better the content of her report, the higher the evaluation of Rachel herself.
When viewed in that sense.

‘Looks like they have a helpful side.’

The argument with Chan-wook was meaningful.
The points he pointed out were worth considering at least once.

Bill Katarina as well.
Being on the leash of a politician is a great income for a family that controls the political and business world.

〈 I wondered why he chose that small country…… , I’m sure you’ll do just fine.〉
“Thank you for your trust. We will not disappoint you.”

The phone hangs up quickly.
Calls should be kept short, less than one minute, considering the possibility of eavesdropping.

Pounding! Pounding!

Still, Rachel’s heart beats.
His expression is the same poker face as usual.

‘I’m sure I’m doing well, Grandpa.’

Not a common route.
There is no one to compare with, not even to rely on.

All you can do is build them one by one.
So it’s nice to be recognized.

She’s on her way right.
Because it’s the only way to recognize that fact.

“Where are you going, assistant sister?”
“Hello. The professor has something to tell you.”

I am also adapting to life in Korea.
Students greet each other first.

‘I have to do it too, but it’s still hard.’

Even in America, human relations were not good.
What to do in faraway Korea.

“When will you teach again?”
“At that time, the professor had a seminar…”
“Do it again!”
“Honestly, I think I teach better than my professor.”

Fortunately, the local people are kind.
Learning Korean in advance is also a big help.

‘In some way, this must be thanks to him.’

Learning Korean.
It made me come to Korea to study.
It cannot be said that it is not Chan-wook’s influence.

I didn’t know that his personality was so different, but his ability itself exceeded expectations.
Although it is an individual, the funds are being called at a rapid pace.

‘Maybe I was wearing too many colored glasses.’

Sometimes there are people like that.
Even though they are very angular in their personality, they are recognized as one with their abilities.

It is surprisingly common in Wall Street or Silicon Valley.
Trump and Nylon Musk are prime examples.

It’s not even the kind that doesn’t communicate.
If you talk a little more, you might be able to find a point of contact.

‘Of course, it’s a story when it’s worth it.’

The moment that got me interested.
If it’s talent, it’s to scout.
Hiring people from that country is the easiest way to attack that country.

Maybe even more.
If you show the skills you showed during the coin crisis, you might be able to work on Wall Street.

‘There’s no need to overestimate it unnecessarily.’

It’s not that the bad feelings are completely off.
You have to at least get an apology, and you have to surrender to yourself in order for the story to progress.

“Where are you going in such a hurry?”

Suddenly, I met the culprit.
I was shocked, but soon kept my poker face as usual.

‘He’s still a rude person.’

He appeared without any pretense of popularity and was spitting out a snarky sound.
The moment I was about to give it a good rating.

“If you have time, talk to me for a minute.”
“Because I’m not free.”
“Didn’t I say whenever I had something to say?”

It tells an unexpected story.
It’s also a polite attitude unlike in the lecture.

‘What…… , Isn’t it?’

Curiosity arises.
He may have had thoughts, as he had thought of them.

After thinking about it, Rachel decides to grant his request.
Because there’s nothing I can’t give you for a moment.

“I don’t know what the story is, but quickly…”
“Can you look over there for a second?”

An empty classroom with no one in it.
As Chan-wook tells you, look in the direction of the blackboard.

Nothing is written
The placement of nearby objects is also the same as seen before.

Are you trying to make fun of yourself?
Stupid, Rachel turned her head again.


Experience her first kiss

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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