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Because I Live in the US 150

Because I Live in the US 150

Chapter 150 – Corruption

Ant Investment & Securities 3rd Trading Team.

“Sell Ohsung Bio? Why?”
“It’s not Nandle. It’s black because it’s black.”

There are up to 5 trading teams, and each team has a different field.
Team 1 is forex, team 2 is single, and team 3 is.

‘If it’s like this, I’ve been struggling in vain.’

I am in charge of long-term investments.
It is to look at the market trend for a long time and accumulate the quantity.

“Even Ohsung Electronics said to buy it.”
“No, really why?”
“I went through a lot of hard work to sell it…”

Recently, the three teams sold Ohsung Electronics and bought Ohsung Biologics.
We were progressing step by step towards our goal.

A strange order came from the upper level.
Please do the opposite of what you have been doing so far.

‘Do you know the scene and give instructions?’

It is not as simple as simply hitting the buy button.
If that’s the case, I wouldn’t even use a trader.

Market forces take notice.
If the purpose is revealed, a few percent loss may occur.

A few percent of that amount is tens of billions of won.
Pressing the rewind button means accepting the loss.

“Stop talking and do your job.”
“Doesn’t it make sense to think of the team leader?”
“If you want to achieve results, move to Team 2. I’ll write you a letter of recommendation.”

Before that, it’s like fuck.
I did everything I was told to work hard, and then overturned again.

‘Just do what you’re told.’

This is something that cannot be said about ordinary employees.
I only found out after I became a team leader.

Linkage between securities companies.
If you join forces, you can easily play one or two sports.

“Full purchase of Ohsung Electronics!”
“Sell Ohsung Biologics!”

Distort the market.
Other securities companies also cooperate with Ant Investment Securities.

‘I have to kill the buying psychology.’
‘The ants mustn’t notice.’

Because they were all thinking the same thing.
Benefit from a long-term perspective.

Of course, ants are not stupid either.
It doesn’t shake enough that the rise is a little slow.

[Event Discussion Room− Ohsung Electronics]
─As expected Ohsung Electronics!
─Director Yuan Yeom said that the bear market is about choosing a jade.
─DRAM prices continue to rise
─Look at Ohsung Biologicshaha

When it comes to downtrends, the story is different.
After a short-term rebound, the stock market goes down again.

But the atmosphere is different from last time.
Ohsung Electronics shareholders are very friendly.

─As expected Ohsung Electronics!
The KOSPI is down 7% right now.
Ohsung Electronics is not even half of that.
Institutions and foreigners continue to buy

└ This is why I buy Ohsung Electronics ^^
└When rebounding, go up first
└ I see it as just a bank~ I put in 1 million won steadily every month.
└ I’m stir-frying Jujura Ham at Ohsung Electronics

It is inevitable that stock prices will go down in a down market.
Because the market is running out of money.

Less of that
Oman Electronics is being maintained through aggressive buying by institutions.

─DRAM prices continue to rise
[An article about the rise in DRAM prices.News]
What is the main export product of Ohsung Electronics?
Hand phone?
No, it’s a semiconductor
The price of those semiconductors is rising
If the market is bad right now, that’s what institutions want.

└ And this is why institutions live.
└ Thank you for the advanced information, sir
└ I can’t sell it because I don’t have semiconductors
└ I am buying more. I’m going to carry up to 70,000 electrons

What is the reason.
Positive interpretations line up.

The stock has room to spare.
There is room in the hearts of shareholders as well.

[Discussion Room – Ohsung Biologics]
─Has this company gone bankrupt?
─Those who bought it because the profit and loss center recommended ithaha
─Is it wrong that I told you to sell Ohsung Bio?
─Bio companies originally have high PER

The opposite is also true.
Shareholders of Ohsung Biologics are bound to go into a frenzy.

─Has this company gone bankrupt?
The index fell only 7%.
He’s almost doubled down.
Is there anything wrong with the company?

└ You buy
└ Living with ants is the biggest bad news
└So why buy Ohsung Electronics?
└Biojuice is basically a bubble

The rebound was sluggish.
In a down market, losses are even greater.

When stock prices are not good, thoughts become gloomy.
Existing bad things seem bigger.

─Is it wrong that I told you to sell Ohsung Bio?
There are so many bad things, but I ignored them.
You are the only fool who buys a company with a PER of 150.

└ Was this company’s PER so high?
└I don’t earn anything, but if the stock price is high, it’s obvious what will happen
└ That’s why I sold it long agohaha
└ I bought it because a profit and loss account recommended it.

No matter how much you believe in this company, it is shaken when the stock price goes down.
That’s the human mind.

An atmosphere of fear is forming.
Although there are some sober investors.

─Bio companies originally have high PER
The average PER is 100
However, since the Ohsung Group promoted it, it was evaluated more highly for its growth potential.
People who don’t know why keep talking about PER

└ But why did the stock price go down?
└If the company is that good, you should buy it.
└ If your PER is 150, you have to earn 150 years, you fool!
It says └?

I can’t get over it.
It is a bear market that can make even strong shareholders anti.

The account is negatived in real time.
If you keep your sanity, that’s even weirder.

‘This is an ant.’

Lee Tae-ho, head of headquarters, is looking at us with a hearty smile.
Jongtobang is also frequently inspected by institutions.

This is because it directly reflects the individual’s psychology.
My mentality is already half broken.

Downtrend + further collapse.
The plan they were aiming for is working as it is.

‘If I shake it like this for about two weeks, it will become a perfect ant eater.’

No need to get down any further.
Just shaking it up and down can annihilate the buying sentiment.

What if you post a bad article?
No matter how strong you are, you want to sell stocks.

That’s an ant.
The person they followed and trusted so much will be seen again.

─Those who bought it because the profit and loss center recommended ithaha
If you have a head, think about it!
If the stock really goes up 100%, only you can make a lot of money. Did you teach me that?

└ I’m not an expert in the first place, I’m just talking
└ You should have bought Ohsung Electronics, a liquor recommended by Yeombli.
└ I thought he would be different from Mr. Joo, but in the end he’s the same guy……
└ But don’t you earn a lot of money?
This comment has been deleted due to accumulating reports.

There is no more refreshing and comfortable way than turning it to someone.

He blamed Manager Yeom for the fall of Ohseong Electronics.
Ohsung Biologics can do the same.

‘You are no exception.’

It comes out very infrequently.
Guys who say they’re doing the right thing in their own way.

Every time I step on it carefully.
That’s what the market is all about.

The weak are eaten by the strong.
If you don’t know that fact, no matter how well you analyze stock prices.

‘It’s a frog in the well, kid.’

I have a feeling that I made the situation a little bigger.
It was a serious matter that had to be done.

The amount to be handed over to the ants is not about tens of trillions.
This grand plan must be carried out.

It is nothing to be ashamed of, as it is also stepping on the buds of the future.
There shouldn’t be stocks for ants in Korea.

* * *

Institutional mischief.
It’s one of the scenarios that I was fully anticipating.

‘Originally, the stock market eats money for money.’

Value investing?
I am not interested in such monotonous trading methods.

『US ISM Manufacturing Index』
2018/02/02 60.8
[Graph that I’ve been working on for about 2 years.Jpg]

The market is a battle between Seon-Young Sun.
Global trends are already pointing in the next direction.

‘DRAM price? Operating profit? It’s not the era to see things like that.’

The ISM manufacturing index exceeded 60.
The end of the semiconductor cycle may not be far away.

It is enough that the possibility arises.
The merits of Ohsung Electronics fall short for foreigners.

─Foreigners are slaughtering!
Double Kill!
The agency has put an end to the foreigner’s ant massacre!

Now, the institution is holding up hard.
But how long will that really last?

‘And if Ohsung Electronics collapses, where will the money go?’

Only those who make predictions make money.
It’s a fight that for me is only a matter of time.

* * *

Ant Investment Securities.
The 3 trading teams, which had been peaceful, were on fire.

‘I’m supporting the ants below the average level…….’

Team leader Jeong Jae-woo is sweating profusely.
Ohsung Electronics continues to move sideways.

Institutions working together.
Although that was the trading strategy that was originally established.

─Foreigners are running amok!

An unexpected variable has occurred.
The selling force of foreigners is getting stronger day by day.

More than twice as many as expected.
At this rate, even if you hedge, the loss is astronomical.

“Chief, I don’t think it’s a problem that I can handle on my own.”

There is a connection between Korean securities companies.
Crawfish is convenient.
Collaborating behind the scenes to move the market.

‘Why aren’t these foreigners cooperating!’

But foreign institutions don’t have that.
The guys who do the same business don’t keep the commercial morals.

Todok, tok!

Lee Tae-ho quickly makes contact.
I called the person in charge and tried to resolve it in a good way.

“I would like you to reduce the selling price on Ohsung Electronics. Let’s pass the supply to the ants slowly over time, right?”
“Ni Emi.”

There was no reason not to pick up blind money.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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