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Because I Live in the US 149

Because I Live in the US 149

Chapter 149 – Corruption

Even in the ruins swept away by war, buds are bound to sprout.

[Event Discussion Room− Ohsung Electronics]
─Nasdaq rises for 3 consecutive trading days!
─Foreigners and institutions are finally net buyershaha
─Thank you for your hard work. It’s steamed up
—I knew the words to live in fear……

Stock market crashed.
It is showing signs of rebounding again.
At first, doubts are bound to prevail.

─Foreigners and institutions are net buyers of 300 billion wonhaha
[Today’s trading trend of Ohsung Electronics.Jpg]
Wow what happened today?
After selling it for a while, I finally

└You can’t just whip it, so give it a carrot
└ This is ant baiting
└ I rolled it up like this last time toohaha
└The Fed continues to raise interest rates, give up hope

It’s because you’ve been right all along.
The owner who used to beat me all the time suddenly treats me well?

I’m afraid that the next day, I’ll spread it with soybean paste and bake it.
But if it goes on and on.

─Nasdaq rises for 3 consecutive trading days!
The field line has also risen by more than 1%.
If I do well today, I might recover the 2500 line.

└ What is Yaseon?
Author− A gift for the night. You can see the predicted KOSPI price after the market!
└ I hope Oman Electronics recovers too.
└ Ohsung Electronics Gazua!!

Thoughts gradually change.
The fear I’ve been feeling feels like a memory of the past.

The purchasing perspective is also different.
Come to think of it, I think I’ve heard of it somewhere.

—I knew the words to live in fear……
My hand didn’t go up
I’m 50 this year, but I think I’m a long way from the stock market.
I respect the seniors who made money in the horror field ^^

└You are Jurin. I should have bought it when I was scared.
└ Ohsung Electronics is the stock that went up when everyone was gloomy and having a hard time
└ End of bad news! There’s only one thing left to do now
└ Watch Manager Yeom’s broadcast. Give you the answer

Buy when everyone says no!
The time we call ‘fear’ has come.

Is there anything left to do now?
It adds confidence to the hope circuit of such ants.

Daily News− 「KOSPI rebounds with foreign and institutional twins… IT stock strength」
The Korea Times− 「DRAM prices continue to rise in the second quarter… Ohsung Electronics anticipation ↑”
Fact News− 「Stock market “Ohsung Electronics opens the era of 70,000 electronics with record-high performance”」

A market that only threw bad news.
Good news suddenly pours out.
In the news articles that individuals see every day.

Can’t help but shake
In situations that change one by one, you will even hear the opinions of experts.

〈 I really recovered as Director Yeom said. Oman Electronics! 〉
Look at 〈. You just need to buy a good company, work for a living after being bitten by it. Those who are shaken because the stock price has gone down a little will not last long.〉

− I love you, Yeombli!
−Thanks to Director Yeom, I was able to endure it ㅠㅠ
−It is the hardest thing to just buy and wait.
−Aren’t you making it long?
Loyalty jipginim has been forced out!

Humans are oblivious animals.
I don’t even remember the recent bear market.

Rather, it is perceived as an ‘opportunity’.
Look at the rapidly rising stock market.

〈Anyway, everyone must have suffered a lot, but I’m glad I came up like this. Congratulations again. Now, the next stock company report…….〉

−Congratulations to the shareholders of Ohsung Electronics!
−As time goes on, I hate myself for doubting what Manager Yeom always says.
−From now on, I will only trust Manager Yeom unconditionally!
−70,000 electrons Gazua~

I feel like I’m being left out.
The buying sentiment of the ants rises again.

“Currently, the Nasdaq is entering a short-term rebound. The interpretation of a bear market rally is strong, but…”

Without knowing that it is a sweet temptation.
Securities companies are rationally analyzing the current situation.

Ant Investment Securities.
A team leader meeting is held.
Kim Seung-hyun, the team leader of the 1st intelligence team, reports to PPL.

“A bear market rally is a short-term uptrend, right?”
“Yes, it is. A US interest rate hike is scheduled for March, and the consensus is that the Fed will maintain a strong stance going forward. This is reflected in the FOMC’s dot plot and FedWatch.”

The stock market has fallen too much recently.
If there is a crash in a short period of time, there is no choice but to structurally rebound.

‘Because futures speculators will have to take the opposite position.’

Director Lee Tae-ho nods his head at the contents of the report.
There is definitely an impact from the futures market.

If you bought −, you should buy + and liquidate.
However, as long as it goes down, + becomes rare in the market.

So I deliberately make a rebound.
That is the identity of what is called a ‘technological rebound’.

“Foreigners are also buying futures. It is our team’s opinion that this is not a full-fledged rebound signal.”
“Team 2 agrees.”

Trading department in charge of practice.
There is no difference between the first team and the second team.
They are sensitive to the flow of the stock market.

‘In the end, a bear market is coming again.’

It’s not something you can do as you please.
It is impossible to control the large flow.

Is the global market moving like that?
If you insist, you will only see damage.

“I think it’ll be okay to hand over the supplies to the ants while posting favorable news articles? As usual.”
“Information Team 2 has already started working.”

However, it can twist in small streams.
What have you been working on the most lately?

‘Yes, I have to dispose of Ohsung Electronics.’

Various bad things are piled up.
When Ohsung Electronics is performing well, it is a good time to pass it on.

There was a problem with that grandiose plan.
One intruder appeared.

“Trading 3 teams are collecting as scheduled. But one thing bothers me…”
“There are a lot of ants coming into Ohsung Biologics? I know there are no good news articles.”

A bear market is also an opportunity for rebalancing.
If there is something to sell, there is also something to buy.

Sell ​​Ohsung Electronics.
The goal is to transfer money to Ohsung Biologics.

‘It must be because of that bastard…….’

What the 3rd trading team leader is saying.
Lee Tae-ho knows this very well.

Just an intruder
It appears out of nowhere and pushes Ohsung Biologics.

“The intelligence team made no mistakes.”
“But I’m actually buying it.”

That was the part I was working on.
Let the ants stop losing Ohsung Biologics.

Daily News− 「Ohsung Biologics surpassed KRW 300,000… Controversy over ‘overrated’
The Korea Times− 「Ohsung Biologics PER 150x… Experts ‘recommended underweight’」
Fact News− 「Ohsung Biologics ranked No. 1 in stock price compared to last year’s earnings」

Post a scary article.
Then the scared ants usually sell it.

‘Rather, the ants are buying more.’

Profit and loss.
Because of his bombshell remarks.
At this rate, the plan may be affected.

“Oh, so that’s what happened.”
“I didn’t know it wasn’t under our jurisdiction. We were only responding on a regular basis.”

Are you only a baby ant?
Originally, it was something I wouldn’t even pay attention to.

‘There are more followers than I thought.’

But it takes a step forward.
If Ohsung Biologics really rises like this.


You will have more followers.
The impact on the market may not be negligible.

‘It would be better to step on it firmly this time.’

It has the power to do so.
It teaches us that it is not a market that one ant can do anything about.

* * *

Stock market.
From the outside it doesn’t look that easy.

‘I think I’ll just have to wait.’

Why would you drown and die?
If you just hold on to the tube, the rescue team will come.

It is not so.
The thought that I will die if I am in the middle of the Pacific Ocean takes precedence.

『Ohsung Electronics』
KRW 51,500 ▲ KRW 600 (+1.17%)
[Graph falling and then rising.Jpg]

Is this really the right decision?
It becomes impossible to think rationally.
Even if you have 100% certain information.

‘Ohsung Electronics is climbing rather well.’

Ohsung Electronics.
It is a stock full of bad news.
No one will ever want to own it.

Ohsung Biologics is brisk.
It is also a company pushed by the Ohsung Group.

『Ohsung Biologics』
KRW 316,500 ▼ KRW 1,500 (−0.47%)
[Graph still sluggish despite the rebound.Jpg]

Strangely, the stock price is sluggish.
I don’t understand when you look at it rationally.

‘That’s why a bear market is difficult.’

To keep one’s point of view.
This is because institutions continue to fake them.

There is an unusual market intervention.
For me, of course, it’s something to consider.

[Korea Stock Gallery]
─If you don’t want to lose a profit or loss, throw it awayhaha
─I’m going to buy Ohsung Electronics
─The entire universe protects Oman Electronics?
─It’s hard to make money, this suckshaha

For ordinary investors, it may be different.
It’s just the outcome, not the process.

─If you don’t want to lose a profit or loss, throw it awayhaha
[Photo of a frog holding a bamboo spear.Jpg]
Ohsung Bio Logics Saramae Chew !!

└ I really bought this kidhaha
└You who believed in me are an idiot
└ Profit and loss account opening
└Ohsung Electronics Sara 70,000 electrons go

‘This is why the stock market is fun.’

When you express your opinion, it affects the market.
Intentional market distortions occur.

Anticipating that was my trading strategy.
I’ve already thought of how to respond.

─The buy order has been filled.

Make a full purchase

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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