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Because I Live in the US 148

Because I Live in the US 148

Chapter 148 – Corruption

Chilled atmosphere.
Sora deserves to be straight.

“Are you on a trip with a young couple?”
“Yes, Grandpa.”
“Oh, I must have come a long way, but I’m going to go eat something delicious! The Kim family’s seafood kalguksu cannot be so delicious with this grandfather’s recommendation!”
“Okay. I’ll definitely go there.”

So when I got out of the car, a local resident walked by and talked to me.
A work vest, sleeveless shirt, and a towel around the neck.

He is a farmer even if he pretends to be.
As soon as he sees me and Sora, he greets me in a friendly way.

‘Timing Regeno.’

The downside is that you talk a little too much.
But he listens with a smile until the end.

It’s scary to change the grandfather.
Sora freezes cold.

“In your eyes, does that grandfather look like a parasite?”
“No, that’s not it…”
“That’s right. I must have misunderstood the person.”

No, I said it too openly.

It is true that this is a bit too extreme.

“I know that seniors talk a lot, and I know that they only care about money. But aren’t there things that people should and shouldn’t say?”
“That’s right.”
“If you want to be treated like a human being.”

It’s been a while since I went back to when we first met.
It’s scary to be determined and angry.

‘It’s not that kind of contemplation.’

Scary sister
I said Lumpang Ace, but all the people who do that kind of look have a bad temper.

“Listen. This is because there is a systemic problem…”
“Before that, apologize first.”

I am very angry.
The water was drained and the service was good until just now.

Wrapped her hand around Sora’s waist.
Tak right away! Hit the back of the hand until it hurts.

‘I have no choice but to show it myself.’

Why did you make such a radical expression?
You can tell right away when you go to the site.

“It’s a pretty field. So what is it?”
“Can’t you feel what’s wrong?”
“I’m not a farmer.”
“It’s too small.”

It is time for new seedlings to sprout.
The wide field is already dyed green.

‘It’s a sight to see why the earth is the mother of life.’

In the eyes of an ordinary person who has lived in the city all his life, it seems extraordinary.
How could humans cultivate such a large land?

“Is this small?’
“I’ve heard that places like the US are huge, but I think it’s wide enough.”

But is this small?
It’s just that I can’t understand it.
America is America, Korea is Korea.

‘Actually, America is normal.’

And Korea is strange.
There are surprisingly many people who do not know this fact.

“You know that story. If you get lost in an American cornfield, you have to stay still.”
“Because waiting for the rescue team to come is the only way to survive.”

No matter how much you walk, you get stuck in an endless corn field.
Everywhere I look, there is only corn, so I can’t find my way.

If you get lost in the cornfield maze, don’t panic and stay calm.
We send a rescue team to the cornfield every Thursday morning.
2/3 of the personnel are rescued.

There are signs like this.
It is not a range that can be searched by manpower, but a helicopter must be launched.

‘It’s not an exaggerated story.’

It’s like an internet myth.
In fact, every mile there is a road that the farm equipment moves, and you can escape by following the road all the way.

“Still, it’s true that you have to walk a mile to see the escape route.”
“Then the yield will be enormous.”
“Now do you understand?”

There is no better way to convince the size.
Even people who have never been to an American cornfield can imagine it.

‘Pyeong, m² I don’t use things like this. The basic unit is acres.’

About 1,224 pyeong.
Or write hectares, which are 3025 pyeong.
It’s ridiculous to say that it’s the same farmhouse.

“Do you know why our country is not as good as America?”
“Because the land is small.”
“No. Because the country didn’t allow it.”

They produce agricultural products on such a large piece of land.
A company, not an individual.

Article 121 of the Constitution of the Republic of Korea
① The State shall endeavor to achieve the principle of tillage in relation to farmland, and the tenancy system of farmland shall be prohibited.
② Farmland leasing and consignment management for the purpose of improving agricultural productivity and rational use of farmland or for unavoidable circumstances are recognized as prescribed by law.

In Korea, that is impossible.
It’s because the high-ranking people have blocked it by the constitution.

‘For any market to develop, competition must occur.’

Only individuals are hitting and banging.
They lack the funds and capacity to bring in new technologies.

This is the reason why Korean agriculture is still staying in the conventional way.
Productivity cannot emerge.

“If you farm like Korea in the US, you’ll earn less than doing a part-time job? No, you won’t even get half of it.”
“Then how do farmers in our country make money?”
“You know better.”

Absurdly high prices.
This is the reason why the price of agricultural products in our country is inevitably expensive.

People buy it several times more expensive.
Even that is not enough, so the government is spreading taxes.

‘I suffered a loss diplomatically.’

Why don’t you guys open up agricultural products?
Hundreds of percent tariffs on foreign agricultural products.

Exceeded the number permitted by international law.
Loss elsewhere.

“It’s not only that. Farmers don’t change, so distributors don’t change either.”
“I’ve heard that our country’s distribution structure is a problem.”
“It’s not a moderately problematic level.”

Producer → Distributor in the production area → Wholesale market → Middle wholesaler → Retailer → Consumer.
Go through steps 5-7.

‘The price doubles or triples in this process.’

It’s expensive though.
Even farmers and distributors don’t make a lot of money by buying this.

“Who makes the money?
“No one earns it.”
“You’re just throwing money on the ground.”

Consumers buy expensive.
Farmers can’t even make a profit.
Distributors also worry about their daily livelihood.

‘There’s no such thing as comedy because this kind of stupid thing is being done on a national scale.’

The industrial structure that should have disappeared 100 years ago is still going on.
Originally, it had to be weeded out by the principles of capitalism.

“But why…….”
“Why, why? Didn’t I see you at the shareholders’ meeting?”
“Because they are protesting on a fictional day like that.”

Can’t touch it carelessly
There is a frame called the socially underprivileged, so if you touch it, you become a bad person.

〈 A grain of rice is a drop of the farmer’s sweat. You have to scrape it off and eat it!〉

This is typical gaslighting.
Whether the farmer sweats or the machine drips oil, it’s the same rice.

‘That’s all to protect their interests.’

It is true that companies are bad.
But the interests of the country as a whole are no less.

“It’s none of anyone else’s business. From a consumer’s point of view, those people might look like real parasites.”
“We are consumers.”

Why should I pay and buy it several times!
No matter how much money a person has, it is bound to be a waste.

‘Even more so in terms of economic structure.’

This is also the reason for the low food self-sufficiency rate in Korea.
It is expensive and productivity is low.

It is also a threat to food security.
Although the way to solve this is actually simple.

“I told you from the beginning. Just do it like the US.”
“Like America?”
“Even if you look at it globally, it’s rarer that an individual farms.”

Entrepreneurial farming.
Agricultural products imported into Korea, as well as common salmon, are all produced by companies.

‘If you look at market principles, that’s right.’

When a company does something, it raises productivity somehow.
Money is at stake, so they rush to death.

That’s how innovation happens.
Individuals are also affected and overall productivity increases.

There is no such competition in Korea.
Even if you fail anyway, the state compensates you, so you do what you do.

“What do I gain by swearing at them?”
“It’s not because they want to do evil, but when you look at it systematically, those people are right.”

The price is borne by all citizens.
It is fixed and lives knowing that it is natural.

‘Actually, that’s the biggest problem.’

If you know it’s a problem, it will be fixed someday.
Few people know that it is a problem.

Even a cow with hind legs is dumbfounded.
The expression on his face also came back.

“You should have said that from the beginning.”
“You didn’t give me a chance to speak.”
“I’m not going to apologize…”

Inflate the ball.
I want to leave it in the mountains of Gangwon-do.

‘If it’s Sora, hitchhiking would be enough.’

If you just shake the bread, you will be able to stop any car.

“If you are an ordinary Citizen A, you can prioritize the emotional aspect.”
“But you’re an investor. You’re not an ordinary Citizen A.”

Still immature
Only the chest was ripe, but the head was still blue.

‘I can do that enough.’

Things that can make you disagree.
There are definitely things more valuable than making money.

Still, I had to speak up.
It is also the reason why I am investing in Korea.

“I hope companies and systems change. Then stocks will rise a lot.”
“Are you trying to escape being bitten?”
“Yeah, maybe someday.”

Korea has low growth potential.
There are people who say that, but rather the opposite.

‘Even if I catch all the thieves in the country.’

Groundbreaking growth can be achieved.
It’s actually a miracle that it’s rolling into rescue now

It is neither business nor politics that can do that.
Only money is free from everything.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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