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Because I Live in the US 147

Because I Live in the US 147

Chapter 147 – Corruption

As an investor, it’s good to walk away from time to time.

‘I need something called a change of mood.’

Especially in a downtrend.
Most problems cannot be solved by worrying about them all day in front of a monitor.

“It is.”
“Because mentality plays a large part in stocks.”
“But you don’t have to come together, do you?”

Sora and I came to Sokcho, Gangwon-do.
It is a good option when you want to go abroad and want to go far away.

‘This area has a pretty promising future.’

It is also good from an investment point of view.
Even if you think that the beach is common because Korea is surrounded by the sea on three sides.

“The ideal place for a beach should have deep sea, fine sand, and clear sea water.”
“The East Sea is the only place where those three things are satisfied.”
“Oh, I see.”

All famous beaches are in the East Sea.
In other places, I usually go to eat seafood, not to bathe in the sea.

The water in the West Sea is muddy because of the water flowing from that country.
Namhae is a beach with pebbles, not sand.

‘Even in the East Sea, there are limited places that can become a beach.’

The East Sea is not a very good place for humans to enjoy.
The slope is steep, so even if you go in a little bit, your feet can’t reach it.

The Korea Times−「[Gangneung]East Coast Tourist Safety Accident Emergency」

So, in the old days, articles like this were a frenzy every summer.
These days, lifeguards are keeping their eyes open at every beach.

“Here in Sokcho is one of those few places. From here to Yangyang.”
“From a real estate investment point of view, that’s fine.”
“You know this because you come with your brother.”

An unreliable look.
But if I really didn’t want to come, I wouldn’t have come in the first place.

‘To be pierced or not to be pierced, to be pierced or not to be pierced, to be pierced or not, to be pierced or not, pierce, pierce, pierce. Isn’t this how it feels?’

It’s not that I don’t want to say Adah.
I just want to cover the place, atmosphere, and opponent.

1 car passed.
The 2nd car was divided according to what kind of memories were made here in Sokcho.

“Look at this, senior!”
“It’s fire.”
“It’s like a dick.”

I don’t know if I can just screw it up.
As soon as you come to the fish market, sex drips come out naturally.

‘It did look like a cock.’

Nopo side.
However, compared to me, there is a difference in size and circumcision.

“Are you seeing Gaebul for the first time?”
“It’s not the first time, but it’s amazing.”
“Touch it once. It’s even more amazing when you touch it.”

It’s not a look that women like.
Resembling a cock is a far cry from being likeable.

With a plop!

Merchant uncle.
He catches a dog from the aquarium and puts it on Sora’s hand.

If you are a normal woman, wow! Wow! Walks
Maybe Sora was like that a year ago.

“I don’t think it’s that gross when you think of it as a cock.”
“That’s a great twist.”
“Look at this. Water cannon jjiik!”
“Oh no, you can’t say that.”

It seems to be completely familiar.
I watch with great interest as she fires water when she presses her hand.

‘It’s probably not long before I put it in my mouth.’

I was going to eat lunch anyway.
If you come to the East Sea, you must eat seafood.

“Senior, this is not a cock, it’s a cock!”
“There are even bigger and thicker ones than the seniors!”
“Are you two like that?”

For some reason, I don’t think I will be able to eat sushi.
I feel the same way.

‘In Korea, together with squirt and gaebul, it is the signature dish of sushi.’

In fact, it is a high-end food ingredient overseas.
I can’t eat it because I don’t have jjang.

Abalone-like treatment.
You can eat such sea cucumber to your heart’s content.

“I’m going to eat as much as I want.”
“I couldn’t eat it before because it was disgusting, but I want to try it this time.”
“Do you want to eat your brother’s cock too?”

Along with sea cucumber and gaebul, I also buy abalone to eat as a main dish.
It is a specialty of the East Sea and tastes good.

He told me to eat a lot of conch and took more cock.
Seasonal squid was also served.


Take it to the restaurant and cook it right away.
Sora watches the grooming process with interest.

“Wow, when you cut it, a lot of blood and intestines come out.”
“Throw it all away and eat only the peel.”
“Will the senior cock be like that?”

Gaebul throws away all the internal organs.
The intestines of sea cucumbers are rather delicacies.

‘Why am I sick?’

Next, the abalone teeth are also trimmed.
Unfortunately, it was a male, not a female.

“Is that white stuff inside?”
“Ah, this is the intestines, but the testicles.”
“As a person, I mean Mr. Agi.”

The chef kindly explains.
If it was just semen, I would die.

‘It might suck on the other side.’

It is because of the instinct of breeding.
He leaves even seeds before he dies.

“Will seniors come out more than usual if they choke? I’m just curious.”
“Don’t ask about that.”

Feels good and looks good.
After being gloomy because of the lack of stocks, it seems like the taste of living is coming back on a trip.

Eventually, all the trimming is complete.
Since you paid for the table setting, all you have to do is eat deliciously.

“Is it tasty!”
“Don’t just eat cock, eat abalone and squid too.”

I’m glad it fits in your mouth.
It would have been difficult if he had said he wanted to suck the sea cucumber alive.

‘Sea cucumber is delicious.’

It is chewy and chewy.
The intestines are then placed on top of hot rice.


Top with egg yolk.
If you sprinkle sesame oil and seaweed and mix it, there is no rice thief.

“Don’t look at my cock again.”
“Whoops, don’t you like it?”
“Would you like it?”
“That’s why you shouldn’t sexually harass seniors.”

Sora puts on a triumphant expression.
They don’t seem to know that they’re protesting to be eaten.

‘I have to wander around to change my mood.’

The sentiment of investors who have bitten stocks.
Especially in the downtrend, you learn what it is like to die.

If you wait on the rise, you will go up.
In a downtrend, it is impossible to predict where the bottom will be.

“It’s nice. Coming to the sea like this.”

Have lunch and walk along the beach.
Sora’s long hair flutters in the strong sea breeze.

A picturesque landscape.
Since I keep my mouth shut, I feel like an actor in a movie.

“What is it? Are you a celebrity?”
“She’s not a celebrity. Her breasts are way too big.”
“That’s right.”

It deserves the attention of passers-by.
Especially men don’t know how to take their eyes off them.

‘It’s a winter sea, so it’s not a swimsuit.’

Winter has its own sensibilities.
Walking along the coastline will relieve your mood.

“It’s a pity it’s a day trip.”
“Did you want to go to bed with your brother?”
“I do not know.”

Get back in the car
Sora puts her cold hands inside my pants.

Squatting and touching
Don’t stand up right away because of the cold.

“There’s a dog fire here too.”
“It’s sea cucumber.”
“It’s the size of a dog? I like it because it’s warm.”

He looks at me with a mischievous smile.
It naturally leads to a kiss.

Jjook! Jjook!

Rougher than usual
A wild kiss that doesn’t care about saliva on the lips.

Hugs Sora tightly.
They feel each other’s body temperature in the narrow car.

‘Look at my body temperature.’

I only feel warm on my cock, but Sora feels warm all over her body.
It feels good just by holding it.

“Ah, it’s sea cucumber.”
“Go on.”
“Pervert. Who knows.”

It doesn’t mean that there are no passers-by, no matter how in the car.
Maybe he knew the thrill.

Clings tightly
The right hand holding it also moves faster.
Fully switched on.

Widely! Widely! Widely!

In a quiet car, only the rattling sounds resound.
The air is getting more and more humid.

‘Ah, good.’

It is filled with Sora’s pheromone.
Even the heavy mass of flesh pressing against her chest felt good.


Very high end service.
Sora’s eyes are strange.
She is as bizarre as a fairy who seduces men.


I sucked her lips as if I was going to suck the spirit.
At the same time, the left hand comes up to the neck.

‘I didn’t even want something like this.’

He definitely has the talent to become a Lumpang ace.
The moment I thought I had raised So-ra in a raunchy way.

She suddenly grabs her neck.
She stares straight at me as if proving it wasn’t a mistake.

Widely! Widely! Widely!

Her moving hand is intact.
Her body responds honestly even in situations where she is out of breath.

“Wow, wow! It comes out a lot. Senior, look at this!”
“Oh, sorry.”

Only then did he let go of her hand, which was strangling her neck.
I feel it at the same time as I take a deep breath.

Feeling my life draining out.
Something warm gushed out from the lower part.

All the way!

As if feeling sorry, Sora wiped it with sincerity.
Knead all the way to the balance inside and squeeze.

“It’s burnt again.”
“I’m sorry. You know it’s a joke, right?”

Service kiss.
He touches the objects that leave an aftertaste while making them.

‘I wonder if that fish felt like this earlier.’

Pull it out coolly and continue your journey.
The beach looks familiar.

“Do you know what that is?”
“What is it?”
“Sea Cucumber Farm.”
“Oh sleep!”

A long, square one floats in the sea.
It is a farm for raising sea cucumbers.

Mountains of Gangwon-do.
It is a matter of course that the primary industry is developed.

‘Because there must be a place where the things we eat are produced.’

Let’s take a car and go a little further. It’s also in the mountains.
Rice fields are scattered in the mountains and fields.

“Why again?”
“Thank you for today. Did you bring me here because I was depressed?”

There are flower fields all over Sora’s head.
Certainly it is deserving of such an illusion.

‘When will I be able to grow old?’

Of course, it wasn’t because of that.
It is an extension of yesterday’s shareholders’ meeting.

“What do you think of these rural people?”
“That’s respectful.”
“Thanks to them, we can eat rice and fish…”

Farmers and fishermen produce.
Merchants make a profit by selling them.

They are the ones who support our normal daily life.
Those people are being exploited by corporations.

‘Manipulating even the shareholders’ meeting.’

I can’t help but think that companies are bad.
It even feels like a social evil at first glance.

“Then what is it?”
“It’s a parasite in Korea.”

The palms must meet to make a sound.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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The poor man thinks about what to eat every day. Rich people think about who to eat every day. “Stocks are like sex.” The easy and sex story of real compression stocks


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