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Because I Live in the US 146

Because I Live in the US 146

Chapter 146 – General Meeting of Shareholders

Shareholders’ meeting.
As the highest decision-making body of a stock company, it is a place where general shareholders can participate in the management of the company.

“I am Seong Hyun-joon, the chairman. I declare the opening of the regular shareholders’ meeting of the 47th Ttukbaegi.”

It is commonly known as such.
If the shareholders gather and make a loud noise, the company will not be able to ignore it.

“You must be in a lot of trouble today?”
“Look at the performance of the earthen pot. Looking at the earnings shock even though the recent economy has been good…”

You have to experience it to know what reality is like.
Sora held up her pamphlet handed out at the entrance and started talking.

‘They think this is going to be a place for some managerial judgment.’

In reality, it’s not like that at all.
Even if I don’t have to explain it in detail, you will understand it when you see it.


A person who attended the general meeting of shareholders.
Suddenly, he raises his hand and asks the chairman to speak.

“Look! Recently, the earthenware pot has been completely broken, and even the strongest pitcher is leaking brain water?”

Sora’s words make sense.
Because sometimes there are juju who sharpen knives.

‘By the way. I wonder if these guys have been running the company for a day or two.’

I couldn’t have seen such a person for a day or two.
They are also perfectly prepared to deal with it.

“Thank you infinitely for giving me the first say. I want to applaud the executives and staff for their hard work in the midst of difficult conditions.”

It deserves a hook floating above Sora’s head.
The atmosphere is very different from what I thought.

“Since you know everything about performance, why don’t you quickly pass it on?”
“Ah, I heard the good words of our shareholders! If it is your opinion, I will do it.”

Shareholders are very company-friendly.
I don’t know if it’s for the shareholders or for the company.

‘Because it’s the Truman Show.’

It’s just messing around
It wasn’t long before Sora raised her hand at the sudden change of circumstances.

“”I agree!!””

A thunderous roar erupts.
Other shareholders held the same opinion.
Very surprisingly.

“What, what is this?”
“I’m just wondering when your neungji will be upgraded.”
“I noticed too!”

Not one or two
The vast majority of the attendees at the shareholders’ meeting were dispatched by the company.

“”I agree!!””
“Oh look.”

It’s roughly like this.
Most of the attendees are in favor, but it is not easy to express a dissenting opinion.

It ends with a quick conclusion.
The general meeting of shareholders, which should normally take several hours, ends in just 30 minutes.


Sora deserves to be more goofy than usual.
She is a child that I would be ashamed to put out anywhere except for her really big breasts.

“Is this a shareholders’ meeting?”
“Wasn’t Ohsung Electronics like this?”
“It’s still a global conglomerate.”

No matter how much it is criticized, it is a different company from the beginning.
But other Korean companies.

‘It’s not even equipped at least.’

They are still holding the 28th anniversary ceremony.
It is only a formality to hold a general meeting of shareholders.

“Go, don’t you know how to show off? You don’t go to the army, so you don’t know.”
“I’ve heard of it.”
“Yes. That’s how you do it.”

Because I have to do it once.
As long as it is registered as a stock company.
Korean companies are trying to suck up rights without obligation.

What do domestic companies think of their shareholders?
It is possible to understand just by looking at the shareholders’ meeting.

“But it’s not just companies like this.”
“It’s not like that.”

‘It’s fortunate that there are companies like this.’

Ignore the shareholders, not treat them as idiots.
Sora still doesn’t know the world.

Go to the next place
This is a place where you can realize that you were a nobleman.

“It was a mild taste earlier.”
“A mild taste?”
“It’s like that. Even if Koreans don’t find Shin Ramyun spicy, it’s spicy for foreigners.”

By global standards, earthen pot is also out.
If you do something like that in America, you’ll be blown away.

Not so in Korea.
Companies that do worse things can also be found without boredom.

“I think this is the right place…”
“Are you sure?”
“Of course. I even checked on my way.’

Decided to participate in the shareholders’ meeting of another company.
It seems that there are not one or two companies that Sora has been bitten by.

‘If he is released, won’t we be able to see him at Lumpang within 5 years?’

To the point of thinking like that.
As it is a down market, I understand it to some extent.

“It’s really right here! What is it?”

The clumsy look doesn’t fit.
I still think from the point of view of the ant.

“Really, when will you grow up?”
“No, it’s right here. Look at the map!”
“Think about it. Wouldn’t it be better if the shareholders’ meeting was hidden and secretly held?”

Shareholders’ meeting.
It is a place where shareholders can participate in the management of the company.

‘It’s annoying from the point of view of the company.’

The ants, who can be given money, are making their voices.
That’s why they mobilize all kinds of methods to block the mouths of shareholders.

「Announcement on Change of Venue for the 52nd Annual General Meeting of Shareholders」− Haram

One of them.
It is to change the location of the shareholders’ meeting.
If they do not come, they cannot exercise their voting rights or anything.

In the future, voting rights can be exercised online as well.
But at this point, because you have to go directly.

“Look. Did you change places right before?”
“It’s really not the basics to attend a shareholders’ meeting without knowing this.”

Write this method
This is common sense that you should know if you want to attend a shareholders’ meeting in Korea.

I go to the changed place with Sora who is burning.
The secluded interior speaks for itself.

‘How comfortable it is if the shareholders don’t come.’

There are more employees than shareholders in attendance.
Still, it’s not entirely non-existent.

“Hyung, did you come to the stockholders’ meeting with your lover?”
“This is mine.”
“Keu~! I used to make girls cry when I was young too~.”

The man next door is talking.
As I wiggle my little finger, he pinches the back of my hand.

‘I can’t even joke, really.’

The bald man makes a lot of noise next to him, as if he doesn’t think it’s a joke.

“Do you know why they changed places?”
“These birds are exploiting local farms.”

There is a reason my feet are numb.
The reason why shareholders’ meetings are secretly held is because they are concerned about a backlash.

Exploitation of local farms.
This is a common case found in Korean secondary industry companies.

“We declare the opening of the 52nd regular shareholders’ meeting of Haram.”

Companies don’t want things to get bigger.
I want to pass it as quietly as possible.

Shareholders’ meeting.
Since there are no shareholders to exercise voting rights, the process proceeds very smoothly.

“No, does this make sense!”

Of course, that doesn’t mean there are no attendees at all.
One shareholder is angry at the fact that the location has changed.

“How many shares do you have, but come to someone else’s company shareholders’ meeting and mess around? How many shares do you have?”
Haha! I’m also a shareholder in this company. Shareholder!”

Logic of power.
Companies that listen to minority shareholders are not common in Korea.

‘Because voting rights are proportional to the number of shares.’

Ignore it if you haven’t had it for a few weeks.
Institutions are samba samba, and individuals are not treated as shareholders.

“Is that kind of bully the president?”
“Not the president, but the vice-president.”
“Whether it’s the president or the vice president, that shouldn’t be the case!”

Sora deserves to be angry.
Since he is a bit immature, he thinks that society will run according to common sense.

‘It’s because I can’t see a real bully.’

The fact that even this is still common sense.
You can feel it when you attend various shareholders’ meetings.


Arrive at the next place
Force ○.
As Korea’s leading steel company, even people who don’t know about stocks understand Pohang Steelworks.

‘Miracle in Pohang and so on.’

It is true that it occupies a large branch in the history of Korea.
The economy runs only when there are steel mills.

But still stuck in history.
It can be said that it is a company represented by the two-eighth year operation.

「Citizens are suffocating, but Force ○ is blowing fine dust」
「Accusation of Force ○ for Unauthorized Discharge of Air Pollutants and Water Pollutants」

In front of the POS ○ Center.
Protesters holding signs are holding a sit-in.
The atmosphere already seems unimpressive.

“They’re real bad guys!”
“Are they?”
“No, company! Local residents are suffering from environmental pollution…”

It is a net function of the shareholders’ meeting.
If a company does something wrong, shareholders can stop it.

It is possible by collecting voting rights.
So if you protest, you’re raising your business.

“Get out of the way. We’re going in!”
“Are you a shareholder who bought shares in this company? I’m here to attend the shareholders’ meeting.”

It’s blocking the front door.
The archers with distracted back teeth stand in a line and defend the bar.

‘It’s a tradition that is also drawn on the murals of Goguryeo tombs.’

It can also be found in the classic games Wind Country and StarCraft.
No matter how much I say, I won’t get out of the way.

“Hey, don’t get out of the way!”
“What are you bastards doing? They’re gangsters hired by the company, right? Huh?!”

At least it’s Sora, so he’ll answer.
Mister and ajumma ignore even if they scream and curse.

“Does this make sense?”
“It makes sense, it’s sleeping, it’s real.”

It is the truth that does not change even if you walk away or use a group.
Sora doesn’t want to admit it.

I walk with a thud, shaking my chest.
I questioned the police who were dispatched to the scene.

“Ah, I understand.”
“How can you do it faster!”
“Anyway, it’s a private property. Just as the lady can block anyone who tries to enter the house, we can’t intervene if the owner tells us not to enter the building.”

There is a connection.
Businesses do things because they believe in something.

‘The real owners of the company are the shareholders.’

There is no such obvious basic concept.
This is why you shouldn’t ask for common sense from a Korean company.

“It’s a shareholders’ meeting. I’m a shareholder.”
“What you’re thinking is a general shareholders’ meeting, and this is a K-shareholders’ meeting.”

‘Don’t you know it gets weird when you put K in front?’

It’s naive.
It’s got a little bit of a hind leg, but it’s still a tadpole.

“I think real companies are the problem. If only companies change, I think Korea can grow more.”
“Do you really think so?”
“Then isn’t it?”

The time has come for Sora to run out.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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