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Because I Live in the US 145

Because I Live in the US 145

Chapter 145 – General Meeting of Shareholders

Sounds like an old man’s idiot.
When I ask what it means, they don’t answer.

‘Still, I’m not one to say that I’m buying for no reason.’

I had a lot of trouble.
Dog sound.
It could be one of these three.

Purchase amount│57,406,200 won
Valuation gains│−KRW 3,341,040
Ohsung Electronics│1200 shares│−5.82%

Once I did a scam.
It was because I was still thinking about it.

Ride the water.
If it’s a short-term low, it might be able to escape when it rebounds.


What if it’s not a low point?
Only the amount of bites doubles.

‘If it’s a joke, I’ll have to kill it.’

I’ll just strangle you.
That way, even the inside will be cool.

“Hey! Did you buy Ohsung Electronics?”

The place we promised to meet.
The senior arrives 10 minutes late as usual.

If it was usual, I threw out the anger.
There was something more urgent than that now.

‘Sarah was right.’

Let go for an hour
If it was to make fun of him, he would have had to kill his senior.

“Yeah… I bought it.”
“That’s good. Let’s go.”
“Yes? Where are you?”
“Where is it? There is only one place for shareholders of Ohsung Electronics to go.”

What are you talking about?
Suddenly, he grabs his hand tightly and gets into the car on his own.

‘It’s probably not the Han River.’

I hate myself for having thoughts like that.
But the latest chapter is really hell.

There is a reason why you are sensitive.
A bear market eats people’s nerves.


I ride in the Audi that my senior brought with me.
At first, Sora was just shy.

‘The drive isn’t bad either.’

Increasingly different thoughts.
It’s been a while since I’ve been lamenting in the corner of my room that I was bitten by stocks.

It’s a bit of a change of mood.
Riding an expensive foreign car.

‘The riding comfort is definitely different.’

He is also riding the Avante he bought with satisfaction.
But Audi is more than that.

A winding road that has to be bumpy.
The shock is received comfortably by the body.

The seats are also luxurious.
I can understand why foreign cars are compared to foreign cars.

“Today, you are still clumsy.”

Seniors also look different.
Just driving silently makes me feel a little cool.

‘It’s embarrassing because it looks like they’re dating.’

Is it only you who are conscious?
Even with a quick glance, he is only holding the steering wheel.

Not sexually harassing as usual.
Sora’s heart skipped a beat.


It arrives while thinking about things.
It wasn’t that far away.

“This is… Where is it?”
“Can’t you see?”
“I don’t know.”

But it’s not a place I’ve been to.
A forest of buildings surrounds it on all sides.

Each one is a high-rise.
The 100% glass exterior is dazzling.

Even though Korea is large, it is rare to find a place with such a high profile.
Where the hell is this place?


It was not difficult to notice.
It’s also hanging on the outside of the building.

“Is this Ohseong Town by any chance?”
“I know what.”
“I knew it by knowledge.”

There was a process in the beginning.
I came because my senior told me to buy Ohsung Electronics.

‘Isn’t that the place where the office buildings of the Ohsung Group are gathered?

Ohsung Electronics, Ohsung Life Insurance, Ohsung Mulsan, etc.
There were more subsidiaries in the past, but they have moved.

Still, it is called Ohseong Town.
It wasn’t long before I realized the purpose of coming here.

『The 48th Ohsung Electronics Regular Shareholders’ Meeting』

A sign indicating that a general meeting of shareholders will be held.
Sora’s heart beats for a different reason than before.

‘No way!’

I know what my seniors are doing lately.
She appears on the air and gives strong criticism to Oh Sung Electronics.

Public opinion in favor of this is also hot.
The next thing to do comes naturally to my mind.


Call for normalization of company management.
Protection of the rights of minority shareholders.
You may be asking the company CEO directly.

No matter how much money the senior has, he doesn’t have a chin.
It’s a company worth hundreds of trillions, not billions.

‘But if you’re not alone…….’

On behalf of the shareholders of Ohsung Electronics, we hold them accountable for the decline in stock prices.
Nothing is impossible if voting rights are delegated.

Certainly, the Korean stock market has many problems.
If Ohsung Electronics, a representative company, improves, other companies will also change.

“I don’t know what the senior will do today, but I’ll help as far as I can!”

He is also willing to help.
Whether it be porridge or rice, it has meaning.

‘I thought the senior was not an ordinary person.’

I had no idea I was planning something of this scale.
Just as Sora’s breasts were about to grow.

“What are you talking about earlier?”
“Stop talking nonsense and come and line up.”

The senior slapped her ass! Hit
She unknowingly joins the ranks.
At its end.

“You can check here. Lee Chan-wook, is this you?”
“That’s right, give it to me quickly.”

It seems to be a shareholder verification process.
Prove that you are a shareholder of Ohsung Electronics and receive a ‘shareholder confirmation’.

And one more thing.
The senior who received the heavy box is delighted like a 3-year-old child.

“What is it?”
“Can’t you see it? Get it quickly, you too.”

Another slap on her ass! Hit
Everyone around me is watching.
Before the shame in my heart was even sorted out.

“Yoon So-ra, Juju-nim, is that you?”
“Yes, yes, that’s right.”
“Thank you for coming. You can pick up the present here.”

Receive shareholder confirmation.
He is also a shareholder of Ohsung Electronics.
And the identity of the box that the senior received is also known.


Castella and pound cake.
There was also a delta cold orange juice.

“It’s delicious. As expected, the bread is artisan, and it’s chewy!”

It has already been ripped open and stuffed into the mouth ravenously.
An absurd sight.

He moves alone, half-frozen.
It’s only after I sit in my seat that I come to my senses.

“Why are you here?”
“Don’t you know when you see it? I didn’t even eat to eat this. Oh yeah, there’s even juice.”

Inside the hall where the shareholders’ meeting is held.
The atmosphere is, of course, bound to be solemn.
Only the sunbae came to have a picnic.


A brain that has stopped functioning even embarrassingly does not function.
I have no common sense of what the senior is thinking.

“You came to the shareholders’ meeting to eat this?”
“Then why did you come here?”
“As a shareholder…”
“This is where you come to eat artisee cakes? What the hell do you know about a shareholders’ meeting?”

The feeling of common sense collapsing.
I forgot about it for a while, but I experienced it often when I was with my seniors.

‘Ah, he was originally like this.’

Not a normal person
It just doesn’t necessarily mean good.

Kicking kid.
Crazy baby.
Shit kid.
I don’t have the energy to curse.

“You’re here just to get this?”
“What’s the point? How delicious and expensive is this.”
“I bought more because my senior told me to buy!”
“Do you think I will teach you a buying opportunity?”

Because I was bitten.
The senior said that he bought only one share for the general meeting of shareholders.
Even if the stock price goes down, eating artisee cake is a good thing.

‘You madman!’

She thought she was a little bit serious, but she was a fool herself.
Regrets come in like water.

I really feel like I want to strangle myself if I go even 30,000 electrons.

“I’m going to meet that precious shareholder of Oman Electronics here.”
“It’s not. It’s 40,000 electrons because it’s burned.”
“Ah, look how embarrassing. She wears a shameful breast well.”
“I want to go back, really!”

I just pick and choose what suits me.
But here he was not in a position to be angry.

〈Wasn’t Vice Chairman Kim Jae-yong brought to trial for corrupting state affairs? Isn’t that why the stock price is going down?〉
〈 It was 60,000 electrons just a few weeks ago, but now it’s down by nearly 30%!〉
〈 Please tell me if you are willing to apologize for the drop in stock price.〉

I see the faces of my colleagues.
It is diverse, from young people to old men and women with bald heads.

‘They must have been bitten too.’

Shareholder of Ohsung Electronics.
Shareholders want to say one thing in the end.
Isn’t the management responsible for the sluggish share price?

“Senior, don’t you have anything to say?”
“No, well, you said something on the broadcast. I know you’re a senior.”

It’s time to give minority shareholders a say.
The person who worked on YouTube on behalf of them.

‘It’s a win, but this bastard looks a lot more like a human being just watching it on YouTube.’

Not at all interested.
While digging their nostrils, they stared intently as if it were someone else’s business.

“It’s a real man’s job.”
“Did you know that I bought Ohsung Electronics like you?”
“You can tell me a word! I made you expect from my senior.”

It was an opportunity to think about Ohsung Electronics again.
Many individual investors who watched the video are also angry.

‘I want to open the lid of the head.’

I really don’t know what you’re thinking.
He seems like a respectable investor, and sometimes he seems like a fucking bastard.

“What do you expect from a shareholders’ meeting? This is just a place to eat cake.”
“Aren’t you wearing Jinji?”

But I know.
Seniors are not the kind of people who would do this for no reason.

‘If it’s artisee cake, it might be real.’

It is also my favorite cake.
Still, I want to hear your heartfelt words.

“I’ll give you both of my cakes, so tell me properly.”
“Well, you already wear two loaves.”
“Fuck you.”

The general meeting of shareholders is a sacred place.
Shareholders can exercise their rights as owners of the company.

However, the atmosphere on set is completely different.
I didn’t know that the senior would be so boring.

“Have you ever been to a shareholders’ meeting for the first time?’
“How can you be anything other than Ada?”

It is different from the general meeting of shareholders that he imagined.
Sora wanted to relieve the tightness in her heart.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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The poor man thinks about what to eat every day. Rich people think about who to eat every day. “Stocks are like sex.” The easy and sex story of real compression stocks


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