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Because I Live in the US 144

Because I Live in the US 144

Chapter 144 – Heavenly Leakage

A bombshell statement by the profit and loss group.
It was only a matter of time before it spread among Ohsung Electronics shareholders.

[Event Discussion Room− Ohsung Electronics]
─Are you dare to challenge the shareholders of Kingsung Electronics?
─These days, the week goes down, so the child is going to burn to death.
─Ohsung Electronics goes 30,000 electrons!
─Somehow, it reminds me of the water rocket incident……

That’s how sensitive it is.
Ohsung Electronics is the stock most loved by ants in Korea.

─Are you dare to challenge the shareholders of Kingsung Electronics?
Korea’s 3 million Kingsung Electronics shareholders?
If you’re a gambler, you’ll gamble
I can’t figure out the topic.

└ Not a gambling king, but a profit and loss table 〈〈
└ It’s basically just playing with people of the same level. Do you know the value of Ohsung Electronics?
└ One in ten people I meet on the road is a shareholder of Ohsung Electronics.
└ This is a fanatic gathering?

The age of shareholders is also high.
And I have been sending full confidence to the company.

Daily News− 「S&P, Ohsung Electronics’ credit rating upgraded from A+ to AA−」
The Korea Times−「Moody’s raises Ohsung Electronics’ credit rating to ‘Aa3’ for the first time in 13 years”
Fact News− 「Pitch, Ohsung Electronics’ credit rating upgraded to ‘AA−’」

This is not the biased belief of some investors.
It is highly reliable data from the world’s three major credit rating agencies.

Tolerable national level credit.
Specifically, it is higher than Japan.
The odds of this company going bankrupt are virtually non-existent.

─These days, the week goes down, so the child is going to burn to death.
It seems that there is a person holding a memorial service to ruin the companyhaha
No matter how much you bark, Ohsung Electronics won’t fail!

└ Even if the dog barks, the train runs.
└ I mean! The rent is on the line, so I can’t even eat well these days.
└ Even if everyone cheers with one heart and one mind, it’s not enough……
└ Sales are good, and the surplus is 200 trillion, so how do you go bankrupt?

As a result, the purchase amount is also large.
Some people don’t just spend a penny or two, but spend their entire fortune.

Such Ohsung Electronics.
There was someone who dared to curse.
Shareholders’ eyes are turned upside down.

─Ohsung Electronics goes 30,000 electrons!
It is true that it was 20,000 electrons two years ago!
But that friend only knows one and doesn’t know the other
In the meantime, sales of Ohsung Electronics increased by 20% and operating profit doubled.
So, of course, the price should double, right?
But again, is the record high performance scheduled?
If you explained this far, even elementary school students would know what the stock price would be like ^^

└You seem to have no idea what PER is.
└Kids who don’t know well tend to pretend to know just by looking at the chart.
└If the undervaluation of the Korean stock market is resolved, 200,000 won will go.
└Isn’t that what you call Sun Seonyoung?
This comment has been deleted due to accumulating reports.

I laughed at first.
No, isn’t that a bit much?
It was a time when even Oman Electronics looked cheap.

The downtrend is getting longer.
The stock price just keeps going down.
As the mid-40s broke, I began to think differently.

─A friend named Son Ik-jwa said there was a problem with the governance structure of Ohsung Electronics……
It’s because I don’t know
Are you really going down for that?
If you go down further, you will be in trouble because of the deposit.

└ Analyst teachers said it was okay
└ If there is a problem with Ohsung Electronics, are other companies normal?
└ If that happens, 3 million shareholders will riot. Hold onto your worries~
Author− I was worried for nothing!

But loyalty takes precedence.
Especially for the older generation, Ohsung Electronics is a special company.

1 in semiconductor exports.
It is not an exaggeration to say that Korea played a decisive role in rising to the ranks of advanced countries.

─Space S9 coming soon!
Those who have used the phone for more than 2 years are a must!
If you are less than 2 years old, please contribute to sales conscientiously
If you are a shareholder of Ohsung Electronics, you know that you must buy it, right?

└ I spaced all my family’s phones toohaha
└ I’m worried that my daughter keeps buying apple phones because she’s immature.
└ Koreans shouldn’t use both phones.
└ Android is also a sheep OS?
This comment has been deleted due to accumulating reports.

This is also the reason why the elderly love Ohsung Electronics products.
The performance is great, but it also has patriotic meaning.

That tendency also affects buying stocks.
When you see the name Ohsung Electronics, you want to buy it for some reason.

─If Ohsung Electronics collapses, Korea will also collapse.
This is what Teacher Yuan Yeom said.
If you collect it step by step with the idea of ​​investing in the future of Korea, you will see the light someday.

└ That’s right;;
└ What kind of country is this? Any hardships and adversities can be easily overcome with time!
└ When I think of how the Republic of Korea took place, I am truly moved, and my heart grows grand as the heart-rending moments from the Saemaul Undong song pass through my mind……
└ But why is Ohsung Electronics discriminating against domestic demand?
This comment has been deleted due to accumulating reports.

Analysts are fueling that sentiment.
If you mix a few words that fill up the mulberry, the elderly will easily come over.

Controversy caused by profit and loss.
It doesn’t work for the older generation.
Rather, individual buying is becoming stronger.

[Korea Stock Gallery]
─That means you shouldn’t buy Ohsung Electronics.
─Summary of reasons why Ohsung Electronics stock price cannot rise.Txt
─I understand why the profit and loss position is pushing Ohsung Biologics
─Isn’t it going to 100,000 electronshaha

But the younger generation is different.
We want rational grounds rather than ignorant beliefs.

─I agree that you shouldn’t buy Ohsung Electronics.
If it was a really good stock, I would have bought it too.
The Ohseong family owns only 5% of the shares.

└ ㅇㅇ?
└But how do you maintain management rights?
Author− With an indirect stake in an affiliatehaha
└K− The structure of the holding company looks like shithaha

It was well known among existing investors.
The governance structure of Ohsung Electronics is strange.

That doubt.
It was only a matter of time before the fire spread when it met firewood to burn.

─Summary of reasons why Ohsung Electronics stock price cannot rise.Txt
1. Revision of the Insurance Business Act
Ohsung Life Insurance owns more than 8% of the shares.
If the law is amended, you have to sell all of this except for 3%
2. Inheritance tax issues
Do you know if you are a stock trader?
Deliberately pressing the stock price to pay less inheritance tax
3. Bribe the former regime
Completely obsessed with the current government
This is what Sohn Ik-jwa said on the air, but I posted it because it seemed reasonable.

└ I’ll sort this out.
└ No matter how good a shipbuilding company is, if it is stamped by the government, it will be fuckedhaha
└CEO has no will to boost stock prices
└ Real company is good

Above all, profit and loss.
He is the one who hit the decline of Ohsung Electronics.

His skills as a full-time investor have also been proven.
It is natural to listen to his story.

─I understand why the profit and loss position is pushing Ohsung Biologics
75% stake in subsidiaries
Since there is no stake in Ohsung Life Insurance, the Insurance Business Act is applied ×
From the perspective of Ohsung Group, it is beneficial for their stock price to rise.

└ Oh
└ There was a reason why Jeonjak Joo was so damn goodhaha
└ Should I buy one?
└From the perspective of a whale, that seems to be correct

Wouldn’t that be a gamble worth taking?
The number of people who are persuaded increases one by one.
It was not an issue that would end with a story within a small community.

“Gambling king. Profit and Loss, Part 2 Buying Ohsung Biologics, not Ohsung Electronics…… ?” − 550,000 views · 3 days ago

The number of views of the video is increasing day by day.
Subscribers who are disappointed in Mr. Joo are flocking to Profit and Loss Jwa.

Hoya 3 days ago 乃 275
Buy the stock the CEO is pushing
7 billion ants are different no matter what
The perspective of looking at stocks seems to be changing
Choi Hee-dong 3 days ago 乃 211
I believed in Mr. Joo’s words and saved 10 million won ㅠㅠ
Can I trust Son Ik-jwa and buy Ohsung Biologics?
Mongmong 3 days ago 乃 180
It was a trap for anals to talk about corporate values.
No matter how good the company is, there’s a reason why it doesn’t go up.

Find a new teacher.

* * *

A recent buzz story.
Even Sora could not have known.

‘Is this your senior?’

I’m wearing a hat tightly.
But just look below and you’ll see.

It’s not like I’ve washed it once or twice so far.

〈 Even if I have Ohsung Electronics, I’m just tired. It’s a stock that moves freely by institutions.〉

Prior to that, the tone of voice was sloppy.
It would be even weirder not to notice.

‘I’ll tell you sooner.’

Sora is watching a YouTube video of her with her cheeks puffed out.
The third already.

Because it’s none of my business.
It is a shareholder of Ohsung Electronics.

〈You can buy stocks with clearer momentum, or you can use governance instead.〉
〈 I just couldn’t go up because of the governance structure…….〉
〈If there are stocks that cannot go up because of that, aren’t there also stocks that go up?〉
〈 Oh! 〉

If I had known this, I wouldn’t have bought it.
His cheeks deserve to be puffy like puffer fish.

‘It’s because I didn’t teach you 100% on purpose.’

Of course I know.
Fool yourself for not researching properly.
But it’s too deep for self-blame.

It is natural not to know
Ohsung Electronics is not the owner of any operation, but the best company in Korea.

‘I hadn’t even thought of that.’

If he had told me, he would have reconsidered his judgment.
In the middle of having resentful thoughts and rebuking myself.


Cell phone rings.
A sudden foreboding.
Sure enough, it hit.

‘In case you think of it belatedly…….’

A talk came from a senior.
There is no such thing as doing a pre-talk first.

Unless there is a special purpose.
I can only think of one thing to say now.


Ohsung Biologics.
As an investor, I am curious.
Why was the senior interested in this stock?

Maybe you can teach yourself.
I had the thought of listening even if I had to bend my pride.

[Senior kid]
「Ohsung Electronics Co.」

‘What are you doing?’

I really don’t know.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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