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Because I Live in the US 143

Because I Live in the US 143

Chapter 143 – Heavenly Leakage

Stock exchange.
A company that buys and sells stocks and bonds for investors.

“Oh, yes! Yeombujang!”
“I came because you said you had something to tell me.”

It is commonly known as such.
But in Korea, it’s a little different.

‘Suddenly the time has come.’

Yeom Yuan.
A leading analyst at Gaemi Investment & Securities, he was recently promoted from deputy general manager to general manager.

Because he made a feat worthy of it.
But he had to pay the price too.

“How are you these days?”
“Hey, I’m doing fine.”
“I was worried that my complexion would look bad, but it seems that I was worried for nothing.”

He highly recommended Ohsung Electronics.
Recently, the stock price has fallen embarrassingly.

‘The number of bad comments has increased somewhat. Thanks to.’

It’s all intentional.
The ants manipulate the psychology so that they have no choice but to buy Ohsung Electronics.

“When there’s a bear market, there are investors who blame others, so it’s a headache.”
“Do you think someone threatened me with a knifehaha!”

I am mistaken that I know how to judge myself.
But where do you get that information?

From analysts.
Securities company reports and YouTube videos also contain their personal opinions.

‘He didn’t even lift a knife, but he’s a complete robber.’

That’s the analyst’s real job.
Just by twisting the words a little bit, you can induce the ants to judge.

Broadcasters also help.
The cooperative relationship between broadcasting companies and securities companies rooted in Yeouido is strong.

“It’s no different than calling Director Yeom.”
“How are the ants, no individual investors these days? Are a lot of them having a hard time?”
“I thought I was alive until recently, but lately I’ve been feeling a little out of breath.”

Manipulation of information going to individuals is not a job.
But only whips without carrots.

‘Because even the dog I raised tends to rebel.’

Sometimes I give them candies and take care of them with chocolate.
In fact, that is what Korean securities companies do.

“You’ll like it if I defend it properly, right?”
“Ah, that’s right. I was the conductor a while ago, so I don’t know.”

I was keeping my eyes open.
However, I never thought it would come out of the mouth of the head of the executive level.

‘The Korean stock market doesn’t have anything like that.’

There are two main types of institutions.
Foreign institutions and institutions in the country or region.

“Foreigners are selling shorts like this, so why don’t we just sit still?”
“We should also protect individual investors.”

Foreign institutions that have brought in assets from financial hubs have a lot of money.
They attack based on their financial power.

However, local organizations are also struggling.
It is blocked with the home ground advantage of networking and information.

‘Because that’s a bit overwhelming.’

Originally, short selling could not be done at will.
If you do it wrong, you can get hit by local authorities.

Don’t worry about that.
For foreigners, Korean institutions are too easy.

Korean agencies also gave up responding.
Instead, I decided to take another route.

“This is good news for Ohsung Electronics shareholders.”
“Um, but.”
“Oh Sung Electronics isn’t very attractive. That… You know? There’s the insurance business law revision issue, and the inheritance issue as well.”

Attack together.
When foreigners sell short, they put a spoon on it.

The damage is entirely borne by the ants.
Institutions also pick up and eat bean curd with foreigners.

‘I can see what you’re talking about.’

If it spreads anywhere, it is a very difficult content.
That’s why you’re blurring your words.

It’s kind of a test
If you want to go higher in the organization, I will see if you have that kind of loyalty and loyalty.

“Everyone has a different perspective on investing.”
“There are many shareholders who have high expectations for Ohsung Electronics.”
“You speak well, but words.”

The institution wants to dispose of Ohsung Electronics.
This is because there are so many intertwined issues.

‘If I’m going to buy the semiconductor sector, I’d rather buy SQ Technics.’

Amendments to the Insurance Business Act.
Inheritance tax of the Oh Seong family.
Antagonism with the current government, etc.

There’s nothing good about having it.
It’s ideal to trick the ants into passing the supply.

“Even if you don’t tell me…”
“For a moment.”
“I’ve been having a problem lately. It’s from the intelligence team. Listen.”

Already in progress
Numerous ants were bitten at the high point.
By repeating the ups and downs, more corpses will be piled up.

‘YouTube video?’

An unexpected situation happened.
General Manager Lee Tae-ho rotates the monitor to show a video.

〈Ohsung Electronics cannot go up due to the governance structure.〉
〈 Governance…… ?〉

Two men on the screen.
Yan Yuan knew roughly what he was doing.

‘I’m not a stock YouTuber.’

There is a lot of talk about pretending to be an analyst.
What they do with themselves is not different in the big picture.

Eating the back of an ant.
Recently, there are some guys who only suck up views, as if the trend has changed.

“These guys won’t have much influence.”
“Look a little more.”

It may even have hundreds of thousands of subscribers.
A YouTuber of that level would have a ripple effect.

‘Anyway, it’s an amateur.’

It’s nothing compared to an analyst.
The number of views on the broadcast and the reliability of the remarks.

There are always some ants making a fuss.
I don’t think it’s even more likely that the head of the headquarters will step up.

〈In terms of governance, it is always better to buy Ohsung Biologics than Ohsung Electronics.〉
〈 Bilogics? I like bioju!〉

−Your life is given to youhahahaha
−Ah that ㅄ
−Isn’t it listed there last year?
−Sassabipal is a really expensive place.

Content of the video.
In fact, there is nothing to say.
It’s not like analysts give professional explanations.

‘No way.’

But it gets to the heart of it.
If Ohsung Electronics has no choice but to go down due to the governance structure, there are stocks that have no choice but to go up.

“Is it a big deal?”
“That’s right. There must be a reason why the general manager cares about mere YouTubers.”
“I’m not even a YouTuber.”

Ohsung Biologics is like that.
It is a well-known story among those involved.

‘That must have been true.’

The general manager’s reaction is real.
Ant Investment & Securities, to which you belong, may already be collecting.

“It’s called a super ant that earned 7 billion.”
“That’s about it…. If you look for 10 billion ants, you can find them.”
“In just one year.”

It is known
Through the mouth of someone who can’t be ignored.

‘500,000 won was called 7 billion? In just one year?!’

Job as an analyst.
You can meet a lot of people on the stock board.

It is not even in the data of such salt oil.
The one who has been called assets so rapidly.

“Certainly there must be some humping ants. But that’s okay.”
“Oh~ can you take responsibility?”
“Sure. Trust me.”

Unexpected situation.
However, the name of the leading analyst is crying because it is not even that much.

‘It’s not just me.’

It shows that it is not a market that can be done by individual power.

* * *

Truman Show.
I often get the feeling that the Korean stock market is like that.

〈 Hello. This is Yeom Yuan, general manager of Gaemi Investment & Securities.〉
〈 Wow~ You were the deputy chief a while ago! 〉
〈 Heh heh, that’s how it happened.〉

−Chief Yeom, I’ve been waiting for you!
-You got a promotion
−You guys got promoted because you ate your backs.
Loyalty jipginim has been forced out!

Analyst in the video.
It is said to be the most popular expert for many ants.

‘They say so.’

In fact, the number of views proves it.
The chat window and comments are also hot.
It’s bound to be ironic.

〈 The PER of Micron, an American semiconductor company, is 14. However, Ohsung Electronics, which is recognized in the global market, has a PER of less than 8. It’s because it’s incredibly underrated.〉

−That’s right
−It means that it will rise at least twice in the futurehaha​​Go 100,000 electrons!
−Director Yeom’s calm eyes are admirable!
What is −PER?

I would have lost all my money listening to him.
Anyone who sees it will know that they believe in a pseudo-religion.

「Off-TV_with the god of stocks. Ohsung Electronics, the reason for the rebound and the business conditions this year?」 − 570,000 views · 1 day ago
「VJ Investment Research Institute. Reasons why Semiconductor Research Institute buys stocks of Ohsung Electronics” − 150,000 views · 5 hours ago
“A money-making investment. Ohsung Electronics is looking at the low point of XX,000 won.」 − 50,000 views · 17 hours ago
“Stock Counseling Center. Even if Ohsung Electronics shares fall, ‘here’ is the bottom!” − 60,000 views · 12 hours ago

Such people are not alone.
Some of the channels run by analysts have over 1 million subscribers.

‘He must be the most unprofessional expert in the world.’

What sets experts apart from experts.
I think it’s because ‘responsibility’ follows his words.

It is not followed in the stock market.
Even if you make a mistake every day, people believe in you and follow you.

Let’s live happily 1 day ago 乃 1209
Always thank you for your confident remarks and data-based analysis. I am also a person who is not good at Ohsung Electronics in domestic stocks, but I can see it objectively. If you stay healthy and come out for a long time, I would like to thank you very much.
The smart woodcutter 乃 987 1 day ago
He is very good at explaining the atmosphere of the market at the forefront and the level of investors.
Please treat Ohsung Electronics once a week.
Park Hae-chul 1 day ago 乃 696
I have a comprehensive knowledge of the economy and I am always grateful for the easy and comprehensive interpretation for Jurin.
Wishing you all good health and a lot of better things in the new year.
Thank you!^^*~

At this point, I even think that the problem is not the people, but the ants.
They cheat because they treat you like a hogu.

‘It’s just a problem with both.’

The palms must meet to make a sound.
If you watch it, you can really understand why Gag Concert failed.

Those who continue to suffer.
People who say things wrong.
This is funny, that is funny, but the funniest thing is.

〈God of stocks is with Op-Pro.〉
〈 Ohsung Electronics shareholders, it’s okay! 100,000 electrons unconditionally!〉
〈 Thirty thousand electrons? The market is a structure that can never move like that.〉
〈If you look at this chart here, it is receiving strong support around 45,000 won~.〉

Among those many experts, there is not a single person who owns stocks.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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