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Because I Live in the US 142

Because I Live in the US 142

Chapter 142 – Heavenly Leakage

A confrontation between Son Ik-jwa and Teacher Joo.
The ending was so pointless that it was trivial.

『Ohsung Electronics』
45,300 won ▼4800 won (-10.59%)
[Graph that has lost its taste in the last 15 days.Jpg]

Because it was enough just to check the stock price.
It is proof that cannot be taken away.


But as a master teacher, it’s not really a matter of knowing.

Because he didn’t buy the stock.
I just need to suck up the number of views while swearing in moderation.

Bamboo-changed ant 1 day ago 乃 350
Keeping 50,000?
How are you now lol
Kwon Sohyun 1 day ago 乃 318
Currently 45,300 won…
Falling without a rebound from 60800 won……
Punch Kitten 1 day ago 乃 253
Brother ㅜㅜ It’s 45,000 won.

It is impossible.
The YouTube comment section is on fire.

‘No, how do you know it’s going to come down all of a sudden!”

Not other stocks, Ohsung Electronics.
It was a super-conglomerate with the size of a country.

Sales are also an earnings surprise every time.
It is not that the company value is overestimated.

『Mr. Joo』 Has 301,000 subscribers
「Master teacher. 3 reasons why the stock market decline could be an opportunity feat. Ohsung Electronics” − 350,000 views · 7 days ago
「Master teacher. Are you going to Ohsung Electronics Samman Electronics? Don’t worry」 − 250,000 views · 4 days ago

Normally, that excuse would have worked.
Uploading a rebuttal video became a self-inflicted attack.

‘Fuck, I can’t.’

Opinion in the comment section has grown.
Subscriber dropout is also not unusual.
Worst situation for a principal.

It was because I was preparing for the lecture.
The amount of effort and money spent for it is not one or two pennies.

‘Tadak, tak!

I called in a professional film crew to shoot it.
And as the downtrend gets longer, he becomes more and more pessimistic.

‘If I really take 30,000 electrons like this.’

Thanks to the bull market, more people are interested in investing.
Conversely, in a downtrend?

It is obvious that the number of individual investors will decrease.
Then the lecture arm will not work properly.

The master’s hands are trembling.
After long consideration, I decided to show it to subscribers.

Master Chief · 1 hour ago
The lecture that has been preparing for a long time is open!
How should I study investing?
With what mindset should you invest?
Contains all the stock secrets of 300,000 YouTuber Mr. Joo
The journey of making 5 billion with 300,000
You can too!
Course registration ▶ https://www.Topclass.Com

You have to do it now.
That is when the number of subscribers drops even slightly.

‘Even if only 1% buys a lecture.’

3000 people.
You can earn in billions.
If things worked out smoothly, it would have been possible to double that number.

Black Cat Nero 1 hour ago 乃 122
Isn’t it 300,000 now?
1 hour ago 乃 109
In the end, the statement of profit and loss was correct.
Booksellers and lecturers are 100% scammers
Agal Takdae 1 hour ago 乃 105
I trusted my brother and bought Ohsung Electronics, and that Han River store opened.
Brother go with me

Of course, no one will watch the video of the impostor whose incompetence is revealed.
The news that Mr. Ju has gone bankrupt.

[Korea Stock Gallery]
─There is one thing I felt while watching this bear market.
─Lunch of a properly failed investor.Jpg
─How far did you look at the profit and loss?
─I think the head teacher was funny

It is also passed on to the stock community.
I was watching the fight between the two with interest.

─I think the head teacher was funny
Earn money with ELW
The video was uploaded only related to value investing.
Now that I’ve earned money, I had a strong feeling that I should catch Gao.

└ Teacher Ju is crying 🙂
└ It seems that there is something to be said for earning through value investing
└ Gao controlled the brainhaha
└ It seems that ELW was blocked and tried to live by selling YouTube as a value investor?

Main teacher.
Old investors know.
Because the stock plate is so narrow.

Tried to wash but failed.
It is only a matter of time before it becomes known to ordinary investors.

─There is one thing I felt while watching this bear market.
Bastards who call themselves experts on YouTube
When a bear market comes
Live in fear!
Further down there
If you sell now and leave, you’ll be a fool!
If you fall there again
Tough times, but buy now!
No, the cubs
If you just say buy, that’s a salesman or an expert?

└Now I knowhaha
└If you didn’t realize it right away, fold the stock
└You tell me what you want to hear. YouTube is just for fun
└Stock YouTuber = Horo Reds scammer Q ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

Bear market.
Many investors are losing money.
Among them, there are people who have been tricked by YouTubers.

For them, this is cool news.
Although a festival had to be held in the community.

─Lunch of a properly failed investor.Jpg
(Photo of ancestral rites.Jpg)
Go first you fuckers

└ You go to the underworld and eat it, you bastardhaha
└ Who prepared ithaha
└ Even if you die, you make your family suffer ㅡㅡ
└ If you can afford that level, the children have succeededhaha

It’s right before you run out of breath.
I am in a hurry to rejoice in the misfortune of others.

The decline of Ohsung Electronics is not an issue.
The fact that stocks with the largest market capitalization in Korea are plummeting.

─Isn’t it that if you go to 30,000 electrons, the KOSPI will also explode?
The ratio of Oh Seong Electronics to the head of the bureau is fucking huge.

└Jinja Then the KOSPI index will break through 2,000
└ Does it go back to 2 years ago?
└ Skills, chew, stop it ㅋㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ
└ I wonder what happened to the director……

This means that there could be a big problem with their account.
There is nothing more terrifying than an uncertain future.

Only one person who can release it.
It was natural for the attention to be focused on profit and loss.

* * *

Second merger.


Originally, it was not planned.
But a thirsty person will dig a well.

─Osung Electronics shareholder, thank you for the 10,000 star balloons!
Thanks to the teacher, I sold Ohsung Electronics in advance and preserved the principal. Thank you.

“Please save me too!”
“Oh, that’s a bit.”

−Why are you doing thishaha
−ㅁㅁ 10,000
−If the seed is big, you should give more. This ishaha
− Even on the profit and loss table, bankruptcy is straight

It is a hot topic in the stock community.
The blue is getting bigger and bigger on YouTube.

‘There’s nothing better than pouring oil on a burning house.’

A simple disaster.
If it’s something you can’t avoid, there’s no place to vent your anger.

But what if it was predictable?
People will harbor resentful feelings.

─Thank you for the 100 Star Balloons, 1 Minute Stock Chart!
I would believe the profit and loss account ㅠ

─Thank you for the 1000 Star Balloons, Thunder Mae!
I also lived thanks to the teacher, but I was bitten by something else……

─Cheongdam-dong investor, thank you for 5,000 star balloons!
Eating with Gobbushaha

Because it’s about real money.
It’s too much to take on coolly.

“Oh, thank you, brothers!”
“Do you raise the recruitment fee?”
“You’ve got a lot of money! I don’t even have Sid! Neither Sid!”

You can understand the feelings of the viewers.
Both the chat window and the sponsors seem desperate.

‘It’s really unfortunate.’

Get hit again
If you lose money, you will do anything to get it back.

You can see what it means to turn the color of your eyes upside down.
This is why obvious scams such as reading rooms can be rampant.

“People who call themselves stock experts just have to survive even when the stock price drops. They say something about the intrinsic value of a company. All of that can be refuted with a single word.”
“Wow, Sasabipal!”
“Even if it’s a good company, if it’s not cheap, you just don’t buy it.”

− But human psychology is not like that
−Ssasabipal, it was a profound word.
−Is it cheap right now?

Do you think I won’t win?
It is human psychology to act similarly when faced with similar situations.

‘Utilizing that desperation.’

If possible, I will use it.
At least it will be better than being victimized by institutions or scammers.

No, more than that.
In order for the Korean stock market to change, individuals must first change.

“Should Ohsung Electronics wait until it becomes 30,000 electrons?”
“I think it’s better not to buy Ohsung Electronics itself.”
“No, why?”

Forces should not be dragged as they wish.
Use them and eventually destroy them.

‘So that.’

The Korean market can also normalize.
This is the first goal I am aiming for in this life.

Home ground.
In order to run a country-scale fund, that kind of support base is needed.

─Creamfish, thank you for the 100 star balloons!
Are you watching Lee Man-electronics?

“I don’t like Ohsung Electronics itself.”
“Really why? It’s the best company in Korea though.”

− Traitorous wages?
− I admit that the short-term view is geography, but in the long-term it will eventually go upwards.
−Semiconductors are the rice of the industry……
− Ohsung Electronics

It is impossible for the evils to continue to eat.
The reason for the drop in Ohsung Electronics stock price is more fundamental.

‘He blurs the point while talking about the semiconductor cycle.’

If that’s all, you should follow the Philadelphia Semiconductor Index.
If not, it is because there is a hidden secret.

“Actually, I didn’t want to come out here and talk about complicated things.”
“Why? Is that what you want?”
“I don’t like being criticized, and I hate having my know-how exposed even more.”

-Then why did you come?
−There is no reason for people who make money with stocks to expose their know-how……
−Ah please
−Is this also a sniping of Mr. Juhaha

Of course, you have to follow it to some extent.
It is also true that the stock price will rise later.

‘But that’s too vague.’

I just got lucky with the corona special.
Investors should look at the essentials.

Korea’s best company.
Because it also means that I ate the most harm in Korea.

“If you say something like this, people who touch big money might not like it.”
“What the hell is going on?”
“Ohsung Electronics cannot go up due to the governance structure.”

Cheongi leaks.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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