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Because I Live in the US 141

Because I Live in the US 141

Chapter 141 – Sassabipal

Appearance on the broadcast of profit and loss.

[Korea Stock Gallery]
─✪ Ssasabipal 〈〈 If it sounds like a fraudulent trading method, throw it awayhaha
─✪ P&L Remarks Summary.Txt
─✪ The reason why P&L’s swindling is not a joke
─✪ 30,000 electrons are fucking screaminghaha

It is a hot topic in the stock community.
He wasn’t even aware that it really existed.

─Sassabipal 〈〈 If it sounds like a fraudulent trading method, let it gohaha
[Profit and loss account verification.Jpg]
Anyway, if you think it’s right, let me know.

└7 billion times, that’s right
└ It is easy to buy stocks if you buy cheap and sell expensive.
└ Is this bastard coming out to deceive you?
└I’m sure it’s the profit and loss account……

Appeared on a famous BJ’s broadcast.
It looked like he was wearing a hat, but it was enough to prove it.

Every utterance becomes an issue.
What others would call a joke.

─The reason why the profit and loss group’s swindling is not a joke
Mistakes you can make while investing in stocks
You buy stocks that are already overvalued.
You know these guys who have been treated with arrogance right now, right?
Make ignorance because everyone else lives
The profit and loss balance is to be wary of that point

└ Such a deep meaning
└ Is this why you clap your hands even if you poop when you become famous?
└ But this is ㅇㅇ
└Oh…… , It seems that

The feeling is different when it comes out of Son Ik-jwa’s mouth.
The words of the 7 billion super ants were heavy.

That’s why it’s more of a problem.
Because I said another controversial thing with Sasabipal.

─30,000 electrons are just fucking screaminghaha
[Yukman Electronic Account Certification.Jpg]
This is a gon -so -yang bastard
Are you that good
Shareholders of Ohsung Electronics Do you think you can live well even with a dagger in your chest?

└ First of all, it seems like you’re living a damn good life
└ I’m already living wellhaha
└ Aside from being good at profit and loss, 30,000 electrons is Eva Tuna.
└Short sellers are a bit like that; seems to

Ohsung Electronics.
It is a large corporation representing Korea.
Half-jokingly, half-seriously, the term “Five-Star Republic” Is even mentioned.

Most famous
The company is also solid.
It is also the most loved stock by ant investors.

‘Going to 30,000 electrons? Another line?’

The profit and loss group made a bombshell statement.
It didn’t take long for Teacher Ju to know the news.

Hoya 1 day ago 乃 275
Have you seen the Gambling King video?
I’m dying of anxiety because I was bitten by that 60,000 electrons, so please refute me.
Choi Hee-dong 1 day ago 乃 211
Joo-gal Son Ik-jwa shot the teacher!
Mongmong 1 day ago 乃 180
There is a crazy person who says that Ohsung electrons go to 30,000 electrons.

It’s because it’s running in your own YouTube comments.
At first, it was the main teacher who tried to ignore it.

‘It’s quite aggro.’

Get likes and rank in popular comments.
Other viewers are increasingly interested.

It’s a hot topic among viewers, so it’s hard to pretend not to know.

〈 But you are an investor who made 5 billion with 300,000 won.〉
〈I don’t believe in that.〉
〈 uh, why?〉
〈 I don’t believe it unless you have verified the transaction history as I did.〉

There was a direct reference to himself.
As the main teacher, I can’t be bothered.

‘How do I verify that?’

Futures are structured like ETF products.
Most trades are run by Liquidity Providers (LPs).

There was a bug there.
There was a delay of 1 to 2 seconds for liquidity providers to raise the order book.


Taking advantage of the delay and eating it was called ELW LP loophole trading.
It is a representative way of calling an asset.

Of course, I can’t use it anymore.
The brokerage house is not an idiot, and I knew that the money was leaking, but I stopped it long ago.

─The funniest bastard among stock YouTubers is Mr. Joohaha
From his name, he is a stock teacherhaha
The kid who made money by trading ELW loopholes had a little fun in the bull market
Suddenly uploading an analysis on YouTube, pretending to be a fund managerhaha
Are you selling books these days?

└ I am not a person who made money in kind in the first placehaha
└Is everything that has been certified as an asset?
Author− It’s true that I made money, but I didn’t earn it in kind, but it was a hassle by exploiting loopholes in the derivatives market.
└Ah, but that was blocked, so I was trying to make money by selling bookshaha

The community is also talking about it.
Some old investors know themselves.

‘If you twist it, you guys will earn it too, these bastards…….’

So far, a post or two have been posted.
However, if it spreads to YouTube, it becomes very difficult.

─I don’t know about anything else, but this statement made sense.
Booksellers and lecturers are 100% scammers
If you know how to make money with stocks, you will never do that.

└ Selling books is a sciencehaha
└ Didn’t Mr. Ju also publish a book a while ago?
└ It’s strange that the self-trading law is exposed.
└ Stockists are originally only stocks, but they do strange things on YouTube.

YouTube views may drop.
Selling books will also be hindered.

‘I have infinite business to do in the future.’

The company that sells lectures has already been selected.
Even if you follow only 1% of your subscribers, you can make huge profits.

More than that.
Maybe you will become a famous investor who appears in offline lectures and broadcasts.

You cannot let your own smooth future get in the way.
Teacher Joo decides to film a rebuttal video.

‘Rather, it could be an opportunity.’

Been criticized recently.
This is the aftermath of Ohsung Electronics’ plunge beyond their expectations.

There’s a guy who says he’ll fall further than that.
Turn viewers’ anger to profit and loss.

* * *

Individual investors.
I want to hear optimistic and hopeful stories.

‘There’s no problem when that’s a bull market.’

Because it eventually rises.
Any hardship becomes a good memory if the ending is good.

Investment scammers are after that.
It’s about telling the story the public wants to hear.

〈 uh, are you here?〉

The man seen in the video.
YouTubers are in the same vein.
It seems to be a story that fits in the bull market.

‘But that’s not it.’

It’s just a moderate amount of wrestling.
My first AI friend, Yiru ○, also kindly answers when I ask about stocks.

〔Iru○ bitch〕
− Will Ohsung Electronics’ stock price rise or fall?
“Wouldn’t it fall in moderation?”
− What do you say, bitch?
「ㅠㅠㅠ I’m angry, calm down~」

Actually, there is not much difference from this.
It could be right or it could be wrong.

‘In a rising market, it is bound to rise eventually.’

Most of the ants enter the ascent.
Most of what I want to know is the same.

When will this stock go up?
As time goes on, you will have no choice but to be right.

This is a common tactic of investment scammers.
Stock YouTube falls into a similar category.

〈 Ohsung Electronics…… , It rained a lot these days. Did I say that Oman Electronics would protect it unconditionally? Oh, that’s right.〉

After all, money is the goal.
It is not about knowing and analyzing the market properly.

‘Because I’ve already fallen for this.’

Can you fall more?
It’s a bet that’s never low when it comes to odds.

〈 There are times when you are in an unexpected situation like this while playing stocks…… , After all, Ohsung Electronics’ corporate value does not change, so I don’t think I will be shaken even in this situation.〉

And if it’s right, you get a believer.
It will be your eternal wallet.

Mercedes 1 day ago 乃 320
No one could have predicted the real 40,000 electrons.
Hyung, you seem to have had a hard time lately
Thank you for being honest and posting a new video!
Jaehyun Jo 1 day ago 乃 266
Markets go down on short-term fears, business values ​​don’t change
In a down market, you have to trust the company you invested in even more.
I’m always learning ^^
Steel Umbrella 1 day ago 乃 237
I hope the guy who talks about 30,000 electrons must see this video
How much is the sales of Ohsung Electronics, but they talk about 30,000 electrons……

It’s easy to make money in the world.
So there is a saying in the stock market.

‘Only YouTubers and analysts make money from stocks.’

No risk because you don’t invest.
Believers take care of themselves and give money.

Because it was right in the rising market.
I want to rely on you in the downtrend.

There’s nothing particularly cruel about it.
The ecosystem of the stock market has been like that from the beginning.

‘If you were an investment scammer in the past, now you’re just being packaged as a YouTuber or analyst.’

I just wore clothes that fit the times.
People who do that are stupid.

I can’t think for myself.
Investments that depend on others have come to an end.

『Ohsung Electronics』
50,100 won ▼1150 won (+2.34%)
[Graph that rose slightly after falling for a week.Jpg]

Occasionally, a short-term rebound occurs.
A bear market doesn’t mean that it just goes down all the time.

There are times when a backlash buying trend comes in.
Individual investors deserve to be ecstatic.

Nyangachi 1 day ago 乃 303
Have you seen my brother recover 50,000 electrons?
Because the company’s values ​​​​are not betrayed!
Fruit shaved ice 1 day ago 乃 251
Thirty thousand electronshaha
Did you miss out on a chance that will never come again? Lol
Little John Cena 1 day ago 乃 220
The guy who talked about 30,000 electrons, I wish he bet down
He hopes to hold it until it reaches 100,000 electrons.

But how long will that last?
And how will they react to further declines?

‘The hearts of ant investors are reeds.’

Stealing a believer is the simplest.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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The poor man thinks about what to eat every day. Rich people think about who to eat every day. “Stocks are like sex.” The easy and sex story of real compression stocks


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