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Because I Live in the US 140

Because I Live in the US 140

Chapter 140 – Sassabipal

A part that stock investors unexpectedly overlook.

“Buy cheap and sell expensive?”
“Did I pay 1 million won to hear that!!”

Or you are mistaken to know.
It is natural to buy cheap and sell expensive.

─Rice Noodle Ttukbaegi, thank you for the 10 star balloons!
The profit and loss account was 1 million wonhaha

“That’s why you called me saying I won’t come.”
“But if you’re fucking here, you’ll have to teach me!!”

−1 million won!
−He came out to teasehaha
−Aren’t things like this usually a secret?
− Bankruptcy is serious……

Not many people keep it.
Because man is an animal of desire.

‘I’m greedy.’

There is nothing far to be found.
Just look at the stocks whining about being bitten right now.

『Tool Lady』
KRW 17,100 ▲ KRW 3,500 (−2.63%)
[Graph that goes bad and then goes bad.Jpg]

“I traded this for less than 20,000 won, but you entered 80,000 won. Didn’t you just get bitten because you were full of greed before power?”

− No refutation
−Each one is like a gem
−How do you think about entering a 4-fold increasehaha
− BJ specializing in dishwashing

It was bitten while hitting a single at the top.
Of course, there are some aspects that make sense.

‘Because most of them are highly rated.’

But not all operators are like that.
There are also events where there is a place to eat and come out.

I can’t do it, I’m going to have a good time.
If you look carefully at the transaction volume, that’s it.

“Look at the place where you put 100,000 won and come down. Didn’t a black bar with trading volume come out? This is a signal that the forces have robbed the stock. From here, it has become a stock that is not strange even if it collapses anytime.”
“No, from the beginning.”
“Teach me how to trade like that.”

At least the escape angle is highly likely to be reduced.
Stocks are, after all, a fight that raises the odds.

‘It’s impossible for anyone to be 100%.’

Probability of winning.
It is possible to have a fight with a higher odds.

“But even if you know this, you can’t keep it?”
“Am I?”
“Because I’m full of greed and want to buy when I see stocks going up.”

− Facts
− Stop losing
−It stabs the corehaha
−Are you saying the basics aren’t there?

This is the basic mindset that a person who invests in stocks should have.
It is also something that is not being followed.

‘Because I’m blind to the immediate profit.’

In stocks, returns are secondary.
Investors, especially novices, should not be tempted.

Even if you accidentally eat it once or twice, you will eventually spit it out again.
Because that’s the stock market.

“Teacher, I don’t get bitten all the time, but I do my own research before going in.”
“I think the teacher could teach me a little more about how to trade.”

Develop your skills from a long-term perspective.
Don’t get hung up on short-term gains.

─God of gambling, thank you for the 100 star balloons!
This baby scaling addiction is teacher!

“You mean scalping is a bit like a high-level dungeon?”
“Yes. It’s difficult.”
“There’s no way a beginner can level up just by digging around there, right? It’s funny that I have to say this.”

−It’s so fucking neathaha
−2 years of hard work
− I can’t even do it, but I have a lot of greedhaha
-You say everything I want to say

If you catch it, you get a lot of money and you lose a lot of money.
Beginners who saw it are also greedy.

‘Then what can I do?’

Can’t get experience
It’s no different than a thief who returns after watching Balrog from Mple Story to the dark site.

“Or, look around and search for me inside the Orbi ship.”
“Why do you keep searching!”
“It’s better than running in real life.”

If you do it wrong, you can even die.
The risk of dying when there is nothing to be gained.

‘Don’t do that, buy cheap and sell expensive.’

You should see some benefit.
And have the ability to reproduce it.

─Thank you for the 1,000 star balloons Mr. Oman Electric!
You mean to start trading large stocks like Ohsung Electronics?

“Large-cap stocks are good, and small- and mid-cap stocks are good, but you just have to buy them cheaply.”

– 1000 Oh
−It looks like I was bitten by an electron.
−Of course, if you buy it cheaply, you make a profit……
−How do we know the timing?

It takes a long time to get there.
No, there is no guarantee that it will be possible even if there is time.

‘If that happens, dogs and cattle will do stocks.’

However, there is a standard route.
Sasabi arm.
It is best to make transactions that do not violate that principle.

“So you’re saying I can buy it when I have 40,000 electrons?”
“Check what the stock price was two years ago.”

A hot topic among investors these days.
If you live rationally, you will not be bitten.

『Ohsung Electronics』
KRW 48,950 ▼KRW 650 (-1.32%)
[Graph that I’ve been working on for the past 2 years.Jpg]

It was Iman Electronics just two years ago.
Recently, there is a saying that 40,000 electrons is a crisis, but even that is a price that has more than doubled.

“Rather, they buy when the stock price goes up. Looking later, there may be people who buy Ohsung Electronics for 50,000 won, which they didn’t buy even when it was 50,000 won.”
“Hey, where is that idiot?”

-That’s a bit
−No matter how much it is, I will not buy Guman Electronicshaha
−If you go to Guman Electronics, you will have no wish……
− Bankruptcy doesn’t seem like this

In fact, it is inevitable.
When you are being gaslighted through the mouths of the media and analysts.

‘People will forget that obvious fact.’

Ignorance buys Ohsung Electronics.
With dreams and hopes that one day it will rise.

“Do you think the teacher will go down further than now?”
“I’m also looking at 30,000 electrons in the long term.”
“Korea’s No. 1 market cap and No. 1 semiconductor company?!”

You shouldn’t do such a deal.
Even if the stock price rises later, it will stop at breakeven because of the memory inherited from it.

‘Take the risk according to the risk, and you can’t make money according to the money.’

It is to play according to the ulterior motives of the forces.
I don’t know if the ants are hurt or not.

─Master Chief, thank you for the 1000 star balloons!
I heard that Mr. Joo bought Ohseong Electronics unconditionally?

“They’re just scammers.”
“Are you a cheater?!”
“Anyone who knows stocks will never buy Ohsung Electronics. If you’re telling them to buy now, it’s a scammer or no clue.”

−Sensei Joo is not doing wellhaha
−I also believed him and bought Oman Electronics and ended up dying
−What do you think about Ohsung Electronics?

There is nothing like a fight to build a reputation.

* * *

Main teacher.

〈 uh, are you here?〉

His YouTube, which starts with a familiar greeting, is gaining sensational popularity among young investors.

『Mr. Joo』 Has 305,000 subscribers
「Master teacher. 3 reasons why the stock market decline could be an opportunity feat. Ohsung Electronics” − 220,000 views · 3 days ago
「Master teacher. Should I sell all stocks when interest rates rise?」 − 170,000 views · 2 days ago
「Master teacher. Two Risks: Falling Interest Rates, US-China Conflict” − 150,000 views · 1 day ago

A story that has become an issue in the recent stock market.
It’s because it’s very quickly and accurately arranged and uploaded.

Hoya 3 days ago 乃 275
I really want to be tutoredhaha
I’ve seen it here and there, but there’s no place that explains it so easily and objectively as Mr. Joo.
Choi Hee-dong 3 days ago 乃 211
Words from a master who has survived in the stock market for over 7 years
I am always listening
Mongmong 3 days ago 乃 180
Even if hyung doesn’t do YouTube, there’s no problem in making a living, rather it’ll be annoying and difficult, but thank you for continuing to do it!

The YouTuber’s specs are also respectable.
A full-time investor who turned 300,000 won into 5 billion won in 7 years.

‘Well, it’s not a lie.’

Teacher Joo laughs while looking at the comments on YouTube.
His specifications are unmistakably true.

Only one thing is different.
In fact, he doesn’t even have the confidence to make money from stocks.

Most of the seed was earned six years ago.
Because there was a huge opportunity at the time.

‘If only I followed the LP, the money would really be copied.’

ELW LP loophole trading.
An incident that happened in 2012 changed his life.

At the same time became fetters.
He becomes trembling with fear of losing his wealth.

『Sensei Joo』’S channel analysis
+7,891 subscribers
Views +17%
Estimated Profit +₩12,350,892

That’s why I started YouTube.
Thanks to the bull market, more people are interested in investing.

‘Analysts said they didn’t want to get paid while they weren’t even good at stocks.’

He is confident that he will explain more easily and more interestingly.
That expectation was clearly met.

Subscribers increasing day by day.
Recently, YouTube revenue has outpaced stock revenue.

『After the opening, in front of the monitor where the order window goes back and forth』
Teacher Kang Tae-woo
Popular YouTuber with 300,000 subscribers! A super ant who collected 5 billion in stocks in his early 30s! A candid investment story told by Mr. Joo, the icon of investment in the MZ generation

The recently published book is also selling well.
You don’t have to worry about stocks that you don’t know when they will fall.

The only worry is the downtrend.
It’s just that there are people who curse when Ohsung Electronics drops more than expected.

‘Ah, it’s god if you know that. Who would have expected 40,000 electrons?’

Analysts also miss every day.
Compared to that, he wasn’t even wrong.

What if I have a complaint?
The ants would have no YouTuber to rely on other than themselves.

“Gambling king. 7 billion super ants sniping Mr. Ju. Ohsung Electronics will go to 30,000 electrons.” − 30,000 views · 1 hour ago

A disturber appears.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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The poor man thinks about what to eat every day. Rich people think about who to eat every day. “Stocks are like sex.” The easy and sex story of real compression stocks


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