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Because I Live in the US 139

Because I Live in the US 139

Chapter 139 – Sassabipal

Unbelievable news.

[Korea Stock Gallery]
─This is the king of gamblinghaha
─ Wow, you really got in touch
─At this point, the profit and loss account trend for the past year.Jpg
─But was the profit and loss seat a real person?

The stock community deserves to be buzzing.
Even so, everything was wrapped up in a veil.

─But was the profit and loss seat a real person?
It doesn’t make sense to make 7 billion with 500,000
I thought someone came up with the concept and uploaded it

└Is that so?
└ You said you wrote a concept book for a yearhaha
└I think so too
└ If it’s a concept like you said, will it come out on the air?

Profit and loss.
He appeared less than a year ago.
However, its presence was enough to engulf the community.

I only post one post per day.
After the market is over, it is to certify your profit along with a picture of your account.

─At this point, the profit and loss account trend for the past year.Jpg
[Profit and loss account certified in March of last year.Jpg]
With 500,000 won, I will speak boldly for a week
[Profit and loss account certified in May of last year.Jpg]
I made 200 million in less than 3 months.
[Profit and loss account certified in July of last year.Jpg]
Achieved 5x in 2 months
At this time, the competitive leadership fell behind.
[Profit and loss account certified in January this year.Jpg]
And the long-awaited 7 billion……
Rumors abound that he went for coins during the few months in the middle.

└ Seeing this every day in real time gives me goosebumps
└ I saw this bastard and got screwed so I bet full and got fucked
└ It’s really absurd when I put it together.

The beginning was shabby.
500,000 won.
Less or more, it is at the level of tasting at the E-Mart tasting corner.

It’s just not enough to make a profit.
However, the magic of compound interest unfolded and increased to an astronomical amount.

─Isn’t it that Gallum Joo sent an email to Gura?
I think there must have been at least five of them.

└Isn’t the gambling king caught?
└You have been verified, so you must have posted a notice
└Don’t underestimate Joo Gallum kkkk

You will have numerous followers.
As an investor, it’s a rate of return that leaves you in awe.

But I am a mystic.
He was famous for not even giving simple replies.

[Gaming king Kim Pa-san’s broadcasting station]
Announcement− 『The merger with Son Ik-jwa has been completed!』
The legendary investor who made 7 billion with 500,000……
I have been in contact with Mr.
The market closes at 8:00 PM on Fridayhaha
We’ll see you!

It was decided to appear on a famous BJ’s broadcast.
It is a hot topic among stock investors.

「LoL) Gambling king. I take stock lectures from Son Ik-jwa”_ Დ1,891 people

Normally, it wouldn’t have attracted much attention.
What’s the stock?

I found out that it is not.
In a bear market, all investors are desperate.

− Rise
−Worrying about the stock lecture to the gambling kinghaha
−Came to see the profit and loss table
−Legendary Hapbang
−Turn on the cam!
−Receipt of profit and loss table
You said you won 7 billion with −500,000?

I want to hold on to even the rotten rope.
If anyone can rescue you.

‘I was attracted to broadcast aggro…….’

Pasan Kim, who broadcasts, has the same idea.
Of course, I also have a purpose as a BJ.

Broadcast aggro.
When celebrities are invited, more viewers than usual come.

Even if only a few of them remain regular viewers, it’s a dog’s gain.
Than for such a calculated reason.

‘If I can only escape the break-even, I won’t have any wishes!’

As an investor, urgency comes first.
I can’t put into words how I felt when I bought the stock.

To be honest, I also have greed.
If the full-time investor called the P&L has a really special secret.

─My Dream Gambling King, thank you for the 10 star balloons!
Let’s shake off all the panties left and right!

“I know better even if you don’t tell me, damn.”

− This bastard is the most desperate
−Aren’t you asking after the broadcasthaha
− See how your hands are shaking
−If there is only one friend who is like a profit and loss, there will be no wish……

‘Wouldn’t it be nice if we were close to each other?’

If so, maybe it’s really possible.
Beyond loss recovery and beyond.

That’s what being a good investor is all about.
I was full of dreams and hopes.

* * *

Internet broadcasting.
At this point, it may seem puzzling.

‘To talk about the economy in the lintel.’

After all, it is a universal concept.
Investors who eat raw meat on Wall Street also do BJ.

Streaming, to be more precise.
It is to solve the perspective of the market in real-time broadcasting.

“Hello. I’m an unnamed full-time investor. I guess it’s called a P&L in some communities.”

− ㄹㅇ P&L?
−Account verification
−7billion account openinghaha
-You seem a lot younger than I thought

It is no wonder that famous hedge fund CEOs are still on Twitter.
It’s just that the platform changes.

‘Investors want it.’

The modern stock market.
All kinds of information pours through the Internet.
Paradoxically, it is difficult to know what is the right information.

Because there are too many options.
You want someone you can ‘trust’ to pick the right one out of all that information.

『○○○’S account』
Deposit  : 6,720,006,974
Accumulated profit and loss: +7,000,108,892

− And the fuck 7 billion……
− Super ants appear
−Isn’t that almost institutional gradehaha

For now, you should be satisfied with account verification.
Wow, since I made so much money, there must be something.

‘Because it’s not like that.’

Stocks are also a game of chance after all.
When millions of ants rush in, some lucky ants emerge.

“Wow! Brothers, I’m comparing my ID card to see if I really have my account, but it’s me!”
“I’m sure you should look at the transaction history rather than the account.”

− You need to look at the transaction history
− Search all of them starting in March
−Let’s see if it really started with 500,000
−There are scammers who cheat on accounts

A lot of money.
However, he himself knows that he has no ability to call the money back.

‘That’s why I’m trying to make money by selling books and teaching.’

What can we learn from such people?
The fact that there is no is the fastest to experience.

The stock market is all about ability.
It was great in the past, a water rocket shot has no meaning.

“You also traded with tool ladies.”
“Wegen energy too. I’ve been bitten by this.”
“Iknow, right.”
“Yoosung Heavy Industries and our own food…”
“It’s easy to make money because there are idiots who pass it down.”
“Fuck you bastard!!”

Investors realize this too.
You can’t trust the flashy bastards.

‘There’s nothing more reliable than a broadcast that puts your name and funds in real time.’

This is why hedge fund CEOs do lintels.
There is no good way to increase customer deposits.

That is the trend of the times.
In the future, it will become a trend to decide a fund by watching real-time broadcasting.

─God of gambling, thank you for the 10 star balloons!
Out of 7 billion, 100 million was the gambling king’s moneyhaha

“How nice it is to eat together. Why take it out alone and only make me bite!”
“It’s okay.”
“What’s okay! I’m dying because I want to live right now.”

−The profit and loss left after eating, and you got stuck.
− Bankruptcy was the most urgent.
−But it looks like he has the urge to kill
−The profit and loss account is not manipulated by the stock price, what is the sin?

Why did you appear on The Gambling King’s broadcast?
It’s not just that I felt sympathy because I was bitten by the stock I ate.

‘I have to build up awareness.’

Two things are needed to move the market.
Money and influence.

I have the confidence to accumulate money if I put my mind to it.
I also know that it doesn’t make any sense.

I realized it painfully in my previous life.
No matter how much money I have, more people exist.

“You don’t have to worry from now on.”
“What the hell!”
“Because I’m here.”

But awareness is a different story.
No matter how much money you have, there are obviously limits.

‘Because trust is created by that person’s actions.’

The first steps of a legend.
I have already put a lot of effort into laying the groundwork for the past year.

“Honestly, I don’t think it’s my fault, but I’m a little sorry, so I’ll help you.”
“Isn’t that what you came out for?”
“They don’t teach you.”

−Are you solving the secret?
−It’s not really the profit and loss balancehaha
− But is it possible to understand bankruptcy?

The stage to explode it was also prepared.
A bear market is good for focusing public attention.

‘It’s not that easy.’

Most ordinary investors buy stocks because they want to make easy money.

Complex theory?
I don’t have the ability to understand it, and I don’t want to know.

It should be approached simply.
Still, it needs to be effective and impactful.

“There is nothing complicated about stocks, you only need to remember one thing.”
“Oh, I like that! I also searched for various things on YouTube, but they all talked about difficult things.”

The same goes for the object in front of you.
To beat hundreds of millions of won without a plan.

‘Surprisingly, there are many people like this.’

Valuable friends who provide liquidity.
As much as today, it makes you win without losing money.

“What is that one thing?”
“Lion’s idiom? What does that mean? I have a short bag strap…”

−It really is
−ㄹㅇ You can’t lose if you do thathaha
−Buy cheap and sell expensivehaha

The easiest way to make money in stocks.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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The poor man thinks about what to eat every day. Rich people think about who to eat every day. “Stocks are like sex.” The easy and sex story of real compression stocks


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