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Because I Live in the US 138

Because I Live in the US 138

Chapter 138 – End of Bear Market!

Paprika TV.
Republic of Private Broadcasting.
Numerous BJs live there.

Starting with rolls, Bora, Mukbang, etc.
Various contents become the subject of broadcasting.


Among them are ‘stocks’.
With the BGM that creates a sense of urgency, a BJ starts doing something unique.

“I put a buy order. It has to go up unconditionally. If it doesn’t go up, it’s a scam!”

−You say this?
−The liver is also large
−Danta again
−What you are doing is gamblinghaha

The act of investing based on the value of the company.
It’s not just such lukewarm investments.

Ride on the soaring stock
There is a trading method that takes advantage of bursting volatility and makes profits in a short time.

─Sell order has been executed!

That’s scalping.
The main content of BJ Gambling King is single hits.
Among them, scalping is the main one.

“The kids who live here are really strong, but I keep getting nervous about fucking them. Huh? Huh? Selling? Hold? Hold. Huh? Huh? It was good 300~~!!!”

− Who eats thishaha
−You deserve to eat
−Today’s gambling king form is good

Because the income is salty.
No other job comes close when it comes to time-to-revenue.

Just 1 minute.
Earn 5 million won in that short time.
This is because they even used credit with 100 million seeds.

It is equivalent to earning a month’s salary just by eating and leaving.
But the gambler was not satisfied.


Play the BGM once more.
It means riding on a high rise.
There was something caught in his search formula.

‘Did it go up 25%? Fuck this is so bad.’

Catch up with the upper limit.
At least one of the many stocks is bound to hit +30%.

It is impossible to find out what the stock is.
But to the extent of putting a spoon on it.

“Climb up, climb up, climb up…… Why are you falling because I’m living!!”

-Because you live
−?: He bought
−Crazy bastard, stop losing even nowhaha
− And keep falling?

I am thinking it will be easy.
In fact, the previous sale was also successful.

─The forces are running amok!
Double Kill!
Triple Kill!

It just failed this time.
Things are a bit bad for a 1-1 draw.

『UV Motors』
9,170 ▲1460 (+18.93%)
[Graph that crashes and falls.Jpg]

−6% in an instant.
It’s been a long time since the 2.5 million won bee just disappeared.

─God of gambling, thank you for the 10 star balloons!
Guys, is this a motu? I’m throwing this money on the ground


−Naturally Motuji
−What kind of idiot loses 10 million won in 5 minutes?
−It really sucked.
−300 and lose 1,000, Cheek Hyeja!

High risk high return.
At first glance, it seems to be a land of opportunity flowing with milk and honey.

‘Really fuck, I look thinner today too.’

It is a flytrap that eats insects that are attracted by its sweet scent.
It’s been a while since I’ve been stuck.

─God of gambling, thank you for the 10 star balloons!
Motors go to hell

“It’s okay. I’m in hell right now.”

I need to repair it!
Resentment leads to greater losses.
It has grown like a snowball and is hard to handle.

It’s a billion units.
Even the cans were properly filled.
If you were a regular investor, you wouldn’t be able to do stocks.

─Thank you for the 5,000 star balloons, Mr. Pizza!
Open your facehaha

“Thank you for the 5,000 pizzas. Seriously… I’m starting to want to live.”

− And 5,000
−Kingson mouths his lipshaha
−It’s not a joke if you say that
−Fact) 100,000 more are needed to pay off
Loyalty jipginim has been forced out!

It becomes content for BJ.
There are people who like to lose money.

Aren’t the forces planning a strategy to keep making money?

To the extent that I think so.
Of course, I think thank you.
This is why you can do stocks even if you lack skills.

However, even including sponsorship, it is a loss.
There seems to be a mountain of desire to make an excuse to take a break or reduce the seed.

─Semiconductor Master, thank you for the 500 star balloons!
It’s because an asshole only gambles.

─My dream is Buffett, thank you for the 1000 star balloons!
Think about it and go in

─Coinchung-nim, thank you for the 500 star balloons!
Sorry I shoot

Viewers want it, so I can’t help it.
If you broadcast anything other than stocks, the wind power will shrink to the point of being shabby.

‘I can’t not do stocks. If you do, you lose unconditionally.’

Fortunately, it has been an uptrend recently.
Even the sport that was bitten gave an escape angle after a few days at the shortest and a few months at the longest.

UV Motors│9.890 shares│−10.75%
Woorison Food│6,178 shares│−12.86%
Yusung Heavy Industries│3,563 shares│−7.50%
WeGen Energy│9,851 shares│−21.09%
Tool Lady │291 shares││−69.73%

The downtrend has begun.
Stocks thought to be the bottom are breaking through the cellar and sinking into the Earth’s mantle.

‘If I really break even, if I only break even, a fucking Lamborghini will come out!!’

It is the cheapest standard without options attached, but 200 million won is not the name of a dog.
That’s a lot of money.

When will I be able to recover?
Having hope is a thing of the past.
A positive future is no longer pictured.

“Hyungs, what should I do seriously?

− I told him to stop gambling.
− It’s okay. You still have a loan!
−If you weren’t a BJ, you would have already fallen behindhaha

The mindset of starting anew every day.
Today, starting today, you will be able to make money!

There are limits to self-hypnosis.
Money is deleted in real time, but it is difficult to be positive.

[Gaming King Pasan Kim’s broadcasting station]
─It looks like it will be in the news that I want to buy BJhaha
─Is the next content about entering the Han River? [21] +50
─Let’s learn some stocks this time
─I think it would be nice to learn stocks from Mr. Joo.

Fans are also upset.
If the clown dies, it’s because you won’t be able to watch interesting broadcasts in the future.

─Is the next content about entering the Han River?
Will it even hit 10,000 viewers?

└ㄹㅇ How many shots do you have?
└ 10,000 viewers + 9 o’clock news viewers 1 million
└ I really die like this……
└ These days, bankruptcy is so blue

How can I live longer?
Viewers put their heads together and brainstorm.

As a result.
There is a public opinion to learn stocks.
Even bankruptcy doesn’t mean I haven’t considered it.

“No, I really want to ask. What am I lacking? I think it’s really a difference.”

−One piece (1 hectare)
−Are you listening to the listener?
−Single hit is just a talent Talent

I honestly don’t know.
It’s not short if you put stocks in one period.

2 years.
He must have accumulated experience points by putting in and taking out hundreds of millions of dollars every day.

‘Is it because I’m impatient? When I eat, I eat a little and when I lose, I lose a lot.’

I have pride as a stock BJ.
I don’t want to get halfway help.

─I think it would be nice to learn stocks from Mr. Joo.
Teacher Joo is a monster who made 5 billion with 300,000 won.
Wouldn’t I get something if I took tutoring?

└ Bankruptcy makes it 300,000 won even if it is 5 billion
└ Looks like they’re going to do a fantastic collaborationhaha
└ I think Mr. Ju is also a bubble.
└ If you’re looking at bankruptcy, get some tutoring before you really go bankrupt.

Especially the principal.
Some viewers give up.
I know roughly who you are.

“I don’t think Teacher Joo suits me very well. He invests in value.”

-Do something
−Ah, a gambler can’t stop gamblinghaha
−ㅅㅇ I’m coming to gamble
-Even a youtuber

It’s called stock youtuber.
It teaches stock mindset and investment method to beginner investors.

‘No, if I went back 2 years ago, I would have done nothing wrong with Ohsung Electronics!’

But it’s a downtrend.
Even the reliable Ohsung Electronics has now become 40,000 electrons.

─God of gambling, thank you for the 10 star balloons!
Mr. Joo has also lost his bubble lately. He is swearing at subscribers because he is breaking through Omanelectronicshaha

“Seriously. Right now, no one can earn money.”

Even if it rises, it is a problem.
Viewers don’t like making money tantalizingly like that.

‘How to invest in value in paprika.’

BJ, not a YouTuber.
You have to do provocative broadcasting so that viewers shoot star balloons.

Trapped in a Möbius strip.
To the bankruptcy whose lifeline was burning day by day.

─Nasdaq vs. KOSDAQ, thank you for the 10 star balloons!
What’s the point of asking Joo-Gal Son and Ik-Jwa to teach you how to trade?

“Profit and loss? Is that person a YouTuber too?”

−No, it’s just a gallery
− Full-time investor who raises daily profit and loss certification
−Dog chew and water
−There is a rumor that the profit is unrealistic, so it is Motu.

An interesting story is told
There is an unbelievable investor who made 500,000 won into 7 billion.
‘I heard that Mr. Ju did that too.’

But the period is different.
Unlike Mr. Joo, who has nearly 10 years of stock experience, it is only one year.

It is said that he made money through Danta and scalping.
If what the viewers say is really true.

‘Can I be rescued?’

It was like trying to catch a straw.

* * *

Sudden news.
But it’s not sudden at all.

‘Because I expected it.’

In a bull market, everyone is optimistic.
A hypocrite who speaks to his taste gains popularity.

In a down market, you realize the reality.
He desperately searches for someone who will teach him how to survive.

〈 Does it still give you an escape angle if you wait? Or should I stop losing from less bites?〉

−If you wait, it will go up^^
− Viewers, demonshaha
−No, I told you to sell it
−I don’t know anything else, but the tool lady is losing money……

Gambling Wang, who proposed the merger, seems to be the same.
Just because you’re a stock BJ doesn’t necessarily mean you’re good at stocks.

‘But it’s a bit harsh.’

Each item bitten is an art.
You have to be really stupid to be bitten by the high point.

─Dantaro My House, thank you for the 10 star balloons!
Being bitten by Yuseong Heavy Industries is a legendary level idiot

〈 No, I really thought I was going to go up at that time. The momentum was good.〉

−Did you know that 26 trillion won was realhaha
−There is no real head
−It seems that the forces are making money because of him
− I just thought about it and went in ㅋ

Strangely familiar
Starting with Tool Lady, Woorison Food, Wegen Energy, and Yuseong Heavy Industries.

‘This bastard is handing it over instead.’

Conscientiously help

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
The poor man thinks about what to eat every day. Rich people think about who to eat every day. “Stocks are like sex.” The easy and sex story of real compression stocks


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