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Because I Live in the US 137

Because I Live in the US 137

Chapter 137 – End of Bear Market!

Bear market.

[Korea Stock Gallery]
─KOSPI, where are you goinghaha
─Sell everything, even the panties, kkkk
─Did I say KOSPI was a bubble?
——A goddess who invites downfall. Evacuation alert

Stock prices don’t just go up.
Sometimes it even drops drastically.

When it goes on for a very long time.
It is said that the trend has changed and a ‘down market’ has begun.

─Did I say KOSPI was a bubble?
[Cashed account verification.Jpg]
I hear the song slowly coming out so I go back inhaha

└ I want to rip off the mouth of an insect bug
└ Accidentally get hit and pretend to be proud ㅗㅗ
└ Cash Watchworm 1 win
└ Wow, I really want to live as long as I have money.

Of course, investors aren’t stupid either.
Some astute people put money in advance.

And live again
How to respond to an ideal bear market.
But if you can make that much money.

─The bear market is over! Thank you for your hard work~
[KOSPI 2500 line collapse.Jpg]
The crash starts today

└ It’s spicy, it’s fucking spicy
└야 이 개새끼야 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
└ It came down like this, but still?
└ The man test begins!

The story that stocks are difficult will not even come out.
It easily breaks through expectations.

The KOSPI, which exceeded 2600, is 2400 units.
I am overcome with a sense of fear that maybe it will go down below that level.

-Sensei Joo told me to be prepared for the early days of Oman Electronics.
I’m really just coming here.
Seeing that the atmosphere of the gallery is shit, I guess it’s time to go in.

└ Just falling into fear now
└Ah, does it make sense to say four thousand electronshaha
└Did Mr. Ju do that? Shall I go in too……
└You don’t know the words of Dr. Woo

But it’s not necessarily all bad news.
For investors with cash.

You can buy the stocks you want to buy cheaply.
If you change your point of view, it may be an opportunity.

─The bear market is really over! Thank you all for your hard work
[Zaisky Kun photo.Jpg]
It’s a living corpse from today…….

└Ae, Ami……
└ It’s a drip that should be laughed at, but why are there tears?
└ Does 40,000 electrons make sense?
└ Who is the picture? I thought it was a real corpse

If it continues, it is no longer an opportunity.
There is a feeling of hopelessness that it will never recover.

There is a basement under the floor.
A saying that you have heard once somewhere will not be someone else’s business.

‘You gave me enough to adjust! Why?’

Sora is enjoying that feeling to the fullest.
Of course, it wasn’t just about letting go.

Quick stop loss.
Risk diversification.
Portfolio construction, etc.
I responded as best I could based on my experience so far.

『Sora Yoon’s Total Assets』
KRW 119,573,892
−12,746,211 KRW (−10.65%)


Losses were unavoidable.
For the first time in my life, I lost a 4-digit amount.

Of course, it’s not a huge loss.
The overall index fell by more than 10%.

‘Wow, Ohman Electronics collapsed. Helgi Chemical also 20%…….’

Individual stocks are also deducted twice as much.
Even blue chip stocks aren’t normal, so bad stocks are even cut in half.


Even scarier than that is the fact that it may not be the end.
Lately, bad news has come to mind one after another.

Daily News− 「Trade 協 “South Korea damages up to 36.7 billion dollars in full-scale trade war between the US and China”」
The Korea Times− 「Korea-US interest rate inversion in 10 years… How likely is the capital outflow?”
Fact News− 「The Korean economy endured through exports… Trade war, exchange rate, interest rate ‘triple bad news'”

US-China trade dispute.
Korea-US interest rate inversion.
As a result, the exchange rate fluctuated.

‘Even if I think I’m a foreigner…….’

The current KOSPI will not be attractive.
It makes sense for foreigners to suddenly sell stocks.

But until when?
I don’t understand if it’s worth losing more than 10% in just 10 days.

‘No way, as the real senior said.’

The market is full of bad news.
Looking at the first head of the article, a sigh comes out.

But ‘The Horror Knight’.
If what you said is really true.

‘I don’t want to believe that the KOSPI itself is a strategy.’

It may be to induce individual losses.
That’s because it scared me a lot.

It’s scary even for yourself.
Even though I made a low-priced purchase in my own way, I am about to lose my mind.

Those bitten at the top will taste to death.
Shouldn’t I be giving up right now?

‘No. Are you okay. I’ll come back to my evaluation soon.’

Fair value of the enterprise.
Considering sales and performance, I think it is undervalued.

Short selling did not accumulate that much either.
Because the current stock price is so cheap.

Don’t take your senior’s word for granted.
Because more than half of it is meant to be a joke.

‘I think this is correct…….’

However, the yard has already been inherited.
All Sora could do was think.

* * *

The downtrend in Korea is very strange.

‘To the extent that the game looks conscientious.’

At least it doesn’t fool the contestants.
There are many methods close to fraud in the KOSPI.

『Ohsung Electronics Short Selling Status』

Typically, K-short selling.
For example, on the same day, it was reported that 100,000 shorts were sold.

‘The employee accidentally entered the wrong wordhehe~☆ and rewrites it to 1 million words.’

It is possible because it is non-computational handwriting.
It is said that a person made a mistake while writing by hand.

Surprisingly, it is legal.
In the world of finance, saying that there is no legal problem means that it is actually used.

In addition, non-borrowed short selling, violation of the uptick rule, etc.
There are many ways to trick an individual’s eyes.

In the ascending field, ants are not at a great disadvantage either.
In a bear market, you get a real taste of what a tilted playing field is.

[Korea Stock Gallery]
─I will never buy Korean stocks again.
-Do it in moderation, you fucking bastardhaha
─Our stock market is open!
─Come to think of it, the P&L is suspicious these days.

The stock community has been partying every day due to the recent bull run.
It deserves to suddenly become a portrait house.

It has changed 180 degrees from the time I came a while ago.
The state of investors is also half-baked.

-Do it in moderation, you fucking bastardhaha
[Angry frog photo.Jpg]
It’s time to stop falling
It’s time for a humanistic rebound
There is such a thing as degree
There is a thing called Dori
Why do you keep falling
If you don’t give yourself a break and fall down, you’re a fucking bastard
I can’t help but watch my account disappear
Fuck I’m sorry mom I’m sorry I won’t share in the future I’ll just congratulate you I’ll work hard

└ Ebebebebe~~~
└ㅅㅅ My feelings are written downhaha
└I’m desperate, save this bastard
└ Are you bitten by 2600?

There are also people who are completely gone.
If bitten by a faucet, anyone will.

‘I want to cut off my finger.’

The finger that pressed the buy button.
If you are a stock investor, it is a feeling that you feel once in a while.

You have to go through that pain and suffering.
You can never become an investor with only flower roads.

─Our stock market is open!
[Our restaurant is open normally.Jpg]
Please buy KOSPI……

└ I’m not buying you bastardhaha
└ I don’t have money to buy, so I got bittenhaha
└ Dog fuck speed
└ I really lost my mind because of the foreign bastards

The downtrend will continue for some time.
Bad news pours in and triggers fear.

‘In fact, the US-China trade dispute has been going on for more than half a year, and the US-Korea interest rate reversal was also announced a month ago.’

To induce individual losses.
The institutions that received it will raise the stock price after repaying all the short sales.

It’s obvious.
Nevertheless suffer
After all, it is the powerful foreigners and institutions that have the trigger.

─Come to think of it, the P&L is suspicious these days.
It’s been a while since I haven’t posted a profit trend
I knew this baby

└ I smelled it and withdrew my moneyhaha
└ Isn’t it just taking a break after earning 7 billion won?
└Mr. Joo tempted me with an opportunity to buy at a low price.

Why are the richest in the stock market?
No matter how reasonable a transaction is, there is no answer if you make money.

In the KOSPI, you can learn that.
Because you get to meet all the dogs that happen in the stock market.

‘If I survive, I can grow tremendously.’

It’s not easy.

When the stock price goes down, the mentality is broken.
It becomes difficult to maintain a rational point of view.

You lose the courage to look at the market, let alone trade properly.
Will Sora be able to overcome the trials and tribulations?

─Hello, this is BJ Gambling King.
[Paprika TV gambling king certification.Jpg]
I heard that there is a master hidden in the Korean stock gallery and came to visit.
I understand that you are the one who uses the nickname of Profit and Loss Jwa.
If you are, please contact me!
[email protected]

└ There was a coriander?
└ There’s only one person bitten here
└ The king of gambling came to learn how to buy and sell.
└Are you the real gambling king?

If you can’t do that much, it might be better to fold the stock.
I am not free enough to care.

‘Because it’s about time.’

Humans seek equality in times of peace and heroes in times of crisis.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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