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Because I Live in the US 136

Because I Live in the US 136

Chapter 136 – Oman Electronics

“Have you ever heard of All Blue?”
“All blue…?”

All blue.
It is said to be a place where all the fishes that inhabit each of the four seas, East Blue, West Blue, South Blue, and North Blue, which make up the worldview of ONE○, are gathered together.

‘It’s also in the real world.’

It is a concept that actually exists.
In the water area where cold and warm currents meet and intersect, a golden fishing ground is created where various types of fish can live.

“The legendary sea from One ○’s…”
“No, not that.”
“Your account bastard!”

It’s a story that has nothing to do with it.
As usual, Sora is getting caught up in stupid fishing.

Ohsung Electronics ││200 shares │−2.92%
SQ Technics│100 shares │−3.11%
Future car  │150 shares │−2.90%
Green window  │100 shares │−5.45%
Haram    │3000 shares│−1.76%

“This is all blue. Why are you looking for One ○?”
“Finding only one event that can be shared together is a real talent.”
“I didn’t know it would turn out like this.”

Sora inflates his cheeks.
There is nothing special about the subject that a new body has become more mature in a year.

‘Stock skills too.’

As soon as a little hardship and adversity come, it looks like this.
Lately, I’ve only been walking on flowery paths.

“It’s not just me getting off.”
“The KOSPI itself is all blue, but Sanji wouldn’t want to find all blue only in my account.”
“It’s not like that.”

I too had an excuse.
Recently, the KOSPI has been struggling every day.
This was the beginning of the so-called “Downtrend.”

『KOSPI Index』
2,480.50 ▼126.50 (−5.01%)
[Graph collapsed in four days.Jpg]

The stock price, which broke through 2600, fell below 2500.
And at an unimaginable speed.

“I thought it would give a short-term rebound at 2500…”
“So why?”
“Why? Recently, the performance of companies has been good, but it is wrong to suddenly go down like this.”

Sora’s words make sense.
Recently, the KOSPI did not break through the previous high without reason.

Daily News− “KOSPI listed company’s record high performance… 158 trillion won in operating profit last year”
The Korea Times− 「Ohsung Electronics Q1 Operating Profit of KRW 14 trillion, Q2 “Maximum Performance” Expected」
Fact News− 「[Korea Economy] KOSPI uptrend, do you see real estate invincibility?」

Performance comes out well.
Global stock markets are also good.
I think it will even come out better next quarter.

“Didn’t you buy it because it said it would go 60,000 electrons?”
“I’m not that stupid!”
“Then what?”
“When I looked at the fair value of Ohsung Electronics, I thought the low 50,000 won range was too cheap…”
“In the end, the reason you bought it was because the stock seemed cheap.”

The media fuels that sentiment.
There is one thing that KOSPI investors do not know.

‘It’s called the operation week, but in fact, the KOSPI itself is a huge operation.’

In the upswing, you don’t know.
Still, large stocks will move with rational logic.

The fact is that it is not.
Even large companies like Ohsung Electronics are at their disposal.

“And the reason you felt that way is because the press gaslighted you for being 50,000 electrons and 60,000 electrons.”
“You too are caught up in the crowd mentality.”

Invest against the public!
It’s a story you hear even if you eat a little bit of stock.

‘What’s difficult about that? That it’s bound to be difficult.’

Think of it as a little Truman Show.
Everyone else is saying that?

Even experts say so.
No one can readily say no.

“Ugh, I knew it. I recognized it when I was conceited with an expression that I realized about stocks.”
“How can you be like that? Nutrients are concentrated only in breast milk.”
“That senpai!! You said you knew?”

This is why you should have your own investment philosophy.
Sora pouted from her cheeks to her lips.

‘I’m confused whether I’m appealing for sex or angry.’

I’m sure I’m just doing it out of pure rage.
The body and stock are still infinitely clumsy.

“Of course.”
“Because there is an omen.”
“A precursor…?”

At most, Kkobu○ evolved into Onibu○.
Even as a Pokemon trainer, it was a long way off.

‘At least the Turtle King should be able to shoot water cannons.’

Of course, stock analysis and article checking are also important.
But that is the logic of the bull market.

“In a bear market, you have to keep an eye on the movements of outsiders.”
“Are you a foreigner?”

Sora ponders deeply.
It seems to use the fat energy accumulated in the chest.

‘Al Panu after giving away all his stocks? I’m not going to do it.’

It’s like Gong-Goo Lady’s plummeting without a bottom.
There is nothing to regret from the perspective of the forces.

“No, but that’s a strategy…”
“KOSPI is different?”
“No way.”
“That’s this baby!”

KOSPI is the same.
The scale is just fucking huge.
It works similarly to the operational principle.

‘Should I call it the operation stock market, not the operation stock?

There is a trading trend by investment entity.
It is data showing how much each individual, foreigner, and institution bought and sold.

“Look. Didn’t they sell all foreigners recently?”
“It says I bought a present…”
“Yes, the stock is sold as a gift and disposed of in kind.”

There are days like living.
But when the market was over, I sold it back.
Even that is just a paving stone to attract ants.

‘Sell all the stocks like that, build up short selling, and then do it all at once.’

Throw away the gift you bought.
When the amount of sales in trillions suddenly falls on the stock market.

“Director One-to-day? You don’t know this?”
“Of course you don’t know! Few people know.”

Truly a vertical fall.
This is one of the most common bear market patterns in coats of arms.

‘Actually, I can prepare to some extent just by watching the news.’

The market is full of bad news.
However, the KOSPI is surprisingly solid.

Then, in nine out of ten cases, the operation is underway.
They are accumulating short selling by selling spot.

“I know what you mean, but I think it will give you a short-term rebound.”
“Where is it?”
“Are you going to keep making fun of me?”

It’s hard to notice that in a bull market.
Even if bad things happen, ignore them.

‘No, I won’t look at it in the first place.’

That’s what human psychology is.
I don’t know if it’s urgent until the fire goes out in the foot.

“It’s good to bet. Maybe next week there will be a lot of horror stories?”
“I’m on the up side.”

Sora is stubborn.
There will be antipathy towards me, but there will also be my own analysis.

‘If you learn while rolling, it becomes real knowledge.’

You cannot become an investor by walking only on flower paths.

* * *

In a bull market, the investment frenzy blows.

“Ah, I’m going crazy…”
“What’s wrong with you sir?”
“Because I bought the stock? As soon as I bought it, it sucked.”

It’s because I hear stories about making money from stocks around me.
Even those who did not intend to live.

‘I just went up and down, and then I live, so ah…….’

Park Chang-yeol recently bought Ohsung Electronics.
I felt sick to my stomach when I heard that a fellow employee was making money.

But what if you buy it yourself?
From that day on, the stock price has been falling like a lie.

“How long have you been bitten?”
“About 7%.”
“How much?”
“3 million won. My salary just flew away.”

At one time, he vomited a spirit that exceeded 60,000 won.
At that time, I thought it was really the way to go to 100,000 electrons.

‘I should have sold it, but it turned out unfortunately.’

Why are you talking to your subordinates?
But it’s not that much of a concern.

“Are you okay?”
“It’s okay. One day I’ll make my wallet thicker by drilling 100,000 electrons.”
“Ah yes…….”

It was the expert teacher.
Going 100,000 electrons is just a matter of time.

‘The green window news said that earnings continued to come out well.’

That is, it will rise over time.
If you sweat hard at work, you will come up at some point.

‘As expected, it’s not the time to live yet.’

Park Chang-yeol’s subordinate.
Oh Jae-won is also interested in stocks.
It’s an easy way to make money.

But I’m afraid to actually do it.
That’s because the stock price may go down.

Channel Master Chu− 「Three reasons why the stock market decline could be an opportunity feat. Ohsung Electronics」 − 120,000 views · 1 day ago

So, I decided to study first.
Because the times are getting better these days.

‘All I have to do is listen to the YouTuber.’

Have a lot of subscribers
It is said that he is a powerful person who has made billions in stocks.

〈 When should I buy Ohsung Electronics? The stock price has gone down a lot lately. It seems like yesterday that we took a picture of 60,000 electrons.〉

Above all, it is easy to explain.
Enough to understand even a beginner in stocks.

‘Ah, Seon-young? You got an adjustment once in December. The reason I’m going down now is because I’m not feeling well.’

Jaewon nodded and listened to YouTube.
Actually, I don’t know exactly, but I can tell by feeling.

〈 Aren’t all the bad news in the market already revealed? When such a huge crash came out, I thought that buying was always an opportunity in hindsight.〉

Live in horror!
That’s something I’ve heard before.
At current stock prices, there are definite advantages.

‘Aren’t all the old bosses bitten? I’m buying at a lower price than those people.’

At least I don’t think there will be any damage.
Looking at the comments section, there are many people with similar thoughts.

Sweet night 1 day ago 乃 207
I know exactly when to buy stocks with……
There is no YouTuber in the world who can teach you this kind of thing. It’s touching.
Theogene 1 day ago 乃 151
Now that the bad news has been reflected in advance is an opportunity
People around me complained about being bitten, so I must gather up the courage to buy it.
Radiant Kim 1 day ago 乃 130
Can you come in now?
When I get 100,000 electrons, I’ll shoot it when hyung turns on the broadcasthaha

The more you look at it, the stronger your thoughts become.
It’s not because there was a problem with Ohsung Electronics.

‘Maybe this is an opportunity that will never come again.’

Ten thousand electrons.
The words that the assistant manager and manager talk about five times a day could become reality.

If you buy now, your investment will be doubled.
It is very reassuring to say that even dividends are coming out.

─Buy orders have been placed!

A youtuber’s words.
The desire that sprouted in the heart.
Not many people could resist.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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