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Because I Live in the US 135

Because I Live in the US 135

Chapter 135 – Oman Electronics

Office worker Park Chang-yeol.

“Didn’t you say you bought Ohsung Electronics?”
“Oh, it was.”
“I was reading a news article on Green Window earlier, and I heard that Ohsung Electronics went up a lot. Take a bite!”

I have been working for the same company for 7 years.
Promotion is neither fast nor slow.

I’m not really chasing money.
He is doing well at work, and there is no discord at home.

“It’s my money.”
“No, but~.”
“Did you ever help me when I was bitten? Isn’t it conscienceless to get eaten by biting?”

Ordinary life.
It also means that it does not change.
The amount of salary an employee receives is fixed.

‘Oh, really tight…….’

Manager Lee, who was the motive for entering the company, is right.
Whenheheard that he had been bitten, he was proud of himself that he did well not to stock up.

Isn’t that like gambling?
However, whenhehears that he has climbed, he has other thoughts.

Daily News− 「[Breaking news] KOSPI breaks through intraday 2570 line…… Ohsung Group stock rises”
The Korea Times− 「[Featured stock] Ohsung Electronics, 57,000 won touch…… In front of breaking 60,000 won”
Fact News− 「In front of the KOSPI’s 2600 line, which rises for 7 consecutive days…… 2563.52 Deadline」

Relative deprivation.
They are in the same position at the same company with the same salary.

“To celebrate the stock’s rise, let’s lightly drink pork belly and a glass of soju. What am I trying to eat you for?”
“That’s about it.”
“Then see you after work.”

Lee Dae-ri was freed from money.
It’s enough to buy samgyeopsal even though it’s ticklish.

‘When am I going to raise a lump sum?’

A wife like a fox, and children like rabbits.
It really doesn’t cost a penny or two to support.

I gave up all my hobbies when I was a bachelor.
Even so, the road to getting my own home is still a long way off.

“That’s why you have to stock.”
“First, get a glass of soju.”

Having a drink once in a while is one of the pleasures of life.
I wish I could afford some space in my life.

‘Ah, baby. He boasts that he made some money.’

As promised, we are eating pork belly.
Instead, listen to your friend’s stock saga.

“Are you still depositing money in the bank?”
“Of course. Even if I look like this, keep saving.”
“Aw~ you idiot.”
“As for deposits, if I were like me, I would steadily accumulate stocks of Ohsung Electronics.”

At first, I wasn’t very interested.
It’s annoying, and if you do it wrong, it’s dangerous.

When it comes to stocks, it is disgraceful.
It’s a sound that the elders have been making their ears hurt since I was a child.

‘Allocation? Was there such a thing?’

Dividends are paid once a quarter.
The amount is similar to or higher than that of installment savings.

“If Ohsung Electronics fails, Korea will also fail!”
“Is that so?”
“How good the technology is. If you think about it, there will be stories about torturing aliens.”

Even the stock price goes up.
Even the principal amount of the money invested will increase to +.


It’s tempting to keep listening to it.
Interest in stocks blooms slowly.

“People who say stocks are risky invest in a strange company they don’t even know the name of.”
“Don’t you know Ohseong? Don’t you know Hell? Your car is also a future car. It’s like collecting good stocks. It’s investing in the growth of Korea!”

I want to try stocks once.
But no matter how much I go to Gangnam with my friends.

‘I don’t know where to start.’

I have lived by building a wall with stocks all my life.
Do you want to come and try stocks now?

It takes time to start trusting only what a friend says.
To the troubled Chang-yeol.

“Where do you get that kind of information and invest?”
“I also watch the news and watch various things. The one I trust and rely on the most is Vice-Chancellor Yeom.”

The decisive blow comes.
Salt tea room.
He is said to be a stock analyst who often appears on economic broadcasting.

‘You must be an expert teacher. Then it’s trustworthy.’

Eat your mind
Chang-yeol watches economic broadcasts whenever he has free time that day.

〈 Today, we have a great person. The idol of individual investors! This is Yeom Yuan, deputy manager of Ant Investment & Securities!〉
〈Hehe, this is Yuan Yeom, an insignificant analyst.〉

− Contamination
−Uyut light color deputy chief!
−Chief Yeom should watch the invincible ticket
−Cheolgangju Super Cycle is coming ^^ㅣBallyeonnah
Loyalty jipginim has been forced out!

The world is getting better, so you can watch it on YouTube.
Even with live broadcasting.

Eventually, the desired story emerges.
Will Ohsung Electronics be able to rise further in the future?

〈 Ohsung Electronics! Can we go higher?〉
〈 You’re asking tough questions right from the start.〉
〈 Ah, right……. Because not even God knows the stock price.〉

Listen with concentration.
There are many difficult stories out there.
It’s a semiconductor and a fine process, so it’s a joke.

‘Anyway, that’s why I’m going up, what is it?’

I think it’s good to hear it.
Definitely Ohsung Electronics.
A company you can trust and invest in.

〈Because the stock price has risen a lot recently.〉
〈 After all, now is the time…….〉
〈 However, from a long-term perspective, it would be nice to invest. Ohsung Electronics is still considered to be undervalued.〉

‘Oh oh! That’s it!’

You will hear the answer you want.
That was exactly what Changyeol wanted to hear.

〈 Viewers keep saying this. 100,000 electrons possible?!〉
〈 We can’t imagine life without semiconductors, right? Since Ohsung Electronics is the No. 1 semiconductor company in the world, it will be difficult right now, but will it be possible someday?〉

− One hundred thousand electrons!
−That’s why I’m investing in Ohsung Electronics.
−The KOSPI will hit 3,000 by thenhaha
−Kya~ Gukppong Jumohaha

I don’t have the confidence to buy at a very cheap price like stock experts do.
But you have your own time.

‘Isn’t it that you’re heading upwards after all? If I buy it, it will rise.’

Changyeol turns on MTS.
It’s 12 o’clock when the market is open.
Let’s check Ohsung Electronics’ share price.

『Ohsung Electronics』
KRW 58,100 ▲ KRW 600 (+1.04%)
[Graph that is constantly eating rice cake.Jpg]

It is 1,000 won higher than the last time I saw it at 57,000 won.

─Buy orders have been placed!

If you don’t buy it now, it will be too late.
Chang-yeol presses the buy button as if possessed.

‘Ah! Did you buy too hastily? Oh, okay. I’m going up anyway.’

I want to regret it only after buying it.
As soon as you buy it, the stock price starts going down.

But it’s okay.
The expert teacher who appeared on the broadcast.
He said he would definitely shoot 100,000 electrons.

You don’t even need an emergency supply right away.
Chang-yeol looks at the Ohsung Electronics stock he bought with excitement.

* * *

Star Analyst.

“Thanks for the broadcast!”
“The host also did a good job.”
“Ah, if you’re not rude, the next broadcast schedule is…”

Yeom Yuan is the number one recruiter for economic broadcasting.
Because she is the most loved by countless ants.

Easy and simple explanation.
It is popular for its optimistic and encouraging outlook.

“Recently, my schedule is full. I’m sorry I couldn’t live up to your expectations.”
“I’m sorry! If it’s at least Deputy Director Yeom, it’s natural~. I’ll see you next time I have a chance.”

The presenter bows his head.
Yeom Yuan greets them equally politely, without the slightest hint of arrogance.

‘Sorry, I’m sorry.’

With slightly different thoughts.
On the outside, he is famous, but he seems to be a humble person.

Can’t be trusted in the world of finance.
Ants don’t know that obvious fact.


Just then, a phone call comes in.
The time is also after 3:30 when the market closes, so it’s probably nine out of ten.

〈 Our salt tea room! 〉
“I got the call, Chief.”

General Manager Lee Tae-ho.
It has been sending absolute confidence since the last bear market.

It is because the Korean broadcasting he proposed was successful.
Numerous ants were introduced.

〈 Good job on today’s broadcast. Good job…….〉
“What are you doing?”
〈 There is one unfortunate thing. The salt conductor has to suffer a little.〉

After a month of decline, the stock price has risen again.
In hindsight, it turned out that he was the coordinator.

Most of the introduced ants are making a profit.
Spread that fact to the people around you.

‘It’s attracting more ants.’

A huge amount of money flows into the stock market.
It is a time that can be called peak season.

Such a joy.
Of course, Yan Yuan knows that it can’t last forever.

“Ah, Nasdaq…”
〈 This time, the Fed made a strong statement. If so, wouldn’t we have no choice but to sell our stocks?〉
“That’s right. It can’t be helped.”

Approximate time also.
It is not because Korean securities firms are competent and predict the market well.

‘It’s okay. There is also a trade dispute between the US and China, but even if it was down, it should have been down a long time ago.’

There is a precursor to it.
Foreigners keep selling.
Still, the stock price does not go down.

It lasted for a while and then popped!
At some point, KOSPI collapses like a waterfall.

〈If the bear market starts, there will be ants complaining to the manager.〉
“Investment is your responsibility. It’s really difficult.”

That time seems to be coming soon.
That’s why the head of the headquarters is giving himself a tip.

‘Somehow, these days, the broadcasting schedule is too tight.’

Bear market.
Of course, from the standpoint of the securities company, it is not welcome.
No one likes to sell stocks at a loss.

So what you need is an analyst.
It tricks the ants into buying stocks infinitely with plausible words.

〈 You’ll have to struggle for a while.〉
“It’s just a normal job. There’s no such thing as hard work.”
〈haha! I like it. Let’s have a drink after this work. In a very nice place.〉

That’s their real job.
I don’t give orders openly, but I realize when I see who gets promoted.

‘It’s a nice place……. It won’t be long before I can be called the salt manager.’

Stepping on the corpses of ants.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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The poor man thinks about what to eat every day. Rich people think about who to eat every day. “Stocks are like sex.” The easy and sex story of real compression stocks


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