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Because I Live in the US 134

Because I Live in the US 134

Chapter 134 – The Price of Lies


A humming song flows out.
Sora seems to be in a bad mood lately.

『Sora Yoon’s Total Assets』
KRW 132,320,103
+100,203,573 won (+311.99%)

For account revenue.
For the first time in my life, I earned a huge amount in stocks.

And that’s not all.
Although there are similar experiences if it is simply a profit.

‘That’s why you’re doing the operation. Ehehe.’

Is the operation
It is not a value investment focused on large-cap stocks, which he usually focused on.

I used to think so.
There’s no way he’d make such an investment in his entire life.

‘They had their own principles. Stock prices rise and fall.’

But it’s worth a try.
It’s an increase that would never come out in a normal stock.

Risk commensurate with it.
It may be able to offset careful analysis and cold judgment.

Above all, it is exciting.
I will probably never forget the feeling I felt the moment I sold at the high point.

‘Is this why it’s a gamble?’

Traders are gamblers.
When I first heard that, I was angry.
Now, about a year later, I understand.

Traders are looking for high returns.
It is said that they jump into high-risk things such as strategy stocks, futures, and options.

He himself took the first step.
I feel excited when I think I am getting closer to my dream.

‘I want to eat the sunbaenim more than that. No, I want to kiss you.’

The body gets really hot.
Remnants of that time still remain.
When I think about it, I feel strange.


He suffered various things from his seniors.
Things that happened that day haunt my mind.

“I’m going to pack my stomach here.”

I touched it hard.
What I thought was a tug in my stomach was actually what I felt.

I mean sexually.
Groping slowly over the stomach.
The place where you feel best will soon arrive.

‘About here. No, it was here.’

I remember it clearly when I close my eyes.
The thick and long object of the senior held tightly in his hand.

If it goes in, it will be just below the navel.
I raise my fingertips and stab her.

It’s tingling and I feel the same way as then.
Sora persistently presses on the part he just liked.

‘Senior, senior, senior, senior, senior, senior, senior…….!’

Spin around in a clockwise direction.
My lower body trembled, and my breathing quickened.

Soon, the body trembled.
Like when you were harassed by a senior.

‘I love you brother…….’

After that day, she realized her own feelings.
I like learning stocks from seniors.

That said, she rationalized it, but that’s not all.
It’s good to spend time with seniors.

It was quite embarrassing to be self-aware.
Even the reason why I fell for it.

‘I fell in love with a big cock…… , Isn’t that a bit normal?’

Of course, that’s not all.
The reason why she has a crush on her senior is her own dream.

I think I can do anything with my seniors.
However, it is true that the cock is also related.

First love starts from the cock?
From a rational point of view, it doesn’t seem normal.

‘The other parts are good, but the cock is cute too!’

It tingles when you touch it.
If you pet it on a big, hard subject, it responds honestly.

Little senior.
They even gave her a nickname, Sora.
This is the reason why they pretend to not be able to overcome daughter-in-law.

I don’t hate the perverted side of seniors.
Rather, I want to enjoy doing various things together.

‘I’ll give the man a shot. No matter how much girls can do anything, there are things they can’t do.’

But she doesn’t want to be a pervert herself.
Twenty one years old
January has passed and she has grown a year older, but she is still young.

I wish I could lead you
She’s only sexually harassing her, and it’s embarrassing that she doesn’t say anything serious.


She soothes her helpless heart with a long sigh.
But it’s not easy to defy her instincts.

‘I want to eat the senior. I want to lay it down and chump chuwap.’

Chicken instead of pheasant.
There was another thing that happened to her senior.
Sora lowers the shoulder straps of the Nasiti she is wearing.


He holds one of her exposed breasts in her hand.
I put the half-standing faucet into her mouth.

She rolls it like candy, and even bites it lightly.
Just like her senior did to herself.

‘Well…… , It just tickles me.’

Pleasure like back then.
And I don’t feel any affection for her.

But instead of kissing.
She looks at the community while soothing her bored mouth.

[Korea Stock Gallery]
─The tool collapse unnies are hopelesshaha
─The tool lady is pierced…… , There is no business if it is pierced……
─Features of Lee Dae-nam with Gong-gu Lady!
─The profit and loss table is a guy who plays stocks like gambling.

It’s becoming a hot topic right now.
The tool lady who benefited from the transaction she made.

─The tool lady is pierced…… , There is no business if it is pierced……
Once pierced
Can’t stop
After tasting a man
It flows like a flood

└ It’s cheaphaha
└ㄹㅇ Once pierced, I can’t come to my senses
└ See old man’s writing skills
└ Falling without rebound was scary

The stock price rose tremendously.
And then it drops steeply again.

Will you give me a rebound?
Even those who were aiming for a single hit are being bitten.

─Features of Lee Dae-nam with Gong-gu Lady!
[Pongpong thinks about the environment as well as clean dishes.Jpg]
Washing dishes

└ If you can’t eat, you can’t eat.
└ Ah, I don’t do thathaha
└ Unnies are buying 5,500,000,000 of them.

Hehe, are you washing my dishes?’

If you look at the stock community, it is always full of people who have earned money.
I was nervous at first.

Am I the only one who can’t earn like this?
As time went on, I realized that if it was obvious, it was obvious.

It will only be uploaded by people who have done it.
Most people who have been bitten by stocks keep their mouths shut.

Even though I knew it, I wanted to belong to the former.
Because making money with stocks is your dream.

Tak, Tak!

Sora’s hand as he tried to post stopped.
+100 million.
Although I am proud to say that I have quadrupled my profits.

‘The senior must have eaten much more.’

The size of the bar seed is different.
You would have earned more in proportion to that.

It is already famous in the community.
He became a named user under the name of ‘Profit and Loss Jwa’.

It also raises the daily profit and loss trend.
I thought there would be a lot of buzz about earnings.

─The profit and loss table is a guy who plays stocks like gambling.
Those kids end up losing money the same way
You need to collect step by step through value investing to achieve a long run.
This is what I saw on Youtube.

└Chief Yeom said that too.
└ Seeing you like that…… ?
└ Off-ro, deputy chief Yeom, why is this like thishaha
By the writer− I got 20% off this month after seeing it off?

The atmosphere is different from before.
I’ve been neglecting it since I’ve been doing other communities lately.

‘Is it a water change…… ?’

Unlike Yeocho, it is not closed.
And the unfortunate nature of stocks.

It can happen unintentionally, not voluntarily.
Are you afraid to open an account?

─I have more respect for Mr. Joo than Mr.
He also made 5 billion with 300,000 won.
Unlike profit and loss accounts, focus on value investments rather than short hits
I also do YouTube, so I can release my personal know-how.

└ ㅇㅇ?
There was another child like └ and Son Ik-jwa.
└I envy people who earn money like that at the same age as me……
└ Profit and loss won’t give you a single tip for that bastard.

It was different from what Sora thought.
The direction was the same, but the process was 180 degrees different.

‘No way.’

Rising market.
A lot of people make money.
Successful investors are not one or two.

Individuals are also making money whenever they can.
That’s why I’m not as enthusiastic as before.

Chow! Chow!

Single hit.
There is a perception that it is a gamble.
She herself thought so too until recently.

However, if you can grasp the principle and make a steady profit, it is not a gamble.
It is a way of investing.

‘Seniors have to work hard to invest.’

They don’t even know that, and they say it arbitrarily.
No matter how much you wash the faucet, it doesn’t soothe it.

* * *

“Is there such a thing?”

Recent community trends.
I don’t particularly look at it or look at it.

“Yes, is there too much?”
“Hey, take it easy.”
“The seniors worked hard to make a profit. They all say they’re just lucky. Bad guys!”
“Oh! Oh!”

Sora seems to be dissatisfied.
Power goes into the right hand that hits the jerk.

Bureuk! Burr!

Enough to come out without me knowing.
He deftly received it with a tissue in his left hand.

Then, sweep it all the way from the bottom pillar and squeeze out what is left on the inside.
One shot is taken out in an instant.

‘I didn’t wrap it on purpose, so I tried to make fun of it.’

I was taught the greatness of the cock.
Sora, who is at a loss, recognizes a man.

“It came out quite a lot today. I guess it’s piled up? One more step?”
“Oh, it’s okay…”
“Don’t be shy. If you squat down a bit, you’ll stand up right away.”

Surprisingly, there is no rejection.
It’s sexual harassment, so I became the ace of the big daughter room on the subject of screaming.

‘I was aiming for the moment, but something is strange.’

The story continues after receiving the second goddaughter.
Be honest at close range, where your lips meet.

“Aren’t you mad, senior?”
“Seniors are constantly verifying, and it took much less time, but compared to other people…”

I don’t know what Sora is saying.
The stock market is vast, and new investors appear all the time.

‘Originally like that.’

Bull markets are especially so.
Individual investment methods do not receive special attention.

Because no matter what you do, you make money.
On the contrary, good speech is good for the public.

“Does that make sense?”
“From a business point of view, that’s the right thing.”
“Investing is not about words…”
“Like the old you?”
“It was bad!”

Everyone is steeped in dreams and fantasies.
But dreams will wake up one day.

‘It will be revealed then.’

It is only when the tide goes out that you can tell who is swimming naked.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

미국 살 끄니까
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
The poor man thinks about what to eat every day. Rich people think about who to eat every day. “Stocks are like sex.” The easy and sex story of real compression stocks


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