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Because I Live in the US 133

Because I Live in the US 133

Chapter 133 – The Price of Lies

Rising market.

[Korea Stock Gallery]
─Breaking News) KOSPI Breaks All Highs
─If you think stocks are fucking easy, throw it awayhaha
─Recommendation request)) Let’s post Korea’s father and close the market.God
─The reason why it can’t be the peak yet.Txt

It’s time for stocks to go up no matter what.
It is also a time when most investors can make money.

─Breaking News) KOSPI Breaks All Highs
[KOSPI 2560.Jpg]
Driving the momentum, the KOSDAQ also broke through the all-time high, Kazuah!

└ The highest point on the KOSDAQ is 2900.
└ Newbies are excited!
└ Still a long way to go
└What happened during the dot-com bubble?

The market is full of jubilation.
The stock price, which was temporarily stagnant due to the coin crisis.

It quickly rebounds and recovers.
It is running beyond the previous high point and beyond.

─Recommendation request)) Let’s post Korea’s father and close the market.God
[Photo by Kim Jae-yong.Jpg]
Let’s all pray with a reverent heart

└ Jaeyong hyung, I’m going instead of the bread!
└Light ash dragon
└ Can’t the 9-year-old shareholders come and go in instead of one day at a time?
└ Sipal ㅠㅠ Ohsung Electronics I love you

The stock at the center is, of course, Ohsung Electronics.
1 company by market cap on the KOSPI.

No, there is no comparable company.
It is no exaggeration to say that they represent Korea.

『Ohsung Electronics』
KRW 57,000 ▲ KRW 2,000 (+3.63%)
[Graph that is constantly eating rice cake.Jpg]

It has been going up for the past 2 years.
If you stretch the chart, it has been going upward for 30 years.

The belief that even if you go down for a while, you will go up again.
This is the reason why many investors chose Ohsung Electronics.

─The future of the idiots who bought Ohsung Electronics is really bleakhaha
I feel gloomy at the thought of not working and living a boring life because I earn too much moneyhaha

└ Is there anyone who hasn’t bought Ohsung Electronics yet?
└ It pays more interest than the bank, but the stock price has risen, so it’s a cheat for copying money
└50,000 electrons are the limit
└ 100,000 electrons are going Fools, buy it quickly when it’s 50,000 electronshaha

The number 1 company by market capitalization continues to rise.
Other stocks are also affected by the trickle-down effect.

KOSPI hits new high every day.
Investors who do stocks should be excited.

─I’m quitting the company, fuckhaha
[+20% account photo jpg]
You seem to have a knack for stockshaha​​nothing special

└ Hey, you twohaha
└ Ah~~~~
└ Let’s do this good stock only, never spread rumors
└Calm down, human

It’s a gamble.
If you are Korean, you will hear about stocks.

When I do it, is there anything wrong?
People who make money from stocks look ridiculous.

└Warren Buffett, honestly, isn’t that ridiculous?
Value investing?
That’s just buying stock and holding it.
Shit, if I had been born 60 years ago, I would have swept all over Coca-Cola and Apple.

└Sugeeeee!! Are you making money with long-term investments? ㅇㅋ
If I were born a long time ago, I would be a billionaire by now.
└ Crazy bastardshaha
└ I will become Korea’s Warren Buffett.

Half a joke.
But it is also true that the other half is sincere.

Confidence rises.
Investors who were envious didn’t seem to be a big deal either.

─Pennjwa〈〈 What is this bastard doing these days?
She was once a Gal star for a week
Hardly ever mentioned these days

└ What to know
└ You’re just a kid who got seeded by hitting high-risk singles
└ If you compound with ‘value investment’, it’s not even a billion won?
└ That bastard is just a water rocket, water rocket jjiik~!

There is such an atmosphere.
In a bull market, investors making money become commonplace.

The value of successful investors is also diluted.
As a result, interest was waning.

─2018 01 25 Profit and Loss Trend
Daily P&L: +4,100,006,974
Cumulative P&L: +7,000,108,892

└ No, fucking love is real!!
└ I ate 500 shit this month to die for, but I feel embarrassed ㅡㅡ
└ Son Tae-sik is back ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
└ Did you buy this young Gong-Gong Lady?

The biggest jackpot ever hit.

* * *

Gong-Gu Lady wins prizes every day.
Even though it reached an amount that exceeded 5 times the public offering price.

[A dignified woman – a calm space for people in their 30s]
─Ah, I’m annoyed, I’ll sell it when it’s 100,000 won ㅡㅡ
-Are you selling it now? Or is it a joke?
─Where did you go, the master who said he made a profit of 70 billion from stocks?
─Eunnyas gong-gulady buying campaign again!!

Ironically, no one benefited.
Even in the women’s community that invested the fastest.

-Are you selling it now? Or is it a joke?
I came close to the main shrine……
When I think of the cost of 100,000 won, I can’t sell it because it’s such a waste.

└ If you can’t sell it then, you should just keep it.
└ I’m holding on too, daughter!
└ The tool lady is supposed to go up. The #MeToo movement has just begun!
└ Believe it, just believe it 222

There were ample opportunities to escape.
However, those who are dominated by desire, those who have confirmation bias, hesitate to act.

100,000 won becomes 80,000 won.
80,000 won becomes 60,000 won.
The more the stock price goes down, the more it goes down.

─Where did you go, the master who said he made a profit of 70 billion from stocks?
The number of stocks is 1 million, so they say it will rise unconditionally?
But why are you going down now?
Are you sure it will come back?

└That was said by a certain lady, but I can’t see her these days.
└ If we don’t sell it, it will go up!!
└ I didn’t sell 22222
└ I didn’t sell either 33333

The sadness gets worse.
The best moment when the account has grown does not leave my mind.

I don’t sell it even if it comes later.
How much money could I have earned?

And collective intelligence.
I get strength from seeing people who do the same community.

『Tool Lady』
KRW 19,500 ▲ KRW 3,500 (−17.94%)
[The graph that has been going crazy for a week.Jpg]

It comes down to the common conclusion of operationalism.
Contrary to expectations, stock prices do not rise at all.

Rather, it crashed at a tremendous speed.
Any rational person knows that it is natural.

“My, why did I do that!”

Ye-seul Hong is crying in her boss’s office.
Unbeknownst to her, her voice comes out of her mouth.

It has to be.
After seeing the sudden damage, I bought it again from that day.

‘Even if I didn’t drink water, it wouldn’t have been a loss. No, I should have taken it off right after I ate it. Oh shit…….’

There are very few people who can cut themselves off.
Especially if you’ve seen a growing account.

Purchase amount│3,500,600,815 won
Valuation gains│−KRW 2,050,275,500
Tool Lady│74,374 shares│−58.57%

At one time, the market capitalization was close to 400 billion.
That’s why they willingly poured billions into it.

The value of money feels ridiculous.
I thought this was about making money.

‘If I wait, will it come again? And if you entrust the operation…….’

It feels like waking up from a dream.
You realize it when your losses grow astronomically.

It can’t be.
I know better than anyone how much this company is like a sandcastle.

Todok, tok!

Operation only
Ye-seul Hong made a phone call to the forces with the feeling of grabbing at least a straw.

“I’m sorry. I’m not careful with the same company again. Yes, I’m busy so I’ll quit.”
“Huh? Didn’t you do the same company again last time?”
“You’re not doing it.”

The loss of greedy investors.
It must fall into the pockets of the forces intact.

‘The profit was less than the calculation. There were also guys who threw together from the high point.’

When the stock price soars, there are people who eat different minds.
Seokhyun Oh had a similar experience.

If the person concerned betrays you.
It may not be, but there is no reason to embrace the risk.

“Did the female boss throw it?”
“I don’t know.”
“If not…”
“There’s nothing to be regretted about. It’s a one-time issue like this anyway.”

It is true that the #MeToo movement is a hot topic.
However, the impact on the growth of the company is limited.

‘It’s not common to be able to notice that in the middle of madness.’

Even if there was, it would have been thrown into the field long ago.
It wasn’t normal from going 2 or 3 times.

What kind of guys put a spoon on it.
There is no way to find out, and there is no point in trying to find out.

“I’m so glad.”
“It was creepy that the stock suddenly poured out, but the girls in the community accepted all of them…”
“Of course.”

Departing train.
There’s nothing dumber in the world of stocks than thinking of a catch.

Since then, he has come from the top 5 securities companies.
Oh Seok-hyun kills his regret by burning a cigarette.

‘After all, it’s a market that eats stupid kites.’

As long as there are people more stupid than you, you will never starve.
In that sense, it was the best.

Yeocho community.
They take care of each other, do everything on the PC, and believe in nonsense.

“Still, wouldn’t you have come to your senses this time?”
“Are they?”
“Because I’ve suffered a financial loss… A bit like shock therapy.”

The subordinate’s words are hopeful.
But the real reality is thicker and darker than that.

“Do you know what the cost of believing a lie is?”
“Aren’t you being incited?”
“It’s one-dimensional.”

Crumple the finished cigarette into the ashtray.
The subordinate with the face of an idiot does not seem to have any interest in midfield.

“The real cost of lies is hearing endless lies and losing the ability to perceive the truth.” – From the drama Chernobyl

PC is right.
Must be unconditionally correct.
So, the stock price should also go up.

I wouldn’t have sold it thinking that way.
Will I change my mind that I suffered a loss?

‘Your life has already been ruined, what can I do? I have no choice but to live my life being satisfied with the lies I made up and being enthusiastic.’

It was the price the extremists paid.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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The poor man thinks about what to eat every day. Rich people think about who to eat every day. “Stocks are like sex.” The easy and sex story of real compression stocks


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