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Because I Live in the US 132

Because I Live in the US 132

Chapter 132 – The Price of Lies

My brain flashes.
My whole body trembles like an aspen tree.

A strange sensation felt throughout the body.
Sora has experienced a similar situation.

“Brother, I have to deal now, so stay still.”
“Got it?”

I feel another heavy blow in my butt.
If it was usual, it would be a situation where I would start out angry.

‘What, what is this? Why do you feel good?’

Oddly enough, the body doesn’t move.
Instead, the nerves of the whole body are focused on the senses of the lower body.

Then, what felt like pain spreads all over the body along the spine.

“Stock prices fluctuate because of people like you.”
“The buttocks are also steamed.”
“Five grains!”

That one more time.
It was such a sharp blow that the palm marks could be clearly felt.

You have to be angry.
Have to stop
But the body doesn’t listen to commands.

‘Ah, ah. More. Give me more…….’

Rather want
He buried his face in his chest and hugged him tightly.
Indifferently, only the sound of the mouse can be heard sparsely.

You are concentrating on trading.
Normally, when you want to do it like that.

“It climbs really well, really. I’m going to take a prize today?”
“Sora? Sora? Are you angry…?”

Call yourself now
How can you ignore it while holding your whole body together?

‘I really want to scold you.’

My heart beats pounding.
I absolutely hate to admit it.
I wish that such a thing could happen.

“Sorry for spanking you.”
“Come on, won’t it hurt if you do this? Oppa’s hand is a weak hand. I’m sorry if this isn’t it.”

I stroked the sensitive buttocks.
Every time the senior’s hand brushes, the spine tingles again.

‘Good mood. Why?’

What this is.
I didn’t know in the past.
There was no panic, and I didn’t know what had happened.

Let’s get hit again, I guess.
By browsing the women’s web site, I also accumulated sexual knowledge.


It’s just that I have a hard time admitting that I just felt like I was beaten in the butt.

“Okay, because it’s okay.”
“It’s okay?”
“Show me how much you’ve risen…”

There was one more thing.
Take a deep breath and change your posture.

The monitor shows the previous chart.
At the same time, a hand touching the stomach.

“Are you saying it’s completely black beekeeping?”
“Black shit?”
“Yeah, I’m going to go all the way here.”

I didn’t know this either at the time.
I just remember that it felt good when I pressed down on a high place.

‘You’re talking about it, this chewy!’

Her own tummy was twiddling tremendously.
Because of that, I suffered from a flat stomach for two days.

“It’s black again.”
“Do you like big ones? Is it okay if I touch you here?”

Nonetheless allowed
Her body is reacting every time the senior presses with her thick, hard fingers.

‘This is complete sexual harassment, sexual harassment……. Great.’

Honest feelings.
The pressured part is thrilling.
I wish I could press a little harder.

“It’s down.”
“Still, this is enough. The trend is great even up to this point.”

The senior’s hand goes down.
They get closer to their embarrassing and secret places.

What matters more than that is the location.
I saw an article in the community and measured it with a 30cm ruler.

‘That’s around 15 cm. I heard it’s big enough.’

None of it feels good
Rather, it only fills me with regret.
At that time, Sora didn’t know what to do.

“Are you going down again?”
“What is it? It’s suddenly flowing. Would you like Sora to go bigger?”
“Big, big is always good.”

The senior’s hand goes down even further.
I’ve heard that normal men are about that size.

‘Even if I press it, I don’t feel anything.’

I can understand why women were talking obscenities with the size of men.
Definitely bigger is better.

Every time the chart fluctuates, I touch it here and there.
Find out what size you want.

“He really fucking shakes me up. Why are you doing this?”
“Sorry. Are you sick?”
“No. It’s okay. Senpai…”

‘I can’t stand the moaning. What do we do.’

Since I’m sober, I’m not the only one to be ashamed of.
But I want to be honest about my feelings.

No, I knew it before.
It just took time and process to admit it.

‘As much as I like it when I touch my brother, I guess I like it when he touches me too.’

I pretended not to be interested.
Sexual things are unclean, and I told myself that it was a bad thing.

Do I really need to?
The senior is also keeping her line well.
Above all, the pleasure of her whole body speaks for itself.

“Are you standing again?”
“Wait a minute.”
“Can I make you feel better? Me?”
“Wait a minute.”

A red face up to the ears.
I’m of the opposite sex, and it’s not a joke, so it’s embarrassing to say this.

But the man in front of me is lovely.
I’ve never felt this feeling in my life.

‘Is this what love is? I also have a senior…….’

Chapped lips due to lack of care.
I want to wet the painful part with my lips.

Somehow it even looks good.
I was going to give you a deep kiss.

“Shut up, bitch.”
“Five grains!”

Again, the backbone is thrilling.

* * *

The stock price went up smoothly.
I expected it to fall over a few times.

‘Because if I post it too openly, it’ll be obvious.’

It is currently the number one stock on the KOSDAQ.
Even the forces know that much.

『Tool Lady』
KRW 57,600 ▲ KRW 4,400 (+8.27%)
[The chart is falling after crashing.Jpg]

This is the stock price that went up to +20% today.
It’s strange that it suddenly dropped below 10%.

‘Unless I’m satisfied here and shake it off.’

The volatility is too great.
Even if the force is shaking up and down.


In the midst of seriousness, Sora jokes again.
Gives a horned sword to the wicked ass.

‘The hitting feeling is fucking good again.’

I don’t know how it’s so sticky.
Unlike Asians, it is bouncy and full of elasticity.

Give me strength, Fang! Even if you hit it, it bounces off.
To the point where I want to hit him all day long.

─Someone sold a lot of stock!

That’s not the case.
No matter how you look at it, this sudden drop is different from before.

‘I can think of two things.’

1. The forces intend to end the operation.
2. Someone third is just taking profits.

I think the former is not.
It’s something I can be sure of because I’ve been watching it for the past month.

‘They’re smart, so I don’t do it in a fist-pumping way.’

The smarter the investor, the more timid.
Because you think about risk.

So the problem.
You may think that this realization of profit now is the work of other forces.

─Someone sold a lot of stock!

That will put an end to the operation.
Because other forces may have more stock.

‘No. It’s probably not the forces, but the saviors.’

A person who bought stocks when they were unlisted.
There is no one else who has this amount of stock right now.

At least in my judgment it is.
However, it is difficult to rule out the possibility that this is not the case.


Time to choose.
Are you going to make a profit together?
Or block the sell-off and change the flow.

“Stop hitting me…”
“Sora prefers bigger ones, or is this enough? Answer me quickly!”

I can’t help but worry
It might be good to get some help from Lady Luck after a long time.


Sora comes to match her lips.
Her body temperature is hotter than usual, and her lips are somehow sticky.

“I like the bigger ones.”
“You really like big things.
“Senpai is big too. I wish he was just a little bit softer…

I don’t know what you’re talking about.
Soft bee sticks will soon break.

‘I’ll have to make up my mind and buy it.’

Bet on madness.

* * *

The CEO of Tool Lady.
Hong Ye-seul started a company to make money.

‘I think I’ll be able to get a good portion of it.’

It’s not uncommon in Korea.
This is also the reason why there are so many delistings on the KOSDAQ.

It is because it is listed for the purpose of hammock in the first place.
Colluding with forces to manipulate stock prices.

『Tool Lady』
KRW 64,000 ▲ KRW 10,800 (+20.30%)
[Super good chart for the last month.Jpg]

‘Still, this has gone up a bit too much.’

Its market capitalization reaches 200 billion.
You know better than anyone that it’s not worth it.

Is it just a shopping mall?
The fact that it passed the IPO was, frankly, close to a miracle.

Tou- Tou-

Greed arises
If you can dispose of stocks, you’d be tempted to do so.
But legally impossible.

Employees with treasury shares cannot sell their shares for 6 months after listing.
It is also the reason why the stock price is rising now.

“Brother, it’s me.”
〈 Yeseul! What did you call?〉
“It’s okay, do you have stocks that you put in your brother’s name? Please dispose of them.”

It is not that there is no way.
There are stocks that I took out in the name of my ex-husband because I was worried that the stock price would go up a lot.

‘Letting the forces do what they want and eating only 10% of it is not enough.’

It has already risen more than three times.
My stomach hurts when I think I’m going to eat all of this by myself.

〈 I’ll do that! A little bit though…….〉
“Okay, okay brother. It won’t be enough if I pull out a car.”
〈 Yes, I love you, Yeseul! 〉

This much will be fine.
About 2 billion in current value.
Even if you give away 10%, there will be more than 1.8 billion left.

‘Is the stock price going down all the time? Also, my feeling was right. This is the high point.’

Ye-seul Hong smiles heartily at the share price of Tool Lady in her president’s office.
She can’t help but laugh.

CEO of a company with a market cap of 200 billion.
Billions of dollars in revenue.
It’s all her own.

Everything in the world seems to be going your way.
In Yeseul’s eyes, he sees an unbelievable situation.

‘Oh, uh? There’s no way this could happen!’

Stock price down by +5%.
It rolls up little by little, and in an instant, in the blink of an eye, +30% is taken.
Will award


I’m speechless, so I’m speechless.
If only I had waited 30 minutes and sold it.

‘Even if you catch it as a minimum, it’s more than 500 million won. No, if I go up again tomorrow.’

And then I saw it.
Power曰 This is a stock that can go a lot.
Maybe this is the beginning of a real rise.


Hong Ye-seul, blinded by her desire, starts buying her stocks again.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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The poor man thinks about what to eat every day. Rich people think about who to eat every day. “Stocks are like sex.” The easy and sex story of real compression stocks


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