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Because I Live in the US 131

Because I Live in the US 131

Chapter 131 – Newly Listed Stocks

The share price of Tool Lady is on the rise every day.

[A dignified woman – a calm space for people in their 30s]
─Every time I look at the account, I die of prettiness ㅋㅋ
─Is there a girl who didn’t buy tools?
─Buy Gonggu Lady, the representative of confident women!!!
─Buy more tools

Its biggest beneficiary.
The Yeocho community has a party atmosphere.
The price of the stock they are holding has skyrocketed.

─Buy Gonggu Lady, the representative of confident women!!!
[Gonggu Lady stock price 50,000 won.Jpg]
If you buy it, it will definitely go up!
You can also contribute on PC!!

└ I’m already on boardhaha
└ It’s not too late to go in now……
└ But why are you climbing?
Author− Eonya, a stock expert who gained about 70 billion won from stocks, said that, but the number of stocks in circulation here is 1 million? It’s so small that I have no choice but to go up!!!

The reason doesn’t matter.
What matters is that the price has gone up.
And that they are proving their influence.

“Did you hear?”
‘What…… , Yo. This?”
“The stock went up this time! Our tool lady!”
“Tools… Lady?”

It also spreads among protesters.
Nothing spreads as quickly as the news of someone making money.

‘I’m a VVIP there.’

Park Eun-young, 23 years old and unemployed.
She is an avid participant in the #MeToo movement.

She’s heard of it too.
It is none other than the usual shopping mall.

“By the way…, What is the stock?”
“You don’t know stocks? Eunyoung doesn’t know stocks!”
“To put it simply, it is to share and buy the company’s rights. Anyway, if you hold it, it goes up!”

It has been since the first shopping mall was created.
Large sizes are available online.

‘Is it 2.5 times higher? I’m the first customer to use it, so why didn’t I know?’

Sadness fills up to the tip of the chin.
But it might not be considered too late.

“The more we do #MeToo, the more the PC spreads, the more the stock price goes up!”
“Last time, the mayor…., Decided to sponsor our Dobong Sisters.”
“Right, right. We’re changing the world.”

The world is changing.
Women who were discriminated against were treated equally with men.

‘Since I’m a woman, it’s right to receive special support through taxes every year.’

Dobong Sisters.
It is a group of dozens of women living in Dobong, including herself and her older sister Lee.

Advocating for women’s rights.
The main activities include eating tteokbokki while watching women’s movies, playing mahjong, cycling to the Han River, and eating seasonal fruits.

“If there are more groups like our Dobong Sisters in the future…”
“Even a tool lady is a piece of cake! If you don’t have a tool lady, where can you get big-size clothes?”

It is a small reward gained from the #MeToo movement.
So far, I’ve been satisfied with that alone.

‘Can you make money? Me Too is really changing the world.’

A representative slogan of the protest.
As the difficult and arduous moments of the #MeToo movement pass through my mind, my heart becomes magnificent.

“Why is my daughter?”
−Dad, 10 million won
-I’ll pay you back later
“Ten million won is a lot of money, so what’s going on with my daughter?”
−Just give!
−They say they will pay it back later!!
「Okayhaha​​I’ll send you after work」

‘Abby doesn’t know how big #MeToo is? I just work every day.’

If the world changes, that will disappear too.
You don’t have to be stingy with only 10 million won.

“Me Too changes the world!”
“The victim’s tears are proof of evil!!”

Protest more vigorously.
Centering around the protesters, Gonggu Lady is spreading frighteningly.

[Korea Stock Gallery]
─This tool is a market gun, so it seems like they are playing with it.
─Lee Dae-nam’s consecutive losing streakhaha
─And Gong-Gu Lady Bo-Rik What Who?
─Gonggu Lady ^^ㅣBalryeon-ah, give me one too

So the stock price soared.
Even in the news, there is only Me Too talk.
Investors’ evaluations are also gradually changing.

─This tool is a market gun, so it seems like they are playing with it.
Came up for no real reason

└ When did you come up for a reason?
└Do you do one-to-day?
└ I’m the only beneficiary of #MeToo, so of course I’m going
└ As the taste becomes westernized and the national obesity rate increases, Gong Gong Lady goes full buy

In a bull market, optimism prevails.
The same applies to individual states.

Stock prices explain everything.
It’s a good company, so I’ll go up because I deserve it.

─I can’t drop it because it’s a stock pushed by Gonggu Lady’s Ministry of Gender Equality and Family
Many women buy
The women’s side of leisure is pushing it so that women don’t lose, so I can’t shake it.

└ That was it
└ㄹㅇ The budget for the leisure department is 1 trillionhaha
└ It’s not a joke, there are some stocks that pension funds are asking to die.
└ I’m afraid that’s true

Any number of reasons can be attached.
Even people who were skeptical at first change their minds.

Because it’s money
Receiving the attention of investors, Tool Lady breaks through the reported price every day.

* * *

In the stock market, only the crazy survive.

“Girls can do anything!”

There are times when I get really mad.
Sora proudly kicks in the front door.

“You’ve become a very confident woman.”
“This is the T-shirt I ordered from Tool Lady. How do you like it?”

The t-shirt you’re wearing.
The phrase I just said is engraved on it.
It seems to contribute greatly to women’s human rights.

‘I was very excited because the stock price went up.’

I even bought a tool lady T-shirt and put it on.
There’s nothing like buying a product to get to know a company.

“It was hard to find a big size, but there is a way like this.”
“But isn’t the waist loose?”
“Does it look like that? If you pull it like this.”

It might be a useful shopping mall for Sora.
As usual, there were many complaints.

My chest is stuffy.
I can’t wear it because it stretches.
I thought I got it in a free size.

‘Oh wow.’

Pull the collar of the loose waist all the way.
Then, when she tied it with a rubber band, her body line was revealed.

“Senior, did you just have time?”
“Because you show me.”
“As one of the women’s rights activists, I can’t wait.”

I recently came across some strange words.
A contemptuous gaze, as if looking at me like a criminal, sticks out.


I get on top of the chair I am sitting on.
She wiggles her hips from side to side and laughs.

“Does the cock react in this situation?”
“Yes, of course you stand.”
“It’s pitiful. They say men only have lust in their heads, so that’s true♪”

Step on the cock with one side of her ass.
No matter how you try to build it, it is impossible because it is big and heavy.

‘I never thought the day would come when I was sold by Sora.’

Selling in a slightly different sense, but equally exciting.
As if Sora was having fun, he pushed harder.

“Erection while being cursed at by a junior who is 5 years younger.”
“You want to be cheap? No way.”
“How are you going to make it cheaper?”

Makes you look like a sadist.
I don’t know what to do because I like to adjust it a little bit.

‘Eunya, a sadist, is a bit unexpected.’

Selling is good.
To the extent that I think it suits Sora.

“Give in to the superior woman, Mr. Inferior man.”
“Come on, give in and get comfortable. You inferior man. Inferior man♪”

I think that a PC like this might be fine.
Sora rubs against the flesh of her ass.

Heavy weight.
And pressure.
Even though I stand stiff, I can’t wrap it because I’m pressed.

Jjook ♡

As he raises her hands in surrender, he kisses her.
Her eyes quickly become playful and lovable.

“There was an atmosphere like that.”
“That, yes…”
“You know it’s a joke, right?

Again, press and rub her butt.
Something that I don’t know whether it’s pleasure or pain attacks the stiff and sensitive place.

‘Hey, I’m dying.’

Confident woman.
She says she tried it herself.
There is nothing better than experiencing anything.

“I’ve seen a lot of crazy people in the Korean Stock Gallery, but…”
“I think it’s more dangerous in that they don’t know that they’re crazy.”
“That’s the point.”

A community is a small society.
Modern people sometimes spend more time in communities than they spend with friends.

‘If you stay in a bad community for a long time, it will affect your thinking structure.’

Especially the yeocho community.
There are many people who live in their own delusions.
If you continue to do it, you will not be able to distinguish delusion from reality.

Sora seems to have noticed that too.
Users who play confident women don’t seem to have a realistic sense.

“My boyfriend says he has 1 billion in each gold spoon.”
“The cock is said to be over 17cm.”
“Are you talking about me?”

Sora’s breathing quickened.
It emits warm, moist breath at close range.

‘It looks like it’s in heat.’

I don’t know if I know
The right hand, which had gone down before I knew it, was touching my precious place.

“Put this in.”
“You did that while you knew it would hurt? It was bad. I have to scold you like this.”

I was very excited.
Take it out of your pants and rub it gently.
Looking at the face I feel, I put a kiss on it.

Zwup! ♡

I haven’t seen him in the past few days, so it seems that Sora has also heated up.
It is a movement to completely settle down.

“Pluck out inferior sperm. I think scattering them pointlessly on the ground would be appropriate ♪”

I completely fell in love with the concept.
I don’t know if it’s a joke or not, but Sora’s touch stimulates me.

‘It’s almost time to come.’

No, it’s more of a pleasure.
There is only one thing that can give investors that much.

─The forces are running amok!
Double Kill!
Triple Kill!

Stock prices are rising.
It has already risen nearly three times, but even that is just a prelude.

‘Because I’ve been shaking it for about a month and received the quantity.’

The force has most of the distribution volume.
If you put your mind to it, you can play 5-year-olds.

I’ve been waiting for this moment
It feeds big taffy even to extremists who engage in the PC movement while realizing massive profits.

“Senior, let’s take a picture and buy it quickly. Yes? Yes?”
“Shut up.”

Unnya should be a bit right.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
The poor man thinks about what to eat every day. Rich people think about who to eat every day. “Stocks are like sex.” The easy and sex story of real compression stocks


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