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Because I Live in the US 130

Because I Live in the US 130

Chapter 130 – Newly Listed Stocks

The new stock is perfect for playing an operation.

‘Because the distribution volume is small.’

Power position.
It is difficult to accumulate a stock and drive its price up.

The number of stocks is not one or two.
Older stocks have long-term investors.

If you just raise the price, profit will pour out.
So it’s not easy to do big operations.

─The agency is going crazy!
Double Kill!

New shares are limited in distribution.
And to what extent is it predictable?

‘Because the institution distributed about 400,000 shares yesterday.’

Currently, there are about 100,000 shares left in the institution.
Continuing from yesterday, it is being disposed of today.

The important thing is after this.
Due to the rapid sale of the market, there is almost no stock left in the institution.

─Sell order has been executed! −1
─Buy orders have been placed! +1
─Sell order has been executed! −1
─Buy orders have been placed! +1

Nevertheless, the contract window is active.
Overall trading volume also remains high.

‘It’s strange.’

A bad new stock on the first day.
It is common to ride a straight down course.

The agency sells everything.
Foreigners are not interested either.
Only the individuals remain and must “Kill each other from now on”.

─Sell order has been executed! −1200
─Buy orders have been placed! +891

High turnover nonetheless.
It is reasonable to assume that someone is collecting with intention.

‘Who is who is the force.’

Trading volume does not come from individuals alone.
At most, it’s all about being supported from below.

Forces use a variety of techniques.
Even if it is hidden through deception, traces are found in the transaction volume.

─Buy orders have been placed!

I knew it would happen.
It wasn’t that I was eyeing the tool lady for nothing.

‘It’s not attractive from the point of view of the institution.’

The capital is small, and the contents of the business are inconvenient.
When it is listed, it will be robbed immediately.

It’s ironic.
The more such a company becomes, the more it becomes a delicious prey in the eyes of ‘force’.


And one more reason.
There is a decisive condition for the purchase of Gonggu Lady.

Sora bursts open the door and enters.
I’m in a hurry, so I’m breathing harder than usual.

“Heogee…, Heogee…, Heogee…”

Hints were given.
But hitting the buy button with confidence is another thing.

It’s especially difficult in the dog house.
This is the reason why you lose money no matter how good the sport is.

“Did you buy a senior tool lady?”
“I bought it. Why?”
“You have to buy this in full!”

It seems to have grown up a bit.

* * *

Stock prices are driven by public interest.

Daily News− 「Reveal of ‘model sexual harassment’… YouTuber Yang ○-Won’s Private Investigation”
Korean Newspaper− 「Nal Gang-du, a woman who claims to have been sexually assaulted, “Gave up courage in ‘Me Too'”」
Fact News− 「Women’s groups, ‘Pay Me Too’ movement to narrow the gender wage gap”

‘Me Too’ is spreading throughout society at a rapid pace.
Even those who weren’t interested at first.

─Nalgangdu Me Too came out, what’s the point?
[Korean newspaper reporter link.Jpg]
Did you eat it raw even at the club?

└Nal Gangdoo againhaha
└ This bastard has such a flashy criminal record
└Neutral gear
└ It looks like he’s just trying to rip off the star……

My eyes go wide when I see stimulating news.
Even celebrities you know just by hearing their name?

Most turn out to be fake news.
It’s just an unfounded one-sided claim.

Nonetheless, it continues to pour out.
It’s because it becomes a hot topic regardless of whether it’s right or wrong.

Fact News− 「The number of participants in the #MeToo movement’s ‘Severe Punishment for Innocent Crimes’ petition exceeded 210,000」

Its side effects.
Rational people are concerned.
Paradoxically, it became the starting point for the situation to escalate.

Women’s News-「Minister of Leisure and Entertainment “Don’t stop the #MeToo movement”」

The government’s complacency is making matters worse.
In an ironic situation where the victim of the victim comes out, the #MeToo movement is burning more.

“Will people get upset if I do this?”
“I guess so.”
“If you step on the accelerator without using the brake, it’s obvious what will happen later…”
“Are you familiar?”

Oh Seok-hyun indifferently responds to his subordinate’s question.
Because it literally doesn’t know.

‘All I had to do was earn money.’

I was reading the current of such politics.
Female president.
You are very interested in women’s rights.

The significant increase in the budget of the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family is decisive.
The government’s policy direction can be confirmed by looking at the budget status of each ministry.

『Tool Lady』
KRW 31,150 ▲ KRW 2200 (+7.59%)
[Graph that has been eating rice cakes for the past week.Jpg]

Using the policy is the basis of operationalism.
I decided that the #MeToo controversy that broke out just in time would be a tailwind.

‘We just need to pour oil gently.’

Pops up occasionally
And that creates volatility.
If you repeat this, short hitters will come in droves.

“The trading volume is growing smoothly.”
“It’s still in its infancy.”
“Even now?”
“The news talks about #MeToo all day long, and it’s enough to grow more.”

The hyenas of the stock version.
Even if it’s rotten meat, if it can fill your stomach, you’ll be happy to eat it.

It instills dreams and fantasies about making money in them.
The operation starts from there.

‘Wouldn’t it be better to shake the bait well to bite it?’

In the beginning, you may suffer a little loss.
There are also guys who get used to it and go out.

Invest for the future.
He would make noise in the neighborhood and volunteer to become a trumpeter.

“This is a stock that can go bigger.”
“How much?”
“We’re holding tight. To be honest, we can make as much as we want.”

At that time, the collection is over.
It is possible to hold most of the distribution volume and manipulate the market price.

‘The reason for the rise is that I just need to attach it.’

The material is good.
Interest is pouring in.
Even if you openly show that you are the owner of the operation, you can eat it to some extent.

It doesn’t fill the castle to that extent.
It was accompanied by a high-class manpower like himself.
Makes the tool lady the best operation owner.

* * *

Public issue.
The fact that it is reflected in the stock price is painful to say the least.

‘Most of them end up just watching the news.’

Few investors check directly.
It’s annoying to leave the corner of the room, and is there a reason you have to?

But it shouldn’t be.
I believe that real investors should see with their own eyes and feel with their skin.

“Is that why you brought him?”
“Do I really have to check this kind of tail with my own eyes?”

Came with Sora.
Scene of the protest.
It is a place where I felt alone last time.

‘Looking at the article alone, it doesn’t seem like a very serious issue.’

From a rational point of view, it is.
Isn’t it just to punish the criminals and end it?

“Me Too changes the world!”
“The victim’s tears are proof of evil!!”

When you hear the sound of a pig being pulled, you can’t help but change your mind.
The crucible of madness.

You can feel their sincerity.
When the power of interest groups becomes so strong.

“Isn’t it a little messy over there?”
“I think the senator is here.”
“Old, a member of the National Assembly?!”
“Yes, it’s common at protests.”

There are people who want to use it.
Leader of the protest.
Talking to people in suits.

‘No matter how much I yell at them, if they don’t pay attention, it ends up being a prank by children.’

Politicians are the problem.
They sell their souls even to the devil to get votes.

The PC group’s vote was the same.
For them, they are voters.

“There’s a reason why there’s so much fuss in the news.”
“You know what happens when politics get involved?”

Even Sora had experience once.
No, it is not an exaggeration to say that she has tried everything.

‘It wasn’t pierced though.’

Stocks entwined with politics do not roll with rationality.
People’s expectation psychology works.

Such irrationality.
He told me to the point that if you are an investor, you should use that too.

“That’s why I said you should buy it in full.”
“You haven’t seen this.”
“Did you see something else instead?”
“Yeah, there’s something like that.”

Sora is very cautious.
Each investor has their own style.

‘Nevertheless, the bet must mean that there was something.’

My trading method can be a reference, but it can never be the correct answer.
Glad you found your own answer.

“Hmm! Hmm! Didn’t even seem normal to me.”
“Should I say fanaticism…. Like the kids who invested in coins.”

With their madness, the #MeToo movement will thrive.
It causes a lot of controversy in society in the future.

‘The more this happens, the more support the stock price of Tool Lady will receive.’

Stock prices are driven by public interest.
Although it is not known how far the power will rise, it is possible to make a rough guess.

Finding such stocks and betting at a certain timing.
Sora is also becoming an investor.

“What are they?”
“I think they’re laughing at us…”
“Women look so damn unlucky.”

But it’s still not enough.
To become a real investor, you have to do a lot of things.

Eyes are hot
Women protesting.
It is an existence that can be said to be an enemy to them.

‘Both men and pretty women.’

Sora stands out especially.
He raised his twin wick and glared at Sora’s chest.

“Shall we protest too?”
“The stock price rises only when the #MeToo movement spreads. The crazy women of confident women will run rampant more.”
“Is it?”

If so, become an ally.
It invades their society and spreads the #MeToo movement.

‘Actually, it wouldn’t matter much, but.’

It seems to be convincing.
He nodded seriously and decided to join the protesters.

“Are you really doing this?”
“When the senior becomes money, she says she will do anything.”
“You’ve become a crazy bitch, too.”

Investor’s road is arduous.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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