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Because I Live in the US 129

Because I Live in the US 129

Chapter 129 – Newly Listed Stocks

Tool lady.
As expected, they are hitting the pitch right away.

‘I guess so.’

What Korean institutions do is always the same.
He is frantic about eating the back of an ant.

Reason that still works.
This is because there are plenty of variations.

─The institution sold the stock! −1
─The institution bought the stock! +1

Single share transaction.
It is signed for 1 week.
This is a common pattern in new stocks.

‘It’s also in Jeonjeonju.’

It is usually used to lure ants.
It’s heartbreaking to see you continue to live little by little.

[Event Discussion Room- Gonggu Lady]
─Ah, the fake sale of the long seconds, you were so nervoushaha
─Youngcha! Young car!
─Don’t get rid of the ants~
─That’s why I’m giving you a bad reaction all at oncehaha

Human psychology is simple.
Even if you know this pattern, you will be shaken.

‘Because there are cases where it’s actually fake.’

For accumulating.
Although it is true that you have to be careful because you don’t know which one it is.

─Sell order has been executed!

Wipe off all the leftovers you have.
I sold 14,000 shares at the beginning of the market, and now another 6,000 shares.

─The agency is slaughtering!
Double Kill!
Triple Kill!
Quadra Kill!

As soon as it is concluded, the program volume is pouring out.
In fact, they were all playing a game.

‘There’s no way to buy fakes in new stocks.’

Currently, public offering shares follow the ‘proportional allocation’ method.
It is literally proportional to the money put in.

If the institution wants, it can sweep up the quantity.
What didn’t you do though?

─Dom Huang Cha
—Did I say Gura reboundhaha
─They don’t show firepower
─The public offering stock has a lower limit from the first dayhaha

Because this stock is garbage.
There’s no way the agency wouldn’t know what Sora had figured out at a glance.

‘I must have reviewed it very calmly.’

So uncertain.
Disposed of on the first day of the competition.
It will feel like this all day.

They continue to attract ants and hand over the quantity.
Even if it rebounds a little, it will quickly give back the increase.

─The agency is going crazy!

It looked like this.
New stocks to go up go up fast.
There is no way to give ants the timing to buy.

New week’s moving.
The market indirectly tells how this company is evaluated.

[Korea Stock Gallery]
─Gonggu Lady Sara, the big one is coming soon!
─It is said that it is a big-size shopping mall, but isn’t it a growth stock with more and more obese women?
─What is a tool lady? These fucking pig bitches
─Gonggu Lady’s financial statements look good.

Even in the stock community, the evaluation is not good.
Anyone who knows how to look at the company can never rate it highly.

─Gonggu Lady’s financial statements look good.
Why are you messing around?

└ A raw shopping mall without proprietary technology?
└ You should read it considering the recent good sales
└Financial massage before listing
Written by− Unnies were on a financial diethaha

The more you look at it in detail, the better.
Anyone who knows stocks is wary of new stocks.

Especially companies that go public at the end of a bull market.
Nine out of ten times it’s not the right place.

─What is a tool lady? These fucking pig bitches
Dogs and cows are all listed, they’ll be beaten from behind
Pig bitches who can only buy clothes in Itaewon

└ Come in without blinking
└ Hyung, I’m dyinghaha
└ This older brother is saying the right thing for the first time in a while
└Even a broken clock is right twice a day

If you’ve been on the stock board for a long time, you know.
Garbage stocks you don’t buy unless you’re an idiot.

─Buy orders have been placed!

Live nonetheless
Whenever the sales volume pours out, it is collected from the bottom.

‘In some cartoons, trash can be turned into trees.’

It may be a kind of ESG management.
At least in the stock market, even garbage has a place to use.

* * *

The Fall of the Tool Lady.

[A dignified woman – a calm space for people in their 30s]
─Ten eighteen ladies and girls…… ? Are you alive?
─This guy is really ugly TT Why did I enter this? I do things like fire and moths every day and regret it,,,
─Participate in the tool lady purchase movement!!!!!
─Unnyas, please add some firepower. Qㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

In the female community, there is bound to be an uproar.
It is not just one or two people who own stock.

─This guy is really ugly TT Why did I enter this? I do things like fire and moths every day and regret it,,,
[Gonggulady account photo.Jpg]
Keep watching
I bought it without even knowing it was going to the market.
From then on, it suddenly started to go down, −30%……
If you do it, will you get my evaluation?

└ What’s wrong with Gonggu Lady?
└Wasn’t this the representative stock of Dangdang women?
└ I got it right on top
└ There are not one or two people who have been bitten by this ㅠ

There is also a correlation.
Tool Lady is a company that is familiar to Dangdang female users.

Big size shopping mall.
This is because there is no other place that takes their body shape into consideration.

─Participate in the tool lady purchase movement!!!!!
I found out, but if the stock goes down, they say delisting? The company could go bankrupt ㅠㅠ
If Gong-Gu Lady fails, will there be no place to buy our big-size clothes?
A stock expert who gained about 70 billion in stocks says, but the number of stocks in circulation here is 1 million? It’s so small!!
It’s about 16,000 won right now, so I think it’ll be okay if everyone buys one for a week and those who can afford it buy 10 or more!!!
Everyone, please join the movement to buy 1 week of Gong-Gu Lady!!!!

└ Even those who do not stocks should join MTS and buy one share at a time
└ I think that protecting Gong Gong Lady is protecting Korea.
└ Don’t ruin it!! Then Leegood unnie can’t model either
└ I can’t lose the tool lady. Democracy cannot be lost. I can’t lose Korea

A buying frenzy takes place.
Some users become the center and create a general opinion.

Not uncommon in the female community.
Although it sometimes shows amazing cohesion.

“You’re suffering from this?”
“Because this is what happens.”
“Wow……, There are only really retards.”

Most of them are used to the bad side.
Oh Seok-hyun is surprised even after receiving the report in advance.

‘No matter how stupid the ants are, this is a little creepy.’

He works for an investment company.
To put it bluntly, it is power.
But it’s not rootless.

“Individual buying is slowly coming in. It seems that the institutional stock is almost gone, but what should we do?”
“What the heck. Proceed!”

He is from the top 5 securities companies in Korea.
Even 10 years ago, they were elite.

‘I’m a person who moved tens of billions of dollars in the past, but I can’t handle a dog like this.’

It was public at the time.
Famous securities companies did what the current forces are doing.

Price manipulation.
Was the biggest beneficiary.
Seok-hyeon has mastered the operation.

When it was blocked, his performance lagged behind that of his peers.
Although he was virtually forced to leave.

─Buy orders have been placed! +1
─Buy orders have been placed! +891
─Sell order has been executed! −1
─Sell order has been executed! −1

It’s a law that I can’t give my habit.
One thing you are good at.
That’s why I joined the force.

The operation is more confident than anyone else.
It is also unmatched when it comes to trading techniques.

‘It’s like hiding a bunch of things one by one in the trade of solitary stock.’

When institutions buy and sell one share at a time.
It is a way to accumulate while trading single stocks together.

Invisible to the public eye
It’s as if you don’t know if you insert another picture into a 20-frame video.

“Is this technique amazing?”
“Cancer whose technique.”
“The selling trend is not broken, and there are no people following the pursuit. I will slowly collect the stock like this.”

Only the program reacts.
Since institutional selling is strong, even if the selling wall is empty for a short time, it is quickly filled again.

‘It’s possible because we also use programs.’

This is happening in the world of 0s and 1s that ants don’t know about.
They don’t know what’s going on.

But even if it’s rotten, it’s from the institution.
If you introduce the latest trading techniques to the strategy board, you can easily eat raw food.


There are also strong supporters.
An option that you can choose because you are no longer an employee of a major brokerage firm.

“I got a call, sir.”
〈 work well…… , Is it going?〉
“You entrusted us with knowing all of our job handling skills, right? You just have to hold onto your worries and tie them up. Oh, and the quantity.”

It’s a fight with a company.
Even at the time, there was an awareness of investing using personal connections.

‘Because the risk is so great.’

If you get caught, it doesn’t end at the cutting line.
Get on the news and become a national star.

It is different from those major securities companies.
In fact, it’s rather a routine thing.

“If only the amount of money thrown by the institution is well received and eaten, and if we monopolize the second volume 15 days later, market manipulation will be a piece of cake. There is only one problem…”
〈Our staff will be in good control.〉
“You must.”

It can make your work much easier.
No, you can do whatever you want.

‘The new stock is so easy that it’s embarrassing.’

The total number of shares is 3.3 million.
Of those, only 1.1 million were released through an IPO.

All you have to do is sell this.
Today, the institution threw in about 400,000 shares.

─Buy orders have been placed!

I’m collecting without showing off.
If it’s your skill, it’s no different than blowing your nose without touching it.

‘If even the ants were that stupid.’

Heard the story
It is easy to control public opinion.
But to be honest, it was hard to believe.

Let’s take a look around the community.
If you do samba samba in moderation, even if the company goes bankrupt, you will be holding it.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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